Monday, August 07, 2006

Nelson: I won’t pay unless someone makes me

Nelson out Farming

Here’s the story from this point:

· Ben Nelson bought property in Sarpy County to be used as a hunting retreat.

· Nelson applied for Greenbelt consideration, KNOWING the land was not for agricultural purposes.

· Under Nebraska law, in order to receive Greenbelt consideration, the land must be used for agricultural or horticultural purposes.

· Nelson’s spokesperson said the land was NOT for agricultural purposes, but for hunting.

So why doesn’t Nelson pay his share of the back taxes NOW?

Instead, Nelson says, “he was willing to pay the full tax if the designation is found to be in error.” (Emphasis added.) (Nelson calls land's status news to him – OWH – 8/7/06)

Ben Nelson doesn’t need the County Assessor to tell him he’s wrong here. The State Statute is crystal clear. He should send a check to the Sarpy County Assessor, TODAY and personally revoke the Greenbelt consideration.

Update and Correction, 8/7/06:
Nelson's spokesperson did not say the land would be used for hunting. She said something about having "a place where the senator can go and have the land in its natural state." We here at Leavenworth Street take that to mean," having a place to blow away turkeys. " But we'll accept her at her word that the primary use of the land is not for ag use.


Daily Bulldog said...

So you have a $450,000 or so asset sitting out there and you really don't pay attention to the paperwork?? I can only dream of being that rich.

Funny, most Dems would say it is Ricketts who is the wealthy one.

I agree with the mis-management charge, but it is also evident he is just trying to hide behind the "I didn't know" b.s.

Is this why he could not comment himself Friday? Was he hiding and trying to find an excuse??

I like his campaign's cute little response....he buys these cute little birds, raises them, then lets them out into the wild....awwwwww.

Sorry, tax cheat, growing corn and growing birds are two different things. A member of the Senate Ag Committee should know this.

Josh Ardsma said...

Show me the quote where Nelson's spokesperson says he uses the land for hunting, please. Having a tough time? Get your facts straight.

Street Sweeper said...

Nelson's spokesperson said:

"that the primary use for the cabin Nelson built in 2001 was not for raising turkeys.
'The primary use of the land is to have a place where the senator can go and have the land in its natural state,' she said."

She just forgot to add, "...and blow away turkeys with shotguns."

Daily Bulldog said...


OK, I'll get my facts straight:

Ben Nelson cheats on his taxes.


Daily Bulldog said...


To add, from today's Omaha World Herald on-line:

Despite applying for the special designation in 1999 and 2001, Nelson said Sunday that he was unaware that the property around his hunting cabin had a greenbelt designation, a special property tax category for land used primarily for agriculture. Non-agricultural land is taxed on its market value.

"The land around his hunting cabin"....focus on that.

Josh Ardsma said...

Ok - if you two really want to get into it, here's the FULL quote. Not just a convenient selection:

'Nelson's Senate office said he wasn't available to comment Friday. Marcia Cady, Nelson's campaign spokeswoman, said the senator raises wild turkeys on the heavily timbered land south of Gretna.

"He gets them when they're small, feeds them, grows them and releases them," Cady said. She said she did not know what he fed the turkeys, how many he purchased each year or where they were purchased.

Cady acknowledged that the primary use for the cabin Nelson built in 2001 was not for raising turkeys.

"The primary use of the land is to have a place where the senator can go and have the land in its natural state," she said.'

**Releases them....not blows their brains out. And you show me a single quote from anyone on the campaign or the senator or the senate office that says he uses that cabin for hunting.

Street Sweeper said...

Well, before we get off track, we'll let the Bulldog or anyone else argue whether the Senator hunts the turkeys, or simply enjoys watching them fly assunder. But I think we can all agree that the Senator claimed the land was for ag use, twice, when it is not. And he hasn't paid his back taxes.

Daily Bulldog said...


Nelson uses the cabin for hunting and the land for non-ag purposes. His direct quotes and the quotes from both the official office and campaign office illustrate that.

Discuss semantics all you want about what his campaign said and where he was hiding Friday, but it doesn't obscure the fact.

That fact?

Ben Nelson cheats on his taxes.

You are defending the indefensible, my friend.

The DB said...

I haven't followed this discussion at all, so may I have some information please?

If the Senator owes back-due and delinquent taxes, then shouldn't he pay them?

Also, has anyone given thought to the idea that if Senator Nelson is trying to pay less in taxes, it might mean other people have to pay more? Has that idea been kicked around at all?

(Please understand I don't follow politics in Nebraska. I'm on the East Coast and heard about this on a (left) blog site. Is it true, as several people were saying, that this issue could cost Mr. Nelson the election?

Josh Ardsma said...

Yup, it's totally over. Ben has lost because of this thing. Let's pack our things and go home. Pete doesn't even have to take any issue stances or have any advertising where he actually talks about where he stands - he doesn't even have to do any of his own press conferences (actually I don't blame his campaign for not letting him...he has "trouble" not saying assinine things in public). Gosh, what a tremendous public servant this man will be.

Daily Bulldog said...

Ben Nelson cheats on his taxes.

Because of this, Josh, he cannot be trusted. He signed two documents asking for the lower tax valution under the assumption he was being honest about the land's use.

He wasn't.

Ben Nelson also promised to serve two full terms as governor and welched on that, too.

Public servants, especially an experienced one like Nelson, should know better than to cheat and try and get away with it. Saying "he didn't know" or it was "a honest mistake" only makes matters worse.

Ben Nelson cheats on his taxes.

Those idiots wearting those funny hats and carrying that obnoxious sign at the Fremont parade, along with Nelson himself, should be physically forced to explain to each family farmer in this state, and to every family farmer who has lost a farm over the past decade, that Ben Nelson knowingly used an inappropriate designation of his land in order to skirt paying the full amount.

Then and only then will I believe Nelson simply committed an oversight. Knowing he has to face the music would likely result in his admission that he was cheating, much like when Bill Clinton was put on the spot when he knew he was caught.

Remember that? "I did not have an affair with that woman, Miss Lewinsky".

No, Bill....actually, you did.

I don't see a difference here.

Ben Nelson cheats on his taxes.