Wednesday, February 01, 2006

US Senate FEC Filings FUN!


The following data comes from the Nebraska U.S. Senate Candidates FEC filings, as compiled by the National Journal. Have fun.

According to the National Journal, Pete Ricketts is the second biggest “Non-Incumbent Spender for the 4thQ”, in the country, behind Bob Casey (D) in the Pennsylvania Senate race.


The above are derived from FEC filings for the twelve month period ending 12/31/05. The row "Total Receipts" (Line 16 on FEC form 3) includes all donations, transfers, cmte money, loans/contributions made by the candidate, and interest earned on the account. The "Individual Contributions" row reflects FEC line 11(a-iii), which only includes money raised from individuals other than the candidate. "PACs" (FEC line 11c) may include money transferred from other candidates' cmtes.

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