Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What does the OWH know?

The kingmakers at the Omaha World Herald just happened to toss out a glowing random feature article about Ag Sec and former Gov Mike Johanns today. (Despite challenges, Johanns enjoys work as agriculture secretary – OWH – 2/20/07.)

And they mention, just haphazardly near the end, that gee, some people have even mentioned that Johanns may be interested in Chuck Hagel’s Senate seat if Hagel doesn’t run for re-election.

With Hagel making up his mind soon, what a fortuitous time to run such an article.

Ain’t that a coincidence?


Anonymous said...


'fortuitous'.....what a great word. haven't heard that one since Tombstone, when Wyatt runs into that lady out on a horse ride.

'a fortuitous occasion'.

Street Sweeper said...

Age Quod Agis.

Anonymous said...

Credat Iudaeus Apella, non ego.

that's what we need.....NE pols paired w/ Tombstone characters. How about Norman Wallman (state senator district #30) and Virgil Earp.

snowBLWR said...

The timing of the Johanns' story has more to do with the fact that it has been exactly two years since the USDA Secretary was confirmed by the Senate. Nothing more.

Now, how about these "separated at birth" pairings?

* State Sen. Tim Gay and actor Fred Savage of 'The Wonder Years' fame;

* State Sen. Tom White and actor Tom Berenger of 'Major League';

* State Sen. Joel Johnson and Spock from Star Trek.

Street Sweeper said...


Think what you like. We can't twist your grey matter.

We'll consider those SABs and credit you where appropriate.

NE Voter said...

Classic World-Herald.

For weeks now, the Editorial page has been Tsk-Tsking the accelerated presidential primary posturing of both parties' candidates.

Apparently, however, the fishwrap sees no inconsistently in actively ginning up the race for Senate vacancy created by the near-certain retirement of Chuck Hagel.

The World-Hagel's drumbeat has unfolded as follows: Beginning with the Daub "My Prostate Doesn't Work Anymore But I Still Want To Serve" story; then the Sokol Senate poll "Jon Bruning Vs. The World" story, continuing with the Fahey "Country Club" story and now "Mike Johanns Has Made No Plans For His Future" story.

In an era of rapidly declining newspaper circulation, the OW-H needs a horserace. Apparently, the editors have concluded that soft-focus stories about Pat Loontjer and Mary Maxwell aren't going to keep the numbers up.

We will be seeing much more of this.

Wake up, people!

Street Sweeper said...

The OWH still has an editorial page? I just figured it was tossed out like Kelley and Shatel's columns.


They still print this stuff using ink and paper? What is this, 1790?

NE Voter said...

Sweeper, you and I obviously agree that the OW-H long ago removed the wall of journalistic separation between the editorial office and the news desk. Unfortunately, it is the readers who pay the ultimate price in terms of being informed.

Let me clue you into a little game I play with the OW-H's Editorial page: You get one point each time the page uses the word "vision" to describe projects; proposals and personalities they favor.

If the World-Herald describes you as having "vision," you, your project or your proposal have it made as far as the newspaper is concerned.

You earn a bonus point when the word "vision" is preceded by a predictably florid adjective like "impressive" or "admirable."

Wake up, people!

Street Sweeper said...

You also get a triple-bonus if your vision is "serious", in which case the opposing viewpoint, which of course is "not serious", gets docked quadruple.

Of course since the OWH apparently doesn't print Editorials -- or the Public Pulse, or Michael Kelley, or Tom Shatel, among others -- anymore, the point if pretty much moot...

One Out In The Third said...

The LJS is my preferred "State Newspaper" but alas...it too is somewhat feather-headed in it's stories. The Kearney Hub used to be a good paper....but it was crumbling before the OWH took them over and still is.

NTV out of Kearney used to have a halfway decent 6 and 10 report...but it has slipped significantly. They pummel us with "check out our web-site...check out our website" so I did...and wound up going elsewhere because their website isn't any better than their television reports.

If it hasn't made it to the eastern part of the state yet...it was reported in the Hastings Tribune on Feb 17th...Scott Kleeb has announced he is moving to Hastings...renting a house then buying a house. Might have a job but won't say where...and might run again for a political seat but it might be 20 years. Look out Carroll Burling????

The faux cowboy is also getting married but won't say to whom. Odd that you wouldn't be proud to announce who your fiance' is???? So much for being forthright.