Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The All Senate Campaign Channel

Pete Ricketts has come up with a new angle (and TV ad) for his campaign, and it will be interesting to see if it has any legs. He’s pushing the, “If Nelson wins, the Senate could go Democrat” line. (Ricketts TV ad targets Kennedy, Hillary Clinton – LJS – 6/13/06) Without studying the numbers lately, we’re not sure if that’s true, at least for this cycle anyway, but it certainly could be the case. It is absolutely something voters should consider in a Senate race, when they’re picking one of only a hundred Senators. A good question may be: Sure you voted for Alito and maybe some tax cuts, but who will you vote for Majority Leader? It’s a better line for Petey than the earmarking business anyway…

***Update at 11:00am***

In the OWH today, Earl B. Nelson went on to say, "Maybe this commercial is running in the Twilight Zone, because it doesn't reflect reality." (Ricketts raises 'L' word; Nelson calls it partisan rhetoric – OWH – 6/14/06.)

Who’s in the Twilight Zone? Who does Earl think controls Congress? Who does he think passes bills – the Majority or the Minority? All these swell tax cuts that Earl says he’s for would never even make it out of committee of a Dem Senate.

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Anonymous said...

I think Nelson was talking about Ricketts saying he was for cutting taxes and spending when 1) his policy pronouncements don't reflect that and 2) nelson has actually DONE those things. The Lincoln Journal Star has more context.