Friday, October 29, 2010

Terry TV: One last point

Lee Terry has his final ad of the 2010 campaign up.
See it here:

A good closing piece for Terry. This campaign has been about jobs and the future of the country and the Obama/Pelosi plan's impact on them. It is good that Terry is at a business talking about the importance of this election on the prosperity of America.

(And he also has a great tan.)


A couple of things about the the anti-recall press conference the other day:

What was their point, again?

Oh yeah, it was "A recall would be TERRIBLE for the city." How terrible? "REALLY terrible." (We're paraphrasing.)

Comedian Brad Ashford claims that Omaha would be a laughingstock if it recalls its Mayor.


In this political climate, that is not likely to be the message at all. We would suggest that it would be bellwether.

The story that would go out nationally would be, Suttle campaigned on a pledge to not raise taxes. When he got into office, among other things, he immediately raised taxes. This pissed off the people and the people sent him packing.

That's not a laughing matter. That's a message.


The only decent point made at the presser was from P.J. Morgan who gave an actual example of how changing the guard would have complicated matters when he was negotiating with Campbells back in 1993.

And that may have been true back then, but is there anything to show that Suttle is making similarly shrewd decisions now? Maybe there are, and maybe there aren't. But that hasn't been the focus of the ANTI groups.

Their message has been, "Costs too much!"

Of course, that has been the message of the PRO recallers as well...


And Dick Holland says he "very suspicious of the recallers".


This from the sugar-daddy of the Democrats? The guy who is funding a group to steal web addresses, slur candidates and make secret videos?

Well that's rich.


And the gang at the Objective Conservative posts an interesting question about the tax implications of Forward Omaha's hiring of hundreds of employees at $150 a pop, and whether they are filing all the appropriate documents with those understanding folks at the IRS.

We don't know the answer, but my, that could be a pickle.


And as we get pumped about Saturday's game, could the Governor of Missouri have put up a more lame item against Governor Dave's Omaha Steaks?

Black and Gold candy? That's the stuff that stays at the bottom of your bowl after you've finished all the Snickers and Butterfingers.

Ya got some wax candy to go with that Governor Nixon?

Go Huskers!


Anonymous said...

Well Played!

B.A.M Brad Ashford for Mayor said...

It's more expensive to keep Suttle in than the recall. Think about it, he will keep screwing Omaha, the Metro Area, and even the State with his reckless love of Unions!

The long term impact of a Union Boot Licker is significantly greater than a recall.

Let's put Suttle on the side lines with White. Then Ashford can run for the office and the Gov can appoint a true Republican!

Anonymous said...

Very good ad by Terry. That's the way to close out a campaign--talking about the major issue people are concerned about.

The way not to close a campaign is how White is doing it--sending last second garbage hit pieces in the mail.


PJ Morgan has the audacity to talk about disruption if a mayor is removed! Isn't this the same guy who quit as mayor and forced the city to have an expensive election to replace him!

Anonymous said...

Who did White's messaging?

It was crazy--let's make Lee Terry out to be a big liberal.

Problem is, no one believes it.

Terry's usually attacked for being too conservative--now he's suddenly too liberal. lol

Six Dollar Parker said...

You're quoting the Objective Conservative as a source??? Doesn't this require a disclaimer that he is a paid operative for the recall.

Anonymous said...

Kind of quite around these parts for a Friday.....

Anonymous said...


White ran away from the Democratic agenda--healthcare and the stimulus.

But this election is about national issues--spending etc.

And Terry has wrapped the Dem agenda right around Tom's neck.

Anonymous said...

10:57--if you want quiet, please go hang at NNN.

In the last week, they've only gotten 13 total comments on the seven articles posted there.

That's in a whole week.

Maybe vile is finally getting the message...

GeosUser said...

One interesting point on the recall this morning. On KFAB, Gary Sadlemyer stated on the air that he will now sign the recall petition. His rationale was the financial mismanagement in the fire department and Mayor Moron protecting the chief and the fire union was the last straw for him. I'm sure the same goes for many people who were undecided before the State Auditor's report yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1058, the visual couldn't please me more!

Anonymous said...

Even Tom White's supporters admit that he is attacking Lee Terry's family and hope he will go positive soon. They are tired of him running away from the Democrat Progressive agenda and wish that he would just tell the voters where he stands on the issues.

Just check out Tom's FB page if you don't believe me.

Anonymous said...

Tom White is losing,,,,, and that is the rest of the story.

The State Auditor's report is a damning indictment of City Hall for not only Suttle but Fahey too!!!

So a bunch of losers are going to get booted!

Nebraska is the Good Life.

Anonymous said...

Quoting Objective Conservative? Is that the same blog that nearly got sued for libel?

An anonymous blogger citing another anonymous blogger as a source. Blogging at its finest.

Anonymous said...

2:12--and your identity is what, exactly?

Macdaddy said...

Sweeper, what would you expect from a Democrat Governor? Democrats are only generous with other people's money. They are extremely stingy when it comes to their own money, e.g., Gore, Biden.

Grundle King said...

Uh-oh!!! Working class women and minorities in a political ad supporting a Republican?!! IMPOSSIBLE!!! How dare they betray the Democrats in such a way! They only think they know what's good for them, but Democrats are really the ones that KNOW what's good for them. Those poor souls...they can't be trusted to choose for themselves anymore!

Anonymous said...

The "Forward Omaha" group is the one founded by the college student, right? And she's found enough "college" friends to pony up bucks to pay lots of people $150 each to work for the group? Or is Dick "Soros" Holland footing the bill? How can you NOT get cynical about the Suttle administration?

Anonymous said...

White's strategy is idiotic.

You don't get a big turnout in North Omaha by running away from Obama--but that's what he tried to do.

White has no credibility.

Anonymous said...

4:31 -

Yeah, uh huh. And I'm sure that Jeremy Aspen dreamed up the recall all by himself.

Jeez, you people never heard of using a spokesperson?

Speaking of, anyone catch Aspen's trainwreck performance on Joe Jordan's site? Can't name a single thing that he would cut from the city budget!

Anonymous said...

Will Brad Ashford please just switch parties already and get it over with?? The man likes to hear himself speak more than any politician in history - - and that's saying something.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry has a sweet tan in the last ad!

Where did he get that tan at?

Why isn't the media researching this?

Anonymous said...

Bottom Line

The DCCC spent about $1 million in attack ads against Terry in 2008.

This year the DCCC spent $2,500. lol

White really impressed them I guess.

Ricky said...

This race has been about jobs and what effect the Pelosi/Obama agenda has had?
That is not the impression I have gotten from the White/Terry race.
I thought it was White pointing out how Terry has been in office for 10 years with little to recommend himself.
Or how the budget deficit ballooned on Terry's watch with the unfunded wars with Iraq and Afghanistan being a huge drag on the economy.
Or how close to lobbyists Terry has become, pointed out by the incidents where Terry got drunk with a female lobbyist and putting into the Congressional Record a lobbyist press release. (which Terry blamed on his staff).
And White never got around to mentioning that empowering Terry and his wife some more will give them more leeway to ban more books in the public schools.

Keep your fingers crossed for Tom White next Tuesday.

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

Hey Ricky, maybe the Terry's should just file a complaint and get you banned. Selective listening is not a desirable quality in any human being, but you are a Progressive, aren't you.

Anonymous said...

A few points.
As much as it pains me to see Mr. "Send my job to Bangalore" Terry back in office, Tom White appears to have monkeys on hallucinogens running his campaign. Is there a green party candidate on the ballot?

The state auditor looking at the fire department mess said it has been going on for a very long time. I'm taking that as going back at least as far as "Mr. Auditorium", Hal Daub. Where was the fiscal responsibility then? And no, "I bend over for the NCAAA" Fahey should not get a free pass either. Vokal seemed to be using the head on his shoulders, where the heck was he?

Finally. One of you fine capitalists explain this to me:

Why is allowing secret money from corporations and unions to influence our elections a good thing for this country?

Is disclosure bad?

Shouldn't we have the right to see who is pulling the strings no matter who they are supporting?

The unions want to take away my right to a secret ballot.

The corporations want offshore my job.

I believe Suttle is clueless politically. But I'm not signing the petition. The people who ignore politics and just get the effing job done are my heroes.

I will, however be the first in line to sign a petition to recall his successor if doesn't do exactly what I think should be done. Hey, a precedent's been set, right?

Have a dysfunctional Omaha day.

Anonymous said...

I just realized I had two "Finally's" in my previous post. Sorry, shouldn't have had that third cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

7:31--Tricky Ricky:

Take a look at the TV ads and mailers from Terry's campaign. They focus on spending--and the fact that Terry has voted to cut trillions in spending 83 times--while White would simply add 2 trillion to the debt.

Elections are about differences--White supports the failed stimulus and healthcare bills--although he spent most the the race trying not to discus them.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Tom White had Ian Russell put a "factcheck" story up on his FB page trying to claim that Lee Terry is lying about Tom White's support of the Stimulus that gave China 2 Bil to build windmills.

Funny thing is, after you get through the editorialization of the facts and read the articles in the footnotes, the result is the same. Currently (that means to date) less than half the grants have been spent and 1.7 Bil is what China has gotten so far. Lee Terry never said they were building windmills in China for America-that was editiorializing by the "factcheck" folks.

That must be the easiest money China has ever made. China lends the money to the US, gets said money back to pay for projects in China, sells the products back to US AND GETS INTERESTED EARNED ON THE ORIGINAL LOAN!

Real nice Pelosi! No wonder she wants Tom White in Washington to vote her back into her throne.

I guess it's true that you can't trust a guy that sucker punches on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have my third cup of joe. It's "interest" and people are rarely "interested" in it.

Lemons out of lemonade!

Anonymous said...

11:08--Dem. Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) was the one who went ballistic over this--the Wash Post has several articles detailing Schumer's opposition to stimulus $$$ going out of the country for project work.