Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hagel Gives Four-Day Break

How many more months?

The OWH reports today that:
Sen. Chuck Hagel says an announcement about whether he'll seek the GOP nomination for president in 2008 won't come in the next four days while he's in Nebraska.
(Hagel still won't say whether he's a presidential candidate – OWH – 2/21/07).

So you can all go on about yer business.
Move along!


Charlie said...

I really wish he'd decide and let people know if he's running for President.

On the other hand, though, I've heard some decent arguments lately that it might not be in his best interest to jump in this early. Ronmey was the darling of the right and he has already started to tarnish and dim.

One Out In The Third said...

Flip Hagel on one of his Sunday morning shows last Sunday said he would decide in the next 4 weeks. That calculates to the 18th of March for those setting their calendars.

Ever hear of a "frog's chance in a firestorm?"

plains drifter said...

Sweeper - what about an online poll of when Hagel announces? Pick dates. I pick March 16. lots of reasons. But Hagel has said in the "next couple of weeks" on several occasions. maybe this time its true.

reagan republican said...

I'm betting on this Fall. there is no need to jump in early, as Charlie correctly points out. All you do is open yourself to distruction. Wait for everyone to beat each other up, stroll in a few months before the primary and... well, whatever happens then.

OmaSteak said...

The senior senator from Nebraska will be on KFAB today with Tom Becka. Beware of the flying softballs.

snowBLWR said...

For what it's worth, I say run, Chuck, run!

While Hagel's days as Nebraska's senator are quickly coming to an end (no way does he want to be remembered as a three-term senator), his presidential prospects are better than most Nebraskans realize.

By this time in 2008, the U.S. will be the only western faction with troops in Iraq. Hagel, the longtime critic of Bush's Iraq plan, will quickly attract much attention from both mainstream Republicans and the news media.

Hagel's conservative voting record (compared to McCain's enviro-wackiness, and the Northeasterners' pro-gay agenda) will soon help him win more right-wing support. Neither McCain nor Romney nor Giuliani can possibly emerge from a GOP primary as "electable". Hagel can.

Give Chuck Hagel a chance to tell his life story: about how he grew up in the poor houses of western Nebraska; about how he raised his siblings when his father died at age 16; about how he dropped out of college to walk point in the jungles of Vietnam; how he and his brother served in the same infantry unit and earned five Purple Hearts; about how he was one of the youngest Reagan appointees to serve in DC; about how he became a self-made millionaire before the age of 40.

Let America see that story, then watch Hagel become a real contender.

One Out In The Third said...

On KGFW's Talk of the Town this morning Flip stated he would "Make a decision" in the "next few weeks."

plains drifter said...

UPDATE: The Journal Star reports in Friday's editions that Hagel has STILL not decided. Though Don Walton reports that Hagel nearly decided to announce his plan to run for President when 5th graders approved of his candidacy. Hagel also refuses to be "pinned down" on a date for deciding.

This is all so exciting - daily reports of no decision.

OmaSteak said...

On KFAB yesterday, Hagel went into some disjointed rambling statement about his considerations for family prior to making his presidential bid announcement. Once again, he said he'd have an announcement on his political future (such as it is) in a "couple of weeks". Despite his assertion of concern for how a national campaign would impact his family, seems rather obvious that he's going to make the keep himself in the spotlight if nothing less.

One Out In The Third said...

Actually...Flip's quote was "Two Weeks" making it March 4th. Drifter...Put me down for April 1st.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna wait until 2 weeks before the next gubernatorial election before I announce my candidacy for gubernatorial governor.

-Mort S.

plains drifter said...

Update: Still no decision but Hagel's got the OWH confused. Today's headline is:
"Putting off race could help Hagel".
same writer two weeks ago headline: "Putting off Decision Could Hurt Hagel"

Now he has the media flip flopping with him.

I'm sticking with the 16th. Third, you have the 1st of April.

Anonymous said...

There are more questions surrounding 2008 than Chuck Hagel's presidential aspirations. For instance:

* Will Jeff Fortenberry -- who fancies himself an up and coming foreign policy sage -- be content as just one of 435 House members?

* Will the Nebraska Dems challenge incumbent Republicans with a pretty boy cast, namely State Sen. Tom White pitted against Rep. Lee Terry and Scotty Kleeb again contesting Rep. Adrian Smith?

* And how many times will radio host Steve Brown plug Leavenworth prior to the election -- as he did today while substituting for Scott Vorhees on KFAB?

Street Sweeper said...

To answer your questions with 100% certainty:

1) Either yes or no (or maybe). Though I will say that with a sick child, things could change for him at any time.

2) I'd love to see the White-Esch Dem primary! And I'll say "no" on Kleeb right now.

3) The appropriate number would be four hundred eighty-three. Though Steve is welcome to rec Leavenworth Street whenever he wants, and we graciously and humbly accept Steve's props, and thank him for the shout-outs.