Saturday, July 12, 2008

Richard Carter: Nebraska can't afford Esch

In a shocking move this morning, former Democrat candidate for Nebraska's 2nd District Congressional seat, Richard Carter, endorsed Congressman Lee Terry in his race against Democrat Jim Esch.

Carter's announcement came at Saturday morning's Nebraska GOP Convention in LaVista. Carter said:
I'm here today to tell you that this is one Democrat who is voting for Lee Terry.

I know both candidates for Congress very well. But only one candidate is advocating and proposing for the kinds of change that Nebraska families need, and that candidate is Lee Terry.

On economic issues, the difference between the two candidates could not be greater. Congressman Terry wants to cut taxes and reduce spending. His opponent wants to raise taxes and spend more.

Nebraska families cannot afford Jim Esch.
When Carter first decided to run, we noted that his economic positions were certainly more Republican-centric than Dem. And while he hit Terry on Iraq issues, his positions still seemed closer to a McCain than an Obama.

We wondered aloud here on Leavenworth Street why Carter didn't endorse Scott Kleeb while Jim Esch was endorsing Tony Raimondo. While to our knowledge Carter hasn't come out for Mike Johanns (yet), it's clear now that Carter may have realized where he could find the most common ground with his views.

While many Democrats have openly regretted not choosing Carter as their Congressional candidate, many Republicans may see him as a Republican choice in future races.


husk said...

Great job Richard. Now just switch parties.

One Out In The Third said...

There's been more flip floppin' going on this year than on the dock at the Annual Kearney Carp Fest.

lnk said...


Go Carter! Go Terry!

Go back to the Blujay, Esch--or, are you there right now?

target voter said...

WOW - It's an Obama Terry voter!

Anonymous said...

This is great! Richard Carter is smart, has held a job and served our country. He is supported the right guy. Thanks Richard!

ed said...

Well, at least Carter and Esch have one thing in common - they have both supported Republicans. Carter loves Terry and Esch loved Raimondo.

By the way, has Tony come back home to you guys yet? We can't find him. He SAID he was going to continue to support the Nebraska Democratic Party and Democratic candidates, but there's been no evidence to support that.

Tony? Are you out there Tony?

tyler said...

What a complete piece of shi'te. Little baby mad because he lost the primary? Boo hoo hoo Carter.

Anonymous said...

Careful now, Tyler and want to slander an AF vet, economist and professor?

Do you really want to do that--when the alternative is your guy (Esch)?

Esch has no accomplishments in life, he has no record of service to anyone, he hasn't had a real job for years, he lied to voters last time about his criminal record, he doesn't follow the rules (i.e. filig required reports weeks and months late), he plagiarizes and he hasn't offered a single positive proposal on anything.

Wish you had voted for Carter? You should.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Carter knows where I can get a transplant for my cat?

arlo said...

Thought it was funny the first time. Thought it was funny this time, too. However, you are wasting your time. Your humor goes right over their little heads.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure Richard would be saying these same things if he had won the primary in May. Bitter much Richard? If he thinks Lee is doing such a great job, why did he want to run against him?

I wonder what the Terry people promised him?

ed said...

Hoo boy! Right up there with Zell Miller and Joe Liebermann! What a guy!

asecurityguard said...

What a turncoat chickens*#t. Hope he changes to a republican, dems dont want/or need that. He reminds me of jon bruning, he was a dem once upon a time and a left wing one too. Carter is a whore just like Bruning, McCain and Romney. In fact if he does become a republican this might be for the better, he fits in pretty good with the other whores.

Anonymous said...

Security Guard,

Do you kiss your Momma with that mouth? I bet she is ashamed of you.

Anonymous said...

Um, asecurityguard, Bruning changed parties. Isn't that what you're criticizing Carter for NOT doing? Besides, what's wrong with being a whore? That seems awfully judgemental for a Democrat.

asecurityguard said...

Im criticizing Carter for being a whiny little cry baby. "I didn't win so Im going to urge me and my 5 supporters to vote for Lee Terry!" I criticized jon bruning for following the political winds, repubs were having a resurgence in this state when he conveniently decided to change political affiliations. BTW, i should have added Zell Miller to my list from earlier.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, dems sure have your panties in a wad over this one. If it is no big deal, why are you ranting on about it? Let's compare resumes between Esch and Carter. Carter HAS a job, has put his life on the line for our country, he's smart...I could go on and on...
Esch: Um, well, er...could someone help me out here please.

Anonymous said...

Anony, Jim has had a job since June of 2005. He has been running for Congress since then. Wait, he took a 4 month "break" from life to work on a cousin's wind farm in Colorado. Even Government jobs don't offer that kind of liberal vacation time!

I wonder who is really managing the "family real estate partnership" while Jimmy is campaigning non stop and taking "sabaticals" to Colorado?

By the way, ask a wife if a lie by ommission is still a lie. Ask a Boy Scout if a lie by ommission is still a lie. Ask a priest if a lie by ommission is still a lie. A lie is a lie is a lie. While we you are at it, ask Democrats for Life, if a lie by ommission is still a lie. I just hope there are not any more "lies by ommission" from Camp Esch-wait, I lied, I do hope there are more!!! LOL

Anony too!

carter said...

Well, Jim still has yet to file his FEC report.

lnk said...

The Esch campaign wants to act as if the FEC report issue is 'no biggie'. Everyone here can be the judge.

1) The FEC wrote Esch on May 13 and told him his April Quarterly numbers were "incorrect". They told him to file a completely new report by June 13.

2) As of this morning Esch hasn't filed the new report. It is now 30 days late.

3) On Tuesday, the July Quarterly reports are due. (This is the one Esch's campaign says will 'beat' Nancy Thompson's 04 numbers. We'll see.)

4) Unless Esch files a new April Quarterly report and then a new pre-primary report BEFORE he files the July Quarterly, his numbers will be off again--and he's inflating his cash beyond what it really is.

That's the issue.

Esch campaign---> What's the problem?

Richard Carter always filed his reports on time.

Anonymous said...

No one even knew who Carter was before what? Was it February of this year? And then the voters didn't even care what he had to say about anything. Does anyone really think they're going to care what he has to say now?

Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT!!!! LOVE it! Thank you Carter. You have guts. I'm sorry that the same Dems that formerly lifted you up are now putting you down. I'm sorry they lied to you, but I'm PROUD of you. That takes courage and conviction of character. Both qualities we all know you had, given your service and commitment to country. You are doing the right thing, and for that, I applaud and congratulate you. We welcome you home.

lnk said...

Look at how Carter's 'friends' are now trashing him. I mean 'fair weather' friends.

go to Post is on the right side.

We will take Carter in a second if he wants to become a Republican. He is a man of honor . . . integrity . . . and accomplishment.

Carter will pull thousands of D votes over to Terry.

Anonymous said...

I can see how Carter endorsing Terry could create hard feelings on the Left side of the aisle...that's just human nature to ostracize those who dare to step outside the group. But those sentiments are in direct contradiction to the pronouncements of Our Lord Obama who has decreed an end to the politics of cynicism. We are supposed to move past the old labels of Left and Right and choose the ones we have been waiting for. Lee Terry is one of the chosen ones, chosen by the good people of Nebraska who look beyond labels. We didn't really wait for him, but that's beside the point. Those Democrats who don't get with the program and move past cynicism towards Change! Hope! risk the disdain of Our Lord Obama. And, you know, he's kind of a big deal.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lee Terry promised Richard Carter that he would listen to what he has to say and accept him for what he is.

1) An American Hero
2) An intelligent Econ professor
3) A man that wants to give back to a community that welcomed him as a military man
4) A young Conservative that has fresh ideas and should not be relegated to back burner while a lazy, egomaniac with a drinking problem spends a small % of his family's fortune trying to land a regular paycheck.

The Republican Party of Nebraska would do well to embrace this new breed of Conservative.

bigtentconservative said...

Just look at NNN and see how they treat a D. No wonder, the party numbers are so horrible for D's and they can't find decent candidates.

Furthermore, this is a-typical of the liberal, progressive, socialist movement of the daily kossack types. They play slash and burn with their politicians and candidates.

Look at how they treat Lieberman, Zell Miller and now Richard Carter.

Richard - welcome to the team.

If Esch had any smarts, he would have asked B. Nelson for help from the very start.

dembasher said...

The Democratic party reaps what they sow. Throwing young candidates out to slaughter.

ed said...

Amazing! Just freaking amazing! All you Repuglicruds are elevating Dick to godlike status after having only just recently ripped him a new one for being a poser. All it took for him to become your new saint is give you a little love. How much did that cost y'all?

My uncle, a Vietnam vet, says that's the kind of guy they fragged over there.

bigtentconservative said...

All you progressive D's had a chance to get a serious candidate to challenge Rep. Terry. Too bad you settled for someone who has no real world experience and still has yet to file his FEC reports.

Carter is to be respected not only for his service, but the level of his views and the way he has developed those views. I might disagree with a few of those, however, I can respect him.

This is not like most of you name-calling, progressive types. When people like Richard go against the party and stand up for their beliefs. You don't care and call them every name in the book.

Big Tent Democrats?? I culd laugh all the way to the bank with that one. The tent is getting smaller all the time, with your type of democrats.

lnk said...

Ed 11:23: Thank you! Another vile, obnoxious comment from you, on the record no less.

You are practically begging the Republicans to hold a newser where they say: "Look at how the left-wing faction of the Democratic party is treating one of their own. Now we see what they think of an outstanding veteran who has served his country."

Keep it up, please! Give us more paper for the newser.

bigtentconservative said...

As a veteran myself, I could not ever be a D because of the way they treat those who serve.

I have ssen nothing but vile, ugliness and utter hatred toward those who serve.

Come on over, Richard where you will be respected.

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight. We should respect and revere Richard Carter for turning his back on those who helped him try to run against Lee Terry just two months ago, but be disgusted by Chuck Hagel who has served Nebraska for years as a Republican just because he takes a different view than you on the Iraq war?

Richard Carter is the second coming of Christ, but Chuck Hagel is a traitor?

Got it. (I guess.)

Anonymous said...

The last Anony sounds like a little girl defending her Momma.

When does the Fall Semester start at the UNL Law School, or will you be skipping it for your really important candidate

Anonymous said...

Just left the NNN blog, I refuse to comment there, they are all "I hate everyone and everything" morans.

If Richard had gone and talked to Congressman Terry, he would have realized then, as the Terry folks did immediately, they have a LOT more in common, than not. Instead, the Dems (as they have for the last several cycles) found a sacrificial lamb that they could put their label on even though the label doesn't fit.
If you really believed in him, then you would have encouraged Richard to break into Nebraska Politics by seeking lower office and working your way up. Upon an unsuccessful candidacy, you would not have tried to sucker him into a going nowhere position at your County Party. Everyone knows that being a Party worker is VERY RARELY the path to elected office (just ask Matt Connealy!) You were so desperate, you did not care what happened to him and you rolled on with your own agenda. You got what you deserve and our Party,(hopefully, he will come back to the Republican Party)will get a phenominal future elected official that we can watch rise through the ranks of elected office.

As far as Lee Terry's RFAI and Amendments on his
FEC account, call the FEC, they will tell you that that is how the process is suppose to work. They find an error and you file an accurate ammendment. You discover an error on your own, you file an accurate amendment. The FEC is not about assessing fines and arresting people, they exist to oversee filings for the benefit of the American people. However, they do tend to get pissed when you repeatedly screw up your reports and fail to correct them in a timely fashion. They also don't like blow offs that don't bother to file reports that they have been informed they are required to file, until it is politically necessary. If you are waiting for the FEC to fix it for you, they will be happy to oblige. They will come down on your office out of nowhere, audit you like you've been evading taxes your whole life and fix all your errors-including the one you thought you got away with by carrying debt from a closed committee into a new one. Most attorneys would advise their clients to "settle out of court" not continue to ignore demand letters. I am shocked that Jim is not advising his Private Investigator Treasurer to file correctly and quickly.

Lastly, feel free to try to show the 2nd District constituents what an evil law breaking politician Lee Terry is. It will be a waste of the Esch Family Fortune, but it will give the people of the 2nd District something to laugh about! Lee Terry breaking the law, he would be afraid to get caught-it is called pride in one's name and accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

On one of Jim's financial disclosure forms it says his earned income was $10,000 for 2007. Doing what? Babysitting? Working one day a week sacking groceries? I mean, I don't know a single person with a Law Degree who only makes $10,000 a year. GET A FRICKIN JOB JIM! Hell, anyone home. Newsflash: people work, some families have a mom and dad that BOTH work, have a house payment, car payment, daycare...they work their butts off. For the life of me I don't know what you do or how you spend your time. What experience do you have again? I know, I know you have a law degree (that you've never used) and windmills are cool...but what else ya got man?

Anonymous said...

$10,000 earned income in 2007? I thought he said in his WH interview that he was the "Managing Partner" of his family's real estate partnership. Surely the "top doggie" in the office should make more than that!

Maybe there should be a category called "Unearned Income" for all the Trust Fund candidates!

I want to come back in my next life as a Trust Fund Adult! LOL

Anonymous said...

Has Jim really had a real Nebraska Job? Does he have the Nebraska values of hard work, self pride, and self worth? Looking at his employment resume it doesn't look like it.

Jim has the trust fund been working for you? Doesn't seem like Nebraska values to me!

Way to go Carter! Looks like the Vet is showing courage again and again. Dems are looking like the same old party trashing someone that might think independent.

Anonymous said...

Clap on Clap off... The Clapper!!!!

bigtentconservative said...

The D's have been taken back so far, they do not know what hit them.

Wake up to reality. You all are acting like a bunch of whiners.


Anonymous said...

This is huge!! The only thing that would be bigger is if Ralph Nader dropped out and endorsed McCain - that would certainly put him over the top. Or, maybe Steve Laird will come out for Esch.

If you forgot, Democrats looked at Richard Carter (who couldn't raise jack to run for office) and gave him an amazing 18%. Have fun with that!

tinybubbles said...

Well, if we take the numbers from the last race and Carter gives Terry extra votes. Terry wins by a landslide and Esch is gone from politics for good.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Didn't Abbie Cornett change over to the R side of the isle?

Anonymous said...

Where are all the Dems now? Looks like they ran back into their holes! Maybe next election... Wait.... This is Nebraska where the Dems are even Republican. After Esch loses for the second time he is done in politics. He would not even be able to run for city council.

Has anyone found the clapper? Has Jim? Someone should ask him! He'll know what your talking about!

Anonymous said...

The United States we are governed by laws and these laws should be respected! The American public deserve elected officials that respect the laws that our democratic officials create and pass. It looks like Esch has not done that!!! DUI, FEC, and wait I heard that he was kicked off the Creighton campus arguing with a police officer. Is he allowed back on campus yet?
I wonder why he got into a yelling match with the police on the Campus of Creighton and then was tld he was not welcomed back? Was he drunk again?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:26 pm. The reason I can no longer stand Chuckie Hagel is the way he treated General Petraeus. He voted for him to take over forces in Iraq and then tried his dead-level best to see that he failed. Unfortunately, Chuckie's ego would have required that Americans paid the price with their lives. So I don't care that his ACU ranking is over 90. I don't care that he is a Republican. I don't care that he is a Nebraskan. What he tried to do was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. And BTW, I have yet to hear Hagel apologize to Petraeus for treating him so shamefully. I believe he called him a liar, and yet events have shown Petraeus to be honest and brilliant and Hagel to be a self-serving toad. Thanks for letting me rant.

Anonymous said...

LOL...what bothers me most is that someone running for office thinks it's a good idea to "endorse" another candidate. WTF is that??? People, seriously, get a grip! These candidate's should worry about their own races.

Further, who cares who Richard Carter endorses. He's got ZERO credibility anyway.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Terry will finally accept Carter's leadership challenge. According the the OWH, April 29, 2008...

Jim Esch is drug-free.

That was the result, made public Monday, of a test Esch took after his opponent in the 2nd District Democratic congressional primary challenged him to prove that both are drug-free as they campaign for the U.S. House.

Carter also challenged Terry, the five-term incumbent, to sign the pledge.

Terry will consider the idea, said his campaign manager, Dave Boomer. But Boomer also questioned whether a pledge should be a campaign priority.

"It strikes me that with all the serious issues facing this country, to be attacking each over drug tests seems fairly ridiculous," Boomer said.

Anonymous said...
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