Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mid-Election Day 2010

We have reports of relatively brisk voting today and various Recalling.

It seems pretty clear that the Recallers did not have petitions at every polling place, from our various and sundry emails.  A mistake not to pay for more Election Day coverage?

We will see.

Here is a blurry camera phone shot of one table set up.  Apropos of really not much...


We have a had a few suggestions from People We Trust who think our Leavenworth Line was a little high on a couple of them.  One suggested that with NE-3 split to three candidates, Adrian Smith would have a much harder time hitting the 77% mark we suggested.  Maybe down about 10%.  OK fine.

But we're sticking with the others, because, well, why not?


There have been more than a few suggestions that, should Tom White go down tonight, it won't be the last time he was kicked around.

Joe Jordan is suggesting that he would come back in 2012 (the year of the Great Apocalypse), since Obama voters, particularly in North O, would be more likely to surface for that election.  He also suggests Congressional  redistricting could help him.

And then there is talk around First National Bank that White may run for Mayor, should the Recall throw out the current Democrat.

We suppose anything is possible, but we would think that a little polling would put an end to that idea.


We mentioned the other day the new book out about a fictional Senate race in Nebraska -- The Nostalgist, by Omaha Author/Attorney, Mark Kratina.

We have read the first eight chapters -- and now plan on finishing up the rest on the Kindle soon.

The story begins telling about a young lawyer having his first Senate campaign funder in Omaha, and stretches out to shape things up with the Omaha World Herald, the old incumbent Senator and --snark!-- a local blogger.  (We haven't been able to ascertain whether that meant to mimic a real local blog, but we'll find out.)

In any case, Kratina gives a vivid picture of an idealist young pol making his way through the reality of statewide politics.  Omahans and Nebraskans will probably get a kick out of the local settings, though it could probably be Anywhere, Midwest USA.

Now we quizzed Kratina on whether the protagonist was patterned after any young local political upstarts -- Esch and Kleeb came to mind.  But he insists the character was not drawn from either, and if anything comes from his own experiences.

We look forward to finishing this book, especially with this election season fresh in our minds.

And guess what, cheapskate?  YOU can read the first eight chapters just like we did FOR FREE by going to the Fedora House publishers' site and downloading the .pdf of it.

And after you've had that appetizer, go buy the real deal and get Mark to sign it.

HOW, you ask?

By getting your butt on down to The Bookworm (8702 Pacific) on Sunday, November 14th from 1-3 pm.

Tell him Street Sweeper sent you, and he will sign his name with an extra flourish (right Mark?).

Again, we don't know Mark personally at all, and we're not getting a nickel out of this. But everyone we've asked has said he is a standup guy (even if he IS a Yankee fan...), and we think you'll dig the book.

Give a hoot: Read a book.


We had a laugh at the email that went out from the Democrats, asking for "volunteers" for District 14 Legislature candidate Teresa Whitehead (against Republican Jim Smith).

Of course those "volunteers" would be paid $20.

Um...doesn't that make them...not volunteers?

In any case, here is a blurry camera phone shot of a couple of said union volunteers at 72nd and 370.  We are told that they bolted from the corner at the crack of 1pm.  Apparently they didn't volunteer to get paid overtime...


Hey, how come former Democrat Chair Steve Achelpohl isn't on the Board of Directors of "Bold Nebraska" any more?


More as it comes in -- and keep sending in your polling place reports and blurry camera phone pics!  (Not so fast Bret Favre...)


Stan said...

Just returned from voting and signed the recall petition. Seated not to far from the person collecting signatures were two stoner-looking undergrad types (aka Hard Core Democrats) who I assume were "Persuaders." they glared at me the whole time I was signing the petition, but did not approach and try to "persuade" me. Note to Dems for future recalls: I know it is easy for you to get stupid idealistic college kids as volunteers as they don't know any better and have nothing better to do (including going to class and learning something), but if you actually want to to try to "persuade" someone, at least make them clean up a bit and look respectful, not like they came straight from Barrett's to the polling place.

Nathan said...

There weren't any recall people at my polling place, and I live in a solid republican area.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the Douglas County election Commissioner guess of a 39% turnout which is apparently the lowest ever?

Anonymous said...

With Tom White as the D's Great White Hope (pun intended) no wonder the turnout is predicted to be low.

Oh and Whitehead........ going to get the big squeeze tonight. Ugghhh all over the ballot.

It's also going to be fun to see just how bad the CD1&3 Race goes!

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

"Hey, how come former Democrat Chair Steve Achelpohl isn't on the Board of Directors of "Bold Nebraska" any more?"

Hopefully they booted him because he's not any good at politics.

4 hrs said...

Bet this is a lively forum/blog in about 4 hrs. Heck Wednesday will be crazy!

Chett (with two t's) said...

i met some anti-recall folks at swanson library this morning.

they didnt like my question about whether they are anti-recalling for the money or because they believe the recall is bad for the city..."aw naw, this is bad for the city, mane! gonna cost millions that we dont have"

yea, buddy...sweet life

Ace said...

I'll send you a blurry cell phone photo of my polling place Sweeper.

Street Sweeper said...

Just couldn't help yourself, could you...

Anonymous said...

So where is Tom White's 48 hour report on the additional money he poured into his race to try to himself a Congressional Seat?

For that matter, I wonder if he faxed said "donation/loan" documents to Mr. Terry's campaign office per Federal Election Law? I wonder if Tom White is looking forward to being disbarred for violating Federal Law?

Poor Tom. Even the Union Dems in West Omaha know that Lee Terry is going to win this race. They have attached their signs to the Congressman's signs all over the place.

Brian T. Osborn said...

"Hey, how come former Democrat Chair Steve Achelpohl isn't on the Board of Directors of "Bold Nebraska" any more?"

I could think of several thousands of reasons why not.

Anonymous said...

The biggest question the whole world is really wondering. Will Paul Rand now that he is in the US Senate will he cause a Great Depression with his filbuster of the debt ceiling? If that happens all of the normal political problems will pale in regards to what would be taking place. So does this Tea party person do what he said he would do?

Bob Loblaw said...

Did he himself say he'd filibuster it, or did Keith Olberman just say he did?

Street Sweeper said...

Yes, we realize you're regurgitating what you just heard on MSNBC.
Come up w/ something original.

Anonymous said...

The people I saw signing the recall petition seemed angry, not very friendly. Mostly older, white, with nice cars. I am glad there is a new more progressive generation of Omahans arising. You may not see it tonight but its coming...be afraid, be very afraid...

Anonymous said...

I heard some recall petitioner was out in the middle of the street and refused to obey an order from a law enforcement officer to move!!!

If that was an Anti-recaller, Freaking KFAB and the big mouth Tom Becka would be screamin' to the high heavens!!!!

Right Wing Professor said...

Wipeout in NE 2. Tom White is losing by over 20 points. The boat dealer is also losing badly. Snowplow up by 7 votes. Wallman narrowly ahead. Dems will probably be losing seats in the Unicam.

Gambler said...

So like everybody said.....Buh Bye Tommy White. Please take your long winters nap with Ian...... we would all appreciate it.

Macdaddy said...

Wow, was I ever off on my prediction: I picked Terry by 15. Congratulations to the Terry camp.

Right Wing Professor said...

Wallman now down. Rogert still down. Conrad back up.

Tom White...good grief, he's only barely doing better than Ivy Harper and Rebekah Davis.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Wallman gets to stay home this winter, along with the boat dealer. Maybe they can go ice fishing?

In other news, the streets of Lincoln are still dangerous if you are driving a Snow Plow.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Cap Dierks won't be back.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks to all that ran.

Macdaddy said...

The big loser tonight is Ben Nelson. Nebraskans got their first chance to punish someone who supported obamacare and they applied a 2x6 to Tom White's backside and White never even cast a vote for Obamacare. Nelson shouldn't count on people forgetting that he voted for it and did so in such a way that he brought dishonor to Nebraska.

Anonymous said...

If the Great White Hype played whipping boy for Nelson in this election, that means Nelson's whipping is over.

EBN is as beloved here as BHO is nationally. Voters who despise Congress and dislike Obama's actions have trouble not liking Obama. When they next run, all will be forgiven for both. You can bank on it. Especially EBN.

E Benjamin Nonsense may have a few extra yards of skin, but he's our favorite Shar-pei. Sure he craps on the rug. But that's okay because we hit Tom White on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson is NOT off the hook!

Looks like Wallman IS going back.

Rogert is staying home.

What the heck happened to Krist?

RWP said...

EBN is as beloved here as BHO is nationally

That's a little harsh. Things are that bad, huh?

Tom Becka said...

@ 9:30 It was a person signing a petition in the parking lot at 170th and Q. Blocking the exit for a second. ( not the middle of the street ) An off duty police officer grabbed the petitioner and pushed him on the hood of his truck. A formal complaint is supposed to be filed today. You can hear the petitioners story and Aaron Hanson's response on my page on the KFAB website.

Anonymous said...

Tom Becka- we heard it last night. I think the "People" would like a break from things for a day.

One Out In The Third said...

Looks like Kenny Rogert will have to sell a few more boats next year.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry Jr is untouchable

An accusation is made in a New York paper and NO ONE does a follow up question.

Nice job Tom Becka and all you over at KFAB, Joe Jordan, OWH, this blog, etc.

No one asked, where was Lee Terry scheduled to be at the night of the alleged incident

No one asked, who is the alleged "comely female lobbyist"

No one asked for proof of Lee Terry's schedule of meetings that night

Bad Job Once Again "NEWS" media!!!

I'm sure Tom Becka will be on some crazed frenzy again today about some minor thing if it has to do with Suttle or Police or Fire but his little boy toy Lee Terry is untouchable!!!!

One Out In The Third said...

I forgot to report...Jane Kleeb woke up this morning as a member of the Hastings School Board. Scott has to be envious.

Anonymous said...

congrats to Justin Wayne and Marian Fey on being on the ops board. now lets get Omaha public school board members Sandra Jensen and Kersten Borer and Mary Drickey thrown out in 2012.

Mr. Pie said...

Got an interesting phone poll last evening. After determining that I'm the youngest male in the household, a registered voter, and that I did vote (and voted GOP), the subject turned to 2012 and gauged my support of E Ben Nelson as a Democrat vs Heineman and/or Bruning. Also whether I'd support EBN if he switched parties and ran again Democrats Kim Robak and/or Steve Lathrop! The questions also asked about EBN going GOP because the Dems are too liberal anymore; that his conservative views are better suited in the GOP; or whther this was a boldfaced effort to keep his seat by joining the Republicans. Anyone else get contacted?

Macdaddy said...

I think that was a prank phone call.

Disturbed said...

"Got an interesting phone poll last evening. After determining that I'm the youngest male in the household"

Why would they want to know if you were the youngest male in the Household?...Was it Gary and Ace doing the polling?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pie if a Red Hybrid SUV drives by your house and the person inside tries to recruit you as a "Young Democrat", RUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course Tom Becka will have the petitioner and police union rep on his show today. Becka will do anything to create a controversy and improve rankings! He will of course make it look like the big bad union thugs are roughing up the innocent honest do gooder petitioners! Way to go Tom Becka!

Kinder Care said...

10:47- Sour White Grapes!

Maybe, just maybe no one did a follow-up question because the original author pulled the primary statement? There was no issue to follow.

Bottom line is Tom, you and Ian never did get over your endorsement of Pelosi and Obamacare. You acted poorly most of the time, and have a history of being less than charming.

So go ahead and pout, stomp, and throw your fits. Then go to your room and you can come out to play when you have your temper under control.

Folks it's never a good idea to blame others before taking responsibility for your own actions. It's a shame a bright young Mr. White didn't learn the lesson 30-40 years ago. But you never know he may be back for the mayoral race.

GeosUser said...

Ricky in Omaha,
You owe money on your bet that Tom White would beat Lee Terry. I took that bet here and I expect you to pay up or shut up. If you are going to pay, please make a donation at Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska website and make it in the name GeosUser. That way I'll know you paid off. If it's $1, $5 or $10, doesn't matter and GRRIN will make excellent use of the dollars.

Las Vegas said...

I hope no one bet the over!

And I didn't even have to shake down my employees. Sharon "You all look Asian to me" Angle wasn't able to convince Mexicans to deport themselves.

Oh mander said...

So where are the photos and videos of "union thugs" violating your constitutional rights to vote... errr, I mean... sign a petition? And the wild tales of scary college students slapping the pens out of your hands? No? Nothing? No intimidation whatsever? So the fear-mongering was all for nothing? And all the whining was a waste of breath?

Save the large, bold, and multi-colored fonts for a real scandal.

Anonymous said...

So when are we going to see a signature update from the recall committee? Weren't they planning on getting over half the required signers yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Why does the media cover up for Lee Terry?

No one pulled their primary story. Sorry buddy. The fact is, no one in the local media took the time to look into it.

So much for the public interest.

Does Robin know that the media is so close to her husband?

Grasshopper said...

One must be still to hear the quite voice of reason. Can you hear it yet..... yes a recall is about to take place. Shhhhh be still.

Nathan said...

Kind of surprised there isn't a new pst up today...

Anonymous said...

It could be that no one wrote a story about Lee Terry's tryst with a lobbyist because, once they looked into it, they only discovered it to be a slimy invention of Ian Russell's imagination. Ian needs more practice if he's going to become a professional mudslinger. One would think the spanking he received after being caught buying up domain names of GOP candidates back in 2006 would have educated him. Apparently he still doesn't get it.

It was nice of Tom White to subsidize Ian's fun and games, but not so nice for those that contributed their hard earned money to his campaign.

Anonymous said...

when is vile going to have a new post at NNN?

Anonymous said...

Vile will have a new post just as soon as he lets his rhetorical flourishes and boastfulness get the best of him.

Anonymous said...

Hey all you Lee Terry apologists-


The Media didn't do their job, plain and simple. I am fully willing to give Lee the benefit of the doubt and think of him as a decent family man. But, heck, come on people, it's a public interest story. Let's say it was Ben Nelson or Jim Suttle. This blog would be burning with speculation!

How do we know our congressman wasn't compromised, didn't cave into some lobbyist because she flirted with him or got him drunk? We don't. No one took the time to look into and tell the public what they found or didn't find. That is just sad.

Shame on you Joe Jordan
Shame on you KFAB

Well, KFAB, let's see Jim Rose was gushing over himself this morning claiming Lee Terry owes his family credit for his win since his son worked for the campaign. REAL OBJECTIVITY KFAB!

Let bombastic loud mouth Tom Becka scream all day long about Suttle's Chief of Staff eating a hamburger at McFlys but then Lee Terry holds his "victory" party at the freakin' FIREFIGHTERS UNION HALL and Becka's big mouth stays shut.

Becka rips Suttle all the time about how he broke his promise on taxes. NEVER DOES Becka say a word about Lee Terry BREAKING HIS TERM LIMITS promise.

Oh no, I hope you are enjoying a nice evening in Dundee Mr Becka, probably sipping on some drink at the Cork & Carrage cigar shop laughing it all up like he's the king of the world....

KFAB & Leavenworth St BLog = pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Go to Scott Voorhees Facebook page and check out Hal Daub's sweet little chummy birthday wishes for Scotty.

Little Scott writes Ah, thank you Mr. Mayor

Way to be fair and balanced KFAB

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 6:58,

Thanks for the comments, Ian.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Republicans! Well played. A few things I'll be looking for before I vote for your presidential canidate.

1) A wage freeze for government workers
2) A reduction in the federal payroll
3) Some kind of entitlement reduction

That's not too much change to hope for, is it? :)

See you in Iowa next year.

Anonymous said...

as a rich fellow I look for my Republican friends to do the following;

reduce or eliminate my income taxes

create more loopholes so I can hide my wealth

build a better security system so I can protect my wealth from all the criminals

build a better wall so I can protect my wealth from all those immigrants

build a better defense so I can keep the world from my wealth and business interests

end regulation on Wall Street so I can increase my investment profits

end trade barriers, tarriffs, etc. so I my wealth can go global and I can move jobs to the cheapest labor force

end restrictions on campaign finance so I can continue to buy and sell politicans

end Obamacare so I can continue to get the best healthcare in the world and not pay for anyone else's

I'm rich I'm rich I'm a Republican I am Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love the Dems/Liberals missing the point of this election.

It was not rich elite type Republicans you are always trying to stereotype who moved numbers this cycle. It was the average Joe who is tired of government in his back pocket, who sees the trillion dollar deficiets, who doesn't think Obama or the dem congress has his best interests in mind.

Itt is a group of repubs, Independents and Tea Partiers who decided they want to use their voice and the republican party in large part embraced them.

it was a republican party that ran a record number of African American candidates and elected several. Ran a number of women and elected several. Elected a hispanic Governor and South Carolina's first woman.

Feel free to bash Republicans as the party of the rich guy, but the dirty little secret is the average Joes and JoAnnes are teaming up with the rich guy because someday...just maybe they want to be rich too. And they know Democrats empower government OVER liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness.

Then again...never mind. Keep thinking the way you do.

Anonymous said...

KFAB fair and balanced? Give me a break. They practically are handing out road maps on where to find the recall petitions and every time Lee Terry gets up from the kiddy table hes roaming the halls looking for a microphone.

I would think just for the pretense that ALL their advertisers aren't Hal Daub worshippers, they'd try to balance their comments. They should charge Nabity a fee for parking his cause in their studios.

Anonymous said...

Dem Trolls=Sore Losers

Why don't those of you who are posting garbage just go do it at NNN.

Repubs had a bad cycle in 06 and a bad one in 08--we didn't whine and pout on LS afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:21 Amen.

Trolls, so many bitter loser trolls.

Anonymous said...

Vile Kyle, Lisa Hannah, Ian Russell, Jane Kleeb, Bold NE 'staff', Jim Rogers =

Sleaze, sick, trolls at LS.

They all need a vacation and to take some time to rethink how they conduct themselves in political campaigns.

Nebr. is so tired of their act.

Macdaddy said...

I realize that the democrats are depressed, but there is still work to be done. When are they going to extend the Bush tax cuts? Will they act like adults and get back to work or are they going to throw a hissy fit, give America the middle finger and make sure that taxes are going to rise on everybody on January 1st? With the Democrats still controlling the Senate in the new Congress and Obama's veto at the ready, I have little hope that tax relief will remain in effect. Get ready for a double dip recession, folks.

Anonymous said...

I hear Jane Kleeb is going to propose that condoms will be handed out at the Hastings High School upon request.

Very Progressive, Jane.

LOL said...

Healthy food and healthy sex. Great agenda for Hastings kids. I'd put oysters on the menu the day of Prom Jane. LOL

Hastings parent said...

I support what Jane is doing for our kids. She should put a Anti-discrimiation measure in Hastings schools policy like the one Omaha is trying to pass.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anonymous @ 9:06,

Voters that supported the corporate buyout of the U.S. government are kind of like those poor folks that you see when driving through the south in America. They'll live in a rundown shack, but because they want to appear "rich" to their friends, they buy an expensive car (usually a Lincoln or Cadillac they can't afford) to drive into town.

If voting against your own best interests by giving the keys to Congress to those poor billionaires gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling - a contact high, as it were - then I hope you are deliriously happy with Tuesday's results.

Personally, I believe America is stronger when the playing field is more level and we all have a chance to improve our lot in life. Having richer rich people doesn't seem, to me, the right recipe for keeping America strong.