Tuesday, January 24, 2006

GOP's Election Equation?

If this is the GOP’s main issue, then they’re looking at six more year of Senator Earl Benajmin Nelson. (GOP committee decides what Ben Nelson's weak spots are – OWH – 01/24/06)

Back when Nelson was elected in 1990, this was a big issue. Did it get him elected? I really doubt it. Democrats were swept into office that year, and the 18 people in Boyd Co. who voted against Kay Orr were hardly the linchpin to his victory.

But nonetheless, Nelson went along with the popular sentiment (“No nukes!”) that led to Nebraskans holding a $145 million bill. That’s nothing to sniff at.

All that being said, it ain’t gonna get him thrown outta Washington.
The guy votes like a Republican. And with Nebraksans being all excited about seeming non-partisan (Exhibit A: the Unicameral), they’ll re-elect him in droves -- unless there’s a compelling reason to throw him out.

Pete-Dave-Don, what’s that reason, in 10 words or less?
Because Liddy Dole’s reason won’t put “Senator” in front of your name.

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