Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kleeb finds a Cowgirl

The Kearney Hub reported that Scott Kleeb told a group of Dems he's planning on running for office again some day.

But before that, he's getting married (and YOU just may be invited to their PUBLIC wedding reception down at the Dunning ranch…).
Kleeb’s fiancĂ©e is Jane Fleming.

Ms. Fleming was the Executive Director of the Young Democrats of America.

She is frequently on FOX news -- Hannity and Colmes, Shep Smith -- and MSNB with Scarborough. (See a list of her appearances via YouTube here.) She is generally the attractive female Democratic foil to Ann Coulter, where she’s argued on behalf of various Democrat positions such as the John Edwards anti-Catholic bloggers and for Madonna’s African adoption.

She is VERY party-line, and describes herself on her Daily Kos diary, as “an Activist first, and the E.D. of the YDA second.”

She has not shied away from publicizing herself, as is evident by her blog on Eating Disorders (which includes many many personal photos) and her MySpace site. (We're not sure if she's a blonde or a brunette these days...)

So lets lay it on the line:

There’s no way Ms. Fleming is going to sit on her laurels when she gets to Nebraska.
Will she be involved with the state Democratic party?
Heck, will she run on her own someday?

Do not be one bit surprised if Mr. and Mrs. Kleeb attempt to become the Bill and Hillary of Nebraska.

Oh, and according to the Hub, Kleeb said he has moved to Hastings.
We’re just wondering if Ginger ten Bensel will be singing at the wedding…

**Update 3/1 2:30PM**
Attentive reader Jane Johnson points out that the YDAs are having their Spring meeting in Omaha in May. And apparently the YDAs think that coming to Omaha means that they'll be joining Mr. Kleeb on his dude ranch. Nice impression you're giving the rest of the country there, Ms. Fleming. Thanks a ton...


Anonymous said...

I give the marriage until the first home Husker football game.

Street Sweeper said...

Now that's just a tad cynical.

Wait, are you including the Spring game?

Uncle Wiggily said...

Hmmm ... sounds a bit like he's already running - for something.

I hope he is eye-balling the 3rd District again. It'd be fun to show him again how a sheepherder kicks the %$#@ out of his dog.

BTW, is there a big demand for drugstore cowboys in Hastings?

Jane Johnson, Omaha said...

Looks like Jane's boy toy is on the YDA homepage.

"Young Democrats' Spring Conference to be held in Omaha, Nebraska."

Just a coincidence?

Uncle Wiggily said...

... and I forgot to mention above: you owe me a Big Mac and a small order of fries. Your dastardly Bill and Hil comparison caused me to lose my lunch.


Anonymous said...

no way in heck that she stays in Hastings NE. and if you think the voters of the 3rd will vote for a guy who is married to someone who doesn't live in the 3rd for more than 4 months of the year, you are very mistaken.

I see this as lasting about as long as a Danielle Nantkes blow into the breathalizer.

Anonymous said...

All hat not cattle

A guy named Adrian gave the Kleebster the beating of a lifetime - in a district full of government program loving “Republican” farmers looking for any excuse to vote democrat (then ask forgiveness on Sunday)

A "real" cowboy would be so darm embarrassed he’d put tail between legs, crawl in a hole, assume the fetal position and self abort.

One Out In the Third said...

Just shut up and drink the Kool-Aid dammit.

Anonymous said...

If she spends six consecutive months in Hastings it will be a miracle

One Out In The Third said...

Keep an eye on Kleeb...he's setting up for his next run...soon. Anyone who rents a house in Hastings and says he intends to buy one later doesn't plan on being in Hastings very long. The rumor mill in Hastings says he is headed to Hastings College. I think he is hanging around for one more shot at Smith and will be gone after that. What will likely solidify a second term for Smith is Kleeb's blushing bride's resume' and the fact that you won't be seeing her driving the pickup through Hastings with any frequency. If Smith doesn't shoot himself in the foot.

A tip of the hat to Adrian Smith though...I wrote him a few weeks ago urging Robocalls be treated the same as solicitations and regulated by the Federal No Call list. The way I see it...a solicitation is a solicitation. Congressman Smith called little old me at home last Sunday afternoon...apologizing for interrupting my day...and stating that my request had some merit and he would see what he could do. We had a nice conversation that lasted about 5 minutes and I found him quite pleasant. A lot different response than the one I received from Senator Hagel's aid that called from DC and told me, "For the Senator's own selfish reasons, it wasn't going to happen."

mom at home said...

So many opportunities for comment. Where would one begin? I guess we should just leave it at he apparently was not as gay as his separated at birth may have suggested. I would still have to say that he is as fake as his Nebraska Driver's license. How committed could they be if they weren't even dating 3 months ago? Or, is he ashamed that a good centrists democrat fell for such a hard line liberal and he kept her hidden for fear of tarnishing his right leaning public image in the good old red state of Nebraska. I wonder if the entire wedding party will wear purple in their desperate attempt to blend in out in Hastings?

Maybe she just got knocked up and now they have to get married!

Whatever the reason, Miss Ginger, out in Hastings, better get a new employment contract quick-on t.v. a blonde-brunette-blonde trumps a red head every time!

Street Sweeper said...

Folks, let's try to stay away from pure personal attacks.

Celebrity Stalker said...

Is it me or does anyone else find it a tad bit disturbing that Ms. Jane lists her status on MySpace as "single." I wonder if she got the memo that she's supposed to be engaged.

jane johnson, Omaha said...

After watching one of Ms. Jane's appearances on FoxNews, I highly doubt her career is ending. She seems like too much of an activist to sit still and stay quiet.

Yes, she's ultra-liberal and from the East Coast but that didn't stop many 3rd District voters (including Republicans) from voting for Cowboy.

SS, I'll second the BillHill prediction.

mom at home said...

But SS, you built this site on personal attacks. Give a mom a break-I've had snow-bound kids for days!

Besides, Uncle Wiggly is the one that called Adrian a sheepherder and Kleeb a dog!

Anonymous said...

Yep, time for another SAB.

Spencer Tracy (Guess Who's Coming To Dinner)

Bill Avery

snowBLWR said...

Musing Cowboy Kleeb's new cowpoke makes for good entertainment, even though I'm betting he doesn't run in Nebraska during the 2008 presidential cycle. Congrats to Leavenworth for posting the story days before the AP started running it.

But let's not let state Sen. Danielle Nantkes off the hook just because Mr. Kleeb is putting his Brokeback Mountain days behind him.

Friday's Lincoln Journal-Star reports that three-time-DUI-driving Danielle Nantkes will pay $750 in late filing fees for filing her final campaign finance report six weeks late.

This after she paid another $725 fine for two other late filings that were due during the general campaign.

Worse yet, the person Nantkes had listed as her treasurer on all of her statements says he was never her treasurer. “We had a three-minute conversation and I never heard another word,” he said. “I haven’t talked to her since last summer.”

Perhaps Miss Nantkes is just showing the people that you can't expect much for $12,000 a year. Or maybe she's just fond of her stress-management-through-total-irresponsibility plan.

Either way, she's an embarrassment to the institution.

Street Sweeper said...

Hey Mom, our comments are always and always have been based on and stem from the Political. We expect no less from our commenters.

Uncle Wiggily said...

...and just so the record is straight, my sheepherder-dog epigram is an old flatland expression used whenever somebody puts a serious hurtin' on another somebody ... just means this is how a sheepherder gets his dog's attention and sets him back on the straight and narrow ... by kickin' the crap outta him ... is all.

Everything Happens for a Reason said...

I had the privilege of attending a private reception this past weekend with Ann Coulter (right after she mader "comment")

I'll relay the question posed to her

Young Man- What do you think of Jane Fleming

Coulter- Who?

YM- The girl you face off with on Hannity and Colmes

Coulter- Oh yeah. It seems for a long time they'd throw me out with the homeliest girl they could find, but they always seemed to be reasonably intelligent. Now they put me up a against a pretty little girl who has no cloue what she's talking about.


Aaron Thompson said...

Jane Fleming didn't bring the National Conference to Omaha, YDA's VP for Students and Youth Jeff Leanna did.

He's an Omaha native and good friends with YDA's President Chris Gallaway from Kansas. I think he even worked for Gallaway in DC for a firm called Fieldworks.

Anyway, this Omaha conference has been in the works for at least a year, well before Kleeb and Fleming met. A YDA rumor is that Jeff introduced Jane and Scott at a Phoenix DNC Meeting. So street sweeper get your facts straight.

Street Sweeper said...

Well, well! We stand corrected by one Aaron Thompson! Well, we'll still be happy to give Ms. Fleming the blame for the stupid rancher pic, if that's ok with you Aaron.

Steve said...

Jane is a super organized activist whom will bring additional credibility and talent to any project she touches. I personally dislike her, but peeps in Neb. should know they are getting a seasoned Dem to help in the fight.

Scott is a go getter whom has a future and present in politics. He is honest, hard working, and thoroughly knowledgable in most topics political. If he raises real money early and gets some targeting money, via DCCC or Jane's help, he has a shot at the 3rd. My only knock is that he is long winded, but he has time to adjust that

Anonymous said...

She's aparently going to be on Foxnews Sunday afternoon 10/7/07 around 3:00

She's in Omaha now.

Anonymous said...
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Street Sweeper said...


Anonymous said...

If you look at the birth day/engagement announcement date it really looks like she was knocked up before they got married. At least he made an attempt to make an honest women out of her.

Hopeful on the Prairie said...

It is repulsive to me that so many commentators can berate two obviously intelligent successful people for putting aside opportunities to access substantial material and social wealth and comfort for the opportunity to run for public office in a state that for the most part votes with little common sense and even less attention to reality and long-term consequences. This country, and most definitely this state, needs more people like Scott and Jane Kleeb who are willing to incur the senseless wrath of so many who not only do not listen to logical arguments, but lash out at anyone trying to make them. Kudos to both of these crusaders for a better tomorrow, they will need all the help they can get in this state it seems.

Street Sweeper said...


Scott's only "success" has been marrying Ms. Kleeb, whom Scott has said paid for their house via her FoxNews appearances.

And hey, thanks for knocking the Nebraska voters whom you are so much smarter than. That should help your boy Scott.

Thanks for visiting, now hustle on back to Kos.


Anonymous said...

He "taught history" at Hastings College (roll eyes). Call them and demand to know how many actual classroom hours he spent in his time there.