Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do you recall?

You know that Leavenworth Street does a year-end round up of political quotes. One of our favorite (if not extremely labor intensive) posts.

Well, Noelle Obermeyer of the anti-Recallers gave us a hit for November:
“We've had people call back and say, 'I signed the petition, but I didn't know it was to recall the mayor.'”

Noelle, here is what we would like you to do.

Make a list of all the individuals who give such asinine remarks, because we are heading to their homes and ripping their voter registration cards away from them. If some court finds that to be unconstitutional, then we will plant some illegally downloaded Justin Bieber mp3s on them, charge them with a felony and yank their voting privileges that way.

These people shouldn’t be allowed to own bank cards, let alone be directing who should be running our Republic.

Oh, and by the way Noelle, THAT’s your best situation for why the Anti’s need more time?

Heck if I’m judge Bataillon I would throw you out of court and let you know that, tough luck, that one goes down as a “Signed the Petition”.


And we all saw the OWH’s analysis of the signatures. Of course the OWH has their own bias going into this, and clearly are just trying to influence the court here. Let’s not pretend that they, or anyone else involved in this entire matter, is above reproach.

And then the OWH also published their, “Looky who signed!” article. They focus on Dave Nabity and some restaurateurs.

Then at the end they note KFAB jocks (spinning the hits of the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s!) Tom Becka, Gary Sadlemyer and Jim Rose.

So, while we haven’t had the time (or inclination) to scan the 39,000 names for everyone we can think of, we noticed they didn’t list any World Herald employees that may have signed.

You know, for a little balance.

Or maybe they just didn’t realize that their signature was to recall the Mayor...


And speaking of media guys against Mayor, how about Aida Amoura freezing out KMTV for some bad story, but not the KFAB guys for trying to kick out the Mayor?

Or maybe they’ve already been frozen, and it just doesn’t matter.

Or maybe she doesn’t want to take on the 50,000 watt blowtorch that is KFAB.

In any case, we are already enjoying the Amoura Press Shop’s efforts at outreach.

Exhibit A: The Mayor’s hostage “Thanksgiving” tape.

Did you see that?

ICYMI, please do take a look:

(Btw, way to keep it in the family Aida!)

That’s some serious teleprompter reading. Next to him, you can see Mrs. Suttle blinking out the morse-code for “Rescue Me Now!”.

And the Mayor’s message? “Gee whiz, I’m just working SO hard that I have had a hard time getting my message out to you about how awesome I am!”

Reallllly Aida? My that’s some subtle script you put together there (no pun intended).

It’s right up there with the interview response to the “what are your faults” question. “Oh, sometimes I just work too hard and too late.”

How about some Homer Simpson honesty?  “Well, it takes me a long time to learn anything, I'm kind of a goof-off, little stuff starts disappearing from the workplace...”

Or, “I lie to the voters in my campaigns, I raise taxes instead of finding other alternatives, I make questionable hires..”

Looking forward to some court news tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I hope Vince Powers reports to the court that Forward Omaha stole petitions, defaced petitions and spread false information about the Recall effort.

All of this is a distraction. This is not the Recall versus the Mayor. This is about the right of the Omaha citizens that signed the petition. As long as there are 27,000 of them that validly signed, there will be a recall election. To say that the whole effort should be thrown out because of some clown who didn't follow the training and instruction of the Recall committee is silly.

GeosUser said...

What I find amusing is Forward Omaha knowing there are invalid signatures from non-US citizens. Me thinks they know that because they sent them to sign it. As long as the petition circulators read the required printed on the signature form statements from both sides to each signer, anything else they may have said is immaterial. Just like anything Forward Omaha's paid persuaders said was also immaterial. The supposed audio/video evidence is quite likely manufactured by Forward Omaha/its supporters, so again why would any judge (except a long time Dem hack) not immediately dismiss Suttle's lawsuit? The absolute desperation shown by Suttle and his supporters
is beyond belief. Of course, the Weird Herald is slanting their reporting on the recall. If you notice in their front page story a couple of days ago, they looked at a "sample" of petition forms...not a "statistically valid random sample", so I'm guessing the OWH reporter looked at some forms provided to them by Forward Omaha folks.

Anonymous said...

Keep up your lies, Recallers, and keep up your arrogance.

When you break the law, you lose... and you're fixing to lose big time.

Paul Jacob said...

Hey Omaha! I came into your city, broke your laws and skipped town so I wouldn't have to deal with the aftermath.

Hopefully my next mugshot is more flattering.

GOOOOO Recall!

'sker said...

The dog in the vid was either dead or sedated, and there is Deb Suttle continuing to inflict a belly rub. If reincarnation is true, and karma really is a bitch, then Bernie Madoff will come back as the Suttle's dog.

Street Sweeper said...

Mrs. Suttle is petting Glorf.
Look it up.

Anonymous said...

10:37; 10:41

What laws were broken?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:24 and Geo:

Care to qualify those accusations with evidence, or are you talking out of your asses (in the case of Geouser, again)?

Paul Jacob said...

@Anonymous 10:49

Oh, you didn't hear? I brought in illegal out of staters to gather signatures... then I paid others by the signature!

Shhh... don't tell anyone though!

Anonymous said...

The Leavenworth Street Blog is complaining about a lack of balance?! Wow.

Street Sweeper said...

Well, until they change their name to the OWH blog...yes.

Anonymous said...

On UNO's campus, several students walked up to the petitioners and took a clipboard and walked away with the petition.

The Recall encountered numerous instances where someone wrote on the petition "Forward Omaha - did not read."

Nebraska law only requires that "circulators" must be residents of Nebraska. It is absolutely lawful for out-of-staters to approach Omaha residents and direct them to a Nebraska resident circulator who then reads the petition and witnesses the signature.

No laws have been broken. Great lengths were taken to ensure that signatures were valid. It does the Recall no good to pass off invalid signatures because the election commissioner goes line by line. The Recall went to great lengths to do everything by the book.

(Anon 10:24)

Anonymous said...

Vince Powers needs to be more concerned with the apparent move in the Legislature to bring back the Winner take ALL for electoral votes!

If past efforts are any indication of what will happen, then you will see any such legislation passed again. I think it was passed two times by the Legislature but Ben Nelson vetoed the bills. I bet you Heinenman signs the bill!

Vinny what cha going to do bout dat, ask for an injunction for 2 years for Obama?

Anonymous said...

If the argument in Alaska holds any water then it can be used here too. The intent of the signers is whats important and not following the "Letter" of the law. So by just having signatures there is an intent to recall Suttle.

HuskerFan82 said...

To Anon 11:23

Really? Because when I take steps to follow the law, I generally don't put a felon in charge of the operation.

Anonymous said...

As long as the petition circulators read the required printed on the signature form statements from both sides to each signer, anything else they may have said is immaterial.

But we know that's not true. They did it when TV news crews were around, or when they knew they were being watched, but when they thought they could get a quick signature, they cut a lot of corners. *Especially* the paid people.

Anonymous said...

The current requirements for petitioners were included in LB 39, which was the parting shot of the legislators that were term-limited, who wanted to put every roadblock imaginable in the way of the petition process. It was only passed after a veto override.

Many of the requirements, including the requirement that the defense statement must be read aloud and the out-of-state circulator ban are clearly unconstitutional.

Do you really think it is constitutional that a resident of Council Bluffs, who is subject to the wheel tax, cannot exercise their constitutional right and circulate a petition to get rid of the mayor that is taxing them? Give me a break!

Do you really think it is constitutional to require petitioners to read a propaganda statement by the opposition? Ridiculous!

These requirements are silly and have nothing to do with the petition process except to allow groups like Forward Omaha to have things to litigate. No court will uphold their constitutionality.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if a few legal novices think these petition laws are unconstitutional. If they are, feel free to file suit and have them overturned. I hear it is a really quick process.

In the meantime, those laws are on the books, and will continue to be long after this process is over.

Anonymous said...

So now the recallers stoop to the tried and true reactionary response, essentially arguing,"So what about the law, the law is unconstitutional! We shouldn't have to comply with or follow the law! Those dang Legislators authorized by our State Constitution to enact laws! Those dang Republicans who controlled around 33 of the 49 seats. Damn those RINOS!

As an aside, I wonder what Sharia law would say on the matter? Oh, that's right that reminds me, we need a petition or drive or law to ban Nebraska Courts from relying on Sharia law. Oh, that's right, no one can say that any court has cited Sharia law. Oh, but that's right, it's another right wing wedge issue to put on the ballot to get their base to the voting booths. Oh, damn those federal judges who stop enforcement of those things......
I wonder if Fremont would be willing to pass an ordinance banning the use of Sharia law within their city limits....
I can't help it, you reactionaries make me LMAO. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like there's a lot of right wing Recallers on here practicing law without a license.

Don't worry, I already notified the State Bar.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the Judge is Pete Bataillon and not Joe.

Anonymous said...

Suttle's Thanksgiving ad is high in creep factor. People who think that ad is normal probably aren’t.

Anonymous said...

sure am glad an anon poster has taken the initiative to notify the state bar of practicing with out a lic:)

Also I think there is case law which states the statement doesn't have to be read word for word completely.

Suttle, Powers, and the Anti-recall gang are looking more and more like Obama. I don't believe sharing the Obama Brand is a good thing anymore, just as Tom White.

Winner Take All!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Commenting on the Mayor's wife blinking her eyes or how she pets the dog?

Very tacky L-Street blog.

No class.

Anonymous said...

My Gawd that video was hideous. Messaging is clearly not Aida Amora's forte.

Anonymous said...

HuskerFan82 said...
To Anon 11:23

Really? Because when I take steps to follow the law, I generally don't put a felon in charge of the operation.

So, Dennis, is there some law now that says convicted felons cannot participate in the petition process?

And, are prior bad acts admissible to prove action in conformity therewith?

Oh, to show intent? Lack of mistake? Sure. But how is a 25 yr-old felony for not registering with selective service even remotely relevant to a petition-gathering process?

Yours truly,

Han Solo said...

So its Jim Suttle, Jabba, and Salacious Crumb wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving. Same to you and your family Mr. Mayor. Send me a card next year as you will be a private citizen again.

Anonymous said...

Deb and the dog has a little Dr. Evil and the kitty thing to it . . .

Anonymous said...

You know, Obama did coke and he still ended up as president. Clinton perjured himself and got to keep his job. Enough with the being upset about felons with petitions, lefties.

Dead Martian dog - I got it, SS!

Anonymous said...

If the dog is dead, Deb can take it to the wig shop. Remember the Suttle's are a Green family.

Grundle King said...

I can't help but wonder how many of the anti-recallers here supporting unconstitutional petition laws were singing a different tune after the citizens of Fremont and Arizona passed their own laws that many lefties deemed unconstitutional.

Because after all, it doesn't matter if it's constitutional or not...the law is the law!!! And until it's proven unconstitutional, it MUST be enforced.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, Paul Jacob's only conviction was because he failed to register for Selective Service. He was tossed in the slammer for 5 1/2 months, a highly unusual sentence for the 'crime', because he was featured in an article in Rolling Stone critical of the draft. Sentencing someone to a term in the slammer for criticizing the government marks him as a political prisoner in my book, not as a felon.

I didn't register for Selective Service either. I got away with it because I reached the age of majority in the narrow window between the abolition of draft registration by a Republican president and its reinstitution by a Democrat. So I wasn't required to register. It's hard for me to think badly of Jacob for failing to do what I myself was not required to do, particularly since his position was a principled one.

In any case, are Dems really going to take the position that evading the draft disqualifies one for office? :-)

Pot and Kettle said...

Does having a person under the suspicion of having an improper relationship with a 16 year old boy running your campaign deligitimize that effort as well? Just sayin

The Company You Keep said...

Hey Noelle: When is the last time you talked to Gary and Ace for marching orders?

Noelle said...

I get my "marching orders" from the guy that signs my paycheck - Senator J.

Senator J said...

Gary signs your paychecks now sweetie. You better plan on clerking for Vince Powers next summer, we have no open positions here.

RWP said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nathan said...

Justin Bieber? Have you ever heard of cruel and unusual punishment? If you're going to do that to someone at least make it an American singer, it can even be someone equally as annoying and talentless, like Kesha or Miley Cyrus...

William said...

I find the OWH's stance on this a change for them. They are usually more in support of the Republican ways.

Street Sweeper said...

To "RWP",
I'm not into people impersonating others. Feel free to disagree if you want, but do it as yourself or anonymously.
Otherwise your comments, like the one above, will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper---your comments on the video were well put and funny despite the sorry fact someone
(Aida) actually was paid to advise the mayor to do this stupifying video. Why he continues to keep these people and pay them to make him look bad is baffling.

lol to han solo said...

Jabba and Salacious Crumb...ROFL.

Anonymous said...

@ pot and Kettle

you know there is a radio host in this community that has family with those 16yr old love ideals...

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot. I thought Right Wing Professor had had enough grandstanding and turning this blog into being all about him and had decided to quit loitering here like he had all the other social institutions he's been shunned from since childhood.

Gerard, take a hint, nobody here cares what you think.

Anonymous Coward @ 9:37 said...

I wish I had the courage to drag my employers name through the mud and disgrace a distinguished University like UNL and embarass an honorable profession like 'Chemistry Professor' by getting in petty, immature, childish feuds like Right Wing Professor Gerard Harbison does.

Earl said...

I like to read what RWP has to post. Not that my desire to do so amounts to much but just saying. I also like watching the libs/detractors go on and on about him. It's probably Vince Powers or Ian so it is all that much more enjoyable.

Either way, RWP's comments are almost always a good read.

Nope not RWP by a long shot...... but definantley someone who follows and inputs here and there.

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal. RWP is now posting under 'Gerard Harbison', the name my mother gave me. I have an Open ID identity that you can verify by clicking on the name. Any other post here that purports to be me is false.

As 'for 'disgracing the University'. First, there is little I could do to do disgrace UNL, given the various motley characters who have served on the faculty here. We're not exactly an upstanding bunch. I mean, I don't cruise around Lincoln in a car with my pants off, like one of our recent music faculty was arrested for doing. I haven't tried inviting terrorists to the campus. I haven't cussed anyone out on national TV.

We just took over State Fair Park, demolished it, and without an earmark that may not be coming, we have nothing to put in its place. Is that a disgrace? We spent $25,000 in NU foundation money trying to defeat an amendment that would have prevented us from discriminating based on race or sex. How about that? Even though the voters of Nebraska passed the amendment, we're ignoring it, hoping we won't be sued. How about that? We were investigated by the Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice because we were handing out faculty jobs to people, without a search, because they had the right race or ethnicity. We tried to sneak a bill through the legislature, courtesy of Danielle Conrad, to make any internal documents we have immune from audit or FOIA. Unfortunately some interfering busybodies caught that one.

I'm not sure how I could disgrace the University, more than it's disgraced itself, but it would take a lot more effort than I can muster, and I'm not that into it. Mostly I just spend long hours teaching physical chemistry to people who, well, may be less interested in it than I am.

So if you want this not to be about me, stop making it about me.

Anonymous said...

Anybody here think Obama is secretly glad the Sec of State is in such deep dodo? Fixes her wagon in a run against him.

Perspective from a Lincolnite said...

I'm hoping they do recall the mayor in Omaha. It reminds me of the time a few years back when I wish we would have recalled that POS Don Weasely when he was mayor of Lincoln.

The recall process isn't limited to circumstances where the current occupant has committed some crime while in office; it's also available when the voting public develops buyers remorse after they find out what they got wasn't what they thought they were getting. Such was the case with Mayor Weasely.

Like Suttle, Weasely jumped in bed with the fire fighters' union. They helped get Weasely elected, and, in exchange, Weasely helped get rid of the private ambulance service in town so that the fire fighters could take it over (which would necessitate more fire fighters who would then be paying union dues.)

But, well, when you get rid of the private ambulance service, sonofagun if you don't have to go out and buy some ambulances of your own. (At a cost of millions to tax payers.) And, if you're mayor and wielding the power, why not set up the bid process for building these ambulances so that it favors your friend who just so happens to sell ambulances? And whadya know, that's exactly what Mayor Weasely did.

I could go on and on. Selling an office building owned by the city so that we can turn around and rent office space in a building owned by one of the mayor's buds. Stuff like that. And it chafes my rump to this day seeing any kind of medical call in Lincoln and seeing that we have to have both a fire truck AND an ambulance answer every call. Wonder if there's some union contract that requires such excessive response.

Throw the bum out. Do in Omaha what we should have done in Lincoln. Guys like Suttle and Weasely don't look at it as public service, what they do. You taxpayers in Omaha exist for HIS benefit. You're just an endless source of funds to finance the political favors that will keep him in power. I'm pulling for you.

Anonymous said...

RWP- I think I know where you go fishing:)

Anonymous said...

The YouTube message is almost priceless. Suttle "wants to make sure city services are delivered in the most cost-effective way." Does that include not salting many streets yesterday? By the way, the dog looks more like a stuffed toy.

The recall committee should file its own lawsuit. There are many people who signed the petition that were accosted by the Noelle clan, may of whom attempted to stand in the way of people wanting to sign.

NE Voter said...

Regarding the recall committee's lawbreaking, Robert Nelson nails it in his column today.

Money quote: "I called Jeremy Aspen, co-chairman of the Suttle recall effort, but he didn't return my calls by my deadline."

LOL. Jeremy Aspen has spent the last three months on KFAB and with OW-H reporters, but now, when the lawbreaking and sleazy tactics are finally being exposed, this "spokesman" suddenly won't speak.

Jeremy, I hope you registered with Selective Service.


Anonymous said...

Who would you return a call immediately to a REPORTER or a COLUMNIST? If you read the OWH, watched TV, or listened to KFAB Mr. Aspen has debunked all of the false accusations that Gary...err..Noelle has made.

Is recruiting young males for the "cause" sleazy tactics?

Anonymous said...

Suttle always looks constipated. He has the same effect on Omaha. He is like a lump lodged in Omaha's craw.

For his loyal Crampettes, be advised that no one forced Suttle to make or break his promises. He turned himself into a civic bowel obstruction he is today.

This recall is the prune juice Omaha needs. Its going to be messy and uncomfortable but Omaha will feel better when its over.

As for the next Mayor? Keep that bottle of prune juice handy as a reminder to any other lying turds that seek power.

Anonymous said...

Recall Turd Jerram

Anyone ask him about the Zesto deal?

Anonymous said...

I hope Jeremy not only registered for selective service but that he also has his garbage bill paid on time, doesn't have any library fines or parking tickets, because if he does, you can be sure the Suttle folks, following the typical Democrat playbook, will dig it up and publicize it and try to make that the issue rather than whether Suttle has been a tool as Mayor.

Anonymous said...

considering the omaha world herald reporters and columnists and journaists are mostly democrats and the owh reporters believe in secrecy for themselves, not surprised they arent mentioning if any of them did or didnt sign it. Koterba is btw the token conservative at the omaha world herald.