Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Terry - White Debate: Zzzzzzzzz

Before we plow into the debate between Lee Terry and Tom White, let’s look at the issue that voters have actually seen:

The Tom White commercial (thanks to Dayton Headlee):

And, to follow up, the Lee Terry camp’s response:

It would have been nice if we didn’t have to do this Zapruder film version. Unfortunately, Tom White has not put his ad up on his YouTube page -- like he has with every other ad.  (Wonder why that is...)


So like we said, those ads are what many people are actually going to base their votes on.

So why not watch the debate?

Well, that’s a nice theory. It’s an hour long. There is no audience.
And it’s like watching water sublimate.

Let’s face it, the average voter just ain’t going to watch it.

What should be done?

The videos should be broken down to issues, so people can watch individual points.

Next, the OWH needs to have a political columnist who will give a review of the debate.
Because right now only KFAB's Tom Becka is giving political commentary in Omaha, and his is practically the final word.

Well, except for the blogs (blog) of course.

So what was our view?

Well, here’s the deal: Tom White needed to hit a grand slam home run to shake things up. He did not do it.

We are not going to try to crow that Terry dominated, because he didn’t.  And though the usual suspects will try to tell you that White killed, they will be wrong.

Terry and White both hit a few singles. And then, generally, the question concluded and the inning ended. Each took the side of an issue, made a decent argument about it, and then...that was it. (For sixty, life-draining, minutes mind you...)

Tom White’s theme was, “Lee Terry has been in Congress for 12 years, so he is the reason that everything sucks.”

Lee Terry’s theme was, “I’m not going to go along with the Obama-Pelosi plan.”

And White made the one defining point at about the 53 minute mark (yes, we watched that far). He says that President Obama inherited all his troubles from President Bush and the Republican Congress.

So, Tom White wants to further the Presidency of Barack Obama and the the policies of the Democrat controlled Congress.

And if that’s what you want, Voter Dude, then Tom White is your man.

If not, then Lee Terry is your guy.

And there you have it.

(And we just saved you from watching this for 3,600 seconds.)


TexasAnnie said...

So Nebraska remains Republican! No news there. But y'all could have used this election cycle to FORCE Lee Terry into action. Why are Nebraskans always content in voting for the lesser of two evils?

GeosUser said...

Texas Annie,
Don't be overly concerned about forcing Lee Terry to do anything. This is likely to be Lee's last term not because of Tom White but due to the weakness he showed in the Rep primary. When an empty shirt whose main claim was "I'm a conservative" and with no money/campaign gets about a third of the primary vote, you can bet Lee will have at least one much more serious challenger in 2012 primary who will have the money to knock
him out of the race.

Anonymous said...

TA- I don't agree with much of what you write here BUT, I do agree with you on this being Terry's last term!
I think re-districting will bring a lot of "new" voters to the 2nd CD (north of DC). These new voters won't have a Terry bias and so will be ripe for the picking.

Not to mention the effort to defeat both Obama and Kick-back Ben will drive voters out.

Anonymous said...

If voting for White is voting for Obama . Then I am voting for White. Thanks for the help LS.

Street Sweeper said...

We're here to help.
Needed assistance with that one, didja?

Rhet said...

maybe Lee and Tom should have played Clue instead of debating. Lee looked like he was playing a pretty intense game of Clue with his fam in his previous ad.

Board games would be far more entertaining than this debate, imho

BkDodge42 said...

I liked the part where Tom White was speaking of a bill that Lee Terry had voted for keeping open a "tax loophole". "I voted to close it, I would have voted to close it if I was actually in Congress, I haven't been there yet." So it seems that he's been in Congress already at least in his mind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting White's ad.

The fact that White's campaign never posted it speaks volumes.

Macdaddy said...

Wasn't Tom White supposed to get on the TV and say "I'm Tom White and I approve this ad."? Did Dayton cut off the end or did we just see an FEC violation?

Street Sweeper said...

At the beginning.

Anonymous said...

So what's the story behind Tom White's planes I keep hearing rumors about. What is Planegate?

Macdaddy said...

Oh. That part wasn't the end of an ad for Buffalo Wild Wings?

Jerry Maguire said...

Vile Kyle has Meister's "Show me the money!" vid, Sweeper. It's on the U-Tube. How about a little "fair and balanced" coverage?

Ricky said...

Yea. You got the "Comely lobbyist" ad! Thank you Dayton, you're the man.
Terry was ready for it and had Mike Johanns appear for him.
So I want someone to tell me why Mr Johanns is such a revered figure in the Republican Party.
I am serious. Johanns seems like a lump of coal and stands in politics for everything I am against.
Plus, he has quit his last how many jobs and probably will quit his Senate job, or I wish he would.

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

I agree Sweeper with the part about it being far too long and neither defined clearly why they are the best pick to be my leader. Details.

The OWH had a horrid format (sorry Joe Morton, but slug down some Red Bull to keep a pulse)that begged boredom even if it was dancing bears in the nude.

As for political commentary? There are others besides Becka. They just don't have a show to platform their voice. Thanks for your blog for that opportunity. There need to be others.

Anonymous said...

Ricky your an idiot. Mike Johanns was promoted by the voters or by the President of the United States for his offices. In your Bizzaro world Tom white and Ben Nelson are quitters too! Here is a question for you Ricky, If I'm for the recall of Jim Suttle am I a racist???

Grundle King said...

So I want someone to tell me why Mr. Obama is such a revered figure in the Democratic Party. I am serious. Obama seems like a lump of coal (uh-oh, hope nobody thinks that's racist) and stands in politics for everything I am against.
Plus, he has quit his last how many jobs and probably will quit his POTUS job, or I wish he would.

Ricky said...

Anon; I AM an idiot? You can't even use correct punctuation. YOUR does not mean YOU ARE, you dumb ass.
You are an idiot is what I think you meant to say, although you are wrong about that as well.
I don't agree with Ben Gray about the reasons for the recall of Mayor Suttle. I think he is speaking from his position as Omaha Housing Authority. I have heard conjecture that some want Suttle out because he is "cleaning house" at the OHA.
Besides, after the Do-over in Dundee, Gray has no more credibility with me.
I still think Mike Johanns is worthless, so that commercial scolding Mr White means nothing to me, but then nothing will convince me that Lee Terry deserves another term.

Ricky From Omaha

PS. I will bet a draft beer from the Crescent Moon that the recall effort will fail to get the required signatures.

Anonymous said...

Johanns has sky high approval numbers.

He is a great messenger on this--people will believe him and will view White's stuff as gutter trash.

Anonymous said...

I think at this point in 2008, the DCCC had already spent about $500,000 for Esch.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Bobby the Democrat in Omaha is the english teacher!

Wasn't someone bitching the other day that it was a Republican with nothing better to do?

Bitterly clinging to my guns and God said...

Speaking of campaign ads, the Obama regime is attacking the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for not revealing that which the law doesn't require them to reveal, to wit: their donors this quarter. Presidential Press Idiot Robert Gibbs and attack dog David Axelrod have both gone on record saying the Chamber should identify where their financial backing is coming from.

You hear that, Jane Kleeb? Tell us where the money's coming from or you're just as bad as the Chamber of Commerce. Jane, I'll be waiting for full disclosure in your next (anonymous) post.

Oh, and I think the Chamber should respond to the President by saying, "We'll reveal our funding if you produce your birth certificate."

P.S. Not a birther, but as RWP has insightfully noted, there's something on that long-form cert he doesn't want people seeing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bitterly. You right wing tool. The President did show his birth certificate. It is on the internet for the whole world to see. My god you conservatives are so foolish. You vote for a dummy Bush and against a smart person Clinton and Obama. No wonder the countrywent to hell during the years 2001-2009.

Anonymous said...

I heard the other day Terry had a decent lead in the poll..... maybe that is why the national Dem party is taking a low profile approach?

Oh BTW, White still loses:)

Dem's have no message of their own, just attack the other guys......... well it won't work this time.

Oh and isn't it a riot how the POTUS an VPOTUS are now out there talking about how the news cycle is to tough for the people to follow and or understand! THAT's a GREAT message to send to the people. See you the people are too dumb to understand the fast pace of DC, so just trust us elites to do the thinking for us. Just keep working and send us Da Money!

Say Buh Bye Pelosi, Ried, Boxer, et al from your comfy Chair Offices.......... and some of you from Congress:)

GeosUser said...

Ricky from Omaha,
I'll take that bet on the recall Mayor Moron petition. They will get in excess of 30,000 valid signatures with most of them collected on Nov. 2nd voting day. I'm still leaning toward not signing due to concern about Daub lurking in the tall grass and my disapproval of Hal's likely success in ramming through an unneeded and very costly downtown
streetcar system that will bankrupt the city.
I'd be willing to bet that Hal already has donor pledges for the Mayoral replacement election and probably already has his campaign staff ready to start work one minute after Suttle loses the recall vote.
The recall petition will succeed despite the committee's amazingly ineffective spokesman and a website that lacks any clear and concise explanation of why Suttle should be removed and what they expect to happen after he's gone.

Shoe Salesman said...

Anyone seen Julie Schmidt Albin?