Friday, September 03, 2010

Plea of Guilty

Former Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Mark Lakers plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of "abuse of public records".

He paid $500.

Which was MUUUUUCCCCCHHHH less than he claimed many "donors" contributed to his campaign.

Thing is, we still wonder if Lakers is the one at fault here. He certainly has the final word on how the filings are made. But it's not as if he was writing up the forms. That would be left to his campaign manager (or treasurer).

In any case, many many of the claimed donors stated that they never even spoke with Lakers, let alone pledged to contribute.  That will do him in.

We still think he could have survived to run his campaign, but that train has left the station (engineered by new Lt. Gov candidate Anne Boyle).

We hardly knew ye, Mark.


Word has it that state Senator Brad Ashford isn't crazy that his Mayoral desires went public.
Ah well.

And add a few more names to those who wouldn't mind occupying the third floor of the City-County Building if Jim Suttle is recalled:

Mike Friend and Mary Ann Borgeson.

OK, let's just admit that it would be a nutty free-for-all.


Ah Labor Day, Labor Day, what an unusual day.
You hire some dude, then send him away.
To celebrate work, by playing all day.
(paraphrasing Johnny Hart)

Have a grand weekend!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not the Anne Boyle who stood there pontificating like a Popelike sage? That one?

The one that couldn't beat Vokal in a district where Dems outnumbered Reps two to one? Her?

Or, is that the one who held her hubby's hand as he shouted "Dumb Ass" across the crowded holy cafeteria's fish fry? That Anne? Saint Anne? The Helen Thomas of political savvy?

Say it ain't so. She rid the world of Lakers so that we could experience her unique holier than thou style of....leadership? I rest easy knowing my soul is saved.

Good post Sweeper!

Ricky said...

That kind of shocked me when Lakers plead. I thought the whole thing was overblown and Anne over reacted.
But Lakers has to pay 500 bucks.
Wow was that ever a dumb thing to do, falsify pledge forms.
He had to know it would come out.
But now we can witness the greatest upset in Nebraska political history; Meister over Heineman for the Governorship.

Anonymous said...

That's how plain stupid Ricky Fulton is. He reminds me of Cliff Claven, you just need him to shut up after a while.

Anonymous said...

Anne boyle reminds me of the bookie that ran a bar and had his brother-in-law ruin the wire-tap investigation.....wait,,never mind. Nothing to see here!

Anonymous said...

Kinda slow around here. I suppose the long weekend and HUSKER Football has people thinking everything but Nebraska Politics.

Anonymous said...

That would be GREAT to have former State Sen. Mike Friend as Mayor of Omaha, a proven conservative who's tough on crime! And how ironic would that be after a successful recall for Friend to replace yet another Suttle in office? Remember that Friend defeated Jim's wife (Sen. Deb Suttle) in 2002 for the right to represent northwest Omaha in the legislature. I hope Sen. Friend runs.

policywonk said...

Why aren't we discussing District Judge Richard Kopf ordering Nebr to allow Westboro Baptist Church to keep "desecrating the American or Nebraska flag during their religiously motivated protests."

This matter is about NE policy hence NE politics.

I didn't see anything that said this blog is partisan only. But this blog acts partisan only. But it is supposed to be about politics not just partisanship.

As long as we embrace the idea that partisanship is the defining aspect of public policy, then discussion here misses the big picture. Worse, that myopia makes us part of the policy problem.

That "tea party" thing Democrats frown at and Republicans smile at, but which neither Democrats nor Republicans understand, is just people who grasp that addressing policy is real politics and that partisanship is just a fancy form of mafia.

Jamie said...

i thought the biggest upset i political history was to forever be hagel defeating nelson?

If I can't have Barry Goldwater said...

With Rex Fisher and Dave Nabity living in SID's, I'm liking Mike Friend and Mary Ann Borgeson.

Time for new blodd, that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

NE GOP is panicking about the 2nd District race and turnout, resorting to having their dumbass leader tape and post a video message imploring activists to help. Nov. 2 will be a great day for Omaha, Democrats, Tom White and the cause of progressiveism.

Anonymous said...

Dave Nabity moved into Omaha! Beware!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering whether or not Gerard Harbison will register to vote and vote in this election so in a few years we won't be able to make fun of him about it, or if he'll carry on this masquerade that he's really been voting somehow and won't register because then his cover will be blown.

Anonymous said...

What church did Nabity move into given he's always preaching at us?

RWP said...

The NY Times this morning says the National Democratic Party has given up on their most vulnerable incumbents, are trying to build a firewall around the next tier of incumbents, and will only funding five chalenges to sitting Republicans, none in Nebraska.

Tom White isn't campaigning because he knows it's pointless.

Anonymous said...

tommy White is hoping the unions will come to his rescue, yea I know Lee has a lot of union support and money but.....

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry knows the firefighters will have his back, since he always had theirs during wage and pension negotiations while he was on the council.

Anonymous said...

26 troops killed in Afghanistan this week alone. What say you Congressman Terry? Should we stay or should we go now? And, if you say "stay"....then why?

Macdaddy said...

Anon 11:57, you must be talking about the CD2 in the great state of Delusion. BTW, when was Obamacare supposed to get popular?

Rob said...

Why would we want Friend? Do we really need another ex cop in power in this city? Borgeson voted against the increases on the County budget. She is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Hmm,isn't Afghanistan Obama's War? Just saying...If you're against war, shouldn't you be against all war, not just the one's that other people start?

Nathan said...

When did Friend retire from the PD? Was he a spiker? If he was (and I have no idea either way) then he can kiss his mayoral ambitions goodbye.