Thursday, January 26, 2006

What elephant?

Dave Nabity, the heretofore unknown dude who’s campaigning for the Republican nomination for Governor, has brought up the issue of abortion. (Nabity proposes new abortion requirement – LJS 01/26/06) He wants more notification. Sort of a minor suggestion, frankly. But no matter your position or feelings on the subject, this is the time to discuss it. Campaigns are supposed to be about discussing and arguing the big issues, but this is Dumbo sitting in the corner that everyone would rather ignore. And maybe this little topic on the big issue is a good way to start. If Roe ever gets overturned – and that chance seems to get better every year – it won’t outlaw abortion. Instead the issue will go back to the state legislatures, and one by one, each will have to make the BIG decisions. You want to see politics gone crazy? That will be the day. And people discussing these issues at election time -- rationally, one would hope – is a step towards much better understanding on the issue. Mr. Who-bity’s proposal is a much better start than just the “pro-life” or “pro-choice” platitudes.

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