Monday, September 06, 2010

DCCC abandoning Tom White?

The New York Times reports (by Univ of Nebraska grad Jeff Zeleny) that the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is now setting up a firewall around its Democrat House incumbents to save them from disaster in November.

They state that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is contacting safe incumbents and telling them to give their cash to at-risk incumbents.

Further into their plan, they note that they are fighting for...
...five (incumbent) Republican seats they see as within their reach in Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois and Louisiana.
OK fans, what state do you see missing there?


And whose seat do you NOT see mentioned by the Dems as “within their reach”?

Lee Terry’s.

So will the DCCC bother any further with the Tom White campaign?

You have to wonder. Their whole point is that they are in triage mode with their incumbents. Any cash they have lying around is going to those at-risk seats.

And to the White campaign?

“Good luck Tom. Uh...hope ya win, and all that.”

Gives a whole new meaning for “Red to blue”.


We mentioned back in our initial analysis of the Mayor Suttle Recall committee that they would likely be using paid petitioners to collect signatures for a possible recall of Jim Suttle.

Well, we hear now from spokesman Jeremy Aspen that they will NOT be using paid collectors -- if they do it -- and will instead be purely using their grass-roots efforts.

That’s pretty ballsy -- and potentially difficult.

They must feel pretty good about their volunteer potential. Which, if significant, should put a shudder down a certain mayor’s political spine.


For those of you outside of Omaha who read Don Walton’s glowing interview of Democrat Lt. Governor candidate Anne Boyle, an alert Leavenworth Street reader noted something Don left out:

Anne Boyle's husband, Mike, who “was mayor of Omaha and now is a member of the Douglas County Board”? Yeah, he was recalled as Mayor by Omaha voters.

Oh, and Anne? We would just note that she ran for Omaha City Council in her majority Democrat district.

Lost to Republican Jim Vokal.

We just want to keep everyone up to date.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad that Tom White says he is pro-life but I am skeptical about it. What about embryonic stem cell research Tom? What about the fact that your party is so strongly pro-choice, how will you fit in?

RWP said...

It was pretty clear from the various deals they cut in the congressional HCR debate that the 'pro-life' label, when a Democrat attaches it to himself, is really a 'for sale' sign.

Anonymous said...

Tom White didn't sell his "prolife label" during the congressional debate about healthcare.

Tom White GAVE away his prolife status by announcing that he would have voted yes for Nationalized Healthcare BEFORE Bart Stupak tried to have it both ways.

Tom White didn't care if Federal Tax dollars were permitted to be spent on abortion by demand. He just wanted some press for his campaign.

I am opposed to all levels of embryonic stem cell research. You kill multiple lives in the hopes of discovering something to save 1. What I have not come to terms with is whether or not I can support adult stem cell research and cures. Can a clear headed ethicist please tell me if we would have ASC cures if we had not engaged in ESC research? Is it a chicken and the egg thing?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and back to the original point of the post.

Maybe Pelosi dumped Tommie Boy because the DCCC did some polling last week and got hung up on by an equal number of people that they felt the need to hang up on first, and all the rest said they were voting for Lee Terry?

Just wondering.

Bye, bye, Pelosi! Hello Balance of Power in federal government! We could use a little of that locally too, couldn't we.

Anonymous said...

Two sort of questions on Tom White's current TV ad: (1) is Tom's hair a little gray in some of the shots and totally dark in others?; and (2) maybe I'm not looking close enough but does Tom identify himself as a Democrat anywhere in that ad?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pelosi is confused about Tom White's demand of no age limit in his Safe Haven Bill.

Maybe that's why she is abandoning her little Tommie Boy in Nebraska?

Seriously SS, how could you miss this opportunity?

Anonymous said...

attacm of anonymous. nobody has balls to post who they actually are. love it.

Anonymous said...

Anony 8:34

Did Lee Terry identify himself as a Republican in his ad? He even had the minority leader in town last week and didn't want the press to cover it. Who is running away from there party?

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE knows that Lee Terry is a Republican. Find me anyone that doesn't.

NO ONE knows who Tom White is. He needs to ID himself, not Lee Terry.

However, if Tom White would like Lee Terry's campaign to ID who he (TW) is, I am sure they would be more than happy to oblige.

Anger management, anyone?

Anonymous said...

I am sure after this morning's parade to honor all things labor union and Democrat, that there will be no doubt what Party Tom White resides among.

I wonder if White and Suttle will be a happy couple at the Labor Day Parade?

Anonymous said...

Question sweeper. Didn't Anne Boyle run for city council before?? I think she ran for District 6 many moons ago.

Anonymous said...

And got a spanking from a young pup. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Anne Boyle ran for City Council and lost years ago -- I think to Lee Terry, and I think in Dist 6. Then she ran against Vokal and lost in one of the most Democratic districts in the city.

Anonymous said...

As far as Tom White being "pro-life" or whatever-- what are you people talking about? Tom White is a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal, but the only thing he is truly "pro" is "Pro-Tom-White". He will take any position, mouth any words, pay any amount of lip service to any position you have in mind if he thinks it would help him get elected. I'm sure there are days when he says he's pro-life, but that's really as far as it goes.

Anonymous said...

If Tom White is pro-choice then he distinguishes himself as someone with the intelligence to believe a woman should have the right to govern what she does or doesn't do with her own body much the way a man does.

Don't hear much about what men should be doing or not doing with their appendages that make babies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:20 translated (for those of you without your NYT decoder ring handy): "Pro-life people are stupid".

I can't believe the pro-choicers don't woo more people with such an approach.

Anonymous said...

Never said stupid. You did. Only pointed out disparity in equal rights to govern one's body.

I imagine if the tables were turned not so many men would be so pro life if women were telling them what or what not to do with their bodies in an effort to woo the affirmative position.

Anonymous said...

If Terry and the GOP think the DCCC is abandoning White, Terry should definitely cut back his ad buy and turn the money over to national Republicans to help take back the House.

Anonymous said...

4:44--If the story is wrong and the DCCC is really going after NE2, then when are they actually going to do something? Tell us, Ian...

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1:20 and 3:05-- no-- you never said "stupid"-- you just said people who agree with you (and Tom White, let's be honest) and are pro-choice have enough intelligence to see the correctness of that view.

Wow, do I feel foolish now.

Anonymous said...

When TW kicks out all the Obama staffers and quits letting Obama pay half his rent, then we will know the National Democrats are turning their back on Tom White. Hell, Pelosi turning her back on Tom probably helps him.

Ad time is about defining oneself. Lee Terry will define himself as the Conservative that he is. One that will always turn back Nancy Pelosi.

Someday, Tom White will have to actually tell people something about himself. Will he tell them the truth or what Ian wants you to think.

Anonymous said...

Think a lot of you don't understand this:

The DCCC's investment in CD2 means nothing unless they're willing to back it up with independent expenditures. They did so to the tune of several hundred thousand in 2008, attacking Terry effectively on Social Security. (You'll notice that White's going back to that same tune. And Terry's trying like hell to backtrack from his earlier support of privatization. There's a reason. It resonates.) Chances are, they won't in 2010, because the DCCC needs to spend its money on incumbent protection.

Of course, the other side of the coin, the side that saved Lee Terry's ass last election, was the NRCC's IE arm running attack ads against Esch in the final two weeks. We probably won't see this from the NRCC this year either, because they need to spend their resources trying to win the House, not protect incumbents.

The NRCC is betting that Terry will be able to win on his own, and the White campaign better be hoping that they can win without the DCCC running ads on their behalf.

Finally, if you can find me a voter who actually votes in mid-term elections who doesn't know what party the two major candidates belong to, I've got a term-limits pledge to sell you.

Anonymous said...

BTW, what happened to Steve Lathrop's certain defeat in the 2010 elections? He's running unopposed? Great work, GOP!

Macdaddy said...

Anon 9:14, you forgot the role that Obama's GOTV effort played in almost unseating Terry. It was impressive. Unfortunately for White, it was a one off effort. He's going to have to do this all on his own. He's got just under 2 months left. I'm sure that's plenty enough time to tell people who he is, what he wants to do, and why people should vote against the guy who is going to be in the majority party after the next election. Also, he needs to organize the GOTV efforts, do some major fund-raising, design an actual ad campaign (or at least give his media person something to work with), and cram for a couple of debates. And he has to do all this against the backdrop of 9+ % unemployment for how many months now?, the threat of Obamacare, the threat of cap n tax, the threat of everybody's taxes getting jacked up on Jan 1st, gargantuan deficits, a tone deaf White House and Speaker, and corruption in the Democrat party that's so bad it can no longer be swept under the rug.

If I were Tom White, the first thing I'd do is take a vacation.

Macdaddy said...

RWP, there's a better chance that Sasquatch exists than a pro-life Democrat politician.

Anonymous said...

Then, Macdaddy, you haven't been paying attention.

Anonymous said...

To 7:00PM yesterday:

Your interpretation.