Thursday, February 02, 2006

So you wanna be a Rock n' Roll star...

National Journal’s Blog (which makes this a little like looking into a mirror into a mirror…) ranks the Nebraska Senate race as #13 on their top Senate races. However, they go on to say,

“Remember when this was a top five race? It could be again if Pete Ricketts is the GOP nomination. Color us impressed with this guy. He's got a Thune-Obama-McCain no-nonsense quality about him that could resonate. He's still got to buy his way out of the primary, however, which is why we're keeping this race out of the top 10.”
Does that put a little zip in your morning coffee, Rickett’s staff?
And if Obama was the Dem’s “Rock Star”, does that make Petey:
Michael Stipe? Billy Corgan? Moby? the guy from Midnight Oil? Help me out here….

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