Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Red Hot Campaigning

OK, first there were the stories (with video!) of campaign signs defaced and torn up.
(Signs Vandalized – KETV – 10/9/06.)

Then we hear about the Ben Nelson camp hiring their own “Tracker” (aka “Macaca” in George Allen parlance) to hound Pete Ricketts’ every step.
(‘Tracker’ dogs Senate candidate – OWH – 10/18/06.)

But now it’s campaign signs being set on fire?
Burned campaign signs in two yards investigated – OWH – 10/18/06.)

What is with you people? Ever hear of passing out stickers and direct mail?
What’s next? Ya gonna glue a wig to Pete’s head, then shave it off?
Nothing will surprise us anymore…

Just so we're allllllllll clear:
* Leavenworth Street is not asserting that the Nelson camp itself is responsible for the damaged, destroyed and flambeed Ricketts signs.

* Leavenworth Street IS opining that it's likely that Nelson supporters are the ones responsible.
* Leavenworth Street does not know for certain whether Beavis is a Nelson supporter or not.


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. You're equating the hiring of a tracker, which is standard on pretty much every campaign around the country, with vandalism and arson and blaming the Nelson campaign?

There's no evidence whatsoever the Nelson campaign had anything to do with these incidents. Maybe it's just that Nebraskans are so sick of Pete Ricketts and his incessant, obnoxious ads that they're taking things into their own hands. Making, of course, very bad judgment calls.

But of course, the logical answer is much less fun than slander.

Anonymous said...

First anonymous:
I feel like calling you an idiot, but that's probably not the right thing to do. Idiot. oops, I did it.
So, if you're "so sick" of a candidate (and I can think of several that I am sick of) then it's ok to burn their signs? What is this, the 60's? Grow up.

Know what I'm sick of? I'm sick of Nelson's fence walking on issues, his pandering on immigration, and the fact he won't admit he cheated (or maybe dodged is a better word) on his taxes. But I respect that he is our sitting senator and a candidate for public office. You won't see me destroying his property just because I disagree with him on a few issues. Show some respect for people for a change.

Anonymous said...

Second anonymous:

It's so much easier name-calling and creating a straw man argument than it is actually addressing substance, isn't it? I didn't mean to justify the actions of anyone who defaced those signs or burned them--I think it's juvenile, and anyone caught should be prosecuted.

What I am saying, and maybe not straight-forward enough in my first post, is that blaming it on a political rival without any proof is pretty ridiculous.

And you can be sick of Nelson; that's your right. I'm sick of Ricketts.

Anonymous said...

Nelson's nature attracts people who find intimidation reasonable.

If Nebraska's news Media wanted to run a truly interesting poll, they would ask how many citizens have openly written an opinion letter critical of the public words and actions of the very public Gov/Sen Ben Nelson, only to receive a private phone call from Nelson telling the citizen they are "wrong".

Most politicians will praise citizens who praise the politician, in order to encourage the citizen to write more good words of praise. However, a politician like Ben Nelson, who privately calls dozens of individuals to intimidate them to silence, seems creepy and abnormal and not a little tyrannical.

Anonymous said...

do you know what else nelson did? he was behind the disappearance of jimmy hoffa. also, he was the second shooter at the kennedy assasination. he also staged the moon walks and kidnapped the lindbergh baby. I know all this is true because jessica moenning told me.

Street Sweeper said...

Uh huh. Yeah, I bet it's the Dori Settles people behind Pete Ricketts barbecued signs.

Thanks for the input, Beavis.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe it was punk kids as it usually is. this attack is just a desperate tactic by a campaign that is going nowhere. i'm glad ricketts is focusing on this because is shows that he is an immature dolt.

Street Sweeper said...

We agree that burning campaign signs is a desperate tactic.

Dori said...

Hey now~
If I were to vandalize Pete's signs, or encourage my camp to do so, it would be with red hats and super glue... put your hat on Pete...

And just to be fair, I'd use discarded toupees on Ben's signs.