Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Nebraska Democrat strategy

Let’s take a trip out to Nebraska’s Third Congressional District this morning, shall we?

Congressman Adrian Smith is running against underfunded, first time ever candidate Rebekah Davis.

Shockingly, Davis, the Yale grad who likely gets carded when she buys root beer, has not gained much financial support or traction in general.

But wait, Davis isn’t the only other name on the ballot against Smith. Enter Dan Hill who...well...we’re not sure what Dan’s story is.

He says that he would have voted almost exactly the same as Adrian Smith has. But Adrian doesn’t meet his snuff, or some such, so he decided to run. Why not then oppose Adrian in the Republican primary.

Well that answer is easy: He wouldn’t have gotten the support of the Democrats.


Well you see, as we pointed out earlier, Hill had the support of at least one name-ID’d Democrat in the 3rd -- Scott Kleeb (of the Jane Kleebs). As we noted here, Kleeb signed Hill’s petition to get on the ballot.

Why? To dilute Smith’s Republican vote, of course.

So, many other tangential facts came about concerning a coordinated campaign between Davis and Hill -- their talking points, certain joint appearances, etc.

But (and we’re leading up to something here) get a load of what Davis said the other day to the GII:
Davis said she wants people to be engaged in the system, so she carries around campaign literature of her opponent, Hill, and hands it to voters, telling them that even if they don't support a Democrat, there are other options.

"I want them to know who is out there," she said. "Instead of handing them my flier, I'll give them Dan's flier because it is my hope that voters will not be apathetic this voting cycle. Our country matters too much for a person to stay at home and not vote."

But if she were just concerned about being a good citizen, then why not hand out Smith’s info as well? Well, because that would defeat the Democrat strategy of splitting the vote to get her into office.

We are frankly not too surprised that Davis is doing this.

We are however, shocked and amazed that she would TELL the press that she is doing this.

This is where you are Democrats. This is where you are.


But not to be outdone in goofiness in the third, we take you over to the Tea Party rally in York on Friday evening.

Now the Tea Partiers there wanted to have a “Go Vote” rally, and actually invited ALL candidates to be there. Their specific request was no campaigning, but anyone could speak.

Various Tea Partiers were going to speak, as well as Adrian Smith.

Well the Nebraska Democrat Party would have none of that!

The Dems immediately fired off several nastygrams to the Tea Partiers, the county attorney and the Secretary of State. (While we have no doubt they tried to contact Hillary, we’re talking about John Gale here.)

Their claim was that since the rally was taking place on the grounds of the York County Courthouse -- and there is pre-voting going on there -- statute says they can’t campaign, they have to be 200 feet away, etc.

Well, except that the rally was starting at 6:00 pm. And the courthouse closes (and there is no more voting) at 5:00 pm. Oh, and there was no campaigning going on anyway.

So, of course, saner, more reasonable people saw that this was of course not an issue and let the rally go on as planned. About 130 people showed up, Adrian Smith and others spoke, and all had a pleasant evening. (See pics, etc here from the York News Times -- All the fit that’s print to news!)

But the Nebraska Democrats are undeterred! They will file a complaint against the Tea Partiers and show those 130 people and others who like to give pro-voting speeches just who they are up against!

So the next time you are wondering why the Democrats don’t have candidates for statewide office. Or why they are eating their own Governor candidates. Or why they don’t support their own candidates monetarily. Or why they’re not -- you know -- helping to elect Democrats.

Just remember: They’re busy stopping voting rallies and handing out fliers for the opposition. That’s what they do.


And speaking of the Kleebs, did you know that Jane Kleeb had a complaint filed against her little school board race regarding a failure to comply with very basic campaign requirements?

We know, you are shocked.


And Go Huskers!


Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Jane is a Dweeb of a Kleeb!

Please pray that she doesn't get her hooks into a School District Budget. Does anyone have any idea how large the Hastings PS budget is? The OPS budget is larger than the City of Omaha budget and most people don't even pay attention to what candidates positions are for school board races.

School District collect and SPEND a freaking huge amount of tax dollars. If you think Jane Kleeb wants to get onto the school board so her kids and yours can have "yummier lunches", then you haven't been paying attention to the Kleeb style of politics that crept into our state about 5 years ago.

It started with Barry Rubin, took off with Scott Kleeb and is now a part of everyday gutter politics with Jane Kleeb and her gang that mindlessly follow her around as if she, someday, will rescue them from the hell hole that their parents decided to raise them in (that would also be known as the "good life of Nebraska").

Send the Kleebs a 3rd and final message, "We DON'T like politics of personal destruction in Nebraska."

Either go away or be respectful. And above all, quit trying to get rich on the taxpayer and ratepayer's dime.

Uncle Wiggily said...


Thanks for shining a little light on the Davis/Hill cabal. I've been telling people for months that they are in cahoots, but this is heartland, and few want to believe that such Machiavellian maneuvers would come out of sweet lil Rebekah and good ole boy Dan.

Davis is just another carpetbagging Yalie and I'll cut her a little slack just because she likely doesn't understand what real ethics and principles consist of ... but Hill has been around out here long enough to know better. Both of them are snakes in the grass, and we can only hope that they have permanently fouled their political nests out here in the Third with these cynical shenanigans.

Go Adrian ....

Anonymous said...

Jane supposedly hasn't raised or spent 5K yet but she has fancy mailers (without proper disclaimer), T-shirts, yard signs, bumper stickers,newspaper ads, etc. Really, all that for under $5K and postage to mail all of Hastings too? Jane must be a master budgeter. So did Daddy Dick pay for all of this under the radar or what? Hopefully the NEGOP's complaint will alert the NADC to possible shenanigans between a campaign and George Soros of the Midwest. But Jane can't be bothered. She's busy getting into her Bad Witch costume so she can run around with college kids scaring the elderly with their Trick or Vote goofiness.

Anonymous said...

Sweepers gone off the deep end. And apparently so has Uncle Wiggly (who I think believes that only people who have never left the state of Nebraska for time should ever be considered for elected office....surprised you didn't call Dan a carpetbagger since he wasn't orignally born here. Pathetic). I'll be sure to tell everyone i know that goes to school out of state (like Yo Adrian) that they are carpetbaggers. I'm sure Rebekah's family, who HAVE actually lived here their entire lives and did NOT go out of state for school, would like to know you think she's not a real Nebraskan. Alliance High School will need to remove reference of her graduating from there.

First off, SS, the quote from Davis was in a DEBATE...that Adrian refused to participate in and was hosted by KRGI 1430 Radio and broadcast in GI, Lexington, McCook, North Platte and Scotts Bluff sister radio stations. At every break, Brad Fossberg (KRGI) would announce they were there with Rebekah Davis and Dan Hill, and say "Adrian Smith refused to participate".

Your claim that "all candidates were invited" by the teabaggers is a lie. Neither Davis, nor Hill, or Stoj ever received an invitation of any kind. They didn't even know about it until it was happening.

And your fear mongering and lies are getting out of control. If you knew Rebekah, you'd know she's genuine. Why wouldn't she hand out info on Smith? Because he's worthless and it's his failure to actually accomplish something (other than showing up and doing what he's told by the GOP), along with his ongoing votes against the best interests of people are the reasons she's running. I, too, have respect for Dan Hill even if I disagree with him totally. He's also refused any special interest money (and both have been offered). Smith gets a majority of his money from corporate interests. You're just not able to process the fact that there are actually people out there running for the RIGHT reasons - because they want to put the district and the country first. Adrian has NEVER done that. He put's his own interests first. His primary goal for running, when asked in 2006, was that he wanted to go to Congress and stay their til retirement. Really? What a guy.

And so you know, someone sent an email out attempting to discredit Hill in a most unbecoming way. It's becoming clear it came from the Smith camp. Davis was horrified and sent out an email on Dan's behalf telling people to ignore the email if they get it. Both believe in giving people the information - true, honest information without spin. Adrian can't talk in anything but talking points and false platitudes.

Oh, and if you think the law doesn't apply to a court house, or when people aren't actually voting in that moment, can we now take our signs and stand at the door of polling stations, only stepping to 200 feet away when people arrive to vote, then returning to the spot? Can we put signs all around right up until the poll actually is open? The Sec of State's office actually agreed the rally was a violation after a long meeting, but after several hours suddenly flip flopped without a reason. So you know, Adrian violated the law in 2006 when he went shaking hands, asking for people to vote for him and handing out literature at the Polk County Court House, despite the fact it was an early polling site and a big sign was posted on the front doors saying such and prohibiting any and all campaigning. Adrian's excuse? "No one was voting at the time". So....where's the slipper slope begin, SS? Care to tell us?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Add a couple billboards in Hastings to Jane's promotional efforts. She's a genius! Billboards, yardsigns, bumper stickers, t-shirts, mailers AND postage to presumeably all voters in Hastings, not to mention whatever she mailed in the Primary. She DESERVES to be on the Hastings School Board with that kind of math acumen!

Macdaddy said...

I actually appreciate Ms. Davis being up front about it, unlike many other races around the country where Democrats have funded or otherwise helped get "Tea Party" candidates on the ballot to try to split the Republican vote but have vehemently denied it until the smoking gun came out.

Usually though, that strategy is used where there isn't much voter room between the Democrat and the Republican. That would exclude the CD3. So why wouldn't Ms. Davis drop out and throw her support behind Mr. Hill if she thinks he's a great candidate? Does anyone in the Nebraska Democrat party have any grasp of reality?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:49 (Lisa)
Please butt out of this race. Your dislike of Adrian Smith and your dirty name calling politics have hurt our candidate. Your negative attitude cost you a party position and has cost our candidate votes! If you want to be in politics then grow up and study them--don't just use Google!

Anonymous said...

The Hill-Davis maneuver is a double Gump with a Kleeb twist. While sloppy in execution, it is impressive for being done in the piker position.

This it the sort of thing turns a humdrum election into quality entertainment.

Anonymous said...

only reason JFK would have recommended to Davis to make such a move would be if she wanted her to lose. It's interesting some told Scott to run for school board or state leg and then try to run for the third afer he grew up...ring any bells!!

TexasAnnie said...

Thank-you for writing, Anonymous at 1:00 p.m., yesterday. I have no dog in the 3rd district challenge, but, your comments are easily credible, whereas those of whom you critique are fairly loony...

The Uncle Wiggily post was especially so considering his comment that Davis "likely doesn't understand what real ethics and principles consist of..."

Hey Wiggily! Kindly inform readers about the "ethics" of a man who never failed to vote against funding for Nebraska's developmentally disabled while serving in the Unicameral. Yet he always voted for University system funding for those whom he deemed the "best and brightest!"

Just what was that "ethic," Wiggily? Was it Utilitarianism? Or was it any standard "ethic" at all? Tell us, Wiggily. Discerning readers what to know what your take on "ethics" IS.

And other posters here:
You'll have the same unethical state and local government after the election that you have now. And it's your fault. You could use your election cycles to elicit quotable promises of good governance from the likes of Adrian Smith and Dave Heineman. Instead you aimlessly and nonsensically waste your time bashing Democrats...

GeosUser said...

Your constant harping about the status of the "developmentally disabled" in state care here in NE is just plain boring...and hasn't/won't gain much traction. It wouldn't matter who the elected officials are, these state supported/run institutions are always a disaster as history clearly shows. Please do us all a favor and start your own charity to provide care and support for the patients and their families. I will gladly contribute to your charity if you run a solid program, as I do with other charities that serve this same population. It isn't the business of government and has never been.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Wiggly, Rebekah Davis "doesn't understand what real ethics and principles consist of"??? She's a pastor! She's been a guest pastor at my church a couple times, and was there for friends during a horrible time of need when one was in the hospital and nearly died. She's one of the most compassionate, caring people I've met and doesn't have a dishonest bone in her body. Even the Omaha World-Herald commented on her admirable bipartisan spirit and that she was one of the nicest candidates they'd met. At the same time, I know her to be very strong and doesn't get bowled over by bullies. We need people who can discuss issues like an adult and Adrian Smith is NOT that person. Rebekah is. He's too beholden to all the special interests and has mad it clear he will do whatever the GOP tell him to do. Too bad he can't see that no one party has all the answers.

One Out In The Third said...

I have heard conspiracy theories before...but this one takes the cake. Did anyone actually verify that the Kleeb signature on the petition to have Hill put on the ballot was real? I signed the petition and I could have written in my name and the names and addresses of half my neighbors.

Second...Why is Davis promoting Hill? Could it be she realizes she hasn't got a frogs chance in a firestorm of coming close to Smith in an election and her mantra is "anybody but Smith?" Has she gone "meek"...I think it's more likely than it isn't

I will admit I have imbibed the Hill Kool-Aid after reading his book and I see a lot of qualities I like about Hill. He grew up learning the value of a dollar...has a helluva lot more military experience than even the almighty Chuck Hagel...spent time on the border seeing first hand what's broke and what has to be fixed.

Smith is a good guy and all...does a great job with constituent services...sticks to the party line...etc. I just don't think he has proven himself as a step out of the box kind of person.

I like the idea of Hill's military and border experience because I believe we will need that experience in the near future. I respect that he grew up the hard way and is a responsible husband and father...and I like his gung ho leadership style.

Hill doesn't stand a frogs chance in a firestorm either but his values and concerns are closer to mine than Smith' my gut says he's worth a shot and he will receive my family's support on Tuesday.

One other thing...I don't like the fact that Smith blew off the debate in GI...the largest city in the Third. Why did he avoid the debate? There's just something missing and I can't put my finger on it.

Anonymous said...

To 12:19PM: Who spoiled your Wheaties this AM?

I don't know what trendy label I must wear to think I am part of the government and not separate from it. And, if I am a part of something I need to speak up for those who can't, much the way Texas Annie does for the disabled and I do for seniors stuck in nursing homes corporately owned often from out of state and funded by....local tax dollars by way of Medicare and Medicaid. These places are hellholes regulated by state bureaucracies.

If these guys, such as Governor Dave, want to wear the golly gee big boy pants then with it comes the heavy lifting of watchfulness.

I feel what happened in Beatrice is an absolute disgrace that was swept under the rug of indifference and casual disregard much the same way nursing homes are that appear on national watch lists as some of the most dangerous in the US right here in the good life of warm fuzzy ads begging my vote.

We don't want to see it or deal with and it is easier to shove it on the private sector when all that happens there is a milking of tax dollars to increase bottomline profits by way of staff reductions, low pay, poor administration and lax oversight.

It's a problem that we either face today or may find ourselves in tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dan Hill should have manned up and challenged Adrian in the Primary. Yes he sounds like a stellar candidate from all reports but he should have confronted Smith head-on in the Primary about what he saw as Smith's deficiencies and what he, Hill, would bring to the table. To come in after the Primary does nothing to garner him support except from some Tea Party types who are eager to throw out all the incumbents. If he is the superior candidate then he should be willing to endure a Republican Primary and let the voters decide whether they want him or Smith.

Right Wing Professor said...


To quote a certain august personage, 'corrupt bastards'. Both of them.

Right Wing Professor said...

Uncle Wiggly, Rebekah Davis "doesn't understand what real ethics and principles consist of"??? She's a pastor!

So is the Reverend Jesse Jackson. So is the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Anonymous said...

Latest Union to Endorse Tom White with their PAC money is the American Postal Workers Union!

As if they could get anything right anyway! One of the worst run Government Agencies. The only reason they don't go completely belly up is because they keep giving themselves rate increases.

Someone should privatize the Postal Service-is it really guaranteed by the Constitution?

Uncle Wiggily said...

Wowsers ... screeching prog-trogs coming out of the woodwork. Methinks we may have touched a nerve ....


Indeed ... and can we also call to mind the good Rev. Jeremiah Wright ... and Father Pfleger? Really terrific examples of how being a person of the cloth guarantees moral supremacy. And not to go all Inquisition on you, but I seem to recall Torquemada was a fairly high mucky-muck in the God business ... wonder if they want to hold him up as a paragon of virtue too?

Being a cleric no more guarantees moral purity than working in a sausage factory guarantees you're a pig.

In my opinion, both Davis and Hill are gutless schemers, trying to subvert the system and sneak in without honestly confronting a very popular incumbent.

Anonymous said...

UW - "In my opinion, both Davis and Hill are gutless schemers, trying to subvert the system and sneak in without honestly confronting a very popular incumbent."

Subver the system? What, by running against Smith and challenging him? What the hell are you smoking, anyway? And it's Smith that refused repeatedly to stand up with them at debates and forums. Both of them showed up at the South Platte Chamber, but Smith just sent a letter. At first, no one wanted to even read it because they were rather upset with his callous attitude. Nearly every other area candidate for office was there BUT Smith.

He also turned down several debates claiming a conflict of schedule but was caught repeatedly not actually doing anything that day! He's worked to control things so that no one ever actually gets to challenge him and he can stick to prescreened questions and talking points for answers. So just WHO has been trying to "subvert the system" by REFUSING to accept honest chances to be confronted by challengers AND Voters alike?? It's clearly been Adrian Smith.

The GI Indy and KRGI are media orgs that I know were pretty ticked at Smith's attitude at refusing debates. GI made sure to report they offered and he refused even the chance to set his own date around his schedule. And KRGI did the same thing, and made sure to announce it at ever commercial break that he refused. Sounds to me like you're trying to convince yourself that Smith is wonderful because so far you've only made statements that are just plain hyperbole without evidence.

Gina said...

Uh, no SS, not buying it. One thing that Rebekah Davis has made clear during her "campaign" is that she is stunningly naive. Indeed, the very fact of her candidacy speaks to her naivety. I don't think she is politically smart enough to form some sort of conspiracy. Either that or she is just plain stupid to be that open about her and Hill's little scheme.

School Board Lib said...

Hey if it's stupid you can pretty much be sure it's a D behind it.

Folks don't forget to look at your local down ballot candidates. The last thing you want to do is elect a Union Loving Liberal to your school board like they did in Bellevue.

Nina Wolford is as much a lackey to the unions as is Theresa Whitehead and Tom White. Birds of a feather flocking together.

So Puhhhleease look at the ballot top to bottom and nip em in the bud.

Anonymous said...

Gina, it sounds like Rebekah is not "smart enough" to have thunk this up herself?

You must have meant to type that she is stupid enough to do what Jane Kleeb tells her to do.

Anonymous said...

This race further took a turn for the weird this weekend.

Someone sent an email to Hill and the media suggesting Hill was placing robocalls against Smith.

Not only did Hill sent an email to supporters denouncing those claims, Davis did too.

That's right, the Democrat issued a statement backing the Independent.

That doesn't prove they're in cahoots, but obviously they both want Smith out and have no trouble tag-teaming him.

Willy F. said...


This Davis gal is a Machiavellian genius and we don't want her going to Washington to represent us? What's wrong with us? If what you've written is true, then she is exactly the candidate we need to send there. Do we want a dim bulb like Adrian, or a Megamind in disguise?

If Rebekah Davis has been capable of hoodwinking the Omaha Weird Herald, just think of the damage she could do on our behalf in D.C.!

Brian T. Osborn said...

This is all just too hilarious.

The Democrat Party (sic) Chair files a complaint against the Tea Bag Party over a supposedly "non-political" political event where campaigning by campaigners was prohibited - although they were allowed to speak. If the candidates weren't allowed to campaign, then just what, then, did they talk about - the World Series and their grandmothers' recipes for apple pie?

Then, the Republic Party Chair (sic) files a complaint against a candidate for a school board seat because she is an "East Coast Liberal!!!!!" And, we all know that it is illegal for liberals to roam about freely in the State of Nebraska!

Is it any wonder that most Nebraskans are growing to have no use for politicians of any stripe? If either of the mainstream political parties began to act in an adult like manner, we would all be shocked. As for the Tea Bag Party - they can go away now, Halloween is over.

It is no wonder that those of us seeking intelligent discourse about politics have turned to comedians to provide it. Those we used to count on for administering our political process now provide us only with comic relief.

Anonymous said...


Great to see you posting here again. Please keep it up post-Nov. 2.

the bottom line:

Heineman-Terry voters!!!!

The Pip said...

Give me a break, Unk. Everyone was afraid Adrian would perform just as he did in the legislature...and he has. If I read one more time that he says he is not a leader, but a team player working to craft legislation in a bipatisanship manner, I'm gonna scream.

You were voted to be a Congressman, to lead. This ain't a high school Student Council convention, and it sure as hell isn't a FFA Parlimentarian contest. Cut your chord to the US Chamber, Club for Growth, Farm Bureau, and all of the other folks youv'e taken your 30 peices of silver from.

As far as being a very popular incumbent, whores, thieves dictators, and grifters are generally thought of as being popular. Popular might get Smith a line in his High School annual, but what has he done for us lately? Not a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Pip, yours was probably one of the stupidest posts I've seen on this blog. Do you know one iota about civics? Presidents and governors are elected to lead; congressmen are elected to REPRESENT. It's the House of REPRESENTATIVES, not the House of Leaders. He is not a leader. Scream your ass off.