Monday, October 16, 2006

Adrian Smith Campaign Gets a Boost

Vice President Dick Cheney congratulates Smith on not getting the OWH coffin nail

3rd District Republican candidate Adrian Smith got a boost on Sunday from the Omaha World Herald, when the newspaper endorsed his election rival, Democrat Scott Kleeb (Kleeb for 3rd District – OWH – 10/15/06).

The World Herald is batting .000 in its endorsements so far this year, and such support is seen as the death knell for a campaign. So far this election season, the OWH has endorsed Tom Osborne, David Kramer and John Hanson in the major competitive primary races (none of whom you will find on your general election ballot).

The World Herald editorial board noted that Scott Kleeb, who until just this year had never voted in Nebraska, has never paid property taxes, and who apparently has never held a full time job for a full year, was a “real-life ranch hand” (golly!) and seems smart.

They opined that Smith, who works in real estate, owns a small business, has served four years on the Gering, Nebraska City Council and eight years in the State Legislature, and was nominated in the primary over the Mayor of Grand Island and Tom Osborne’s chief agriculture aide, can’t persuade, convince or lead.

In this editorial, the Omaha World Herald did not make any metaphorical comparisons to the TV show M*A*S*H, to help 3rd District voters understand.


Uncle Wiggily said...

Whew ... I was worried that the Weird Herald was gonna put the kiss of death on Smith. Looks like they'll be 0 for 4 ... or 6 ... or 19 ...

Mom at Home said...

The only quality candidate the OWH will probably endorse is Congressman Lee Terry. Of course, they'll do it in a backhanded way to leave open an endorsement opportunity (at a later date and for another race-hmm Mayor perhaps?) for Juvenile Jim. Perhaps, by then, the OWH will ask why such a poorly funded candidate spent $28,000 on water and campaign costumes? Can anybody smell the fish?

Anonymous said...

Great picture of the VP. Captured his non-smirk side. Wonder if he was able to get Smitty's name right in adressing him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how about a recap of the OWH batting average after the General?