Friday, October 08, 2010

LeeTeeVee - Man on the Street

New Lee Terry ad that has been running a few days. See it here:

Good Man on the Street stuff.

And it is amazing that Terry is able to produce an ad without quoting unnamed sources from East coast gossip rags. What a feat.

(More to come on that. Maybe.)


Anonymous said...

The public isn't stupid. They know you have passed one bill in 12 years you have been on the Hill - a bill to rename a post office. They are not going to simply take the word of a community college economics teacher, who only got 18 percent in his primary.

Anonymous said...

To Lee's credit he has done little harm. I think the ad is effective.

I would take him over a political hack like Lautenbaugh who last night posted that he didn't take any tobacoo money this year while the NADC reports clearly show otherwise. See the previous thread for more details. I think Lee is pretty fair minded while Scott is a politician to the core. Sorry just have to calls em like I sees em.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:11--agree with you that the public isn't stupid.

That's why they've voted for Terry in the past.

Your one-bill canard is a lie--you bring it up each cycle, lose on the issue, then bring it up again. That's the definition of insanity.

Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:15:
It is lie huh?

What was the bill number of the other bill that passed with Terry's name as the sponsor? Again, what bill? Not amendment. What bill?


Anonymous said...

And what was the name of the Sheriff that Tom White talked to at the country club in West Omaha after he slugged a fellow colleague?

Oh, that's right, Tom White ran from the scene of the crime.

Can't run from this one Tommie Boy. And, don't even try to threaten me with your law license, I'm not some little contractor, and I am not afraid of you.

Anonymous said...

Are you so dense that you don't think amendments to bills have the force of law? Maybe Terry's defeated opponents can educate you on that.

Anonymous said...

1:11--I guess you are the exception to the public not being stupid.

Look at Terry's issues area on his web site. It is all there on his record and the legislation he has helped craft.

Anonymous said...

3:46--sorry that you apparently don't know how Congress works.

Legislation is crafted by piecing together dozens of amendments and provisions.

To do that, you need someone who can work across both parties on a bipartisan basis.

That's Terry--or do you need to know more about the Hill newspaper survey where Dems cited him as being one of the most bipartisan Republicans?

Anonymous said...

Unnamed sources in Terry ad were recognizable National and local media voices..........get real

Anonymous said...

Terry votes 95% straight Republican line. Abstained 2% since 1998.
Terry said no to all productivity of the peoples business in congress for last 20 months.
Deficit from 2 wars 200 through 2004 with money borrowed from China.
Does he plan on messing with HCR and Social Security and how will he vote on privatization of VA. A: straight down republican line.
I want a thinker and not a follower.

Dayton Headlee said...

I want to know who won the game of Clue.

Anonymous said...

Col Mustard in the library with the Prof.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Terry won the game of Clue because from what I've seen he's been clueless to getting any bill passed in 12 years of sitting Congress. At least with Jon Christiansen he made waves to let you know he was doing something to agree or disagree with.

But, it looks as though he's still sitting at the kiddy table only this time playing games. How sweet.

Anonymous said...

12:42--pretty apparent you have no clue how Congress really works.

You must be White's research director...

Look at Terry's web site for the facts.

Anonymous said...

im not sure lee is smart enough to play Clue...

perhaps they should have been playing charades? maybe pictionary?

Anonymous said...

10:10--sounds like the kind of insults you made against Terry in 2008.

Same thing's happening in 2010.

When are you idiots gonna realize you don't win elections w/insults?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Lee be playing The Blame Game, instead of Clue?