Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Regency vs Fairacres

“Main Street Nebraska versus Wall Street” is how Earl Ben Nelson characterized the U.S. Senate race the day after the election. Heck the LJS even used Nelson's line as their headline (In Nelson-Ricketts race, it’s ‘Main Street vs. Wall Street’ - LJS- 5/9/06).

But now it’s published what we already knew: Fieldcrest Drive is a long way from Main Street. That’s right, ol’ humble Benny from McCook is actually a multi-millionaire ($18.7 million, give or take a few hundred thousand) – the richest in the entire Nebraska-Iowa Congressional delegation. (Nelson still wealthiest Midlands lawmaker – OWH – 6/13/06.)

And what’s wrong with that? Nothing.

Except Earl harped on it from Day 1 that Pete Ricketts should be disqualified because he’s a millionaire. At least Ricketts isn’t running away from his money – he’s been pushing his business experience all along.

So let’s characterize this race as it really is:
Regency vs. Fairacres.
Who ya got???

**Update, 6/16/06**
A reader pointed out that we inverted the 1 and 8 in Earl's reported wealth numbers above. It should be 18 and not 81. (Though we wouldn’t be surprised if it was 81 before taxes.) We've changed that above and we thank our frequent readers for pointing out typos.


Anonymous said...

Except Ben Nelson isn't pushing policies that would fatten his own bottom line. Unlike Pete, he doesn't put his personal financial well-being ahead of the Nebraskans he represents.

In short - it's the policies!

anonymous 2 said...

You have it wrong. Ricketts shouldn't be disqualified because he's rich. Ricketts should be disqualified because his policy proposals, when he bothers to propose anything other than tired rhetoric, only benefit the super-rich.

Street Sweeper said...

Anonymous #s 1 & 2, your comments would carry more weight with some (any) detail.

anonymous 2 said...

Happy to. Ricketts advocated a national sales tax instead of most federal taxes, which would lower taxes for the super-rich, but raise taxes for pretty much everyone else.

He's advocated privatizing social security, which not only would add $2 trillion to the national debt over the first ten years, but it also would be a huge boon to private financial companies that would manage those accounts. You know, like Ameritrade.

Street Sweeper said...

OK Anonymous 2, to infer that Ricketts's proposals are intended to benefit himself or his company is idiotic. If you want to argue that either proposal is regressive, fine. But to suggest that Ricketts is trying to fatten his (already fat) wallet is what makes too many Dems look like conspiracy theory kooks. And by the way, what's your position on Nelson's death tax repeal, then?

anonymous 2 said...

I think if you want to make the argument that it's just a coincidence that Ricketts' proposed policies just happen to benefit the rich and big business, and it has nothing to do with his own personal enrichment, go for it...I personally don't buy it one bit.

And what would you have Senator Nelson do, then, vote against the estate tax and have Ricketts hammer him for "raising taxes?" Ricketts implied Nelson would "raise taxes by a trillion dollars" in his new radio ad anyway!

Anonymous said...

Sweetstreeper - How about you find me one policy ricketts has proposed that doesn't fatten his or his companies bottomline. It's he's purely selfless than he should have some ideas that don't benefit him.

Street Sweeper said...

Ok. Got it. "Anonymous 2 = Official Conspracy Theory Nut." And thanks for clearing up Earl's hard thought-out position on the Death Tax.

Gotta work now.

Street Sweeper said...

And I'm pretty sure Petey's positon on immigration does nothing for Ameritrade. But of course, heaven forbid that someone take a pro-business position. I mean, who likes employment, prosperity and success anyway?

Thanks for comin'.

anonymous 2 said...

Sure the immigration bill helps Pete. He needs legal help for his lawn, doesn't he?

Street Sweeper said...

Annnnnnd Anonymous Conspiracy Nut has shown his true colors. Once again, Thanks for comin'....

Anonymous said...

How is anonymous 2 a conspiracy nut? we are talking about a candidate who once called the estate tax the "jealousy tax." I'm sure that had nothing to do with his own wealth.

also businesses like ameritrade love the bush guest worker programs because it ensures a supply of cheap labor.

Street Sweeper said...

Ameritrade uses immigrants? Are you under the impression they process livestock, as opposed to stocks?

Look, this blog is for political discussions, not regurgitation of DNC talking points, fed to you by the UNO College Democrats. If you really believe Ricketts is running for the Senate so that he can line his gold lined pockets with…platinum, then trot on back to your buddy Kos and get your fill. Be sure to tell them Leavenworth Street sent you.

Anonymous said...

ahem*cleaning crews*ahem

Street Sweeper said...

And that's what Pete Ricketts has formed his policy around: cleaning crews at Ameritrade.
Thank you for the lively debate, and Buenos Noches.

Kyle Michaelis said...

Do you realize that you've inflated Nelson's wealth by more than $60 million? It's pathetic enough that you hide behind your anonymity without coming clean with your true agenda - offering little but snark and petty insults that don't even border on being clever - but a deception of this magnitude is utterly unforgiveable.

It's a pity anonymous 1 & 2 - or anyone, for that matter - even gives this site the time of day. It's one thing to be a Republican hack (I should know, from the other end of the spectrum) - but to be a hack and a coward ... damn, I at least hope you're getting paid to be that big of a tool.

Street Sweeper said...

Well, well well. If it isn’t our favorite local Hippy Dem apologist himself! “I love Earl! I hate Earl! I love Earl! I hate Earl!” At some point that flower’s going to run out of petals.

As we’ve stated before here on Leavenworth Street, release of any specific author names would greatly affect employment issues. You see, we have actual jobs beyond this little blog, and we plan on keeping them. If you can’t live with that, then please, ask that mean man to take the gun away from your head while you click away to (And I’m fairly sure we’ll never seek your “forgiveness” (snark).)

(If it really helps you to sleep better through 2pm, please note that no one on Leavenworth Street is employed by or has any relation to any campaign, political party, candidate, office holder, etc. etc. If you can’t take our word on that, then once again, appeal to that man with the gun and click the back button as fast as you can.)

Agenda? We comment on Nebraska politics (and other random stuff). Click to your right, and you can find every thing ever written here. Make up your own mind. We’re not here to spoon feed you.

Kyle Michaelis said...

The flower petal bit was actually kind of cute. But, the pettiness of your contempt for Senator Nelson gives you away pretty quickly.

As for your employment being affected by this blog - which you shoved down peoples' throats (including my own) with endless solicitation during the primary - you far overestimate your site's being controversial in the slightest. My problem isn't with's with people who use that anonymity as a shield behind which they can be completely irresponsible and show very little regard for the truth.

If you're not willing to sacrifice for the things you believe, then you really need to ask yourself whether they're worth saying at all. Or, at least, whether its worth pestering people with junk mail to attract their attention.

With all the dirt in this state - all the things that need to be said - all the incompetence ripe for satire with actual meaning - it's just unfortunate that you have such low expectations of least, if you're not getting paid to hold them.

Street Sweeper said...

Well, first of all, no, we at L. St are not willing trade our jobs for the hobby on commenting on Nebraska’s political environment. And no one ever said we were trying to be controversial or that being so would affect our positions. It is the blog itself that would affect that. Again, if you can’t live with that we can’t help you.

And let’s get all this straight: We’re not claiming to ride in on a white horse to comment on the political world. We’re not on a soapbox telling the world what is right and wrong with the policies of our government officials. This is no noble cause. (Though any assertion that we’ve printed anything but the truth is, well, false.)

Maybe that’s what you’re trying to do, but we’re not. If you want to write 900 words on why Dave Heineman is the devil incarnate and David Hahn is the next Moses Roosevelt, rock-on brother. More power to you if that’s what floats your boat. We’re making comments. And enjoying it. And others seem to be visiting the site as well, and enjoying it. Feel free to visit again. And comment again.

(And as far as “cramming it down your throat”, yeah we sent out emails to promote the site. But our ability to force you to click that link is pretty limited, no? And we’ve always honored requests for opt-outs. Feel free to add yours next time, if you’d like.)