Monday, September 13, 2010

Bike Czar - 1, Pot Holes - 0

A brand new fire-engine red SUV.

Increased salaries for staff.

Increased taxes.

And now...a bike coordinator?

These are but a few of the bone-headed moves by Omaha's Mayor Jim Suttle.

And the Bike Man is hired just as Ron Penzkowski (we're guessing he'll go back to his real name now) is canned? No idea if one has anything to do with the other.

Here's the thing on the Bicycle Czar: His salary came from "other sources" right? Hmm, well, there is still federal tax money involved there, so at the very least, EVERYONE is still paying.

But beyond that, while generally we are in favor of building up the city in new and different ways...who is going to pay for all these innovative Bike Czar ideas?

New bike lanes? Improved side streets? New trails? Are any of those items free?

And are the roads paved?

This is the sort of thing that will actually help


Remember the Obama-Terry voter?

Remember Democrat Richard Carter?

Well, the Lee Terry campaign has a new Democrat on their team, this time new Co-Chair Rita Hejkal.

Rita is a Pro-Life Democrat who is well known in the pro-life community.

Hejkal says,
“I will work hard to spread the message throughout the Second District that pro-life
voters should support Lee Terry for Congress,” Hejkal said. “Tom White’s support
for Obamacare, which provides taxpayer funding of abortion, is just one of his
disqualifications for public office.”
Another shot across the bow.


Hey Don Walton! Thanks for the props, but hey, Street Sweeper isn't "elusive"!

"Elusive" is when you can't find, say, a senior Senator for a Town Hall meeting...


Anonymous said...

Rita rocks! This woman is salt of the earth. Good for her that she won't fold up her principles and stick them in her purse when she finds it too inconvenient to stand by them.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that more, "no city tax dollars" will be found falling from the sky to pay for said bike/pedestrian lanes.

Funny, I thought those were called sidewalks and as far as I can tell, this dude's number one priority should be SHOVELING THE DAMN SIDEWALKS SO THAT PEDESTRIANS CAN ACTUALLY GET TO THEIR BUS STOPS WITHIN WEEKS OF A SNOW STORM!!!!!

If the City did this ONE friggin' time and build the property owner or developer a substantial fee, they would definitely get done a Hell of a lot faster and no driver would ever again be distracted by the fear that the person walking on top of the snow bank and then standing in the traffic lane just so they can catch their bus and get to school or work will be hit by a vehicle.

GeosUser said...

While I would like to see Mayor Suttle removed from office, the people behind the recall exploratory committee have consistently failed to communicate a clear and concise message on what the benefit of recalling the moron would be for Omaha. Their first press conference was a disaster, their website was weeks late coming online and, IMHO, the website presents no compelling case for their effort. All it offers is volunteer for some unspecified duty(ies) or send us your money. If Jim Cleary is advising these guys, they must not be listening at all. As it stands now, I'd be surprised if they got to the point of filing a recall petition. If they do and nothing changes in the interim, failure looks like a strong probability. I won't be signing the petition if it gets to that point as it appears to me that the ultimate goal of this group is getting Hal Daub another shot at the office.

Anonymous said...

Terry has a good point, Tom White can't take credit for balancing Nebraska's budget.

For one, he refused to vote for cuts the Governor suggested to balance said Budget and it only go balanced on the back of the emergency fund due to the FACT that it is state law that the budget must be balanced.

Opps, I guess that was 1 and 2.

Lee Terry is right to have written a Bill for a balanced budget amendment at the federal level.

This amendment would accomplish multiple things.

A balanced budget amendment to the Constitution would not only require the Federal Government to NOT exceed its annual spending commitments except for funding a declared war or National Emergency, it would also REQUIRE the presenting of and passing of said Budget which has not happened for at least the last 4 years under Nancy Pelosi's "leadership".

Ben said...

You're only bringing up the "Bike Czar" to besmirch the good name of the Nebraska Athletic Department! I know what you're doing! I know about the holograms!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:06- your message is somewhat diminished with build vs. billed. BUT it is a point well taken!!!!

Suttle and White are peas in a pod along with Pelosi and Reid. All of these pea pods are known as the weed species "Obama Weed", whom are a deviant of the Liberal order.

Anonymous said...

Unfotunately, White's "Independence for Nebraska" adds are striking a cord with people. My stepdad watches Fox religiously, and is a hrd nosed Republican, but was considering voting for White. He asked me to convince him why to vote for Lee..I told him because White would be a vote for Reid/Pelosi..he said to me No, hwhite is an independent." I explained to him then that White is dem and the whole message of his a vote back for Lee and away from nancy/Harry.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:02- That is the way we are going to win this race for Terry. We all need to engage our family members, neighbors, friends, and those around us. All we need to do is put some light on who Tom "the Liberal" is. He is a Trail Attorney, which in it's self should be enough to show people is true allegiances.

I spoke with a couple when at an outdoor venue. We spoke for a few moments about this and that, and when the opportunity came I shared with them the "Real" Tom White. Right then and there we snatched 2 more votes out from Mrs Pelosi.

With all of us working together with a common message of showing who Tom White is, and what policies he supports, and his nasty temper, we will block his attempt to hijack voters from Terry.

While Terry is an incumbent, warts and all, he is better for the 2nd CD and AMERICA than Tom White!

Anonymous said...

Terry Lee is a career politician. Before following in his dad's footsteps and entering the political arena in 1991, Terry was a . . . Trial Lawyer. Terry remained a trial attorney until he was elected to a full time political position.

He is still a member of the National Association of Trial Attorneys.

Warts and all, he is still just a toad.

Anonymous said...

America is a lot of different people. If you want a congressman who will represent what America is really about and what it really stands for you will vote for White. If you want some one whose head is in the past and does not believe the way most Americans do about justice and civil rights and economic rights you will vote for Terry. It is that simple.

Anonymous said...

Tom White does not represent the America I love and cherish. He is about government control: first starting with health care. It is my decision to putrchase insurance, and my decision on my health care./..not the government's. It is not the business of government to bail out corporations..let capitalism work and let them fall under providing room for smaller, more financially stable companies to flourish.

Finally, Tom White is not pro life. And as far as I am concerned, that is a huge issue...if people can have such a disregard for life in the womb, what does that say about their disregard for life after birth?

I'm not sure Lee has done enough in Washington to make me happy, but he is the better choice.

Rob said...

I sure hope people get distracted with the Hal Daub talk. Frankly, I dont think he could get elected anyways. He left the Qwest debt, has had the backing of the fire union and it was people's dislike for him that partially got Suttle elected. Vokal or Borgeson would be much better choices.

Right Wing Professor said...

What's 'elusive' is any evidence of balance in Don Walton's 'reporting'.

Notice the only item he singled out for mention was the only number that isn't completely bad news for Nelson: the favorable/unfavorable numbers. That's our Don; he makes the Leaning Tower of Pisa look like the Sears Tower.

Anonymous said...

Thought it was Lee who cursed in the DC crosswalk and Tom was a trial attorney on the trail of beating his foul-mouthed opponent.

Anonymous said...

You Republicans complaining about the one democrat in the press in the state of Nebraska. If you can't get enough conservative talk and news . Let me remind you that you have the rest of the Newspapers in the entire state of Nebraska including the biggest the Omaha World herald. You have FOX news. You have 90% plus of talk radio. So stop complaining. It is amazing that any democrat gets a vote. Their must be a lot of smart voters who vote for democrats to get through all of the BS of the republicans.

Ricky said...

I don't know of any difference on reproductive rights issues between Mr. White and Mr Terry.
And what that has to do with a position in the United States House of Representatives.
Roe V Wade is the law of the land and no back-bencher in the house, Republican or Democrat, will change that fact.
Besides circulating the falsehood that the new health care law provides tax payer money for elected abortions, Terry's new lap dog uses the old tired cliche "ObamaCare" again.
How dumb does the Terry campaign think we are?

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

You Republicans complaining about the one democrat in the press in the state of Nebraska. If you can't get enough conservative talk and news . Let me remind you that you have the rest of the Newspapers in the entire state of Nebraska including the biggest the Omaha World herald. You have FOX news. You have 90% plus of talk radio. So stop complaining. It is amazing that any democrat gets a vote. Their must be a lot of smart voters who vote for democrats to get through all of the BS of the republicans.

Walton the one Democrat in the news biz in Nebraska? ROFLMAO.

Is Fox News really in Nebraska anymore than, say, MSNBC is in Nebraska? If you throw Fox into the balance sheet, you ought to have MSNBC in there as well. And CNBC. And CNN. And NBC/ABC/CBS.

And, if you're going to throw talk radio into the balance sheet, you need to include Hollywood and the recording industry. Who on the right is there to balance against Ted Danson and Allan Alda and Woody Harrelson and Bono and Rosie O'Donnell and Jeanine Garofalo and Madonna and Sean Penn and ... (etc. ad nauseum.)

And it's not just Don Walton in the Nebraska press. Not real familiar with the Omaha writers, but name a single reporter not on the sports pages of the LJS who is NOT a liberal.

Colleen Kenney? Cindy Lange-Kubick? Nancy Hicks? JoAnne Young? AJ Lukaitis? Libs. All of them.

Anonymous said...

Ricky, don't just make bald-faced assertion. Back it up. You say it's a lie to say that Obamacare allows for public funding of elective abortions. Prove it. "Does not" isn't gonna cut the mustard (but if that's all ya got, I guess you go with it, huh?)

Anonymous said...

ANON 4:05 Do you believe your own lies? The OWH is really a very conservative paper. Read their editorials. Look who they back in elections. Has for Hollowood and music. Have you listened to country music recently? Very right wing. How about the NRA very right wing. This country and state is being smothered by the right wing press and attitudes of their rich social elites. I guess dominating more than 50% plus of the media is not good enough for you. Maybe if you get control of congress you can get some nut like Palin or Beck or Newt to be put in charge of the Dept. of Propaganda, right wing style. Or just leave it the way it is. No difference either way.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4;11 If you ever read the new law or the executive order the President signed on abortion you would know that there is no paid for abortions by government funding in the new health care laws. Getting your information from FOX or talk radio just does not cut it with people who know how to read.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if Roe v Wade is the law of the land...a person's beliefs correctly reflect their views on everything. And, Congress does approve Supreme Cpurt nominations so they do have a say in what happens about the Constitutionality of Roe v wade.

And although Obamacare may not actually spell out that it would pay for abortions, there is the chance that funds could be co-mingled. I do not want ANY of my taxes going to abortions.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:11

Please show me where in the bill it provides federal funds for abortion services.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:38

I don't want my tax dollars going to illegal wars, nuclear armaments, torturing people, or teaching my children that evolution is just one idea.

Anonymous said...

ANO 4:38 I am tired of my tax dollars going to the super rich to buy over seas companies . I am tired of my tax dollars going to corrupt leaders that we have to support in foreign wars. I am tired of seeing my tax dollars going to build a fence on our border with Mexico. I could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

ANON 4:38. Since 1980 a republican was president 20 of those 30 years. They controlled congress 18 of those 30 years and they controlled the Supreme court 30 of those 30 years. So why is abortion stil legal if the people who are against it had the power to get rid of it? Why? I will tell you why. Abortion will always be legal. 100 years, 250 years from now it will be legal. Abortion is just a big scam by right wingers to stir up rhetoric and get voters who really don't know that much about law, etc to vote against their own economic self interests and give rich people tax cuts. In others words they are FOOLS!

Ricky said...

Obama was so leery of the accusation that public money would go toward elective abortions, that he signed an executive order barring public money for the procedure.
I don't what more the anti-choice people want.
And, it's the Senate that approves Supreme Court appointees, not the House.
Besides, I continue to wonder why people like Rep Terry are so eager to court people like Rita, whoever that is.
Most people, Nebraskans included, want women to have access to safe and legal abortions.
It think it is wrong for politicians like Mr White and Mr Terry to throw roadblocks in front of women who choose abortion.
Look at LB 594, an absurdly written law even Jon Bruning could not defend.
Politicians like White and the rest of the Nebraska Legislature were so eager to prove their anti-choice credentials they barely blinked at signing off on silly bill like 594.
Nebraskans were not behind LB 594, it was a small group of pro-lifers whom the Legislature let influence them.
Eagerness to court the right to lifers leads politicians to act irrationally.

Anonymous said...

White (what kind of racist name is that!?!) was the biggest, nastiest bully in the State Legislature -- ask anybody who worked with him. A stone-dead far-left Democrat who won't even take the basic donkey label today. Guess it's true: Bullies are cowards.

Anonymous said...

You know I am tired of Liberals. Our problems go back to Liberals and their civil rights programs. First they let the color people be in the military and now they want to let the gays in. We had a good leader in George Wallace who tried to tell the truth and stop it. But a liberal shot him. Then president Reagan put in a lot of good work to silence the hippies and such but he is no longer with us. But now we got the Tea party and Glenn Beck and Sara Palin . They are great leaders and they won't let the Kenyan Obama run wild any more. So maybe there is hope still for our great country.

Anonymous said...

So I just received a call tonight from the pollsters asking questions about:

1. Suttle
2. Police Union
3. Fire Union
4. Jerram
5. Stothert
6. Daub
7. Nabity

And some total push questions about what would change my mind from wanting to recall Suttle, like the rich guys behind this, the landlords mad about code enforcement (like there are any inspectors left) and that Hal Daub was behind this whole thing.

I think a certain Mayor is getting nervous......

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:15 your a nut. I hope the republicans on this blog call him or her out. i doubt it though. They may not say things like that out loud but they believe things like that.

intersted said...

Polling by Suttle. Hmmm..that means his consultants Gary and Ace are on the case!

Millard Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Street Sweeper said...

Millard Resident:
That's enough.

Anonymous said...

Well Republicans does ANON 8: 15 speak for you or not? I and the democrats think he is a NUT. Street Sweeper no deleting? Very sad.

Street Sweeper said...


The savvy L. St. readers know that 8:15 is a Troll, and not worth their time.

And we reserve the right to delete comments -- especially when said comment has been the same, off topic, completely unrelated comment over and over and over again.

And the only reason you can see that it was deleted was for me to make that point. (Otherwise it completely, magically, disappears.)

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Street Sweeper said...

Or, if you're asking why 8:15 wasn't deleted, I would say it's so all can see what the Trolls are up to.

In any case, thanks for reading.


Macdaddy said...

Ricky, that EO from Obama is worth only the paper it's printed on. The Obama Administration subsequently approved high risk insurance pool plans in Pennsylvania and New Mexico that included elective abortions. The federal government is currently funding Pennsylvania's to the tune of $160 million. You are now paying for abortions in Pennsylvania.

Either Obama signed something he knew would be completely ignored or his minions are completely ignoring him. Either way, Obamacare is allowing the federal funding of abortions. Of course, I wouldn't expect Keith Olberman or Ed Schulz to let you know about that little bit of subterfuge.

Anonymous said...

I too don't want to fund wars in other countries...we should be protecting our own country first. I too hate that corporations send jobs overseas, but with killing taxes and union demands, what else are they supposed to do? Evolution should not be the only concept taught. In fact, I think the US Dept of Education needs to be abolished, we should get vouchers for schools so I can send my child to a school that teaches creationism..I don't get that choice.

I remember when the anti-lifers really pushed that the abortion procedure was a CHOICE, now they think it is a RIGHT. If a woman CHOOSES to have her ELECTIVE surgery known as abortion, she can pay for it. Period. Not with my taxes. That would be like me asking taxpayers to pay for my lipo suction...Lipo is not illegal, it is a choice and I should be able to have the same access to it as wealth Americans.

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper do you believe the same thoughts as ANON 8:15? So don't delete it. Call them out and say they are wrong. Unles you believe they are right. I think most republicans think the same way as Anon 8:15. They just don't put it on paper all the time.

Anonymous said...

8:858 Send your child to one of those nutty churches that does not believe in evolution and thinks man rode on the dinosaurs. You will get plenty of creationism there. While your at it. There is still a Flat Earth Society to get information from.

TedK said...

MacDaddy, from

Q: Will all legal abortions be covered by federally subsidized health insurance policies in state "high-risk pools"?
A: No. The Department of Health and Human Services says the only abortions covered will be those in cases of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is endangered.

As usual you take a suspicious item and post an outright lie. Par for the course when you're a Republican. Google the FactCheck post for the complete story.

Anonymous said...

Everyone on here would like to think that anon 8:15 is an oddity but there are polls showing that half of all Republicans believe that President Obama is a muslim or was born in another country.

RWP (who doesn't vote) has made claims that Obama's birth is 'mysterious'. Is there anyone else on here who believes that Obama is a muslim or isn't a citizen?

Anonymous said...

If the doctors that perform abortions and the nurses and reception staff that assist them believe that abortion is a right and should be available to any woman or child that needs and wants one, then why don't they do them for free.

Carhart has become wealthy doing nothing but traveling a couple state region to perform dangerous abortions. He has more than one property, horses and private lessons and such.

I wonder why all doctors don't do abortions? I know many doctors that only have one home and live a comfortable life. Heck, if they did a couple abortions on the side once a week, they could be rich. I wonder why so many doctors refuse to perform abortions?

I am still waiting for someone to provide me with anyone that has had to work along side or across the table from Tom White that thinks he's a decent guy. Heck, many of his wife's coworkers don't even like the guy and she works at a bank (which is weird because she is also an employee of his law firm?).

Anonymous said...

I believe that while Obama was a child, he had opportunities to experience a variety of cultures and religions.

I also believe he is a US citizen. I believe he lived a fairly privileged life with his grandparent and attended private schools his entire life. I also believe that his grandparents raised him to be a good man and that if his mother had raised him, she would have screwed it up immensely.

I do not believe he has the ability to speak for anyone that is not in the solid middle class and above, because he has never lived that kind of life.

He should accept that he was a child of privilege and quit trying to hide who he really is.

Besides, the only people I know that take separate vacations ANYWHERE, let alone the coast of Spain, are really rich people.

Anonymous said...

"Obama's birth is Mysterious"...That is because Obama is the Savior...Free Health Care, Free Mortgage, Free Gas, Free Healthcare.

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:52 Obama is middle class. His grand parents were from Kansas . Yes they raised him in Hawaii. But they still had those middle class values of some one from the mid west. Yes Obama went to elite schools. He had to borrow a great amount of money to go there along with the scholarships he earned. He was still paying off college loans while he was in the US Senate. He did get rich off the books he wrote about himself. Nothing wrong with that. But saying he was like George Bush and came from an elite back ground and knows nothing about the regular guy is not true.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anonymous above and he paid hundreds of thousands less for his Modest Home he bought from Tony Rezco. Wasn't Michelle appointed to a hospital board in which she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yup, the Obamas are true middle class people

Anonymous said...

Obama grew up in Hawaii because his mother, who was 18 when he was born, lived with her parents and because her father was stationed there in the military. He went to a private high school only because his grandfather was personal friends with the headmaster. Like Obama says in his memoirs "my first experience with affirmative action had nothing to do with race."

Obama's mother died from cancer in 1995 and spent the last weeks of her life arguing with insurance companies.

Although someone saying that Obama is an elitist child of privilege is a refreshing contrast from the other claims made about him, it's simply not true.

Anonymous said...

Who are Praire Strategies? Ace's new gig? Ron's new employer?

Why would anyone be worried about Jerram except for those that have to listen to his constant grandstanding that lets forth with little more than spittle?

Anonymous said...

@9:02...Nutty churches??? God created the earth.That is not a nutty church belief: the Catholics, Jews, Protestants etc etc all accept that. Man rode dinosuars? You are REALLY off base with that onwe...have never heard that. Flat earth? God made the earth round.

Call "creationists" nutty all you want, but I'll take the Bible and the truth of God over anything else. No need for further discussion!

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:38 Your right.I don't see any Republicans making a stand against the racists and in correct information that ANON 8:15 put out. It shows to say that we know know most republicans are what we thought they were.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:54 there is a Museum in Kentucky that calls it self the Creationist Museum. They show exhibits of men riding dinos. They say the earth is only 4500 years old. They base everything on their study of the Bible. Sounds nutty to me. Nothing wrong with main stream Christians. I am one of them. I believe in evolution. So do most people. Christian , Jews, etc.

Anonymous said...

You're right...that is nutty! Either they are smoking the wacky weed while reading the Bible, or they have their OWN bible.

Anonymous said...

When the left wing nuts started making claims that Bush was somehow involved with the 911 attacks the leadership of the Democratic party denounced their ridiculousness. When 50% of the Republican party believes Obama is a muslim or isn't a citizen, where are the other 50% to denounce this ridiculousness? This tells me that there are no leaders and no decency in the Republican party whatsoever.

Grundle King said...

Anon 4:26 wrote: "...Has for Hollowood and music."

Hmmm..."has for"...where have I seen that before? Could it be? Bud Pettigrew lives?! Sure looks like his political slant, and his inability to properly execute the phrase "As for..." makes me glad he didn't teach English.

As for his other points...

Country music right wing? Yes...but country music only accounts for about 10% of album sales...whereas genres like alternative, rock, metal, and rap (which lean liberal) combine for about 55% of album sales. So although country music may be right-wing, the music industry, in general, leans left.

The NRA is very right wing? So defending the Constitution is a partisan issue now? Interesting. BTW, the Humane Society of the United States is very left wing. PeTA is very left wing. Name a right-wing counter to those organizations that even comes close to their size and lobbying power. Let's not ignore the fact that the opponent to the NRA, the Brady Campaign, is very left-wing.

State and country being smothered by right-wing press? More the 50% of media. Where do you get (a) such a far-fetched idea, and (b) your 50% figure? BTW doesn't the President appoint Department heads?

Your fear of all things not-liberal is amusing, though incredibly unfounded.

Anonymous said...

I see Bud is back posting as anonymous at 4:26 sounding as stupid as ever. "Has [sic] for Hollywood and music. [sic]"

Bud, did you even read my post?

No, you couldn't have. Because you would have seen where I said I wasn't really familiar with OWH writers.

Your post is rubbish (as they always are.) It's so dumb, it's hard to respond to. The NRA is conservative? Sure, I suppose, but what does that have to do with media outlets? Country Music is conservative? Oh, like those Dixie Chicks? You still haven't met my challenge of naming anyone on the right who balances against all those entertainment industry leftists. Sure, there are a quiet few who don't get involved in politics much. The ones who are political typically are all Barbara Streisand and Susan Sarandon.

Conservatives have radio and that's pretty much it. And that's because radio is more market-driven. Shows succeed if and only if they have an audience. If no one listens -- like Air America -- they don't make money and they don't stay on the air. If people wanted to listen to liberals, there would be an audience for it and there would be talk-show hosts waiting to fill the demand. There's just no demand.

And, speaking of your theoretical Dept. of Propaganda, would that be like the Federal Gov't threatening Ins Companies that if they tell it how it is and blame Obamacare for upcoming premium increases, that they won't be allowed to participate in the insurance exchanges?

Bud, you're a hypocritical, uninformed dufus.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that the commenter at 8:15 (now deleted) was truly a Republican is an idiot or worse.

Clearly a democrat troll posted that and the others claiming that the deleted post reflects how Republicans really are, well, they're also democrat trolls.

Anonymous said...

I took out loans also, and so did my husband. Guess what, my children will take out loans too. Ours are paid off, but not by writing a book where we establish ourselves as drug abusers in order to get the shock factor rolling on the book sales.

Neither of us could have afforded cocaine when we were in our youth. How could Obama afford it?

Bud said...

You know I have not blogged on here in months. Too much hate on this blog But I wish I had said some of the outstanding things people think I have said.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Democrats! Good job killing the Johanns Amendment.

My advice to small businesses: Don't file the 1099 for the computer you bought at Best Buy or the cumulative cost of toilet paper and toilet bowl cleaner for your small business next year.

If the IRS can't figure out how to make Presidential Cabinet Members pay their taxes, they will never be able figure out how much TP you are buying at Costco or Walmart!

Anonymous said...

Our current healthcare system is a job killing debacle and will get worse without reform. Toyota has begun moving their North American manufacturing facilities to Canada because they'd rather deal with the labor onions and larger government than deal with our delapitated healthcare system. If you don't believe me google it.

Anonymous said...

I googled it, only thing I found was an article about moving manufacturing out of Japan because the rising value of the yen is increasing the costs of the car.

Anonymous said...

I googled it. There was an article about how cheaper foreign cars are than American ones. Because they don't have to pay the insurance costs of their workers. It is cheaper to build cars in Canada and ship them to America.

Anonymous said...

And you want hard working Americans to learn to stand in line to get their health care needs met?

You are right, this Health Care Law is a debacle! And no matter how hard Republicans try to make it better by trying to repeal the most Jack Ass components of the Law, they won't be able to change it UNTIL America gives them a majority in the House and Senate that will force President Obama to work with ALL Americans, not just FOR some of them.

Anonymous said...

On a different subject, has anyone ever asked Anne Boyle if she plans to recuse herself from any and all votes that may have potential impact on or for any person or entity that donates to the Meister for Governor Campaign?

I mean, I know it is basically a moot point, but how do people feel about telecom and and transportation businesses in this state donating to Meister to get favorable votes from Boyle? As I understand it, she completely controls the Agenda for the Public Service Commission meetings and has, in several instances refused to even allow a vote to take place until she can control the outcome of said vote.

Anonymous said...

Amen to 4:06

Anonymous said...

4:06 pm: Spoken like a wannabe lawyer.

Macdaddy said...

TedK is right. I'm wrong. After approving the Pennsylvania plan that would have provided funding for elective abortions, and after a letter from John Boehner seeking the details of said approval, the Obama administration back-tracked and said, "Oh, no. We would not have really allowed that. Especially now that we know people are watching."

We should all sleep better now that we know that even though the default mode for the Obama administration is any abortion any time, with prompting they will deign to follow their own rules. Of course, they do fund some abortions so it is only a matter of time before NARAL files, and probably wins, a lawsuit opening up funding of all abortions.

Macdaddy said...

Anon 1:08: You left out the Speaker of the House wanting to investigate the funding sources of the 70% of Americans who are opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque.

Don Kuhns said...

Will conservatives ever stop whining about the so-called "liberal media"?

While it is quite clear that the Washington press corps does play favorites, the idea of a monolithic "liberal media" hasn't held water since the 70's.

There is no doubt that Barack Obama was the beneficiary of favorable coverage, but remember...

It was the "liberal media" that amplified every bogus Clinton "scandal" that Richard Mellon Scaife and his co-conspirators could dream up, no matter how ridiculous. This "death by a thousand cuts" worked, resulting in Clinton being impeached without public support for having an affair and (gasp) lying about it.

It was the "liberal media" that crucified Al Gore with nonstop manufactured "gaffes": "Invented the internet", "Love Canal", "Love story", etc.

It was the "liberal media" that took down Howard Dean with the help of some DNC operatives.

It was the "liberal media" that allowed the Swift Boat Pirates to hijack the '04 election.

Anonymous said...

Macdaddy and Geosuser, why don't you state publicly whether or not you believe that President Obama is a Muslim or if he is a legitimate citizen? Are you members of the flat-earth wing of the GOP?

Anonymous said...

Well I for one am voting for Tom Wite for goverment stuff. I dont work and my baby daddy dont got job ether. I fell like if we vote Tom whitt, theres more chance goverment will give us stuff so we can live. With guys like lee terry we mite have to get jobs and work. i woold rather have the goverment just give it to me Now if I run out of medicaid i have to have nother kid. tom wite and his democtras culd make sure we dont have to work no more.

Anonymous said...

Wow, must be an authentic Democrat at 11:08. Who else would say such things but an authentic Democrat?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am a authentic demcorat. and i wont a new car from predent Obamas stash. just like he promised whan he was running to be predisent. i want my part of stimulus deal. wheres my goverment check? I want it now.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am a authentic demcorat. and i wont a new car from predent Obamas stash. just like he promised whan he was running to be predisent. i want my part of stimulus deal. wheres my goverment check? I want it now.

Anonymous said...

Well, see there. Must be an authentic Democrat. She said so herself. That proves it. Just like what we all thought all Democrats are like. This is proof. Clearly.

GeosUser said...

I'm sure President Obama is a US citizen. While I have reasons to doubt the depth of his religious convictions of any sort, if he claims to be a Christian then he is. I also think he is a radical leftist that hates America's traditional culture and capitalist economy. He learned those views from birth from both his father and mother. I also am convinced that he carries deep psychological issues due to the trauma he experienced in his childhood being abandoned by both his parents.

NE Voter said...

I would add one fact to Don Kuhn's remarks: The Republican Congress that impeached President Clinton did the impeaching . . . wait for it . . . in the lame duck session.

Talk radio and cable show Hatriots are already pushing the talking point that "Democrats should pledge not to do anything important during the lame duck session if they lose control of the House."

I'm sure most of you agree that the impeachment of a President, without the support of the majority of the American people, is a pretty important thing.

So, in the unlikely event the Democrats lose their House majority, I don't want to hear a single one of you b---h if the outgoing Democrats act aggresively in the lame duck session.

Anonymous said...

Well said Geo.

As far as that "genuine democrat", haha. You had me going until it became clear that you actually are going to vote for Tom White.

Not even my Democrat friends want to see him in office, ever, again.

Oh, and most of them are small business owners (you know, the ones with less than 20-30 peeps, typically around 5) and lawyers, who are small business owners too.

Tom White is just like the Democrats job killing Health Care Law-despised by most everyone that doesn't want your wealth redistributed. Frankly, if he wants wealth redistributed, then he should start with his own by paying his fair share and then moving on to pay the fair share of others-but definitely he should start with his fair share.

Anonymous said...


I hope all the savvy L. St. readers know that 11:08 is a Troll, and not worth their time.

Anyone who thinks that the commenter at 11:08 (now yet deleted) was truly a Democrat is an idiot or worse.

Clearly a republican troll posted that and the others claiming that the not yet deleted posts reflect how Democrats really are, well, they're also republican trolls.

Yes, this is a cut and paste of earlier comments (including SS) with the political parties reversed.

Anonymous said...

Whover the troll is claiming Tom White will give him more government handouts is not only a troll but is just not funny. He was probably a pretty shy person who nobody really thought was funny and had a hard time growing up making friends and talking to girls. I would intgerpret his understanding of politics and current events at somewhere around a 4th grade level.

Right Wing Professor said...

RWP (who doesn't vote) has made claims that Obama's birth is 'mysterious'. Is there anyone else on here who believes that Obama is a muslim or isn't a citizen?

By all means quote where I said Obama's birth is 'mysterious'. No, I'll save you the time. You can't, because you're a liar, both about the voting and the claim. And you're an anonymous coward, 9:38.

For what it's worth, I'm pretty certain Obama is a citizen. There are newspaper birth notices from Honolulu, etc., and I find alternate theories implausible.

I think he's deliberately not released his long form certificate for other reasons; basically, if you decline to release any personal information you're not compelled to release, then there is no way people can figure out what hidden information might truly be damaging. That's good game theory.

Is he a muslim? Well, I'm an atheist, so it's a matter of little interest to me. By some people's definitions he apparently is; by most he is not. It's not as if there is a single, universally agreed definition for muslim.

By the definition I was taught while I was being raised a Christian, he's a Christian if he was baptized and professes a belief in Jesus as the son of God. I understand he professes the latter. I have no information about whether or not he was baptized, and frankly, I don't care.

Macdaddy said...

Anon 11:06: I will state unequivocally that I believe Obama is a US citizen. I think he's purposely with-holding his birth certificate just to stir the pot because that's what any mature person would do. I will also state unequivocally that I take Obama at his word that he says he's a Christian just like I take any other pro-abortion person who claims to be a Christian. We will all have to answer for our sins one day and we'll find out who was right and who was wrong. I do not believe he is a Muslim. Muslims will never ever, ever claim to be Christians.

I also believe the Earth is round and revolves around the sun. I could not give a flying fig about either evolution or creationism.

Anonymous said...

Right Wing Professor, check out the blog called "Dems Invade Columbus" from 3:33 PM, July 25, 2010 where you described President Obama as a "slightly mysterious half black guy." Please tell everyone what you meant by mysterious? Anyone can see you are alluding to the questions if he's a muslim or if he's a legal citizen. You're busted, if not tell us what makes our President "mysterious" and the truth shall set you free.

Right Wing Professor said...

Yeah, this was in the comment which I began by suggesting that Democrats "...raise taxes and use the money to put ... political cronies on the public payroll" and "...rig union elections so millions of people who don't want any part of unions are forced to join them."?

The word 'sarcasm', it turns out, has its own wikipedia entry. It might be helpful.

Good grief, I'm going to start a charity to collect clues to donate to needy democrats.