Sunday, October 10, 2010

Newer Gov Poll

Rasmussen Reports has their latest poll out on the Nebraska Governor race.

In case you were uncertain, Governor Dave is in good shape.

Querying 500 likely voters they found:
66% Dave Heineman (R)
24% Mike Meister (D)
3% Some Other Candidate
6% Not Sure
That is up 5% from Heineman's numbers back on September 7th.

Heineman gets 91% of Republicans and 27% of Democrats.
Meister gets 61% of Democrats.
Heineman: 71/25
Meister: 30/47
71% also approve of the job Heineman is doing.

Interesting notes:
Do you consider yourself part of the Tea Party Movement?
Yes: 28%
No: 54%
Undecided: 18%

89% of Tea Partiers support Heineman.

How would you rate the job Barack Obama has been doing as President… do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, or strongly disapprove of the job he’s been doing?
Approve: 31%
Disapprove: 66%
Absorb and discuss.


Anonymous said...

I would have thought Heineman would be in the 80+%. Meister started at zero. With no money and limited time. He moves up just a bit. How good would he had done if he had been running for the job for 4 years like Deficit Dave? But the night mare of our budget crash will be 100% on Heineman. He will not have Obama to bail him out this time. It will be all his fault. He brags about that we have little unemployment in Nebraska. So we must have plenty of tax dollars coming in. So How does Deficit Dave run such a bad budget? Because he is a bad Governor. Some time in the spring of 2011. it will come out. No Senate for you DAVE!!!

Anonymous said...

You can always dream.

Heineman will keep on cruising, no matter what he decides to do.

(And ESPECIALLY if he goes up against the Cornhusker Kickback King.)

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Legislature and Tom White (who thank goodness will be in NO position to legislate anything upon us after November 2nd!)will not have Obama and Pelosi's cash cow from China to bail them out next year.

The Dems in the Legislature and the Dems at the Federal level(hopefully, under the leadership of "lesson learned" Republicans)will have to rely on deep cuts to sacred cows to get through the next few years.

Tom White refused to make cuts and even refused to vote for the most recent balancing of the budget. Hopefully, without him in the Legislature to BULLY the rest of the younger state senators, they will all make the cuts that need to be made.

Anonymous said...

Meister worked up from "zero" to achieve his massive unfavorables.

To know him is to hate him.

Don't blame picking Meister on Heineman or the GOP. He's your Donkey lump. If voters puke at the first sight of him, that's your fault.

Anonymous said...


Someone just got punched out at 60th and Maple--did Tom White do it?

Street Sweeper said...

Kids, if you want to comment about something on another blog, I suggest you do it at that blog. It won't stay up here.

Macdaddy said...

Sweeper, you need to come up with some sort of icon so I'll know not to take a sip of my favorite beverage as I'm starting to read comments like anon 10:50's. Rotflmao!

Macdaddy said...

Make that anon 9:50. Damn old age. Can't remember jack for even 2 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Macaddy. Too bad. Pretty hard to think when you don't have Glenn Beck to tell you how to think. Maybe you should talk to the good guys for a change. It might help your thinking. Good guys are Democrats. Bad guys are Republicans, Tea baggers, NAZIS, KKK, etc. all the same

Anonymous said...

You know Heineman is a really bad leader. If the democrats had a Governor half this bad. The republicans would be going nuts on this web site trash talking him. But they just won't say anything bad about him. Why? I don't know if Meister will be a great governor or not. But I know Heineman is terrible. So I will take my chance on Meister. If Meister is not any good, than I will try some one else. Heineman you had your chance . Go back to Fremont. Your not wanted any more.

Anonymous said...

When Dollar Dave cuts the budget this year, maybe he could cut the Attorney General's office appetite for frivolous lawsuits.
I know the entire town of Bruning would lose a revenue stream, but we really could use fewer state lawyers.

Macdaddy said...

Do you trolls get paid extra for posting on Sunday or is it already Monday where you're posting from?

Anonymous said...

Macdaddy why are you voting for Heineman? If a democrat had his record you would be against him. Could you tell us why? Because you seem to be against imcompetent leaders Accept in this case. .

Anonymous said...

Except (meaning exception), you illiterate.

Anonymous said...

Hey republicans why don't you police the typos and and spelling errors of the republicans on this site? The only time you say any thing is when a democrat or an independent does it. Who really cares?

Anonymous said...

Exactly, how would one know that a person is a Republican or a Democrat on this blog? Do you have some crazy ability to determine what party a person is from based on their level of stupidity?

Wait, I guess I just answered my own question, didn't I?

Hall Monitor said...

tsk tsk, ya'll need to calm down.

The Gov will win, and he will spread some of his $1.7M around in the Legislative races.

Now which of the Democrat Senators in the Legislature are in trouble?

Rogert: The Captain of the Fun Patrol, who has some issues with a certain lobbyist. Let alone the issues he supported.

Wallamn: Just because he is clueless

Conrad: Even with the OMAHA paper's endorsement she needs to figure a way to work around her 3 alcohol related driving offenses.

Of course there is the Giese spot left vacant as he was elected up in Wayne. Then there is the district 8 race!

For sure there will be an increase of at least 1 R, most likely 2.

This takes the D's down to 15 of 49. Now if there are 2-3 surprises like in 08 it will take the D's down to 13 or less! The Dirty Dozen.

With 14 standing committees and 11 special ones, where will the D's try to load up? Right now they have a majority, and there is no reason for them to, on the Education, Labor(business) and Labor, and Judiciary committees.

Education: Meets M&T and Giese is/was on this committee. There are 5 D's on this committee of 8, and if you count Ashford the RINO it is 6 of 8. Oh and about a BILION dollars spent here in STATE AID! Hmm changes coming?

Judiciary: Meets W-F and Rogert is on the committee. (McGill)

Labor & Labor: Meets on Mondays and White was on it. (Wallman, and McGill)

Not to mention the D's lost there Whip in White. Who will fill that position for them Mello? Nordquist? The brain trusts of the group Lathrop and Council will be hard pressed to keep the kids in line. Nov 2rd will be interesting as far as the State goes.

Redistricting, Dream Act, Immigration, Nationalized Health Care, Oh and a budget crunch:)

All in all it's going to be a loud and rambunctious year.

Anonymous said...

I predict Mello tries to replace White as the Bully. And the reason they are loaded for fire on the Labor and Judiciary Committees is because they control the CIR.

Now, why would a bunch of Dems want to control the seats on the CIR?

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:59. You must be not paying attention if you can't tell when the spelling police come out in force. When a spelling error is made on a blog that says something that is anti Republican or pro democrat the spelling police come out in force. When a blog is written that says good things about republicans or bad things about democrats then nothing is mentioned. Real simple to see. Like many have said who really cares about that stuff?

Anonymous said...

It's not called a "blog", it's called a "post" on a blog.

Anonymous said...

So, is Tom White representing the Civil Rights case regarding the inmate that was supposedly served pork but is a strict Muslim? It is just the kind of case that a dedicated civil rights lawyer from Omaha would love?

What's funniest about the story? I never knew that peddling cocaine to people was a strict Muslim tenant?

What say you, Mr. Civil Rights Lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant "tenets"! lol

Glad I caught it before anyone else did!

Anonymous said...

Peddling cocaine to Muslim tenants would be weird too!

I wonder what kind of lawyer would take that case?

Macdaddy said...

Anon 7:33: Why would I vote for Meister? Obama is in the White House and working hard to screw up America so why would I want a similarly inexperienced and incompetent Democrat to ruin Nebraska? We have moved from yellow dog Democrats to Goober Democrats.

As for voting for Heineman, I and 2/3rds of Nebraskans think he's doing a great job. But you feel free to keep smoking the crack pipe.

Anonymous said...

Who's smoking the crack pipe? Problem with this state is very few pay attention and will automatically support and vote for anyone with an R next to their name. Problem gets worse as one heads west. It's hard to get the best Democratic candidates to run statewide as they know the headwind they will run into.

Boulder said...

Wow, how effective can Bold Nebraska be with these numbers!! The only democrat that will get elected is Jane to school board and she will have a few big paychecks in her pocket. Nicely played Jane!

Teflon said...

Mello doesn't have it in him to be a bully. He is a loudmouth, but not the bullying type. I think Nordquist will try, but it will be left up to Snow Plow Conrad to do the dirty work. Those boys don't make a move without her saying so.

See Tom White was at least insecure enough that he was more than willing to be the bully. Nope the others, outside of Lathrop, are pretty much just liberal wimps. They will kick, scream, and pull hair. They will try the old "'s for the kids" ploy.

Mello is smart enough also to know he can only "try" to get things done. Nordquist will try to force the issue and burn up any cred he might have had.

The rest of the D's pretty much just go along with what the bosses tell them. They meet in Mello or Nordquist's office for near daily briefings and orders and then slink out.

Meanwhile, the Moderate D's like Avery and Karpisek work to get something done. Council will be someone to reckon with one day, and is most the most effective other than Lathrop. Cook, and McGill are not street fighters, so their floor work won't get much done. Sullivan, and Howard are solid thinkers and work well with others, must be the result of years of actually having jobs. Of course there are the Uber Libs in Conrad "Da Snow Plow", and Happles Haar...... nuff said there.

Nope after this election it will be a pretty clear path to "Righting" a few issues and getting the Government out of the way of "working" citizens.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances the State of Nebraska declares bankruptcy if Heineman is reelected? I say 50-50. The guy is the worst Governor in the country. Even republicans know this.

Anonymous said...

Macdaddy you are so republiccan that if Hitler was running on the republican ticket and Jesus was running on the democrats ticket, you would vote for Hitler. Then say he has experience in running a country and a government while Jesus is just a simple country preacher. What a tool you are for the right wing. They love uneducated voters like you who get a all slicked up when they see the R by a candidates name.

Great Poll said...

"What are the chances the State of Nebraska declares bankruptcy if Heineman is reelected? I say 50-50. The guy is the worst Governor in the country. Even republicans know this."

Heineman gets 91% of Republicans and 27% of Democrats.

Seems like all the Repubicans and a quarter of the Democrats know what a great Governor we have in Dave Heinemann. Dick Holland must be furious that Bold Nebraska isn't doing what they promised. Keep posting Ladies! 30 more days of paychecks!

Anonymous said...

Great poll 100% of the Germans thought Hitler was a great leader in 1940. If Deficit Dave wins. Lets see how great of a job he does with out Obamas money to cover his ass.

Anonymous said...

Tom Becka is reporting that Lee Terry is having his election night event at the FIREFIGHTERS HALL.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 6:25pm. Go back home to Scottsbluff and spend some time with the wife and kids. Your campaign is over.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:15 the facts will speak for themselfs. Just wait the hammer will fall on Defict Dave just like it did on W. Dave like Junior is not very bright. He will screw up.

Macdaddy said...

I win. For some inexplicable reason, you invoked Hitler. Try a little harder next time, will ya'? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Ben G. said...

Deficit Dave must be a racist too!

Dad said...

Told ya the libs would start wailing. It's all they have. The libs have no message, almost no following, and are as desperate as it gets.

The D's are only slightly better off as they are cut from the same cloth. I believe the registration of R's to D's is about 2:1 with I's coming in at the same percentage as D's. The I's are leaning way to the R's side this cycle so.........

Nope what Nebraska is going to have to endure is the radical left whining and crying for the next decade or so. There is no way to stop the crying. Just like with babies you have to make sure they are fed, clean, and warm. Then they will lay down and be quiet. But unlike infants they NEVER grow up. Always wanting the bottle, someone to take care of them, and never having to take responsibility.

For infants this is the expectation. Yet for the welfare state we have now it has become an unnatural status.

SO now time to put the babies to bed on Nov 2!

Anonymous said...

Dad said, remember Nebraska is a very small state population wise . There are more liberals in New York City than republicans in the entire state of Nebraska. Power comes from numbers. Liberals have won the last two elections. They will get through the mid season slump of 2010 Then dominate 2012. Take it to the bank. I am sorry if you don't like the math.

Grundle King said...

At least Anon 8:38 isn't afraid to admit that he'd rather have folks who live 1,500 miles away, who have never even been to our fine state, make the rules for us to live by.

Indeed, it's the definition of a liberal their mind, we feeble-minded prairie mice are incapable of making our own laws and rules, so we need even more feeble-minded street rats, who rule with a mob mentality, to make the rules for us.

Anonymous said...

Only Gov. Dave would be stupid enough to ride a motorcycle in public without a helmet. And in an ag state wouldn't a tractor be more appropriate...

Anonymous said...

Only a liberal would be stupid enough not to see that the motorcycle is stationary.

Anonymous said...

Now That was funny!