Friday, February 16, 2007

Unicameral Gone Wild!

We’re fairly certain that we could post on the subject of Antarctic based Bulgarian tofu missiles, and the commenters would bring it all back to the State Senator Danielle Nantkes’s DWI (as they’ve been doing on the Fahey post).

So have at it!

Topics to discuss:

  • Should her past drinking and driving record (when she was 19) have mattered in her election?
  • Should State Senators be subject to arrest during session?
  • No ethics committee in the Legislature?
  • Closing the bars on a Tuesday night?
  • A 1990 Dodge Spirit?
  • $1500 damage to the 1990 Dodge Spirit?
  • What’s the Blue Book on that sled?
  • Should State Senators make more than $12K a year so they can get out of the 1990 Dodge Spirits?
  • Cops said “Nantkes smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, noticeably impaired balance and bloodshot, watery eyes”. Had she not refused, what do you think she would have blown? A point-one-nine?
  • Will the Senator be taking part in the Democrats’ “Drinking Liberally” party? (Dems, please let us know if you think this affected turnout. Any press there?)
  • What’s the appropriate punishment for a lawmaker here? Feel free to be creative.
  • What should she do to make amends? Be very creative.
  • A big deal, or not a big deal?

(See a copy of the Accident Report here...)


Uncle Wiggily said...

I thought we dealt with the Bulgarian tofu missile threat with the last SALT (Soybean Arms Limitations Treaty). Danged eastern Europeans - never did trust 'em.

snowBLWR said...

What's worse than a left-leaning lawyer elected to the Legislature by a liberal Lincoln district at age 29 -- despite that her only experince was two DUIs and nonprofit work on poverty issues?

How about an inebriated liberal state senator who is soused beyond belief at 1:30 a.m. -- during legislative session -- who picks up her third DUI by hitting a snowplow while escourting a lobbyist from the NRA! (Again: A lobbyist from the gun-loving, right winged NRA.)

By the way, Nantkes is the ONLY state senator who has not filed her campaign finance forms (due on Jan. 16) with the state accountability and disclosure office. It would be interesting to see who gave to her campaign, since the 1990 Spirit makes it obvious that she wasn't self-funded.

NE Voter said...

I don't know Sen. Nantkes, but I believe she did the right (and perhaps the only reasonable) thing in immediately performing the political dance I call "The Mea Culpa." Not only is it the minimum she owes her constituents, it may help her avoid the less-graceful steps of "Let's Do The Mossey."

I leave issues of addiction to the professionals.

As for the description of "slurred speech; noticeably impaired balance and bloodshot, watery eyes," this probably accurately describes a third of the legislative body after 10:00 p.m. on any given evening during the session.

Let's face it: We all love to work up a thick wad of righteous indignation like a nasty lougie when our public figures humiliate themselves. We enjoy this because it makes us feel, for a moment, superior to our fellow man (or woman).

Heck, I'm not immune. As a regular commentator on the Nebraska political scene, I dig this stuff as much as the next guy. It's a cat toy we can bat around for a while until something else catches our fancy.

As to the merits of Sweeper's post, there is wisdom in prohibiting arrest during the legislative session. Nebraskans would conclusively prove their towering rubery in moving to eliminate legislative immunity. Such a move would surpass South Dakotans efforts to permit criminal prosecution of state court judges for decisions with which the public disagreed.

Certainly the Unicameral should have an ethics committee. Particularly in a one-house system.

Let's have fun with this and wish Sen. Nantkes the best in dealing with her issues.

Wake up, people!

'Sker said...

It is worth pointing out that the Lincoln Journal did not report on Senator Nantkes' nor Senator Bill Avery's drunk driving convictions during the campaign. I learned about both of these crimes from the OWH. Conspicuously, the LJS endorsed the liberal Nantkes and the liberal Avery come election time. I thought at the time it was a political abbrogation of the news media's duty to let these drunk driving convictions go quietly...for certainly the LJS was aware of them given the reports by the OWH. When the Nebraska GOP sent mailers calling attention to Bill Avery's drunk driving conviction (just a few years ago), they were castigated for dirty politics. I see now they were performing the job which should have been performed by the news media. And now a young lady who needs help is being battered like a political play thing. Danielle Nantkes needs help, and the media has only contributed to her denial. I am hopeful this incident moves her to address her problems...and that the public wakes the hell up to the inadequacy of the old media. Recall that inscription above the Capitol regarding the "salvation of the state"...

OmaSteak said...
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Street Sweeper said...

We KNEW someone was going to go there, too bad it had to be you. Not printing that...

snowBLWR said...

So who got the 'Tipsy Danielle' Nantkes elected?

While Nantkes has failed to file her post-election campaign finance report (due Jan. 16), her Nov. 2006 report shows some of the following big-dollar contributors:


One thing is for certain: 'Inebriated Nantkes' supports her political contributors.

Other big Nantkes donors include the usual Dem cheerleaders, most of who fund themselves with forced union dues:

* NE STATE AFL-CIO -- $1000

But hey, the trial lawyers will get their money back...

Nantkes' report can be viewed at:

Eric said...

Perhaps what we can all learn from this incident is that a smoking ban is not enough to protect us. We need a drinking ban in Lincoln bars.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Every Legislature needs a Lindsay Lohan.

mom at home said...

Thank you SS, a proper venue. One comment (and a little more):

Where would we be if there were no ethics committee and a ban on arresting elected officials at the federal level? In a Republican led Congress still!

I am sure that the libs will come up with a vast right wing conspiracy theory so I'll offer my own bit of fiction.

Once upon a time an evil republican concocted a plan to embarass a stupid liberal from the Democrat (no "ic") party. He asked the lobbyists in the Republican pocket (NRA, Alcohol, Tobacco) to get a naive girl with a sordid past elected to the Legislature. Once there, she would have to party with the lobbyists (at their expense, of course)-especially during the session. All we needed was a perfectly timed snowstorm and a payoff to a city of Lincoln snowplow driver (a public works union employee would be best).

Who would've thought such an evil plan could actually come true!

One Out In The Third said...


And I thought I was cynical. Good story but you forgot the part where I win the lottery and disappear somewhere in Wyoming.

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder why Nebraska has the 6th worst tax climate in the nation? Decisions are being made by leaders like Nantkes who seem to think the session is an excuse to party while the lobbiests are around to pick up the tab.

Anonymous said...

Oh how soon the repubs forget! Anyone remember former NEGOP chairman and Omaha City Councilman Chuck Siegerson's brush with money and politics? Free limo rides. Free dinnersat posh restaurants like Red Robin. and All the chicken breast you can grab! He fought it tooth and nail - never admitting any wrongdoing. At least this state Senator has taken responsiblity for her actions. She's behaving like an adult - not a dirty old man.

'Sker said...

To Anonymous writing at 7:28 PM, February 18, 2007...please get a clue. It is a sure sign of brainwashing when one justifies poor behavior by pointing out another's poor behavior. We are not here talking about Chuck Sigerson nor Richard Nixon nor Jack Abramoff, we are talking about Danielle Nantkes. She is an out of control alcoholic who is in need of help, and she sits on a Committee of nine whose charge is to spend $6,700,000,000 of our money. Get it?!?!!@#$

Anonymous said...
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Street Sweeper said...

I did not post your comment b/c of the "child molestation" comment. We don't believe that is a true statement, and frankly we don't want to get in trouble for posting it. Feel free to rephrase your comments (however bogus they may be) and we'll look at to post.

snowBLWR said...

Regarding the recent postings of Mr. Anonymous, we now know what Matt Connealy is doing with time. By the way, a third offense DUI is not comparable to grabbing tail of a feathered restaurant mascot.

And speaking of NE Dems and DUI's, I could certainly name some more names -- but I don't want to get my comments removed. Let's just put it this way: four other Dems in the Legislature are well known for their drinking and driving habits. One has already been mentioned in one of the comments above. It's obviously frustrating to be a liberal in Nebraska, but this nonsense has to stop!

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked the Republicans had control of about 35 or so seats in the body of 48 miscreants and one gladiator in Lincoln. I couldnt care less about drunks in the Unicameral. I do care about tools of the Catholic church, hacks of the banking industry and toadies of the insurance companies protecting big Daddy while talking about cutting taxes for the people who pay the 6th highest taxes in the nation. On second thought, the people who vote these "Republicans" in get what they deserve.

Street Sweeper said...

Ah, nothing like hearing from the Angry Left. Grand to have you back. Be sure to wipe that spittle off your chin.

Angry Left said...

Thanks for the compliment. The spittle is a small price to pay for being correct.

Street Sweeper said...

The spittle has gone to your head! (not sure where that compliment was though...)

Anonymous said...

Nantkes has to go before she embarasses the 46th district any further. She is not worthy of representing us.