Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blog This!

As we do a little research on future topics this morning, Leavenworth Street would like to direct you to a couple of Nebraska blogs that we frequent.

The first is the brand new Heartland Notebook, posted by an “Uncle Wiggly” out of Kearney. UW has so far posted on a variety of topics, and does so with masterful prose, that we wish we could copy. Today (and a few past days) he’s thrown his research and intellect into, among other things, the candidacy of New Haven cowpoke Scott Kleeb. If UW isn’t writing professionally somewhere already, he should be.

Another of our favorites in the Nebraska blog roll is the Plains Feeder, and its main author “ptg”. The Feeder’s posts on world-wide and Nebraska topics tend to be much more pithy and succinct, but are always biting. Also ptg gets enormous props for coming up with the greatest moniker for Mike Foley’s suit -- the “mullet suit” – business up top, party down below.

Take a look at these blogs (and don’t forget to come back here!).


Uncle Wiggily said...

A bestowal of bunny blessings on SS for the kind words.

The old rabbit only writes for his weblog, and an occasional "Letter to the Editor" - which is rarely published since the MSM much prefers the standard squishy liberal blather, even out here in God's country.

Anonymous said...

pithy & succinct,indeed. i would add hip as well. i`ve read the old feeder for years; delicious.