Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Berkeleyization of Omaha

The Council's newest member -- Gladys Kravitz

Just to put in our final thoughts on the idiotic Omaha City Council resolution asking KFAB (and presumably Tom Becka) to apologize for the North Omaha parody, we ‘d like to say that it’s…well…idiotic. (Omaha councilmen ask for apology from radio station – OWH – 10/17/06.)

Beyond the issue of whether this is a prudent use of taxpayer dollars, in general do we want, or need the City Council to demand apologies? And what if KFAB says, “Go shove it”? Then what? Try to get their license revoked? What’s the point to this?

It would seem to be debatable whether KFAB and Becka should apologize. Becka claims he did the spot to “raise awareness”. Uh huh. We’d guess he was doing it to get a laugh, and add a little satire, and heck, boost ratings. So if he feels the need to apologize, so be it. If not, hey, it’s a free country. Feel free to turn him off. That’s the best way you disapprove of his antics, if you feel thusly.

But for the City Council to get involved turns Omaha into the kind of busy-body, Gladys Kravitz, Berkeley, California type town that Omahans enjoy mocking for their foolishness.

(Wait, we better not mock Berkeley – Frank Brown and the boys might make us apologize.)


Anonymous said...

It’d be polite if you acknowledged the fact that the image you are using is from the UNO College Democrats blog.


GI Curmudgeon said...

Doesn't KFAB run a disclaimer before Becka comes on? Becka was playing for laughs...then again maybe not...parody is sometimes a humorous approach to presenting the truth.

As an outsider looking east...methinks Omaha and Lincoln are both being overrun by libs. Time to make Highway 81 the eastern border.

Anonymous said...

I can only hope Lincoln doesn't elect a tv reporter to be their senator.......Frank Brown and Amanda McGill. tv reporters somehow are qualified for being elected officials. mercy.

Street Sweeper said...

"anonymous" if the UNO Dems would like to acknowledge where they got the photo that they doctored, before we doctored it, we'd be happy to acknowledge that source.

Anonymous said...

These idiots on the council wouldn't know a radio ratings stunt if it were delivered to their door with an Arbitron survey. This exact concept has been used numerous times over the years, by radio stations around the country. The difference here is that a City Council rarely gets sucked in like this. Someone actually suggested that Tom Becka be fired by KFAB for this. Hell, he should get a raise! It's fall ratings time, people.

Anonymous said...

This is the anonymous person from the first comment.

Actually, I should know where the UNO Dems got that photo because I took the picture, and I doctored it specifically for the UNO College Dems website. If you want to see the original with Mike Fahey still in it (and not blacked out), I would be happy to send it to you.

I have no problem with you using the photo. It would just be polite to cite the source.

Street Sweeper said...

Leavenworth Street did indeed find this pic, via Google, on the UNO Dems site (it was the only place where we found a pic of the whole council together.)
(That pic, however, did not originally include Gladys Kravitz...)