Thursday, July 01, 2010

Nelson is IN for 2012

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson announced on KLIN this morning that he WILL run for re-election in 2012.
"I'm raising money and at this point in time I think I'd have to say that I'm going to run."
(Last ten seconds of the podcast here.)

Can't get much more definitive than that kids.

Cornhusker kickback.
Dave Heineman. (Jon Bruning?  Stenberg?  Osborn?  Etc?)
The holograms.

Nelson doesn't care. He is wading in.

Consider it ON now.


And for you National Democrats throwing your $.02 into the Nebraska Democrat waters, ask around to see just who exactly could challenge Ben Nelson in a primary.

Bob Kerrey?  Scott Kleeb?  Mark Lakers?

We're dying for your wisdom here, because the Dems have so many choices in the Cornhusker state....


Anonymous said...

Gooooo Stenberg!!!

GeosUser said...

Wow! Talk about not knowing when it's time to retire. I can't imagine that the Benator hasn't already stolen enough money from the taxpayers to live in style on his turkey farm. Oh well, it will be good for Nebraska's economy to have good old Ben waste a million or two of other peoples money trying to get reelected after the Cornhusker Kickback and his crucial vote for Obamacare. Can anyone say "Senator Heineman"?

macdaddy said...

I guess I was wrong about Nelson not running. Oh, well. A fool and his money are soon parted. I really ought to get into the campaign industry.

Shoe Salesman said...

The reality is if heineman were to run against Nelson the comaprisons would be based on the office they both have shared - the governor's office.

So let's take a look:

Nelson balanced the budget every year he was governor (as the law requires by the way) and Deficit Dave can't seem to do it without the federal government's state welfare he asked for but then railed against.

When Nelson left the governor's office he turned over a surplus and a $300 million rainy day fund. Whne henieman leaves the governor's office all he's leaving Nebraskans with is a bill for a billion dollar deficit.

Nelson presided over the largest expansion of Nebraska's economy in history. He seeded and fostered the renewable fuels industry. He fended off federal government intrusion on education.

Hieneman rallies with the tea baggers against big government and against tax hikes while simultaneously signing begging for a federal bailout for his budget. When Nelson was governor, Nebrasa was state. With heineman as governor Nebraska is a welfare state.

As for "obama care" the polls are trending favorably for it - just as many had predicted. People are seeing the benefits instead of believing the lies. Obamacare will be a positive in elections across the country by the time November rolls around.

Heineman is going to be just another vote for the Republicans in Washington who think BP deserves an apology and that the financial crisis that has cost millions of Americans their jobs and homes is no more significant than an "ant."

Senator Nelson can hold his head up high knowing that what he has done on every issue he's faced in the Senate was an effort to put Nebraska first. Even the "kickback" was an effort to look out for Nebraskans' interests. the NE GOP thought the nuke waste lawsuit was an achilles heel in 2006. It wasn't. There wont be one this time either.

NE Voter said...

Love it.

Heineman/Bruning/S. Osborn/Stenberg will eat each other alive in the primary.

How about Lee Terry (lol) or Fortneberry?

Everybody knows that Ricketts still wants the gig.

And don't forget about ol' Hal Daub.

Pass the popcorn.

Street Sweeper said...

If Heineman is in, all the rest are out.

If Heineman drops, then you might get your wish.

But whoever comes out there, STILL gives a battle to Nelson.

NE Voter said...

If he runs, Heineman will be walking into a trap. Shoey nails it.

Has Heineman ever had a job for which his paycheck wasn't paid by the taxpayers? Ben has.

If he did defeat Ben (exceedingly unlikely), Sheehy would be forced to agree to complete the remaining term and not seek election in 2014 to clear the way for Bruning.

Then the question becomes whether Bruning is challenged in the primary. Personally, I don't think Bruning has much shelf life remaining. He knows it, too.

So, does Shane Osborn take him on the primary? Here's one to ponder: Mike Flood. Flood is obviously the new Golden Boy in the OW-H's eyes (They say he has things like "impressive vision").

Given how obvious Bruning has been about waiting for a shot at the governor's office, I think Flood could take him out.

Gonna need more porcorn.

buck turgidson said...

NE Voter...

Yeah Ben Nelson has had gigs in the private sector - in the insurance industry! That's a real winning issue for him.

So you go ahead and talk about Benator's time in the private sector, and I'll talk about Dave Heineman's time defending our country as an Army Ranger, and we'll see how it comes out in the wash...

GeosUser said...

Let's compare Nelson and Heineman as governor of Nebraska. The Benator unilaterally pulled us out of a multi-state compact for the construction and operation of a low level medical radioactive waste storage facility. The other states sued NE and won. The Benator cost the taxpayers of NE $100 million with that smooth move not counting the impact of missing out on the construction investment and the permanent jobs it would have created.

Anonymous said...

Two years out, what else is Nelson going to say? When push comes to shove, he's going to opt to "spend more time with family."

macdaddy said...

"As for "obama care" the polls are trending favorably for it - just as many had predicted. People are seeing the benefits instead of believing the lies. Obamacare will be a positive in elections across the country by the time November rolls around."


Oh mander said...

Ben has a shot. The sky didn't fall after the healthcare legislation passed, and the financial reform bill is headed for passage after all. I'm not saying he'll win, but the anti-Nelson sentiment has subsided in recent weeks, and there is still plenty of time for the leftist and centrist voters to forget why they hate him.

Benita said...

Ben is just trying to remain relative.

Buh Bye Ben

Reality Check said...

A couple of “inconvenient facts” for those dreamers out there. Forget the comparisons of what Heineman and Nelson did or didn’t do. The electorate tends to be myopic unless you really step on their last nerve (which Nelson has done).

Consider the following in NE:
Heineman Job Approval – 69%
Health Care Opposition – 64%
Nelson UNFavorables – 39%

As if Health Care is unpalatable in NE, Nelson’s more recent support of gay’s openly serving in the military (while popular with the ‘enlightened liberals’) doesn’t fly in rural NE.

Nelson is just posturing to keep others out and draw Heineman into the race. He has ‘ZIP’ chance of getting re-elected no matter his GOP opponent with those types of numbers and stances on unpopular issues ‘back home’.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

Bahahaha... Stenburg is one of the few that Ben Nelson would clobber for sure. You wanna deliver the election to Nelson, run him or Ricketts again.

Heineman is a pretty sure win though... Fortenberry probably a good bet too.

Anonymous said...

Some of us left wing Democrats feel so betrayed by Ben Nelson that, if he is still in the running come 2012, we will be campaigning against him. There is talk of a resolution being prepared to call him on the carpet at the upcoming state convention.

Replying to Reality Check - we have a gay serving as the rural third district county chair in Adams County. So why would anyone be opposed to one serving in the military? Get over your homophobia and come out of the closet.

A Veteran said...

Anon 1:16

By 'we' one can only assume you mean the DEMs. The military is not a testing ground for 'social engineering' and that is the way Nebraskan's see it. This, along with the demeaning rhetoric used (as you illustrated to Reality Check) is why your party can't win a statewide office.

NE Voter said...

Buck, yes, please set forth the details of Heineman's service.

I for one would love to hear it.

NE Voter said...

Buck, please be sure to detail where Heineman was stationed and what his specific duties were.

Anonymous said...

Reality Check -

Ben Nelson won't face re-election until November 2012, by that time the Reality of health care reform will be apparent and voters will know that the smear and fear campaign paid for the the health insurance sickness profiteers was flatly false and they will remember who facilitated them.

SurveyUSA found that in 2006 Ben Nelson was the most popular Senator in the Senate. I can't wait to see Nelson make a bafoon out of another hotshot right-winger like he did Ricketts.

TedK said...

Where have I heard that argument before, Anon 1:39?
The military is not a testing ground for 'social engineering'
Oh I know. It was the same argument used when Truman integrated the military in 1948. Glad to see Republican consistency. But it would be nice to see you move out of the Dark Ages and into the 21st century.

GeosUser said...

Which one of the Kleebs will chanllenge the Benator for the Dem nomination in 2012? Maybe with a big donation from Tony Raimondo to jumpstart their campaign???

buck turgidson said...

NE Voter...

From the Governor's official bio...

"The Governor is a native Nebraskan. He was born in Falls City and grew up in Fairbury, McCook, Benkelman and Wahoo, where he graduated from high school. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1970 and served five years in the U.S. Army, rising to the rank of captain. He is also a graduate of the Army's Airborne and Ranger Schools."

So...there's that.

NE Voter said...

Buck, I'm interested in the details, not a blurb from a website.

What did he do for those 5 years?

What were his duties?

Where was he stationed?

Did he serve in Vietnam?

Did he request duty in Vietnam?

What decorations did he receive?

You know, that kinda stuff. Anybody?

US Army said...

NE Voter,

Why are you so concerned where the Gov served? I think you are showing just how narrow minded you are. I suspect if he wants to let you know you should have the balls to make an appointment with him and ask him face to face. This whole bit of yours is wearing thin.

Oh and ya know if the Gov decides to run he will he will win.

Anonymous said...

Is Heineman even old enough to have served in Vietnam?

Anonymous said...


THANK YOU! Your comment about the far right fearing fairness and progress is exactly on point and I absolutely agree.

One Out In The Third said...

Forget Stenberg...Heineman...Bruning and any other of the pretend "top dogs." Line the guy that flosses his teeth with a chainsaw...Mike Foley...up against Nelson and let someone with not you Benny...represent Nebraskans in the Senate.

Nelson is an embarrassment.

NE Voter said...

Hey, U.S. Army, aren't you even slightly bit curious about Heineman's service. I mean, so many of you conservatives tout his experience as an "Army Ranger."

Let's discuss it. Will not a single one of you bring forward the details of Heineman's military service?

If not, why not?

Gerard Harbison said...

Great news:

Nelson in the race will discourage potential alternative credible Democrat candidates. ( I know, I know, but it COULD happen). And he'll be a steady, easy target for incoming fire.

Ricky said...

If Heineman or any other Republican chooses to run against incumbent Nelson they better bring a boatload of cash.
I think Governor Heineman would give Benny a run for his money, but why should Nebraskans support the Gov if he leaves halfway through his second term to run for the Senate?
Heineman would lose a lot of votes from people who are resentful of him by abandoning the job they elected him for.
I predict Nelson will win re-election to the U S Senate.

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see. The current governor will never make a pledge to not run for Senate in 2012. Everyone that is paying attention knows that there is a possibility that Heineman may run for Senate even if he wins his reelection this fall.

They will not hold it against him, they knew where he was all along.

Now, if Ben Nelson were stupid enough to attempt to throw his own past in the face of a well liked Republican Governor in order to continue to get Republican voters to vote him back into office after the skewering we all took because of the stake that Harry Reid gave him in the Cornhusker Kickback, then Ben Nelson will deserve the ass kicking that this fine state gives him.

Oh mander said...

The state democrats - both the actual party as well as the voting block - don't have another viable candidate. That said, I predict that there will be the usual coalition of nose-holding voters that will vote for Ben. It happens every election in this state. Every one. 2012 will be no different, so he still has a chance.

Dayton Headlee said...

Nelson becomes irrelevant the second he says he's not running. He'll pull a Hagel and delay, delay, then bail.

Jamie said...

Wasn't there some poll a few months ago essentially saying Dave would spank Ben if it were those two in 2012? Doesn't something like 65% of Nebraskans disapprove of Obamacare? If the latter is true, which I believe sounds possible, Ben has some serious work to do to counteract his yes vote!

A Liberal Democrat said...

Ben Nelson is done. Stick a fork in him and move on. He's pissed off enough Democrats that his support in the party is questionable.

Heinny has nothing to fear by leaving the Governor's mansion to run for Senate in 2012. Mike Johanns has quit every position he's held to move onto something bigger.

I may not vote for Heineman in two years, but I sure as hell ain't voting for Nelson.

Army Training Sir! said...

NE Voter or should I say Dumm mas.

Gove Heineman was born in 1948, you can at least do the math right? Oh and a grad of the US Military Academy in 1970...... were you stoned, or not born yet to fully understand what was going on in 1970?

Judas Priest, get a clue and at least pick a policy reason to disagree. Then say exactly what it is you would have proposed, how you would PAY for it, the implications to the varrious entities around the state. Oh and don't foreget how you would ensure all the beloved "entitlements" could be maintained whilst not driving business out of the state. Because you obviously have such a great handle on economics and could figure a way to get 1.65 million Nebraskan's to pay for the thousands and thousands of road miles to maintain, and keep all the schools funded, and the "Entitlements" going. And again not worry about having only 1.65 million people to pay the bills. Oh and keep the farmers happy, and the list goes on.

Nope I doubt you can balance your checkbook, and most likely either pay nothing in taxes or very little. Yet you want great roads, top notch MEDICAID, K-12 schools, cops at your beckon call, free food for all the children, free mass transit........ oh and no increase in YOUR tax bill.

Go pound a person in the Army does, graduate from Ranger School, a Fantastic Military Academy, run and get elected to a city position.....

Oh wait it's you we are talking about. Never mind, just keep howling like a lib with no Real Experience.

Anonymous said...

This is laughable. Governor Dave's critics who want to know where he was stationed while serving in the US Army as a Ranger conveniently ignore the fact their boy, Earl Benjamin Nelson, didn't have the stones to serve in the military.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

If there was any dirt to be found on Heineman's military career, Osborn would have found it in his op ed research.

Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson turned 18 in the year 1959, when there was no draft and no war for that matter. The mentality back then was people enlisted when there country needed them, and 1959 wasn't one of those years.

Dave Heineman turned 18 in the year 1966, which strangely enough was the peak of Vietnam-era conscription. Heineman found a way to be guaranteed off the battlefield for 4 years (longer than the length of WWII) and never saw combat. Jimmy Carter was accused of the same thing by joining the Naval Academy during WWII, what's good for the goose is good for Deficit Dave.

NE Voter said...

Army Training Sir: You are a fool.

I usually refrain from name-calling, but you are too big a target.

I engage in political debate on this website. You apparently wish to avoid the issue I have raised. I assume there is a reason for that.

West Point provides a fine education. No quarrel there.

I am simply asking what Heineman did after he received his commission.

You seem to have a problem with that.

macdaddy said...

NE Voter: nobody really cares unless you are claiming to have done things that you didn't. I believe it was 1992 with the election of William Jefferson Clinton, quintessential draft dodger, that the American people said military service didn't matter. It certainly doesn't matter to the good people of Nebraska who elected and re-elected Ben Nelson, a man who didn't think it was worth his while to join the military. But good luck going after Heineman's military record. I suggest, however, that you contact his office. I'm sure that they'll be happy to supply you with the pertinent info. Heck, maybe you could even see if he'll release his full military records.

Let us know what you find out.

Army Vet said...

NE Voter:

If you want to chase windmills it's fine with me. Heineman graduated West Point, served five years, and seperated from active duty with an Honorable Discharge. How Scandalous!! What do you possibly seek to find from a day-to-day accounting of his time in the Army? Are you going to make an issue out of every time he got out of Fire Watch or KP? But stay on this point, it will only highlight his Honorable service compared to Nelson's nonservice (Eagle Scouts don't count). Which begs the question why are you not asking why Ben Nelson did not serve?

Anonymous said...

I believe NEVOTER is onto something with Guvenuh Dave. These are the sort of details that voters have a right to know, especially in light of his website representations. What is he or the posters who don't want his service records and history exposed afraid of?

Anonymous said...

NE Voter is on to a lot of nothing. I'm sure the Gov would release his OPRs if asked (unlike John Kerry). I, for one, am not afraid of what's in them and I doubt the Gov is either.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that there's anything scandalous about Heineman's service other than him dodging the draft, which a lot of people including Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney did. The military was the very first of his taxpayer funded jobs making up his taxpayer funded career that continues to this day. Heineman probably knows a lot about the free market and private sector, I'm sure he's read some books on it.

Just because the Democrats candidate is a fool doesn't make Heineman any smarter.

Gino said...

Anon @ 10:25:

Dodging the draft? Are you kidding? So attending West Point is the same as hiding out in the UK, smoking tree, and making statements that you "loathe the military?" That's the worst spin I have ever heard and show's how desperate and, quite frankly, stupid some of you libs are.

Anonymous said...

Bruning must be drooling. Someone asked about a month ago why he was hiring so much staff for having no opponent? He's a consummate politician. I'd love to see Shane Osborn throw his hat in early. Why allow Heineman a coranation?

Anonymous said...

that would be coronation. Or, whatever it is when royalty is crowned.

Macdaddy said...

Mmmmm, Crown Royal. Has the weekend started yet?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:45

OPRs only are the officer's performance reports. As you well know, that is only one very small part of the military service records. Partial Disclosure is no disclosure. We want them all.

Zoomie said...

Anon @ 11:28. Do you know what you are talking about? Ever had an OPR, or seen someone else's? Any negative points about performance or conduct would most certainly be on an OPR. Not only that, they would identify every duty assignment and their inherent responsibilities. So I am at a loss as to what you are looking for and it's clear no answer will satisfy you. But again, keep on this point, it will only help Dave.

Former Has Been Candidate for Gov.... said...

Anon 1128

Obviously you are upset about that guy who was running against the Gov dropping out of the race.

Oh and by the way Nordquist why don't you just say whats on your mind?

Anonymous said...

And maybe, we will find out what Bob Kerry really did in that village in Vietnam. See, 2 can play at that game.

Now, I am going to go get cleaned up after rolling in the mud with you all.

Anonymous said...

several people that should run in 2012 for Nelson's seat:

Heineman or Tom White (should white lose this fall)

or Mort Sullivan (he will run for anything). maybe Sandra Jensen of Omaha Public schools will run since she wont be likely re-elected in 2012.

I could see Fortenberry or Smith running for nelson's senate seat also.

Solomon Kleinsmith, your heavily into politics and know a lot about politics, have u ever thought about running for office (even for local office?)