Monday, July 19, 2010

Dems find a "someone"

First to start your Monday morning, a little Separated at Birth for ya...

New Nebraska Democrat Gubernatorial candidate, Mike Meister, and the late, great, John Candy!


When we first saw (on Saturday) that Meister had reserved the Scotts Bluff County courthouse for an announcement, we knew that he wasn’t there just to announce his announcement at a later date. (a’la Chuck Hagel’s Presidential aspirations...)

So of course we went immediately where anyone would go for the latest 411: Meister's Facebook page.

But Meister had clicked up the latest privacy settings on his page, and now one can only see the most basic info.

Which is why we copied it last week.

Here’s the thing. If you are thinking about running for office -- or even if you’re not -- at least have your page private to only your “friends”. Just a suggestion.

So what do we learn about the REAL Mike Meister from that last bastion of internet honesty?

Relationship Status:
It's Complicated

OK, we can dig that. We won’t dwell.

Mike Meister Why do women think that telling you your a great guy or your a nice guy blunts the effect of flaying you open and laying you bare? Anyone...? don’t really know Mike.

Mike Meister Ever had one of those days where it just felt like "Crap on me day"

Is that, like, a request? Or an observation? In any case, we’ll just say that, yes Mike, we too have had bad days. (We don’t always go public with said...crap...but you get the gist.)

Well, sure. Who didn't?

Mike Meister How did I get home last night?

January 17 at 11:17am

Not usually the thing you want to hear out of your candidate...

Mike joined the group Mike's Time Is Now!! Boyle for Governor 2010!!

If only Mike M. If only...

So there ya go, readers. Mike Meister, as only his Facebook friends know him. If you want to know the rest, and how he really was planning to run for Governor all along, and how awful he thinks DH is, and his plans to change Nebraska...well...maybe you won’t find all that on the news.

But we wish him good travels across the state. (And would suggest a driver.)

We will likely have more on Meister after his announcement at 3pm today.


The quarterly fundraising numbers are out for the Congressional races.

In NE-2, we wonder what the DCCC will think of Tom White's showing. One usually expects a targeted race to build up its fundraising numbers as the campaign progresses--but White is going in the other direction.

FEC reports show White raised $150,000 in the first quarter of 2010 but then dips --$140,000-- in the second quarter.

We wonder if come autumn, the DCCC and the rest of its partners will have their attention pulled to races where they are playing more defense than offense.


You may have noticed that the comments section here on Leavenworth Street took quite the bounce in the last few days.

Crazy enough, it coincided with the establishment of “Bold Nebraska”, the Jane Kleeb led group which plans to reintroduce liberal Democrats to Nebraska -- apparently one comment at a time. (You get the impression they cut and paste from Daily Kos a lot...)

You see, Bold Nebraska has a paid staff of at least six -- and another four or five who get invited to the after-hours parties, and well, they have clearly found their voice here on Leavenworth Street.

It is good to know that Mrs. Kleeb, who used to be found on Fox News and MSNBC and the Hawk and Dove and Tune Inn, now finds joy for herself and her staff here on L. St.

Heck, we welcome other voices.

It would seem however, that Mrs. Kleeb is not so welcoming.

How else to see her pique -- nay rage -- at the new competing ultra liberal group on Facebook, Boulder Nebraska. Boulder Nebraska has staked out positions supporting Arlen Specter, Joe Biden and the combined ticket of Obama-Pelosi-Tom White.

But Kleeb doesn’t like the cut of their liberal jib. And she has attempted to silence Boulder Nebraska from their Facebook readers.


Well, for one, Boulder Nebraska has asked about the funding of Jane Kleeb’s group, Bold Nebraska.

(Boulder Nebraska states that they are unpaid.)

It is an interesting question, seeing as Bold Nebraska has become an arm of the Tom White for Congress campaign, providing him with “trackers” to stalk Lee Terry (and his family).

And Bold Nebraska has provided talking points on many issues against Terry and Governor Dave Heineman and various other liberal causes on different websites, etc.

Which is fine -- except that is usually the purview of the political parties. The ones who have to tell you who is giving them money. And, generally, how it is spent.

Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska have invented a way to avoid all that nasty reporting, etc.

Well, that’s interesting, huh? Wonder if the MSM will follow-upt?

In the mean time, it’s good to know that SOMEONE is making a decent wage to write on this blog...


And just to throw this out...we are hearing rumblings about a possible "special guest" for the Connor Oberst concert/protest of the Fremont law on 7/31.

We'll just say that our info is sketchy, but that said-special-guest was born in Brooklyn, has run for President and has hosted SNL.  And we can't for the life of us see why people would think he would be effective in Nebraska.

But if this never happens, fugeddaboutit.  If it does, you heard it hear first...


Keeping the faith said...

As Roman Catholic, I hope Mr. Meister is pro-life. What are his views on abortion.

Anonymous said...

Heinman the worst Governor in the USA. No doubt about it. None at all. So now Nebraska has a choice. But any one would be better than Heinman

Anonymous said...

Some very good reasons why Heinman is the worst Governor in America. Why Nebraska puts up with this clown is the mystery. Nebraska currently has the highest unemployment rate the state has had over the last twenty-two years. A recent release by the Nebraska Department of Labor showed that the state’s unemployment rate rose again in February 2010.

Much needed road repairs across Nebraska have been delayed because of an impasse between the Nebraska Department of Roads and the Federal Highway Administration.

A recent scorecard from the U.S. Department of Education’s “Race to the Top” grant showed that of the 41 states submitting applications, Nebraska ranked a miserable 39th. Consequently, Nebraska will not be receiving any fund from this program.

Heineman’s lack of leadership at Beatrice State Development Center caused the facility to lose $28.6 million in federal funding from Medicare and Medicaid, which is half of their annual budget. Forty-seven medically fragile residents were moved out of BSDC against the wishes of their guardians into hospitals in Omaha and Lincoln, and eleven of these patients died subsequently after they were moved.

Nebraska has a projected budget deficit of $660 million thanks to the leadership of Deficit Dave Heineman.

So you thougt you knew Dave Heinman? Well it can and will get worse if Heinman gets another crack at being Governor.

TexasAnnie said...

Seems like Roman Catholics in Nebraska would worry, at least a little, about those institutional killings out of Beatrice! I only hope the Governor's race will focus attention on the REAL right to life issue: Nebraska's developmentally disabled when taken into state custody...

Anonymous said...

Wow I knew you guys were heartless but I didn't realize that ridiculing a guy whose marriage blew up after 23 years and three children was even possible of you.

Mike Meister

GeosUser said...

It's good to see the Bold Nebraska toadies are up and at it bright and early today. The idea that some boozer ambulance chaser that no one has ever heard of...or wants to hear going to give Governor Heineman a serious challenge is laughable. My question is, how long before this bozo quits the race when he gets some serious scrutiny and the money dries up???

ttg said...

"Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska have invented a way to avoid all that nasty reporting." Jane ought to know better.

Al Gore invented the Internet. Joe Biden invented Iraq war strategy. And Jane Kleeb has invented a way to get herself into an orange jumpsuit.

Of course, that isn't what Jane is thinking. She is trying to use NE Dems to make herself points elsewhere, for its an obvious waste of effort here.

Jane Kleeb is going to use up NE Dems like toilet tissue, just like she used up her husband, and then when NE voters press "flush", Jane Kleeb will be leading Dem ranks elsewhere. She won't wait around to mourn you poor dupes.

Anonymous said...

Now for some comedy on the political scene. Sara Palin is whininm that a Muslin Mosque may be built close to the twin towers site in New York. Sara your such a student of the constution. Go re read that part abot freedom of relgion. Oh I forgot you only care about the guns part. Palin where is your concerns on the real issues, for all middle class who are suffering, no jobs, no extended unemployment, oil spill and much more? Palin is no where to be found among the middle class and their needs, now this Palin, is your concern? Why? Who are you really serving? Oneself election time? Cause a divide among all beautiful Americans? Not good? the works and words of Palin? I ask do not all Nations have their radicals? But one should not hold all accountable for the very few should they?

Anonymous said...

Mike Meister, you are crying in this blog about your marriage breaking up after 23 years. You say Street Sweeper is heartless for not considering that.

Mike, get in line and grow up.

Lots of people have failed marriages. Lots of people drive home drunk. Lots of people feel crapped on. But only you are so stupid, as both a lawyer and candidate, that you openly say all this on the Internet.

Why don't you just pull your pants down and show us your fanny?

Are we heartless? Sure we are. We are voters looking for unemotional good government and you want to be our Governor.

If you need to pour your heart out, see a priest or a shrink. As it is, people shouldn't be coming to you as a lawyer because you are emotionally unstable and more than a little stupid about what you put online.

The fact that you wrote your whining words on this public blog proves you double stupid.

Anonymous said...

anon at 7:02, you Bold Neb folks are up bright and early this morning. You have some issues with causation in your rant. Unemp in Neb is much lower than the nat'l avg. Perhaps we should thank Gov H for blunting the effects of the Obama admin's disastrous policies.

And if the Neb is so low on education, shouldn't we be looking to blame the folks who actually control the tax dollars and run the schools? If our schools suck, I have to think it has more to do with the teachers and their union than it does with Dave Heineman.

Anonymous said...

Lakers and Meister are the utmost in political wisdom. They are the road to victory. Nebraskans will vote for these men. Indeed, We the People will rise up and take control by electing these sage leaders. The People of Nebraska will throw off their awful shackles of pro lifeism and conservative outlook. The People of Nebraska will all reregister Democrat and ride the Party’s jackass. Oh yes, they will ride and ride that ass. Ride that donkey. Spank him to make him move faster.

Fantasy can be oddly arousing, don’t you think?

Anonymous said...

Again, who the F*&% is funding Bold Nebraska???

It probably is SEIU, Tom White and other lefty groups. I think we should file a complaint with the NADC about BOLD Nebraska not giving any information, not having registered as a political organization.

Come to think of it, I just might call today.

i cant stand libs said...

Again, who the F*&% is funding Bold Nebraska???

It probably is SEIU, Tom White and other lefty groups. I think we should file a complaint with the NADC about BOLD Nebraska not giving any information, not having registered as a political organization.

Come to think of it, I just might call today.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Meister, you can thank Jane Flemming Kleeb for the new tone of Nebraska politics. Her scorched earth politicing has created the current environment. Remember Mike Jane is out for Jane and you are fodder for her agenda.

Anonymous said...

I thought Chet Culver was the worst governor in America. Gov. Dave has a 65% approval rating. He must be really despised. Have fun Bold Nebraska Staff.

Right Wing Professor said...

How did I get home last night?


Here's a wager. No 'respectable' Nebraska political reporter will ask him what he meant by this. But Joe Jordan might.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Northwall got Jane to fess up to some of it over the weekend. She claims Dick Holland is one of BN's main financiers. Maybe he is a large donor but one imagines he's not ponying up the whole lot. He's got plenty of other causes he is keeping afloat.

Anonymous said...

Three children??? Thank God Mr. Meister you are a dem. Bold Nebraska will track your kids with cameras if you were a republican.

So Dick "Soros" Holland is giving Jane money. He thinks Obama is our savior...geeeze

Anonymous said...

Jane Fleming is the quintessential poser. Nebraskan she is not.

After getting hitched to Scott Kleeb, she suddenly not only becomes a fan of gardening and "hipster small towns" - she calls Johanns and Heineman names and attempts to import her eastern liberalism through "Bold Nebraska."

Bold Nebraska is funded by the ultra-liberal and Omaha millionaire Dick Holland who gives hundreds of thousands to liberal Democrat political candidates and now is financing this "non-profit" organization.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't not knowing the difference between "your" and "you're" disqualify you from being Goverrnor? I think it's even in our state constitution, somewhere near the back.

Stinky said...

Has anyone noticed how the Democrat brand here in Nebraska, if not nationally, has taken on the attributes of someone who just tangled with a skunk?

The once proud Democrat brand now has it's supporters abandoning their candidates.

Perhaps with some adult leadership the Skunks, Kleeb aka Bold Nebraska, will be removed. Then some intense rebranding over the next few years will return the brand to acceptable dinner conversation.

It's a shame what those skunks have done to the once proud party of the Democrats. Yet that is what happens when the fringe take over any group.

Be careful out there folks, you don't want to get any of it on you or accidentally step in some Kleeb. It's tough to wash off, even tomato juice won't get it clean.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how dems on this blog engage in projection.

They bring up Sarah Palin and try to bash her. Then, when Republicans respond, they whine about how Republicans keep talking about her. And who brought her up today?

And speaking of Palin, the Dems in The Neb bash her repeatedly and mercilessly, even to the point of ridiculing her husband, her daughter, her grandson, her future in-laws, etc. And then they have the gall to complain that only Republicans like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh take personal shots at a politician's family.

And here's more projection: they accuse Republicans of getting all their news from Fox, Beck and Limbaugh, yet they are clearly relying on Kos and Huffpo to tell them what to think -- including the talking point that Repubs get all their news from Fox et al.

Funny Dems.

Oh mander said...

You'd think he'd have the sense to clean up the Facebook page in advance of this announcement. Who is this amateur? Although that may be part of the strategy - Nebraska voters seem to really go for the unpolished, unaccomplished knuckle heads.

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Someone asked about Mike Meister's abortion views. Can't find a Nebraska Right to Life PAC survey from him in 2002 when he ran for AG. Since our Primary Voter Guide for that year showed Jon Bruning as the only endorsed AG candidate, one can surmise that Mr. Meister didn't meet the criteria for endorsement.

Pro-lifer said...

Does Right to life get involved in Hastings School Board races???? Just wondering?

Anonymous said...

I don't see why people are getting their panties in a bind over this bold group. Dem's are probably going to have their worst year in history in the Nebraska elections. No only will they not pick up a congressional seat, but they will also have a half ass campaign for the other major offices and most likely looks a couple of seats in the legislature.

Let them come on here and post comments. The facts and figures they have written about are skewed and leave out a big chunk of what is going on. They need to do it somewhere because no one reads theirs. New Nebraska only has dems on there. Hardly any Republicans go there. It was cute at first but that has trailed off. Kyle does a good job for his side, there just isn't the demand for it.

This entire election season is going to be a cake walk for the GOP minus the harassment Lee Terry's family has received.

Let bold be....whatever they want. It won't pick up enough steam to do any major damage. As for Boulder Nebraska, it does kind of hurt that a majority of the people that have subscribed to the facebook page are Republicans.....

Anonymous said...

When Democrats were in charge just a few years ago the Beatrice State Developmental Center was a fine, cost-effective institution providing quality care to our developmentally disabled citizens.

But under Dave Hieneman's watch it deteriorated rapidly, lost federal certification and federal funding and became an embarrassment to all Nebraskans.

So far, Nebraska has lost $50 million dollars in federal funding because of Dave's mismanagement.
So Dave what is your main goal? Are you a stooge for the super rich? Do you want to brag about how President Obama not you balanced the State budget? Or is your goal to see the proud state of Nebraska ruined? So far your getting all three of the above done.

Interloper said...

I wonder who the Dems are brining in to smoke the pipe at Oberst's Block Party?

Street Sweeper said...

Warning, that it is just a rumor to us at this point. Could be completely untrue...

Anonymous said...

Here's an important piece of information for the democrat stooges posting on here about problems at the Beatrice home hurting Governor Heineman's campaign. Nobody cares about the patients at the Beatrice home. That's why they are there in the first place. If significant numbers of folks really cared about the "severely developmentally disabled", they'd have charitable community based care available and wouldn't need a state taxpayer funded warehouse. It's a harsh reality but it's true.

Anonymous said...

Omaha needs someone to lecture the public about racism. Who better than Al Sharpton.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dick "Soros" Holland could help these people in Beatrice instead of giving money to Astroturfers like Jane Kleeb.

Tired of Rich Libs said...

Last I heard charity isn't donating a building where your buddies can watch the Opera at in Downtown Omaha. Yea I see lots of the homeless drinking wine and having caviar there. Before you have Jane Kleeb and Tom White pick my pocket Mr. Holland, why don't you give your money directly to the State and Feds.

Tax Advisor said...

For all you rich libs: You have until December 31, 2010 to avoid paying taxes on your estate. PLAN ACCORDINGLY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bold whatever is getting real old.
Could we please not give her the credibility of so much ink and attention? Who cares? If she were that could she could launch her husband's campaign for something.

What idiot thinking of running for public office posts on Facebook. An attorney no less.

Anonymous said...

ANON 1:45 you are a very sad person. What if one of those people had been your Grandmother? Or maybe you in the future. Very sad. I did not think even republicans could go so low. Does any other GOP people believe the way he does?

Right Wing Professor said...

Well, it's either Al Sharpton or Rudy Giuliani.

Since, AFAIK, Giuliani is still pursuing a political career, and might have some pull in Nebraska, it has to be Sharpton. I hope it is the antisemitic arsonist Sharpton. It's time this state saw that particular face of the Democrat Party, in all its ugliness, close up.

Shoe Salesman said...

Sweeper - love the Hagel reference.

Anonymous said...

Hey SS when did you become a voyeur getting on Meister'a Face Book page? Public or not. Your supposed to be a friend. Friends don't do what you did. But then you are a republican. Is any one suprised that a republican would be this low?

Street Sweeper said...


Prior to this weekend (as we stated in the post you apparently didn't read) Meister's privacy setting were such that ANYONE could read everything that he put up. I.e., you didn't need to be one of his FB friends.

It was as if he were writing in spray paint on the side of a wall in the town square. We didn't tell him to do that.

And we didn't take a look at his page until his name hit the news. At that point, he was certainly aware that people would be looking for more info about him.

Now go on back to the Daily Kos where your rantings seem to make sense.


Anonymous said...

Can any democrat on here kindly explain to me how it is that Republicans -- who are in the minority in Congress -- can "obstruct" any legislation, specifically the extension of unemployment benefits?

Second question: What did you plan to cut in order to pay for it? Remember, Pres Obama urged Congress to pass that "Pay-Go" bill requiring Congress to cut something from somewhere else in order to offset any new spendinng.

So, how're you going to pay for extending unemployment?

Anonymous said...

ANON 3:19 There are only 59 democratic Senators. They need 60 votes to pass budget bills. So the republicans with a minority vote can stop anything when it comes to budgets. They plan on paying for it the same way Bush paid for his entire 8 years. By borrowing. But in this case it will not be for war or tax breaks for the rich. But for the middle class who lost their jobs because of Republican screw ups.

Anonymous said...

The "tea partiers as racists" narrative continues on display among the kool-aid swilling segment of the rabid left wing. And black columnist Clarence Page had a full and fair opportunity to make the case on Jake Tapper's show this weekend and got completely owned by George Will on the subject. The best Page could do was say it was arguable that any tea partiers had done or said something racist. Will pointed out that re: the incident on Capitol Hill where someone supposedly used the N word, 4 networks on hand with camera and mics and no one caught it. Will pointed out a talk radio host has offered $100K to anyone with proof and the prize remains unclaimed.

Dems seem to forget that the initial accusation of tea party racism was the insinuation that criticism of Obama must be motivated by race. Then, it was Chris Matthews pointing out that tea partiers are mostly white. And I think that just morphed into the nutjob liberal base, which assumes all white conservatives are racist, believing they see racism where they expect to find it -- even though they really didn't look.

And that's how the tea party movement became seen as racist. Repeat something often enough ...

Dayton Headlee said...

Any person that can not use the correct "you're" should not be Governor.

Anonymous said...

If I send a friend request to someone, does that automatically make my facebook available to them also, or do they have to send me a friend request too?

Anonymous said...

Thou shalt not facebook if thinking about public office.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that Mike Boyle would support Meister at this point! It makes Boyle look good!

Nathan said...

Oh John Candy, how we miss you. So hilarious and he died far to soon. Same with you Chris Farley!

Anonymous said...

SS is a jerk for bring John Candy into this mess. How did you put the funniest fat guy in the same mix as Meister. You sir are a moron!!! Aside from that, Jane Kleeb needs to keep posting here, so I can read what she thinks, because there is no way I will ever go to Daily Kos, NNN, Or Bold Nebraska.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Can't decide if I would rather vote for Uncle Buck or Mr. Meister.

"Those aren't pillows!!!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Street Sweeper said...

Trolls, I'm putting my foot down.

This is a blog about Nebraska politics.

There are several topics about which you can comment.

If your comments are relatively close to Nebraska political topics, we will generally allow them.

But this veer off, where you pick your generic political topic -- bashing Reaganomics? -- doesn't fly.

If you want to talk about that, there are about a thousand other blogs where you can voice your opinion. Take it there. Not here.


Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Pro-Lifer 10:41 a.m: NRL PAC has gone into local races in Lincoln, Omaha and a couple smaller towns. Usually we go in at the urging of local chapter folks who want to do more than just issue an educational survey showing where all the candidates stand. So yes, NRL PAC could get involved in the Hastings School Board race or just assist our local chapter there with the generic C-4 candidate/issue survey.

Anonymous said...

It's cool for Reagan to get divorced and for Patty to be born 6 months after he married Nancy, 7 months before his divorce from his first wife was final, it's cool for Rush Limbaugh to be married 4 times, but Meister having a "complicated" relationship status is a scandal?

Anonymous said...


Bring it!! Jane will eat you alive just like Ken Haar beat Jim Jeffers despite you throwing all your hellfire and brimstone behind that race.

You become more and more of a partisan coward and imbecile everyday. You do absolutely nothing when pro-choice Scott Brown is to be honored at the NEGOP convention but you're toying with the idea of jumping into a Hastings school board race?

Do you believe anyone really takes you seriously anymore?

TexasAnnie said...

I take you seriously, Julie, because I know how powerful the Right to Life endorsement is in Nebraska! And just as that endorsement was so wrong in Ben Nelson's case, it is wrong today in the case of Heineman. Without even knowing whether Meister is pro-choice, I know by means of the Beatrice killings that Heineman IS NOT pro-life!

TexasAnnie said...

The first Anonymous comment posted at 1:45 p.m. yesterday very accurately depicts the condition of the Beatrice inmates. Which is not to say that the rebuttal posted at 2:41 is inappropriate. The 2:41 rebuttal demonstrates an incomplete idea, for it is NOT ONLY the GOP of Nebraska, but NEBRASKA WRIT LARGE when depicting NEGLECT of the developmentally disabled who are being warehoused at Beatrice.

TexasAnnie said...

...and who says the developmentally disabled should have to rely on "charity" anyway? What kind of mentality conceives that the least able among us must beg for their sustenance, while the most able shall be amply publicly rewarded with facilities, goods and services? What is the underlying ethic, here?

Bud said...

SS 10:32 I did not get to see the article bashing Reagans economic plan. But it has a lot to do with Nebraska politics. The modern Republican party comes from Reagan. His economic polcies are followed by most GOP politicians today. Including the ones who live in Nebraska. I remember the first 2008 GOP Presidential debate was held in the Reagean library. Those candidates said over and over that they were the heir of Reagan. The polcies of Reagan were the followed by President George W. Bush. All four elections that Reagan and Bush won the State of Nebraska gave their electoral votes to those candidates. I belive discussing what those Presidents and what others did including Clinton and Obama is part of Nebraska's politics. Part of this blog that I like is that as a Democrat I hear from very passioned Republicans why they believe and vote the way they do. I very rarely agree with that. But they have that right. I like getting after them and I am sure they agree doing that to me and other democrats. You are right that there are other blogs to go to to gripe about such items. But this is the best place to go and have Nebraskans read what you have to say.

SS this is your blog and you can do with it what you want. But taking away written items unless they are rude and really bad is wrong in my opinion. i hope you will restore what ever you took down.
If someone was to write that President Clinton's legal problems in the 90's is the reason we have a Bin Laden problem today in America which affects our Nebraska politics. They may be right. So it should be allowed.

Plus by doing what your doing just makes many Democrats like myself , believe more and more that the GOP is not ready to engage in any debate. We see that on FOX every day . You just like to say NO! Will we see it on LS?

Anonymous said...

Meister must be really bad if you endorsed Jon "life begins with brain waves" Bruning over him.

Street Sweeper said...

I haven't had my coffee yet this morning, so please take this in the spirit in which it is intended.

You generally write comments which are relavent to the post written, or at least a Nebraska topic. That's good.

But when others have cut and pasted their favorite "I hate this group/policy" rant here, which has nothing to do with the topic, then I have carte blanche to delete it.

Moreover, I have expressed that sentiment numerous times.

Couple that with the sudden influx of these Troll posts (gee, I wonder who they could be from???), and I have tired quickly of those who are trying to take over the comments section and turn it into the Daily Kos.

Nebraska politics is the theme, unless I say differently. Those are the rules. Once again, if you don't like those rules, there are literally thousands of other blogs where you can post your comments --OR, start your OWN blog!

(Now, onto my coffee...)

Bud said...

Thank you. SS for your thoughts. This is Republican blog and you have said that loud and clear. That is one reason why I am on it. I think you guys need to hear the truth. What you call rants. The daily Kos and Huffington Post both very liberal blogs allow just about anything to be posted. I always knew liberals well were more progressive in their thoughts and actions. Again nothing personal in this. We just agree to disagree. Has for me I like seeing the different "trolls" on board. So they find something that makes sense to them. Maybe people with different opinions need to read them. Nebraskans get very little exposure to a progressive view point. Especially the readers on this blog. Any way enjoy your coffee. I wish I had time to write more but I don't.

Street Sweeper said...


I am certain that you will find nowhere where I have stated this is a Republican blog.

And your "Progressives", or whatever they're calling themselves now, have the ability to comments all they want -- on Nebraska politics. The fact that many post comments on specifically non-Nebraska topics tells me they are simply cutting and pasting someone else's material.

Anonymous said...

Meister is going to be funny to watch. I love how he is out all over Heineman for is cutting state spending ideas.

OK Meister, not willing to make tough decisions to make cuts? Then tell us right now which taxes you want to raise to fill the budget gap?

It's silly season for these liberal Democrats. Jane Kleeb trying to remove another group that is actually not afraid to speak what they think? That is silly.

Come on Jane, you only want Boulder Nebraska to go away because they are saying what you really wish you could say.

Anonymous said...

Why did our Governor appoint Ginger Langemeier to a job she is not qualfied for? Has working for Jeff Fortenberry. made her an expert on energy? Again Heinemann appoints unqualified political cronies instead of people who actually know what they're doing. This was not right. Is that why Heineman is against a strong neoptism law in Nebraska?

Gina said...

"I always knew liberals well were more progressive in their thoughts and actions."

Man, you "progressives" have self-righteousness like some people have bad breathe. If only everyone was as enlightened as you, especially those stupid and closed minded conservatives. You don't even realize that you people are the most narrow thinking and lemming like people in politics. You are so insecure in your ideology that you are incapable of debating and have to demonize us as stupid, hateful racists and cast yourselves as the beacons of righteous thinking. It's a very Stalinst approach to political dialogue. As for the trolls, go ahead and post your propaganda here, it just reinforces my ideology. But I honestly don't know what you seek to accomplish by regurgitating your hateful diatrades on this site.

Pol Observor said...

I see Jane Kleeb (Bold Nebraska) is holding a pipeline summit using NET's facilities. I have a few questions, 1) Jane Kleeb is on the panel, what is her expertise in pipeline safety and for that matter any of the other panelists. 2) Who is paying NET for the studio? and 3)So is your group Jane against all of the other pipelines that currently exist in Nebraska and the Ethanol pipeline Lee Terry is proposing?

I await your response!!!!

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

11:49 p.m. For a local school board race that you're convinced NRL PAC will have no impact upon; you're certainly exorcised. First, I didn't say it was a given that we would go into that race; just that we could. (Someone on here asked about it, I didn't bring it up.) Second, you win some, you lose some. Participating in the process is something we've never shied away from but we do have to prioritize where and how we expend our energy and resources. (Jane will)Bolt Nebraska's ostensible C-4 entity has the right to conduct a "where the candidates stand on the issue" survey every much as NRL PAC has the right to endorse and/or survey in a local school board race. So let Bolt N bolster JFK's candidacy as best they can. It remains to be seen whether Hastings will buy it but that's the process and we are thankful that we have the ability to participate if we choose to.

Pol Observor said...

Oh one last question. usually intellectual discussions on important policy issues have balanced debate.

Here are the names of the panelists and whom they represent.

Speakers for the Summit:
Paul Blackburn, Plains Justice
Marty Cobenais, Indigenous Environmental Network
Duane Hovorka, Nebraska Wildlife Federation
Ernie Fellows, Nebraska Landowners for Fairness
Ken Winston, Nebraska Sierra Club
Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska

Seems like a pretty liberal list, any conservatives or anyone that disagrees with your stance on the pipeline????

One Out In The Third said...


I was thinking you should rename your blog "Leavenworth Bridge" because of the recent influx of trolls. I admit I can be trollish but I have tried to show restraint.

I particularly liked the "Bring it" post...that one should be up for your annual troll smacks of a Kleeb meltdown. "Bold Nebraska" Who came up with the "Bold?"...sounds like something they borrowed from Bill O'Reilly's "Bold Fresh." No originality points earned there.

Did Ms. Jane actually run against someone in the primary? I didn't see any results. She and Scott live in Hastings for a's a haven for Nebraska's fading hippies and liberals...has been for years...there isn't any small town cuteness in gotta drive to Dannebrog for cute. I would have said "Progressives" but Nebraska Dems are everything but progressive.

I'll be in Omaha the next two days...If I see you in the street or under the bridge I'll honk. I'll be one of the many in a tall pointy hat.

Anonymous said...

Texas Annie,
Why do the severely developmentally disabled need to "beg" for care? At the base it is survival of the fittest. Not so many years ago, there were no neonatal intensive care unit, neonatologists, NICU nurse practitioners, etc. There also was no well-intentioned but misguided government program to offer "free" care for any severely disabled that did
survive after birth but could not be cared for by family and friends. The same warehousing situations and systems were developed to "deal with" the mentally ill. The sad reality is these government run warehouse operations always end up providing lousy care. If you've never had the misfortune to spend some time working in one of those "warehouses", you have no idea how lousy the original idea of providing the warehouse truly was. I had the experience and it can still produce nightmares. Unless you have to deal with those "inmates", "patients" or "clients", you'd soon come to the realization that they would be much better served in a private charitable care program than in any state run taxpayer funded one. I make that statement based upon actually seeing the differences between the two and the significantly better care received in the non-state sponsored facilities primarily based upon the motivation of the people involved from top to bottom.

Anonymous said...

Ken Winston? Do an NADC search on that guy. He is the treasurer for pacs liberal organizations like the teachers union and trial attorneys create to hide their involvement while attacking Republicans.

Nebraskans for Responsible Government - Treasurer Ken Winston. Created in 2006. Teachers Union, Trial Attorneys and Transportation Unions funneled nearly $50,000 to support (by attacking their Republican opponents)liberal candidates (Annette Dubas, Tom White,Bill Avery, Norm Wallman and Lynne Anderson to name a few) for Legislature.

Citizens for a Better Tomorrow - Treasurer Ken Winston. Created in 2008, this is the 08 version of Nebraskans for Responsible Government. Labor unions, teachers union and trial attorneys funneled over $64,000 through this PAC to attack Republican candidates for legislature.

Citizens for a Safer Omaha - treasurer Ken Winston. Gambling interests and the teachers union funneled money through this group to help elect tom White in 2006.

This partisan hack should be no where near any panel discussing any issue.

Anonymous said...

This webcast of Bold Nebraska on the pipeline is astroturfing at its finest. It's a sham meeting with everbody having a script.

Farmers Friend said...

To the Press: Ask these Bold Nebraskans if they favor the Terry Ethanol Pipeline? This will help many Nebraska Farmers.

Anonymous said...

Failure to be accountable. Bold Nebraska is yet another effort by Democrats to bypass any public accountabilty for campaign activities. Just like Suzzy Buffett's million dollar voter registration and turnout effort in 2008 for Obama.

The people who scream the loubest about campaign finance refore are always the biggest offenders.

Show us your books Jane!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Gina at 9:58, you rock! Very well said!

Also, can we please drop the stupid and weak attacks on Julie Schmit-Albin over the Neb Repubs bringing Scott Brown in to speak at their convention? Seriously, that is about the lamest attempt to bash someone that I've seen in a long while. His views on abortion are completely immaterial to the reason he was invited to speak and he's not coming to talk about abortion.

To suggest that NRL should protest any keynote speaker at the GOP convention is just asinine. NRL is non-partisan and has endorsed dems like Ben Nelson. Why are you not asking Julie if she's going to protest the dem's keynote choice? Whoever it is who keeps bringing this up, you are just dumb.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Lee Clausen is going to run for NDP State Chair...AND NOBODY CARES!!

I sure hope BTO runs for state chair. I guess a couple of Vic's buddies are putting together a list of all the most idiotic things that BTO has said on the blogs and in person over the years, the most bizarre accusations, the "Best of BTO" if you will. I hope it all ends up coming out on the floor.

Oh mander said...

I can't believe I'm writing this, but . . .

Is anyone else tired of the Kleeb references? Every third comment is about them. If you really think so lowly of them, then pretend they are not there and maybe they will go away. The cheap shots just make you look insecure about their presence (cough) in Nebraska politics. I enjoy the discussions about Nebraska politics, not Nebraska tabloid fodder.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:54, AKA Kris P. I guess you shouldn't care because you couldn't win the chair if you had a million dollars. No one likes you at all. BTO Should run because at least that gives the Dems a better Chance to get rid of Vic Shifty Eye Covalt!

Right Wing Professor said...

I'd just like to say I enjoyed having the trolls here. While I welcome a real battle of wits occasionally, sometimes you just want the rhetorical equivalent of clubbing baby seals.

The real mystery to me is this; the trolls helped bump the last thread up to a cosmic level of 260 comments. How come they've never used their 'talents' to get new.nebraska.nincompoops beyond its usual level of 2 comments per post?

NNN never seems to get started except in one of the bimonthly Nebraska Democrat internecine blood-feuds.

Anonymous said...

"Protecting Social Security and Medicare
Tom believes that government should keep its promises – that why he opposes efforts to raise the retirement age and will vote to protect Social Security and Medicare. Tom will be a strong advocate for Nebraska’s seniors.

Seeing as how White supported the cutting of $500 Billion directly from Medicare, I can see how he has a typo on this issue. Not to confident or competent when telling a lie.

Anonymous said...

So who was the dumb Dem talking trash about Heineman being such a bad governor with such bad unemployment in "the Neb"? June figures are out and Nebraska sits at 4.8%, about half the national figure.

At least Heineman never got the state sued for bad faith for almist a quarter of a BILLION dollars. Hah!

Right Wing Professor said...

White's a moron. The full retirement age has been going up since 1983, and will continue to go up until 2027.

Surely he should learn something about Social Security before issuing policy pronouncements about it?

Anonymous said...

I'm a democrat who does not and will never support, Heinemann, and Bruning. I do konw Ginger Langemeier, she was not appointed just becasue she worked for Jeff Fortenberry, she is a highly intelligent individual, with years of policy and regulatory experience. The only two things that Heinemann has done right, appointing her as assistant director of agriculture and now director of energy. She will do a great job, as long as Davey boy stays out of it!

Anonymous said...

Tom doesn't worry about knowing anything about social security because his family makes so much money that the monthly SS stipend will just be purse change and his dad doesn't need it, he has a hefty judicial pension from the state.

As for the rest of us? We just want SS to be shored up and if that means raising the eligible retirement age by a few weeks over a 30 year period, then so be it.

Besides, the longer I work, the bigger the potential for my SS stipend.

And, yes, I do keep calling it a stipend because it was always meant to enhance one's personal savings-not replace the need for saving!

Anonymous said...

To 12:16PM today: Yes! A million or more times over. At least with Tiger you got a little golf.

itk said...

Yeah, that is the way to campaign for something in Nebraska. Bring Al Sharpton and his band of corrupt crooks and you have the makings of a fine protest.

TexasAnnie said...

Anonymous at 4:37 pm:
The state IS BEING SUED right now as a result of the Beatrice killings.

Anonymous at 10:38 am:
I appreciate your candor and I do believe your assessment speaks for most Nebraskans.

Relaxed said...

Well whatever happens on this board, I can rest knowing the D's will lose big across the nation, and not so big here in Nebraska, because they don't have many candidates or any who will win.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am getting a little sick of the deaths at the Beatrice Center referred to as murders. I can guarantee, that there is NO ONE is our state's government that wanted any of those patients dead.

I believe this was a case of trying to do what was thought to be wanted. And then reversing that decision when people freaked out about it.

I have to ask, if the families of the patients that died didn't like the way they were being cared for, why did they give them to the state in the first place? Why didn't they move heaven and earth to get them out of Beatrice?

Anonymous said...

Heinemann say he is pro life. But he lets people die in Beatrice. He then gets rid of pre natal care and some of those woman have abortions. But what does he and other republicans care? They were not rich people, they were not important people. They might not even be voters. Very sad that so any people are defending a leader like this. Some will do anything for a victory.

Anonymous said...

First Senator Johannas goes along with the charade that ACORN was crooked. He won. Then it came out that it was all one big HOAX. Did he take it back? NO. Now FOX news takes an edited tape to get rid of Shirley Sherrod another hoax. FOX news is the all star wrestling of all the news networks. They are fake. If Senator Johannas or any Nebraskan could watch that network after all of the information that has came out then they are hopeless. Fox News should be taken off the air. They serve no public good and their political bent is hurting our country. Sadly they are turning into the opiate of the masses. We need jounalistic accountability. After Jones, Acorn and now this.....Fox should lose their license.

Anonymous said...

Janey and her FAKE grassroots organization, Bold Nebraska, convinced the people at facebook to remove that other FAKE grassroots organization, Boulder Nebraska. Wouldn't it be nice if Nebraska's political parties could function without all this outside "help?"

Anonymous said...

Maybe the White House should lose their license. They fired Ms. Sherrod without even getting any of the facts. Maybe the NAACP should lose their license. They condemned her without even listening to her speech. Weren't they there when she was talking or do all the speakers just get ignored? Glenn Beck, on Fox News says she was wrongly fired. Now the NAACP is walking back their condemnation. Fox reports, the White House decided wrongly.

Brian T. Osborn said...

I just asked Jane about who is funding Bold Nebraska and I got an immediate reply, "... Our major founding donor is Dick Holland. We have four board members who all have donated and/or are currently raising money for Bold, they are all on our website for the world to see. We also have very small donors who give small amounts for things like t-shirts, yard signs, etc. And we have donors who sign up to be monthly donors. ..."

So, I guess we can put the controversy over that to rest. Va bene?

Ricky said...

Thank you Mike Meister for filing to run against incumbent Governor Dave Heineman.
Now the Democrats will have a platform to question the Governors policies, like how the state can run up such budget deficits with a Republican leading the Executive branch of the state and Republicans also ruling the Legislative branch.
It takes guts to run for office with people like the Street Sweeper ready to pounce on any stupid statement or facebook post one may have once made.
So my hat is off to Mr Meister, who I read is a Creighton University grad, a fine Omaha institution.

ricky from omaha

Anonymous said...

Palin has her "refudiate", Gina (9:58 AM, July 20, 2010) has her hateful "diatrades." Gotta love those GOPortmanteaus.

Nebraska said...

Bold Trolls, you won't run good people off with all your posts. You won't do anything but help the cause to throw all of you out at the polls. With every post you put up it only strengthens the resolve to get the voters out to the polls. Your just trying the old worn out tricks of the 60's. Go back and live it if you like but the tactics are not working.

See if you had any real courage you would identify who you are, but as always you are cowards. Nebraska never has, nor never will be bullied.

We will re-elect Gov Heineman, all 3 Congressmen, and will take even more seats in the Legislature.

You will lose at every turn. Winner take all will return to the state.

I will always be here, along with 100's of thousands of Nebraskans who won't responde to your tactics.


Anonymous said...

BTO, can't believe you bought that load of dung from Jane. She also claimed her group spent $117,000 on an ad against Terry last year. Turns out that ad was made and supported by the Sierra Club, who then marketed it out to targeted politicians in various states through astroturf orgs just like Jane's. She's also added her name to all other kinds of things they have done, with other far-left liberal organizations. She has to pull in, at minimum, $20,000 a month just to pay herself and her staff. If you really think she's doing that all locally, you're an idiot.

Brian T. Osborn said...

"if you had any real courage you would identify who you are" signed-the anonymous "Nebraska" That's cute.

There are probably less than a couple of hundred Leavenworth Street readers, a mob compared to NNN, but still... Since it takes tens of thousands of votes to elect statewide or federal candidates, the influence any comments read here might have is pretty limited.

The whole blogosphere tug of war between the left and right really only serves to satisfy the egos of those of us that are addicted to politics as sport. We rant and rave, but, at the end of the day, only our real world conversations with real people have any real influence, and unless we also happen to be millionaires, it is very limited at that. So, all the political prognostications made here are as valid as those derived by haruspicy.

The power brokers like Pete Ricketts & Dick Holland, the wannabe power brokers like David Boomer & Ian Russell, and the elected folks like Mike Johanns and Ben Nelson, all could care less what we think. They're all going to take their marching orders from their corporate bosses, kiss their asses, and do what they're told. We bloggers are nothing but a bunch of gnats flitting about making their lives miserable.

Ain't it great though? In years gone by we wouldn't have been able to do even that much.

Brian T. Osborn said...

A 12:49

I have fewer illusions than you might think. Four years ago, when I got involved in the NDP, I wrote about what I thought we really needed in this state to advance a liberal agenda. One of my recommendations was the formation of an organization exactly like Bold Nebraska. I even suggested that it would need the funding of some Democrats with much deeper pockets than what the grassroots could probably cough up.

So, now you might ask, "Why are you so hesitant to support Bold Nebraska, Brian?" My answer would have to be that, after simmering in the harsh reality of party politics, my opinions have turned harshly cynical. After witnessing the absolute disdain for the will of Nebraska's Democrats by past NDP Chair, Steve Achelpohl, only to see him pop up as President of the Bold Nebraska board of directors - no doubt supported by the Kleebs' "close personal friend," and plunderer of the NDP treasury, past NDP Executive Director, Barry Rubin - how could I?

I genuinely wish that I could support an organization like Bold Nebraska, but when I see that it is just another front for the same old corporate interests that insist on being a pom-pom squad for Sen. Ben Nelson, and NOT a genuine voice for the people, what can I do? I'd have to bury my own convictions, piss on my own principles, and sell out my ideals ... for what? More of the same old, same old? It doesn't seem to matter which faction within the NDP I approach, the answers are always the same old mantra, "We have to support Ben. Ben is our savior. Only Ben can lead our party to victory." Well, I call bullshit on all that and will have nothing more to do with it.

I will be a delegate at the NDP State Convention this week. I would imagine there will be a lot of folks there that would just as soon I skipped it. But, I am a Nebraska Democrat, and like it or not, my voice is just as valid as the next person's, but I'm not afraid to use mine. Anyone wishing to discredit me by digging up "all the most idiotic things that BTO has said on the blogs and in person over the years, the most bizarre accusations" had better be prepared to explain to all the other delegates why they have so little use for the NDP's Constitution and Bylaws. After all, the allegations I've made over these years were all based on the violations of them by the NDP hierarchy.

Brian T. Osborn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Nebraska 11:37

The republican party may be the majority party in Nebraska. But in most of the nation you are the minority party . All of your statments that the "sky is falling" will not change that. Yes you will gain seat this November in Congress. It happens every off year election for the out of power party. But you will still be the minority party. So don't kid yourself how big and bad you are.

TexasAnnie said...

Anonymous at 10:08 pm--- I have always referred to the deaths at Beatrice as "institutional killings," not "murder." There is a difference, as in the difference between capital punishment and murder. I am curious and greatly interested in knowing the source of your opinion. Please don't simply "get sick." Write back so we can have a real discussion on this most important topic!

IF, (and that's a mightly big IF in Nebraska) the families of the patients that died were still around and had any choice in the matter, they may prefer that their loved ones not be detained at Beatrice. Or, they may prefer that the state maintain a respectable and caring environment at Beatrice. Heck, they may even prefer, as I did while I lived in Nebraska, that Nebraskans invest in facilities designed to the needs of their loved ones. Something on par with the pride Nebraskans take in UNL, for example.

As the situation remains in Nebraska (a timeframe spanning long before Heineman) no investment is made, no option is available, no family is left and/or able to care for those completely and permanently incapable of caring for themselves. So they get warehoused.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, families took care of their own family members, as well as, extended family.

I just don't understand why it is the taxpayers job to fund all the social services that people want.

You refer to the people living at the Beatrice Center as being "detained". Were they arrested and put into state custody?

As far as who is supposed to care for them after their family is "gone"? I highly doubt that all family members have eased to exist for anyone that lives at the Beatrice Center-or any other residential hospital for the handicapped. My question is why didn't the parents and other family members create a life plan for their loved one?

I am sure most of those family members were glad to have a roof over their loved one's head.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:04 Ther are a lot of things that the government pays for that they did not use too. Our military used to be very small. But now it is half of our budget. Yet we need it to protect us from many enemies. Through government programs is the only way that most people can afford to take care of many of their needs. That includes having a good place to put disabled people like the center in Beatrice is supposed to be. Social security helps people has part of their retirment. Medicare is also very valuable for elderly care. Are you against these programs? If so why? They help people. The good old days were never the good old days.

TexasAnnie said...

You make some good points, Anonymous at 8:04. Were the people at Beatrice "arrested?" Sort of, yes. They have been declared incompetent by a court, and as such, they do not have the liberty which you take for granted. In any case, they are not capable of exercising such liberty. Their condition provokes sympathy in some, cruelty in others, but neglect in most.

Why do you "highly doubt" they have family members to rely on for their care? Some are elderly, themselves. When their parents die, to whom shall society properly look for their care? What if they are born into impoverished families? What if they have no siblings? What if they were abused by family members, and therein lies the cause of their current disability? Your implication that they are in their situation because their family failed it's obligation to them betrays your bias. And your statement about taxpayers funding "all the social services that people want," betrays your bigotry.

When non-disabled people want universities, arenas and stadiums, parks and pools, etc., do you object to the cost of their "social services?" If so, you and I are on the same page my friend. For this is the reality I experienced while living there. On the one hand I was forced to provide "the good life" for all the non-disabled people around me in Omaha (inclusive of all the corporate welfare going on across Nebraska), while on the other hand I was held to a standard of no taxpayer-funded "good life" for my own daughter with very significant disability. It was expected that her place was at home, all day, every day, assumedly for her entire life, ---given the extant waiting list for services maintained there still today!

Can you help me better understand this bias about what constitutes "social services?" It seems particularly out of place when considering Nebraska's demographic of Roman Catholicism, the degree of private wealth, and any idea that "human life is sacred..." I'm sure you have read right here at Leavenworth Street that even the Nebraska Right to Life organization will not defend the rights to life lost by those killed out of BSDC. To my mind, this is a political faux pas of the greatest significance. And there is no better time for securing Heineman's resolve to remediate Nebraska's image in this regard than between now and November.

NE Voter said...

Meanwhile, the New York Post is reporting that House Minority Leader John Boener has specifically warned Lee Terry to stop dining/drinking/hanging out with comely female lobbyists.

The money quote: Terry stating to the giggling lobbyist, "Why did you get me so drunk?" Then immediately turning the conversation to his children when he realized the reporter was seated nearby.

What an embarrasment.

Well, at least we finally know what Lee Terry has been up to for the last 11 years.

Wake up, people!

Right Wing Professor said...

First Senator Johannas goes along with the charade that ACORN was crooked. He won. Then it came out that it was all one big HOAX. Did he take it back? NO. Now FOX news takes an edited tape to get rid of Shirley Sherrod another hoax. FOX news is the all star wrestling of all the news networks.

Wow, what a collection of lies. The ACORN tapes were no hoax. And FOX news didn't even cover the Sherrod story until after she had been fired. In fact, Glenn Beck's first coverage of it was to say that she was taken out of context and had been treated unfairly.

ANd, FWIW, I've listened to the whole speech, and I still think she should have been fired.

Paul M. said...

To Anonymous 10:27 PM, July 20, 2010:

So should CBS have lost their license after Dan Rather ran a FAKE news story about President Bush and his National Guard service?

Are those crickets I hear or are you just silent from having your idiotic argument being punked?

Anonymous said...

NE Voter--

That is not what the story says-- you are making a leap which the story invites. It says someone says Boehner talked to some members, and then quotes an unidentified reporter re: Lee. Lee doesn't know what it refers to. But, no one says Boehner spoke to Lee, or that the alleged, unsourced incident was known to Boehner. It's a hit piece, not journalism.

Anonymous said...

Keeping the faith, is Meister a mystic like most roman catholics are?

TedK said...

RWP, which ACORN tape did you view. The heavily edited one or the complete tape? ACORN was exonerated, and Johanns wasted everyone's time introducing a bill of attainder. And please explain why you still think Sherrod should be fired.

Anonymous said...

Ted K, I can't speak for RWP, but I can tell you I watched all the tapes.

Sherrod should be fired not because of something she did 24 yrs ago (as the MSM asserts is the case) but because she's bragging about it now to an approving NAACP audience. And, what she said she did was not help a white farmer as much as she could have because black farmers were struggling too.

And the ACORN thing? The tapes were real and clearly show ACORN workers trying to help a self-identified hooker obtain a federal loan to open up a brothel with underage, illegal immigrant hookers. The only part that was a hoax was that the hooker wasn't really a hooker but someone with a camera trying to see what the ACORN people would do (which was to suggest how to run a profitable brothel.)

TedK said...

Huh, she's bragging about it? What video were you viewing? She admits she was wrong in considering race 24 years ago, and eventually kept the farm from foreclosure. The farmer she helped doesn't think she should be fired. And the follow up to the ACORN tapes is that the office reported the bogus pimp and prostitute to the police. Another example of ideological blinders preventing you from seeing the entire story.

Shoe Salesman said...

Now we know why Lee moved his family back to NE - and it wasn't so the little lady could go on a book banning spree now was it?

Lisa Ellis told reporters that Lee "has no idea what you are talking about." Might that be because he can't remember? I noticed that nowhere in their non-denial denials did Terry's office say he wasn't at the Capitol Hill Club that night.

Lee Terry - could he be the next GOP Bible-thumper to get thumped by the Bible?

Oh and anyone who knows Boehner is surely "giggling" at the Leader's admonition considering his own behavior.

Shoe Salesman said...

The Acorn scandal was debunked by independent investigation. The tapes were doctored. I'm no ACORN fan but the fact is they were set up and the tapes have been discredited.

And on top of that, the loser who doctored those tapes was later arrested for breaking and entering a federal office in an attempt to illegally wiretap and spy on a US Senator. Now I know you support the privacy violating Patriot Act but I'm sure even you wouldn't condone that kind of behavior.

Anonymous said...

Ted, you should watch the videos yourself rather than just take daily kos's description as gospel.

I would post a link but SS frowns on those. I would type a quote of what she said, but that would take too much of my time. Allow me to paraphrase:

There she was faced with having to help a white man and she was struggling with the fact that black farmers were also struggling, so she didn't give the white guy the full force of what she would have been able to do (audience mumbles approvingly) and, instead, pawned him off on a a white lawyer figuring "one of his own kind" would help him.

I know she said a lot of other stuff too, BUT SHE SAID THAT MUCH. The additional "context" doesn't take away that she said what she said.

As to the ACORN videos, same thing. Yeah, maybe the guy in the California ACORN video called his cousin at the police dept a couple of days later, but that doesn't change the fact that the ACORN folks in DC, Baltimore, Philly and New York were bending over backwards to give the young couple advice on how to engage in an illegal enterprise at government expense.

Anonymous said...

Shoe Salesman, you're the liar. The ACORN vids weren't "debunked" by an independent investigation. You had Rachel Maddow putting her own ideological spin on them.

Again, the ladies at the Baltimore office said what they said. If the vids weren't real, then why did ACORN fire those women?

Anonymous said...

Shoe, I should have read the second paragraph of your post. You are also stupid in addition to being a liar.

O'Keefe was not arrested for breaking and entering. Nor did it have anything whatsoever to do with illegal wiretapping or spying on a U.S. Senator.

He pleaded guilty to entering a federal building on false pretenses and that's it. Sen. Mary Landrieu wouldn't answer her phone during the lead up to the health care vote (the one after Ben got his Cornhusker Kickback). Her office claimed they were having phone troubles rather than that they were trying to avoid taking heat from constituents.

So, O'Keefe went to her office along with a couple of guys dressed as phone repairment to record the fact that, when they showed up to fix those broken phones, Landrieu's staff told them the phones were fine. (Ergo, Landrieu was lying about the phones not working.)

There was no breaking and entering. There was no wiretapping. Your info is so wildly inaccurate, you're the one looking like a fool. And a liar.

Anonymous said...

So here I am watching Nightline and, ironically, they have a story on Brietbart and the Sherrod and Acorn videos.

The Nightline segment IRONICALLY portrays the Breitbart videos as "doctored" or "edited" and yet, when playing the clips, Nightline CUTS THE CLIP right before Sherrod says that she didn't give the white guy the full force of what she could have done for him. Why did they leave that part off, huh?

Then, when they were talking about the ACORN vids, yeah, the guy in National City, CA (or wherever it was) in the last vid called his cousin, the police detective a couple of days later. BUT they weren't showing THAT clip. They were showing a clip from the Baltimore ACORN video where they DIDN'T call the cops. Nightline left the impression that the people who called the cops were the ones who were enthusiastically helping the pimp and the ho (O'Keefe and Hannah Giles) with their illegal plans.

Now, tell me, who is creatively editing the videos? Who's leaving false impressions? Puh-lease. You whacko left-wing libs are the ones with the partisan blinders on.

Anonymous said...

Shoe, you are a pig and you have no soul.

The Terry's moved back to Nebraska almost 10 years ago.

Are you agreeing with Jane Kleeb that the parents of politicians have no right to be involved in their children's education? Do you think, as Jane obviously does, that parents should keep their nose out of the schools because politicians and unions know how to better feed and educate other people's kids?

It doesn't matter if the Congressman goes to the Capitol Hill Club 4 times a day. If I got his statement right from channel 3, he said that the quote and innuendo that came along with it was a complete lie. Doesn't that mean he didn't say them? And honestly, do you think Lee Terry can recognize a gossip reporter that is so obscure that I couldn't even find her name when I read the NYP gossip page? Besides, why does he need to worry about college? Aren't they rich?

I would suspect that this gossip columnist is getting her story ideas from somewhere in Nebraska. Perhaps the Midtown area or maybe a little west of Grand Island?

As for Bible thumping? Not sure I have ever seen any of that. Besides, would you rather have an athiest? Trust me, you can believe in God and all that He provides, without being a Bible thumper.

Of course, based on your comments for the last year or so, you are just a loser that seems to have lost his or her place at the table-and you seem a little bitter about it.

TedK said...

10:47, as I said take off your ideological blinders and look at the WHOLE story. Google it since I can't give you the link. After admitting a mistake, Sherrod found another lawyer that saved the farm. Don't you believe in redemption? Everyone must be perfect in your book as I'm sure you are. You are so afraid of the possibility of "white" discrimination that you're picking out the part that "proves" your suspicion and ignoring the rest.

Anonymous said...

Ted, where in the 40-plus minute video does she admit a mistake and say she was wrong?

She said she went and found a white lawyer for them so they could be taken care of "by their own kind", so she did help them but, she admits, not as much as she could have. If she'd been white and said those things, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

TedK said...

10:54, I know that SS does not like "cut and paste", but how did you miss this part of the transcript?
"He had been paying the lawyer since November, and this was May. And the lawyer sat there and looked at him and said, ‘Well, you all are getting old. Why don't you just let the farm go?' I could not believe he said that ...
"And then, about seven days before that land would have been sold at the courthouse steps, the farmer called me and said the lawyer wasn't doing anything. And that's when I spent time there in my office calling everybody I could think of ...
"Well, working with him made me see that it's really about those who have versus those who don't. They could be black. They could be white. They could be Hispanic. And it made me realize then that I needed to work to help poor people ...
"God helped me to see that it's not just about black people - it's about poor people."

Anonymous said...

So, democrats Bible thump too?

Anonymous said...

Ted, as I said before, I'm not going to go to the trouble of refinding all the quotes. You have yours; I have mine. Fact remains if she'd been white and said things like "his own kind" about a black person, she'd have been summarily canned and we wouldn't be having this discussion.

TedK said...

4:18, again, do you realize these remarks were 24 years ago? She was working at a non-profit at the time, not for the government. Reading between the lines, you sure seem to think that white people really have it tough with this "double-standard".

Anonymous said...

Ted, you're really dopey today.

She didn't make those comments on that tape 24 years ago. She said that on the tape whenever, in the recent past, it was recorded.

I'll type this slowly: What she DID was 24 years ago; what she SAID was now.

"His kind"
"(paraphrasing) This white guy was acting so superior (by being white?) and I was deciding how much help I was going to give him."

She never renounced that sentiment. She says she learned it's about rich and poor but she also says race matters. She didn't act like she felt there was anything wrong with what she initially did in sluffing that white farmer off on one of "his kind." In fact, she was acting pretty cavalier -- with the approval of the audience -- about how she initially blew that guy off.

Again, if the races were reversed, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

And nice attempt at a strawman. The question was why she should be fired. I never claimed that "white people really have it tough with this 'double standard.'" That wasn't the question. The question was why I think she still should have been fired and if you can't grasp what I'm saying by now, you never will.

TedK said...

9:40, what you are missing is that she was describing the event, and her feelings, 24 years ago. Read the transcript. It's not hard to find. If she still held these views "So I figured if I take him to one of them that his own kind would take care of him., she would not have received an apology. How can you believe "She didn't act like she felt there was anything wrong with what she initially did in sluffing that white farmer off on one of "his kind." when she obviously reconsidered and got him help that saved the farm. Your prejudices are coloring the truth of this story for you. The vast majority of the country seems to get it, even those on the right.