Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Do you need a pre-Turkey appetizer of politics while you throw back some Joe and listen to the parades trundle past Macy’s?

Of course you do!


First, KMTV tells us that brand-spanking-new Communications Director for Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle has banned them! They’ve been banned! (Well, apparently from any interviews, anyway.)

And for what?

For releasing public information.


Seems KMTV reported on salaries of City departments heads and the Mayor. So, of course, Aida Amoura-Rezac, a former reporter herself, blackballed ‘em.

Now some will argue that no one is watching KMTV anyway (zing!).  But really, is this the way to go into a campaign? Pissing off the local media?  (And of course that is beyond the whole outright ridiculousness of Amoura-Rezac-Gerard's actions.

There is an old saying about picking fights with people who buy ink by the barrel. There must be a similar one regarding people who buy video tapes by the crate.


But of course that’s only a lead-in to the news that Suttle has filed a for a restraining order in District Court because he wants seventy-five -- 75! -- additional days to fight the Recall signature review process.

An additional two and a half months? That’s some slow counters.

Oh, but it’s basically so they can try to bitch and moan about every single signature possible. The anti-Recallers claim that people weren’t -- gasp! -- told the whole truth when they signed the petitions.

Is that riiiiight???

Well, we have an actual photo and video of a certain Mayoral candidate holding a sign telling voters that he was going to lower property taxes.

How many extra days to we get to contest that?

Oh yeah...fifteen.

Keep counting Phippsy. Keep counting.


Michigan Senator Debbie “Florence Henderson” Stabenow got the Agriculture Committee Chairpersonship -- instead of Ben Nelson.

Some had suggested that Nelson would get the Ag Chair in order to keep him from switching parties. Now that he didn’t get it, we will see him marching down the aisle with Mike Johanns and the gang right?

Or not.


Hey Leavenworth Street readers, on this day of giving thanks, we would like to tell you how thankful we are for you coming to our blog and reading and writing yourself!

Leavenworth Street has grown in readership in each of the four years we have been around, and we are looking to embiggen in year number five as well.. (With some changes? Hmm....)

So as you fall into that tryptophan coma, dream of a place where politics is discussed, fun is made and a good read is had by all.

And then come back to Leavenworth Street to experience it in real life.



Earl said...

EBN doesn't get respect from anybody anymore. Wonder why?tastoxia

GreenBelt said...

Something about being the weenie in the middle. Sure you get a lot of media at times and get to drive the process, however you are never respected afterwards.

Perhaps the D's see the end of EBN? I know most of Nebraska does!

EBN can retire to his Turkey Farm in Sarpy and live off his memories and gobblers.

Anonymous said...

It's not only a Turkey Farm, GreenBelt. Once a year the pastures are opened for cattle grazing to keep the Green Belt status.

Earl said...

I'm thankful for the statue I erected to myself in McCook.

Triple Hash said...

Question: Does extending the count push the over/under on days left in office so that a vote by the people is unnecessary and instead the city council selects the mayor to the end of the mayor term? Or at least is this part of the delay tactic combined with something else to get to this outcome?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great blog.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper, today's picture makes me Hungary.

Anonymous said...

This is weird, someone named Earl erected something by himself in McCook? Hope no one was around to see that!

Anonymous said...

Aida is limiting access to the mayor from most of the media. She has burned more bridges than just Ch. 3. Certainly not a good way to make friends and influence people.

Stephen said...

Maybe someone else here has a better understanding of how the City Charter / Municipal Code works, but I do know that the recall process changes after the elected official (mayor) is in office more than 2 years.

It would seem to me that Suttle is stalling this process to get into that "past 2 years" mark.

Anonymous said...

they probably just want 75 days so they can contact each signer and "verify" that they understood what they were doing when they drove across town to find a petition to sign and then SIGNED IT!

mr. mayor, not everyone is as stupid as you seem to think they are. if you were smart, you would resign upon completion of the legally required 15 day count and verification process. go down insisting that the taxes you instituted were necessary and allow time to prove it and prove you right.

as it is right now, every time you or ANY of your staff opens their mouth you just piss off more people. also, if you were smart, you would IMMEDIATELY fire the boneheads that thought it was a good idea to black ball the CBS News affiliate in Omaha.

maybe suttle will get the same distinction that ben nelson got for the cornhusker kckback and tom white got for insisting that there be no age limit on safehaven babies. EMBARRASS NEBRASKA ACROSS AMERICA!

shame on you 3!

BkDodge42 said...

Should the petition circulators start collecting more signatures? The UFL game saturday could be a good start. If the Mayor gets to have the election commissioners office receive more time to verify the signatures, then the recallers should be able to get more than 30 days to collect signatures.

Anonymous said...

Once again another brilliant move to hire a reporter as a "communications" director. Reporters report. Communicate or promote? I don't think so.

Whatsherface has managed some real bonehead moves in the short duration of her directing. She obviously has misplaced her velvet glove and resorts to pointing her finger while frowning the words
"naughty, naughty."

Why in the world would you take an embattled mayor and scold those (media) who could, might, just maybe, help save his ass were he to use it for positive means?

UGH. It appears the only turkey that exists wasn't on my plate yesterday, but instead ruffling
more media feathers.

Anonymous said...

The media has been had been steamrolling the Suttle administration since the beginning. Once they get a little pushback they report the "news" that they aren't going to be able to get away with less than objective reporting?

The details of the blackballing haven't came out and maybe they never will. Regardless, it's more than sophomoric to run a "story" like this. It's the job of a Communications Director to deal with the press. The notion that it's improper to call-out a news organization for an out of context report is asinine.

Jenni O said...

Tryptophan doesn't really make you tired. That's a myth. If only Glenn Beck would write that on his chalk board...

Anonymous said...

Ernie Chambers for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

1:24, are you blind, deaf, stupid, or all 3?? Nobody forced Jim Suttle to make campaign promises he couldn't keep, to act as if he had never seen a city budget when he took office, to hire a possible pedophile as his chief of staff, to hire a crony who had an affair in an appointed job as his other chief of staff, to hire an out-of-work weatherman as spokesman, to lease a car at an exhorbitant rate, to give huge pay raises to staff at a time when many were receiving pay cuts or are out of work (what does Rick Cunningam DO for that money, anyway??), to accept numerous campaign contributions from the fire and police unions when others were rejecting them, to look the other way when the fire department couldn't even maintain basic records, to fail to listen to the public again and again . . . get the point?

All the media has done has report on what happened. Your guy shot himself in the foot time and time again - - so don't act like somebody else pulled the trigger.

Anonymous said...

The Press is legally protected from Suttle, not the other way around. And him banning any media automatically encourages all media to dig for dirt on him. He is either stupid or paranoid. Either way, it ain't pretty.

Its just a recall petition. He's acting like its torches and pitchforks. The guy made big promises and he broke them. What did he think was going to happen?

Anonymous said...

Can you believe Dan Bebee of the Big 12? He couldn't let Nebraska enjoy the Trophy on the night they won it. He is such a putz. Will Texas let him have his balls for the Big 12 Championship game?

It's like the "Suttle" effect is taking over all aspects of Nebraska life.

Ohio said...

Anyone know where I can find this City of Omaha pubilc records online? Is it all city workers that are listed?

Not so suttle said...

Well ya just gotta know Mrs. Mello is happy for the new Comm Dir. Sure took her out of the spot light and put back on not so suttle. The guy really thinks he is going to get away with this.

Suttle and EBN are getting benched to sit with Tom White and that's all there is to that.

theunicycleguy said...

remember way back when Chairman Obama and the White House snubbed Fox News from interviews with White House Pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg? Well, the other networks in the pool refused to participate in the interview without Fox News...I think it was a good show of "we're all in this boat together" mentality.

I wonder if WOWT, KETV, KPTM, OWH, and other Omaha news agencies will do the same?

prolly not....

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. The State of Nebraska has a one and a half billion dollar shortfall, the HHS department is in shambles, we have more children in foster care than any other state, and you're recalling Suttle over a restaurant tax and Heineman wins reelection by 48 points? Republicans in this state truly amaze me.

Fact Check said...

Anon, 9:05am

Nebraska's budget shortfall is based on a 10% increase in requested revenue which isn't going to happen.

According to HHS, NE ranks 30th in the number of children in foster care (2010 report).

Just keep making up those 'facts'.

Anonymous said...

9:05am AMEN to that! Funny how an ah shucks gollygeewhiz goes a long, long way in spin. Funny like pathetic. The way Aspen talked with such goofy and giddy blather, I'd be lookin for torches and pitchforks if I was Suttle given it looks like a chapter out of the Hatfields and McCoys

NE Voter said...

Robynn left a lot of information out of her story about the recall organizers.

Interesting facts about Paul Jacob, the out-of-state guy they brought in. Paul Jacob is a Ron Paul supporter and a Libertarian activist. As the Libertarian party's national director in 1987 and 1988, he worked to get Paul ballot access in 47 states as the Libertarian presidential candidate in 1988.

And, prior to that, in 1985, Paul Jacob served 5.5 months in federal prison for refusing to register with Selective Service.

Oh, and later, in 2007, Paul Jacob was indicted in Oklahoma for violating state election laws, including a charge of conspiracy to defraud the state on the matter of hiring out-of-state petitioners.


Recall Committee = Try to win at the expense of the law. Dirty, baby, dirty.

Robynn, next time try the Google.

If you paid 75 cents for your World-Herald today, you outta feel gypped.

NE Voter loves him some Google.

Wake up, people!

Anonymous said...

9:05 Puhhlees

The Omaha Dir, Barry DeJong, of Child Services has just over 500 employees and an operational budget of ~$30M/yr. He distributes aprox $40M/yr to "Clients" of his dept. The number of "clients" is ~2600. (All numbers were provided by the Dept)

Breaking it down it appears there is A LOT of money being spent. It also seems there is a LOT of middle management too. IF 2600 is a close number of clients and 500+ employees, it breaks down to ~5 Clients per worker. Now does anybody believe case workers only have 5 clients? More likely they have 15-20 per worker. So what are all those people doing in the middle? Oh and the AVERAGE cost per employee, in operational lines, is $60,000.00! The average directly spent on each client is $15,000.00! Another way to look at is $75,000.00 is spent on each client to deliver services.


And this isn't enough?

How many families in Nebraska spend $75,000.00 PER child?

How many families in Nebraska seem to be able to raise their children it on less than $75,000.00 per child?

Sure there are a lot of reasons for the clients, and this isn't the point. The point is the system is similar to public education. A lot of government workders, a whole lot of TAX dollars, and very very little return.

It's like the system took over as the prime reason for it's existence and the premise for it's creation became secondary, dare I say even less.

Hell just set up accounts for each child in the system and give them $50,000.00 a year. We the people would save $25K, and more on retirements, and the "Clients" would be able to buy houses, move out of food deserts, and really provide a boon to our economy.

Anonymous said...

being indicted is a far cry from convicted.

Oh and isn't it saying something when more people want to remove the mayor than even voted for him on election day?

You who support suttle are a lot like the Big 12 front office, babbies. Don't like the system then change it via the legal route.

95Huskers said...

True, being indicted is a far cry from being convicted... but the case never got to the question of guilt or innocence because the law was found to be unconstitutional.

Looks like Jacob spent some time in Federal prison for other matters though. Oh, Jeremy Aspen, what sorry company you keep.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jeremy Aspen's "pal-ling around" with convicted draft-dodgers, eh?

Stay classy, recallers.

Anonymous said...

What's that about not liking the system?

Seems to me that the person in charge of the paid recall effort has a habit of going to the courts when he doesn't get his way or flagrantly breaks election laws.

Anyone really believe that 30 out-of-state organizers were brought in to "coach?" Anyone encountered any of these guys on the street, struck up a conversation with them? They weren't on the sidelines. They were in the game.

This is a pretty big gamble by a guy who has already shown a history of disregard for election laws.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Paul Jacob that once forged the signature of a state Supreme Court justice on one of his petitions?

I'm really starting to regret signing this thing.

Anonymous said...

To: 11:50 AM, November 27, 2010

Is this the same Paul Jacob that once forged the signature of a state Supreme Court justice on one of his petitions?

I'm really starting to regret signing this thing.

Are you suggesting that you signed the petition based on something other than the merits of the recall drive itself? What an idiot libtard you must be. You should sign or not sign the petition based on whether you believe the Mayor should be recalled or not. That's the one and only question.

Geez, with moronic idiots like you voting, it's no wonder we wound up with a bozo like Suttle in the Mayor's office. Calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 1:29, that's just standard democrat playbook. They don't have any actual ideas, so all they do is attack their opponents personally. Look at the way they go after Right Wing Professor or call the Tea Partiers by some derogatory sexual reference.

And, instead of arguing about whether Suttle should stay in office or not, they dig up dirt on the people involved in the recall, as though that has anything to do with whether Suttle deserves to be recalled or not.

Look at the way the Democrat establishment and their friends in the mainstream media went after Joe the Plumber after Obama fumbled a question Joe asked him. The liberal media and Democrat activists hastened to inform us that he's not really a plumber and his name isn't really Joe and he's behind on his child support, etc.

This is the same exact formula they're using to attack the people involved in the recall. Evidently, they figure their only hope to stop this thing is to attack the recallers rather than defend Suttle.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that you signed the petition based on something other than the merits of the recall drive itself? What an idiot libtard you must be. You should sign or not sign the petition based on whether you believe the Mayor should be recalled or not. That's the one and only question.

Evidently the recall organizers didn't agree with you, since they told everyone "signing this doesn't mean you want him recalled, it just means it will be put to a vote."

Anonymous said...

Evidently the recall organizers didn't agree with you, since they told everyone "signing this doesn't mean you want him recalled, it just means it will be put to a vote."

Hahahaha. You honestly think anyone who did NOT want Suttle recalled would have signed the petition just so it could be put to a vote? Man, you guys are dumber than I thought.

Imbeciles operate on a higher plane than that.

Draft Dodgers For Recall said...

Yup, pay no attention to the laws we broke. Suttle's just whining.

Old Ben Kenobi said...

*Waving Hand Slowly*

These are not the droids you're looking for. Also, everything's legit.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:09, that reminds me of the old saw about telling Democrats that, because of heavy expected voter turnout, they are supposed to go to the polls and vote on *Wednesday*.

They told you that signing it didn't mean you wanted him recalled but just that it would be put to a vote? And you BELIEVED it? You guys are really earning your libtard stripes today.

Anonymous said...

Yep, "Draft Dodgers for Recall." That's exactly what I'm talking about when I say typcial Democrat playbook. Try to bloody your opponent as much as possible with personal attacks.

First of all, you're like the idiot in the movie "Stripes." Son, there ain't no draft.

And second, the requirement to register for Selective Service applies to men in their teens and early 20s. So, you're going back to 1985 to bash a guy for something he did in his late teens or early 20s. That's half his lifetime ago.

There's no depth to which you dems won't sink in attacking someone. If he'd been a Dem and did that (which I'm guessing he probably was at the time) you'd have applauded him for having the courage of his convictions that he was willing to stand on principle and accept the consequences.

You people are really, really low. Miserable lowlifes, the lot of you.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? They're going back 25 years and attacking a guy for something he would have done as a teenager or early 20s?

I guess that exemplifies the "no holds barred" mentality of the modern Democrat party.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Have you no decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency, sir?

Oops said...

Um, guys, he spent 6 months in Federal Prison. Maybe you should stop defending him.

Anonymous said...

oh I know and the next thing they'll be doing is saying he once practiced witchcraft. Oops...wrong state.....ah....he's a saint--one who served prison time, but a saint no less.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you don't have to go too far into his past to find instances of him breaking the law. This was just the only time he was sent to prison for it.

IOKIYAR said...

Yup, like all those Republicans who defended John Kerry's military record.

Or the ones who accused ACORN and other organizations of widespread voter fraud.

Or the ones who trotted out DUIs against Mike Fahey and Jim Esch.

Jack Abramoff said...

Give this guy a break, there's a lot of good people out there who have been convicted of a very serious crime and spent 6 months in prison.

The Horonable Tom DeLay said...

You tell 'em Jack!!

Anonymous said...

Oops says: "Um, guys, he spent 6 months in Federal Prison. Maybe you should stop defending him."

Oops and others, you completely miss the point. It's not about him, whoever this guy is. The recall is about Suttle and whether he should stay in office or not.

But Democrats -- as they are demonstrating on this very blog -- engage in this scorched-earth policy or personally attacking their political adversaries.

The way they go after RWP is a perfect example. RWP isn't a politician. He's just a guy with a political viewpoint. And, instead of arguing the viewpoint, these disgusting Democrats launch these malicious personal attacks against him. The same as they're doing with whoever this recall guy is.

I don't care how many crimes someone involved in the recall may have been charged with or convicted of in his lifetime. Assume he'd never been charged at all. Would that make the recall proper? Something you'd support? Of course not. By the same token, the fact this guy may have, at one time, been charged with a crime doesn't make Suttle a good mayor.

Just more evidence that the dingleberry Dems who post here don't have any ideas or arguments; they just throw around excrement and hope some of it shticks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:53 throws his own poop then complains because others do it too. Geez!

Anonymous said...

The behavior of the Lib/Progressives on here is why they just got Waxed this past election cycle. Nuff said on that.

What's old EBN going to do about being the most despised politician in Nebraska?

Anonymous said...

No, Anonymous, you're missing the point. The leader of the recall effort has been indicted on petition fraud! How is this not relevant? He cheated in North Dakota, he cheated in Oklahoma and he cheated here in Omaha.

I don't want some libertarian thug running roughshod over my city, and I assumed that you guys had enough respect for the process that you wouldn't look the other way. Apparently I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

too bad so sad, if enough valid signatures were collected then Suttle is recalled.

All you libs need to get your act together. You will never amount to much here in Nebraska, and are busy losing anything you had at the National level. Once the defaults in Europe begin, the exact places your failed policies took hold, then you will lose your foreign support. (Soros et al)

Obama and Ried are going to run the rest of the Liberal Progressive machine into the ground. An American Austerity Program will begin and the failed policies of Liberalism will be reversed.

Just keep the proverbial Grasshopper in mind when you look to the future.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who reads this blog and has any sympathy for Right Wing Professor Gerard Harbison either hasn't read this blog long or is Gerard writing anonymously. I've written on here with my real name and been attacked personally by that sociopath. The guy isn't wired right.

Aussie said...

Hmm what will the Great European Default bring to American Liberalism? How will it impact Nebraska and our own Unicam?

Will this upcoming session be a harbinger of things to come? Will Sen Campbell have to start the cutting of services in HHS? What about Sen Cornett and cutting corporate wellfare? Or will it be Sen Adams reducing the State Aid formula?

It will be an interesting thing to watch unfold.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:04- Who really cares about you and your rants, let alone RWP. How about you focusing on solutions to the problems? To begin with what do you propose to do about the rising cost of Education, it is about a BILLION by it's self, at just the K-12 level.

Oh and don't drive even more people out by taxing them more. Nor business either. Perhaps you might advocate eliminating Green Belts and lower Ag valuations to pay for everything?

Anonymous said...

No, actually, if enough valid signatures are collected, there will be an election, which, if successful, will result in Suttle's recall.

The point being made by everyone bringing up the shady illegal behavior by people like Paul Jacob is this: There's no way that they gathered enough signatures in compliance with state law to force a recall.

Anonymous said...

Aww shad up your face!

The numbers will be there.

Ya think you can pull da wool over everybodys face and you don't know nuthing.

Suttle is a joke, him carrying on like he is a somebody.

See the bum to the corner along with that E.Ben Nelson

RWP said...

Wow, I haven't even posted on this thread and some anonymous coward goes out of his way to post a personal attack on me, completely out of the blue.


NE Voter said...

SweepeR, I know it's a few weeks early, but here is the Nebraska politics quote of the year:

Dave Phipps (in connection with verifying recall petition signatures):

"I'm seeing a higher rejection rate than we normally would see. It gets confusing for people. I know people who are intelligent people who didn't realize they lived in Sarpy County. It's easy not to make that connection."

Comedy Gold.

Wake up, people!

Anonymous said...

NE V- Are you trying to say people who live in Sarpy County are stupid?

NE Voter said...


Nope, just quoting your Douglas County Election Commissioner.

RWP said...

Enough of all this talk about Mayor Suttle and some recall petition! Let's talk about ME!

National Organization of Wusses said...

RWP- as facinating a subject you are, let's instead talk about how completely ineffective the Nebraska Democratic Party is. What an astounding subject this could be. Think about it, at one time the NDP was on equal footing with the NEGOP. Yet today they are relegated to only 15 seats in the Legislature, no Constitutional Officers, a few Mayoral slots, and one county. What happened? Why did it happen, and who is responsible for it?

It would be easy to point the fingers at the radical left who hijacked the NDP but I think on closer examination it was really nothing more than a lack of vision coupled with the rampant PC climate today.

See, people just don't have the ability to stand up against stupid and deny it. Instead they want to be "Friends". Well the fringe, in all parties/factions, take advantage of this condition and we are where we are. All wondering how it is as a nation we are so broke, and nearly powerless. If our past two generations were somehow plopped down in the middle of the 1800's we would have perished. The collective spines of today could all reside in a single long stem rose box!

We have become a Nation of pansies and weaklings. Just be nice and get along with stupid. Don't keep score, and let any marginal/fractional group ride rough shod over the majority. You only need to look at inscriptions on our money, in our constitution, and over the doors of our courts to see how far we have slid into a mushy pool of spineless dupes.

or we could talk about you.

RWP said...

In case it wasn't obvious, that last post wasn't me..

This blog needs to go to OpenID or some similar system.

I think the problem with the NDP is obvious from the comments here. It's composed of people who don't have the mental wherewithal to keep their spittle contained.

Anonymous said...

I heard Brad Assford signed a petition.

Pol Observor said...

If you just moved into a Harrison Street subdivision west of 132nd all those subdivisions have Omaha addresses but are in Sarpy County. Remember 95% of the people on L street understand boundaries and districts. The average person doesn't care if they are in the city limits, unless they are Dave Nabity.

Anonymous said...

I heard Brad Assford thinks he is smarter than every other human.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious what you think is wrong with the NDP? The NEGOP is so fixated on redoing the 2009 Mayoral election they pissed down their leg that they haven't taken the time to recruit a candidate for the 2011 Mayoral in Lincoln.

RWP said...

In case it wasn't obvious, that guy posting as me at 12:05 wasn't me either. Nor was he one of my many personalities, or maybe he was. Or, maybe he's a she. Whatever. Just don't pay any attention to those imposters. I am the real RWP, and it's all about me! And please don't bother me any more, I am trying to keep my spittle contained. I have four quarts of it collected so far.

Anonymous said...

I think its obvious the people have spoken and want the Jim "I love taxes" Suttle out of office immediately.

Government is always screwing things up, just look at all the potholes in the street, the "bailout", waste and fraud at the post office, the Big Dig in Boston, etc.

What we need in government are people willing to cut government programs without exceptions across the board. Keep government in check.

I personally think Hal Daub would be my top choice and heard he already has the inside track. He would for sure keep the city budget balanced!

See ya Suttle...

Anonymous said...

Slow day for this street:)

Did I read on FB where Tom Becka is concerned there may be payback by Unions for those who signed the Recall Petition?

Rob said...

Hal Daub would be horrible. We dont need a political insider, let alone one who has recieved the endorsement of the OFD in the past. He is the second worst person for the job. Suttle is the first. We need someone who will stand up to the unions, Hal is not that person.

Anonymous said...

Rob- I don't disagree with you on most of what you say but do want to make one small comment.

In Nebraska Politics once you are elected and over 60 you become more like Royalty than a public servant. The younger politicians like Nordquist will ride the bench until they are in their 50's.

So Daub will remain at the top of the ticket just like an old prize fighter staying past his prime. Just think of Byrd and Kennedy, NELSON!

Anonymous said...

The unions are afraid of Hal Daub.

Anonymous said...

Yah, let's bring 69 year old, Hal Daub out of retirement, just so he can give the police and fire unions even more pension benefit increases than he did the last time he was mayor and "negotiated" for us. No way! That would be the biggest insult to those of us who are taking back our country. He's just more of the same 'ol same 'ol. Bring on Nabity!

Anonymous said...

Did you really expect Senate Democrats to reward Ben Nelson for kicking the donkey in the nuts and stopping just short of killing the ass?

Does Nelson frightening people with his implied threat of treason seem a healthy political ploy?

At some point, don't you think, shouldn't Nebraskans realize what everyone else knows, that EBN is a bag of useless fat? Or should we believe Nelson will someday become the Democratic presidential nominee because they fear he might switch sides?

Grundle King said...

I wonder how the faux-RWP who commented at 9:48 and 7:07 even found their way to the Leavenworth Street blog. I mean, isn't this a blog about Nebraska politics? And to really get involved in Nebraska politics, you typically at least have to be voting age. The 3rd grader who wrote those posts won't be able to vote for at least another 9-10 years....that's gotta really piss 'em off.

RWP said...

For one self-identified by an unusually specific part of male anatomy, making allegations against the maturity of others seems a bit anachronistic. N'est-ce pas?

Get Real said...

"Bring on Nabity!" Really anonymous! Dave Nabity would be Suttle revisited. Nabity's ego knows no bounds. Putting him in the Mayor's office is like placing a bull in a china shop then throwing a lit pack of ladyfingers in the room. Furthermore you Nabitists quit trying to rewrite history. Hal Daub cut taxes and had the pension fund solvent under his term 10 years ago! It was the Fahey brothers (Mike and John) that negotiated the current mess.

Anonymous said...

Brad Assford is smarter than Hal Daub and Dave Nabity combined.

Anonymous said...

I would kindly suggest that the Nabity supporters may want to realize that bashing Hal Daub may not serve your best interests. I quite frankly think Dave Nabity would be a horrible mayor and lacks the temperament to hold the job. If Hal doesn't run I think Dan Welch would make a great mayor.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest Mr. Nabity look back at the mayoral results after the last recall. I think Jim Cleary had less than 6% of the vote. (No offense Jim) I put Daub, Welch, and Stothert way ahead of Nabity getting support. Hell even the Assford would get more votes.

Rob said...

Daub received $5000 from the Omaha Police Officer's Association in his last run for mayor. See his 6/26/01 filing. So the this union is so afraid of him they opened up their checkbook? I know its 9 years ago, but so many people feel that the problems we have today started with Daub. I don't want a politician who has changed positions with the times, I want someone who truely believes that these benefits are outrageous. I dont know if I'll support Nabity, but I wouldn't mind someone breaking things up at City Hall.

Anonymous said...

No Rob, many people don't blame Hal for the pension issue. Only Suttle apologists and aspiring recent Omaha resident mayoral hopefuls believe this.

Rob said...

Correction, should not have said last run for mayor, should have said in one of his previous runs for mayor.

Rob said...

I am neither, but it still doesn't change the fact Daub is probably not electable. If the man has such a high unfavorable that Suttle beats him, well then its probably time to look elsewhere. Welch would be more electable with his previous stance on union contracts.

Clarence Royce said...

I don't wanna know.

Medlock for Mayor said...

There's only one man with the guns to stand up to the unions:

J.B. Medlock for Mayor!

DCRP member said...

Welch or Daub would have my vote.

Nick Naylor said...

I now feel dumber for having read all of these comments. Why can't you pro suttle people mount a defense for him based upon his record. Thats really the only question at hand here.

Anonymous said...

It's really quite simple:

Because the question right now is whether or not they actually got the signatures. And because there's plenty of reason to believe they broke the law in getting there.

Because a recall isn't about whether or not someone has done a "good job," it's whether or not they deserve to be thrown out of office.

Nick Naylor said...

anon 12:17

Then defend why he deserves to stay in office?

Ill help you, try to avoid words like signatures, out of state, etc...

use words like taxes, union contacts etc... This is about JIM SUTTLE. thats it, no more, no less.

Free Speech said...

Jim's record???

You Mean

1) raised taxes
2) paid off his union buddies
3) Kept the Fire Chief employed
4) Payed huge salary increases to his Buddies
5) Hired Gary and Ace
6) the RED SUV

Anonymous said...

A little more Daub will do us (in)

Anonymous said...

That's right Fire Union poster, Hal Daub will do you in!!!

Anonymous said...

you mean;

- got the best union contracts in recent times

- got all city departments (except police) under budget

- returned Omaha to Triple A bond rating

- kept civility at city hall despite everyone wanting to be mayor

- ended spiking

- keep all libraries/pools/ city services open

- UFL Championship game in Omaha

- the city is moving FORWARD!

Anonymous said...

Grundle King,

Seriously - - - "Grundle" King?

Anonymous said...

Nick, you've missed the point yet again:

Let me help you.

The recall committee did not legitimately obtain 26,600+ signatures. They broke many state laws, any one of which would disqualify the signatures they gathered.

Their activities are completely relevant because, far from the mandate the recall committee is claiming, their signatures are the product of intimidation, misinformation, and a total lack of respect for the law.

So I could tell you that Jim Suttle gave a solution to a problem bigger than any mayor has seen in decades, and he was vilified for it while those who were doing the vilifying came up with no viable alternatives, but that would be a waste of time, since I've already done that many times before.

The real issue now is the recall committee, which is attempting to cheat their way to an election.

Anonymous said...

Its not hard to be under budget when your budget is way up from previous years. Frankly they should be under budget.

Civility? Most employees think he is egomaniac.

AAA Bond rating - can do, just raise taxes to get there. This mayor stuff is easy.

Ended spiking? There is no Fire contract so there is still spiking. The police contract does not end spiking for all employees, it does for new hires (the same folks who cant vote against it because they havent been hired yet).

I say close a few pools and libraries. Like the pools in certain parts of the city that averages 15 swimmers a day. Guess where that is?

UFL championship? That game wasnt even on basic cable. I think he brought in a quilt festival and a chili cookoff also. And a busload of 5th graders drove in from Norfolk to go to Joslyn. Way to bring em in Mayor!

LOL said...


- got the best union contracts in recent times

(best union contracts, are you high? most of this stuff applies only to new hires, the cronies will still get paid

- got all city departments (except police) under budget (with a tax increase)

- returned Omaha to Triple A bond rating (he lost it and raised taxes)

- kept civility at city hall despite everyone wanting to be mayor (Suttle tell KMTV that one)

- ended spiking (we will be paying on those pensions for years and where is the new fire union contract?)

- keep all libraries/pools/ city services open (tax increases and cuts in hours

- UFL Championship game in Omaha
(Anita you are desperate, aren't you)

- the city is moving FORWARD!

Anonymous said...

The only way the police contract doesn't end spiking is if you're deliberately changing the definition of spiking.

Spiking is the manipulation of OT and comp time to inflate pension benefits. That ended with the contract. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you.

Not a peep, by the way, from any of you on the Douglas County Sheriff's abuse of comp time. Wonder why that is?

Grundle King said...

Anon RWP @ 10:00,

It's a suttle, oops, subtle reference to where I stand in the political spectrum...I'm caught between two bits of anatomy, both of which are also apt descriptors of personalities/attitudes.

bucknomaha, yes, grundle. And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then consider me beyond flattered at your 'bucknomaha' blog. Same color scheme, complete with the Joseph Ducreaux avatar. Well done.

Anonymous said...

The claims of the signatures and methods and people used to collect them being anything but leagal is just that, a claim.

Ya gotta do better than that. So Omaha moves forward within the scope of the law. Not pulling any of the Alaska BS where the rules/laws are changed as you go along. Otherwise Omaha is in the same situtation as the Big 12 Officiating crew that worked the aTm game!

Anonymous said...

Leagal begal?

Harry P. Renyum said...

You know, people, there is a Nebraska outside of Omaha.

Really? said...

What is up with that Arrow in the Forward Omaha logo? Seems like Gary and Ace were on the case in drawing that.

Driving Force said...

I went to the Forward Omaha site. I agree the logo is a little weird. I couldn't help noting that there is a list of prominent Omahans against the recall. Who is this NOELLE OBERMEYER? Never heard of her.

Anonymous said...

Anon Suttle operative at 12:46, exactly what laws did the petition circulaters supposedly break in gathering signatures? Elaborate or STFU. Anyone can come on here and make conclusory allegations. I can say YOU broke all kinds of laws (see how easy it is?) but that doesn't make it true and it doesn't carry much weight, either.

If you're going to level an accusation like that, then you either delve into specifics or shut up.

Anonymous said...

I think they wrote a song about her everyone sings this time of year....The First Noelle? Or, somthing like that.

Anonymous said...

Could she be the same Noelle M. Obermeyer, -Constituent Services Representative that worked for Sen. Chuck Hagel in '08 & Sen. Mike Johanns in '09?

But ... but ... how could that be?!!! A Republican?!!!

Anchor Baby said...

SS - I couldn't help but notice an advertisement on this blog featuring Sen. Claire McCaskell (D-MO) seeking support for the DREAM Act? Is this a Leavenworth St endorsement for a Democratic/progressive bill, or did you just sell your soul for a nominal fee?

Recall Recall said...

Noelle Obermeyer is in bed with Gary and Ace. Gary is the brains behind the Forward Omaha group and they needed a mouth piece since either one of the Dynamic Duo cannot speak publicly for Suttle anymore.

Anonymous said...

I can't eat my dinner now Anonymous above. Thanks for the imagery of Gary and Ace!

Street Sweeper said...

Anchor Baby,
Those are Adsense ads. They pick em automatically, not me.

Anonymous said...

I know it should not surprise me any more but it does. What am I talking about you ask? The answer is simple. The Republican party will do anything it takes to get or to hold on to power. That includes. Lying, stealing elections, verbal assault, making up their own facts. Threats of violence if they don't get their way. Putting complete idiots into office. Check the Nebraska GOP for a very good example. When any sane person reads the rants and raves of the normal every day republican it can be down right scary. You guys are clueless. No wonder the facts speak that the majority of High School drop outs are Republicans and and the majority of College graduates are democrats. So do us a favor Republicans. Leave government to the people with maturity and brains. Go back to the bar and have another beer and playing of video games.

Macdaddy said...

Anon 9:23: It's too late to go back to the bar because I fell asleep reading your rant. Try harder next time.

Macdaddy said...

I'm awake now. I give Anon 9:23 a 92% for packing 12 Left-wing cliches into 13 sentences. That's an A in Boring 101. Oh, wait, you must have a college degree. Then that's an A in Boring 501. You should feel special.

Anonymous said...

Macdaddy what did you study in College? Oh I forgot you went to Glen Beck University and studied Sara Palin BS 101. Face it Republicans you guys have cornered the market on ideas that don't work backed up by the dumb ass vote.

Macdaddy said...

The dumb ass vote just kicked your ass to the curb this election and will do even more kicking in 2012. You might want to get you some of that dumb ass vote.

Anonymous said...

AnonCow @9:23, AKA Bud.

According to CNN exit polling, in 2010 house races, of the 52% of voters who graduated from college, 53% voted Republican. Of the 3% of voters with no high school education, 57% voted Democrat.

So break out of your fantasy land.

Not that a college degree means much these days-- often, it doesn't even mean the graduate can write a correctly-formed English sentence.

Anonymous said...

... or conquering the complexities of correctly formulating sentences and paragraphs. (see above)