Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Post Primary Wrap

Before we dive into yesterday's votes, first a little ballot-issue Separated at Birth:

Lincoln's new (planned) Haymarket Arena and Steve Martin's King Tut hat!


So what happened in yesterday's 2nd Congressional District? How could political unknown, and massively underfunded Matt Sakalosky have garnered 37% of the vote?

Here's how:

Matt Sakalosky became the face of the Tea Party movement in Nebraska.

The Tea Parties have been the political story of the year, since the health care reform came down. They were featured in the main stream media, their caravan made news where ever it went, it a was an event and it gave people an outlet to express their political frustration.

And everyone took notice. Heck, recently even President Obama was noted using the slur "Teabaggers" to talk about them. (And don't think that goes unnoticed by the Tea Party ranks. It pisses them off.)

So the Tea Partiers had a reason to go out and vote.

And they had a candidate.

Now, Matt Sakalosky was not a powerful candidate. But, he did have decent name recognition among voters yesterday. He got a TON of free media from local TV, radio and newspapers. If the Tea Party was mentioned, MattSak's name wasn't far behind. So frankly, he didn't need a well-funded campaign.

Well, unless he wanted to win.

But was winning ever really the goal? If it was, his supporters sure didn't show it monetarily (short of a few last minutes media buys). No the goal was to show up, declare that "we're here and pissed off!", and...well...not sure after that.

Sakalosky was never going to defeat Lee Terry. Terry let Sakalosky go pretty much unchallenged through the Primary, and that's the way campaigns go sometimes. But if Sakalosky had spent some money, Terry would have spent more money. If Sakalosky had gone on TV or radio, Terry would have gone on more TV and radio. If Sakalosky started to gain more ground, Terry would have debated him and would have beat him in that venue.

Terry was never in fear of losing yesterday.


So, back to the Tea Partiers, what is their goal for the November General Election?

Well, you have to think it's still to send the President and the country a message, right?

The message is NO to ObamaCare, NO to Cap & Trade, NO to the President's liberal economic policies.

Now, could that possibly be accomplished by helping to elect -- directly or indirectly -- Democrat Tom White?

Tom White who has said he would have voted for ObamaCare?
Tom White who expresses his support for the President where ever he goes?
Tom White who would be another Democrat vote for Nancy Pelosi?

(And to those who suggest that White would be a "conservative Democrat" and vote with Republicans on certain issues, we ask that you look no further than "conservative" Ben Nelson's vote on ObamaCare.)

And to the Tea Partiers, we would ask, do you really think that Lee Terry isn't conservative enough for you?
Lee Terry?
Check his full record, and you should be pleasantly surprised, if you didn't know it already (which we'd guess you did).

Lee Terry is your guy. And if you want to "send a message" in November, it would be that the 2nd District, which went for Obama in 2008, won't get fooled again, and solidly rejects Obama/Pelosi lackeys.

There's your message. (Which, we have no doubt, Lee Terry has heard.)


So did this race "soften-up" Lee Terry for Tom White? Well probably a little.

Terry had to spend money on mail and stuff. And the argument that "37% of voters went against him" probably doesn't help.

But is he really damaged goods for Tom White?

Uh, no.

When we see the next polls on this race, Terry will very likely be in the same position against White that he was before. and as things are turning, there will be less and less federal money to blow on White's race, as it becomes a longer and longer shot.

Make no mistake, this will be a real race for Terry.

But we feel Terry is up to it.


Looking at the state Treasurer race, we thought Don Stenberg wouldn't have much of a problem, and he proved us correct. Once that became a three-man race, it was locked up for him. And he should similarly roll in November.

And some of those Legislature races? As we noted yesterday, a number were very close (Joe Jordan has a quick summary on his blog) and will be interesting to watch through the summer and fall.


Now here's a screwy one for ya:

Did you SEE the results in the Democrat 1st CD primary?

Ivy Harper, who was the only candidate with any "campaign" to speak of, not to mention experience, etc, barely squeaked by.

And who was her main competition? A woman named Jessica Lynn Turek.

Ms. Turek lists her profession as "writer and drummer". Her legislative goals included making money "smell good". Beyond that, she didn't even respond to half of the LJS's candidate questions.

And this woman received 36% of the vote (to Harper's 38%)!

She lost by less than 400 votes!

This is who Lincoln Democrats voted for. (Oh, by the way, good luck on Googling her. She didn't even have a campaign website.)

Rock on Jeff Fortenberry. Rock on.


Shoe Salesman said...

Keep in mind that the mood of the country is anti-incumbent not anti-democrats.

this is evident in places like Utah and Arizona and West Virginia. The tea party put up close to 20 primary challenges against REPUBLICANS - none against Dems so far.

I don't care how much free media you get, it doesn't compare with incumbency and cash. These results, no matter how hard they are spun by sweeper and other GOP mouthpieces, are dangerous for Terry. His doofusness might actually be catching up to him.

Street Sweeper said...

Stick with selling shoes, Shoey.

The only reason you see "anti-incumbent" now, is because it's primary season.

Once that's over, anti-Obama will flourish -- as it almost always does in a Presidential mid-term.

You will have as much success selling Tom White as I'm sure you do actually selling shoes.

Anonymous said...

A big problem for Terry though, is if all the people who voted against him yesterday don't even show up to vote in November. Or if they decide to leave it blank. No vote for White, but no vote for Terry either.

Anonymous said...

Lathrop crushed Lillis. Not surprising as Lillia didn't even camapign.

If Lillis ge.ts some money and campaigns, this could be interesting

macdaddy said...

Sakolosky almost got more votes than Tom White. This primary had 40,000 total voters in the CD2 while the 2008 general election had 274,000, so I don't think you can draw many conclusions, I think one conclusion you can draw is about voter enthusiasm. 25,000 Dems voted in the CD2 primary in 2008. This year? 12,000. 27,000 voted in the Republican primary in 2010. This year? 28,000. Lee Terry obviously cannot rest on his laurels and he needs to give Tea Partiers something to get them motivated to come vote for him, but Tom White has to be more than a little discouraged by the drastic shrinkage of his base. I still predict that Terry wins by 10.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Sweeper, Ivy got 46% of the vote in Lancaster County. It was in the rural areas that Turek got a majority. Why? I don't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Good OWH story on the race-- Sak said he is going to fully support Terry.

Sorry to disappoint you, Tom.

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Isn't Turek a good Czech name? Always plays well in those parts of the 1st CD, at least that's what I learned through three CD#1 Congressional and numerous legislative races with my Dad. Get a Catholic, pro-life Benes or Tvrdy to run in the 1st and it could rock Fort's world. (Juussst kidding....)

Anonymous said...

Me and my family all voted for Sak in the primary to send a message to Washington that the status quo will no longer be accepted. Not that it's over, we fully intend to work and vote for Terry. There is no other option. Tom White is not a legitimate alternative.

Roger Snowden said...

The point of the Tea Party movement is to discipline ostensible conservative politicians. The movement has little immediate effect on Democrats because, as Street Sweeper points out, there are no conservative Democrats.

You don't discipline Republicans by challenging Democrats in primaries. You attempt to put genuinely conservative candidates into office. Those would be other (presumably better) Republicans.

But, the mood of the electorate is anti-Democrat to a far greater extent than it is anti-incumbent. Because, as we all know, a vote for any Democrat is a vote for Nancy Pelosi.

So, Lee Terry has nothing to worry about this November. We will all hold our noses and mark the spot to keep White out of Congress.

We observed from recent election results, there is a fairly steady anti-Terry core in the Republican electorate. We more than doubled that relative vote yesterday, despite our amateur, underfunded campaign. There is a huge story to be told there, and lessons to be learned by all.

Still, Terry won. I congratulate him and will support him against Tom White.

But, the story is far from over.

Lipton said...

I think you lifetime GOPers are missing a bit on your assessment of the Tea Party. Too much government and too much spending that is what is fueling the movement. Every budget that Mr. Terry voted for was bigger than the last. And now he is promising to cut spending (much like he promised term limits). Just another politician. I plan on not voting and working to get someone to beat Terry in 2012. A vote for Terry sends a message that we approve of his big spending ways. At least with White he voted for state budgets that made cuts.

Anonymous said...

I see that Lautenbaugh may have a little bit of a battle for his seat. Might force his friends on Tobacco Road to dig a little deeper into their pockets.

Jamie said...

OK, I'm don't wanna sound like a doucher, but does the position of Nebraska State Treasurer REALLY matter? Beyond it being a stepping stone to the governorship. To me it seems like it's a little silly to have THREE candidates for such a non-political job...

Anonymous said...

Shoe, quit sniffing the polish. I know you are smart enough to know that the reason there are no tea partiers in democrat primaries is because a democrat primary is for determining who the liberal would like to put forth. I challenge you to find me one single tea partier that identifies with any part of the liberal agenda EXCEPT, MAYBE, abortion.

You have lost ALL your credibility politically and I wouldn't be surprised if you don't become the first person SS bans from this blog because you are so obviously just plain dumb, or, you are trying to hard to fake your identity.

Anonymous said...

Lipton, just so you understand the consequences of your actions (since your friend Roger believes that adults should treat other adults like badly behaving children-which is counter conservative)in CD2, the numbers are very tight R to D. Note that Obama has the title President in front of his name now and CD2 handed it to him even though John McCain is a war vet and we are home to the Fighting 55th.

If you stay home. If you tell your friends to stay home. If you all continue to disparage Terry by referring to it as "plugging your nose", then you will call Tom White "Mr. Congressman" for the next decade.

Republicans in Omaha spent 6 weeks telling their friends and neighbors that they might have to "hold their nose and vote for Hal". Sadly, I wish they would have at least done that, but many of them didn't even bother to vote. Congratulations to all the righteous Republicans that helped elect Spending King Suttle as Mayor.

BTW, Tom White did not support cuts in the budget UNTIL he and Lathrop decided who was running for Congress and who was going to wait and run for Governor, go back and look.

Lipton said...

I do understand the consequences, but I have the feeling that the R's have not learned any lesson. That they will pat us on the head and say join with us and keep your mouth shut. If we keep electing Terry there will be no change. I want to hear what he is going to cut? Medicare/Medicaid? I hope so. Education? I hope so. Defense? I hope so. We need to take an axe to the budget not a scapel and LT just does not have the guts or the leadership to do that. I am guessing he will just make more promises that he is going to break.

To Anon 11:53 said...

To Anon 11:53 - Unfortunately Senator Scott is probably going to win by 5-6%. He's a political hack with very little integrity or character, but he has more money, name recognition and the backing of the State Party brass.

Anonymous said...

Lipton, you are exactly right. What has Lee Terry done to try and curb spending or balance budgets? Especially from 1999-2009 when he was in the majority?? Oh yeah, he's done nothing. He was a major source of the problem that got us to where we are today. And more and more people are realizing that every day.

Mikki said...

In the battle for the unicameral, let's hope conservatives/traditionalists/moderates will rally around Lydia Brasch (Dist. 16), Jim Smith (Dist. 14), Mike Moser (Dist. 22), Tyson Larson (Dist. 40), and John Knabe (Dist. 30). Nebraska can't afford liberals running around in the capitol!

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Mikki, Because Cap Dierks is such a flaming liberal; give me a break.

Anonymous said...

I say stay home unless LT lists all of the programs, departments and sacred cows he would cut. And let's not let him get away with just "we will find waste and abuse". He can start with the Medicare expansion that he voted for with Bush. C'mon Lee the 37% of Sacers are waiting for your plan.

Green Tea said...

Anon 12:03, here are two issues the tea partiers and liberals agree on; coprporations are not people, and it's time to charge the employers of illegal aliens for their crimes.

NE Voter said...

Terry/Sak Campaign Economics 101

Terry received 18,246 votes and spent about $400,000 during the primary cycle. That is about $22 per vote.

Sak received 10,722 votes and spent about $30,000 during the primary cycle. That is about $3 per vote.

This is going to be a very, very expensive general election campaign for Lee Terry.

One Out In The Third said...

I was surprised by the number of votes Don Stenberg received. His show of strength might make him a strong contender for Governor down the road. At the same time I think Jon Bruning's points may have tumbled. With the subtantial number of votes Stenberg took statewide I think he could easily slap Bruning around a bit. Gotta make you wonder.

Anonymous said...

NE Voter--go back and re-read the textbook.

Terry's committee has been operating since the end of the 08 cycle and have raised 1 mil. bucks. The "primary expenses" (mailers, Heineman robo, yard signs, etc.) totalled $25k or so. Pls recalculate your per vote cost using $25k as the base.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:17 -- oh man. Do you not remember Lee's last race against Jim Esch? Lee came up with "plan" after "plan" after "plan." Of course, nothing has been done with all his "plans" since the election. There's a good campaign slogan for you: "Lee Terry: all plans and no action."

Anonymous said...

A couple of people have pointed out the low participation by D voters. Only 12,288 votes for White.

All over the country, the D vote has dropped big-time in primaries this year. Appears that this trend happened in NE as well. Doubt TW is jumping up and down w/joy.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

"But, the mood of the electorate is anti-Democrat to a far greater extent than it is anti-incumbent. Because, as we all know, a vote for any Democrat is a vote for Nancy Pelosi."

Polling hasn't borne this theory of yours out actually. The generic ballot is now well within the margin of error. Check Real Clear Politics for polling averages on that (current Rep advantage of half a percentage point).

And a vote for Terry is a vote for Boehner... certainly not any better unless you're a hard core partisan.

But lucky for Terry... people hate incumbents right now... except their own.


"This primary had 40,000 total voters in the CD2 while the 2008 general election had 274,000, so I don't think you can draw many conclusions, I think one conclusion you can draw is about voter enthusiasm. 25,000 Dems voted in the CD2 primary in 2008. This year? 12,000."

You're comparing apples to oranges. 2008 was a general election year... turnout is always bigger then. This year, we had a contested primary on the right, so that pumped up turnout. There hasn't been any real evidence of increased enthusiasm on either side that I've seen.


NE Voter... are you a Republican trying to make Dems look crazy? You're doing a good job if so. There are some serious weak points to go after Terry on, but you come up with the strangest stuff...

Macdaddy said...

Solomon: then it looks even worse for the democrats. Even in an off year the number of republicans who voted In the primary went up.

Shoe Salesman said...

Anon 12:03

gee - making gross generalizations much? Who says the "tea party" folks are the only ones pissed off? who says there are no Democrats that identify with the tea party? Saying all tea party members are conservative republicans is the same as saying all anti-womens rights groups are pro-medical professional murder (that' one's for Julie).
The point anon - is that the electorate is unhappy, but only republicans are being challeneged by the tea party. Now. incumbent dems are goind down too - but that only proves my point.

Didn't I see an ultra-conservative Republican Senator from Utah blubbering on tv about losing his senate seat over the weekend? Go ask him if it's anti-democrat or anti-incumbent.

Sweeper - why are you rooting against America? Why are you rooting for our President to fail? is the success of the country, and in turn the success of all of us, somehow less important that Lee Terry's re-election?

I never said I was selling Tom White. I just think Lee Terry is a doofus and an embarassment. And the election results clearly indicate he is vulnerable. His votes for driving our deficit through the stratosphere will outweigh his silly whipsers about cutting spending. If White has money and a clear message, it could be a race. Even you acknowledge that.

Anonymous said...

White will lose.

He is an angry man and he won't be able to keep the demon in the bottle much longer.

Conservatives will rally around Terry.

Independents wont like White.

Cap Dierks will win.

Hey how about Conrad, she is going to have some trouble! I suspect here having to pay fines for late reports to the NADC, not to mention 2 DWI's wont play well with constituents.

Rogert is in trouble too. Captain of the "Fun Squad"

Could be a banner year for R's and the state. Especially with redistricting on the way. Oh and don't forget the Winner Take all Electoral Vote issue. Will McCoy carry that?

Now with Fulton staying will he carry the Immigration bill, that is if he can introduce it before Jansen.

Who will stand and block these legislative efforts?

Street Sweeper said...


I think the President's policies are junk and will hurt America. Therefore, I hope he fails to implement his policies.

If you can't understand that, I can't help you.


Anonymous said...

Shoe I never said all tea partiers were conservative Republicans. I challenged you to find me 1 that identifies with any part of the liberal agenda except, maybe, abortion.

Since you didn't name 1, I have to guess you are still searching.

As for that Bennett guy in Utah? Why don't you educate yourself a bit. He was in bed with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (largest contributors to every single election. He carried water for them and has defended them even since the crash. Also, his son works for them. You combine that with him being in his upper 70's and not tending to matters at home and you get a new Senator for Utah.

I challenge you to find one part of CD2 that Congressman Terry has ignored.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

"Solomon: then it looks even worse for the democrats. Even in an off year the number of republicans who voted In the primary went up."

Half right... nothing to write home about for Terry, but White does have something to worry about.

There is nothing out of the ordinary about this level of participation in a contested primary... its hard to compare since the last time there was a real contest on the right was so darn long ago.

So there isn't anything solid that shows a higher level of excitement on the right... but holding steady should be enough for Terry to win. Especially with the other little nugget that I'm disappointed none of you righties have dug up already.

White got about 1500 less votes than Jim Simon did... *eight years ago*... and about *SIX thousand* less than Esch did four years ago. Those are as close to apples to apples as you can get in an uncontested partisan primary.

This looks even worse since there are a lot more registered dems in town than there were back then.

Esch was a total newcomer to the political scene in 2006... that White, a fairly well known and respected Democrat inside of his own party, got THAT many less votes than him... his campaign apparently needs a shake up if they really want to have a chance against Terry in the fall.

Macdaddy said...

Shoe Salesman: The 14 term Democrat incumbent lost to a challenger who sounds as if he is a member of the Tea Party: is against cap-and-trade, obamacare, and might not vote for Pelosi for Speaker.

Macdaddy said...

Solomon: "Half right... nothing to write home about for Terry, but White does have something to worry about."

I'm pretty sure that's what I said in my original post. Not to nit-pick or anything. ;-)

The Pip said...

I know it doesn't involve beer talk at Barrets on Leavenworth, but out in the 34th....Sen. Dubas 68% to Hunnicutt 32%.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

"I'm pretty sure that's what I said in my original post. Not to nit-pick or anything. ;-)"

Your assertion that White appears to not be doing well getting his base fired up seems to be true. You were just using the wrong data to support it :)

2008 doesn't equate to this year. 2008 was a presidential election year, and there was a contested primary between Esch and Carter.

2006 and 2002 are as close to apples to apples comparisons as you can get. All off year elections, and uncontested on the Dems side.

Ricky said...

Senator Fulton gets to go back to the Legislature after his dismal failure at a state-wide race? Damn.
I wonder how his reputation will be now that he's been called out for dirty campaigning with the misleading commercial featuring the Governor and the "push-polling" Tom Nesbitt complained about?
I thought Fulton was Mr Nice Guy? Guess not.
How much more conservative can the Unicam become? My gosh it's like the Taliban down there.
I spoke with Tom White last night at Barretts; not really that much difference between he and Terry really.
But I hope we can get someone new from District 2 to represent us. Give somebody else a chance; Terry has done zilch.

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how have all those "plans" that Terry paraded all around for us in 2008 turned out? How much of that stuff has he enacted? Or at least worked on? Zilch? Yeah, I thought so. How soon do we start hearing about his new "plans" for this year that will never go anywhere -- whether he's elected again or NOT?

Jamie said...

Ricky- except the vote for Pelosi as Speaker and the vote for the healthcare monster, right?

Anonymous said...

I hate to bag on bag boy the day after his defeat, but he didn't run a campaign, he just kind of showed up and took the free media coverage saying little. THAT should say plenty to Lee Terry. Course, he's the master of squeezing free air time out of KFAB by just hanging out in the halls.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that LStreet Blog offers an extensive explanation/defense of Lee Terry. As an outsider, it seems to me that 35% of his own party gave him the big Loser "L" on his forehead and in the process, Sakalosky gave the DCCC & White plenty of ammo to unleash their venemous fury on him. Speaking of White...I heard a rumor that the guy loves horses & is into fox hunts. Anyone have any info on that? So, does that make him an equestrian liberal instead of a limousine liberal?

macdaddy said...

Sakolosky gave White ammo? You've got to be kidding me. He attacked Terry from the Right. If he gave White ammo, it was a big barrel of wet gunpowder for all the good it's going to do a Democrat. The only thing he gave White was false hope that he can come within 10 points. The 10,000 that voted for Sakolosky could stay home and it wouldn't matter. The only thing that matters for White is if Obama's organization can ramp it back up again in Omaha. I've said this before, but across the country, the Obama organization has shown itself to be one and done. Now maybe it will be there in 2012, but Obama has no interest in democrats winning in November. He thinks he's done what he's come to do and is probably looking around for the next job. I wouldn't put it past him to resign so he can become the Secretary General of the UN.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

(Is this site loading super slow for anyone else? Its been slow all day...)

macdaddy is probably right...

If Sak hurt Terry at all it'll be from pissing off some of the more extreme right wing folks to not vote for the 'lesser evil' in Terry.

Anonymous said...

This is the reality:

Sak voters aren't going to vote for Tom White. But they might not vote for Lee Terry, either. Terry assuming that he has their votes because of party affiliation alone is a dangerous assumption to make.

So, how does Terry solve his problem with his base? He does the same thing he did in 2008, when base Republicans weren't happy with him about his flip-flop on the bank bailout. He'll attack Tom White relentlessly. White will likely have to do the same to Terry, as there are base Democrats who aren't huge fans of White either. But White's problem is enthusiasm-based, and Terry's is a growing dissatisfaction.

He needs Tom White to be the enemy, and he'll go negative quickly to make that happen. That is why Sakalosky's showing was so important. A strong campaign comes out of the primary with its base completely behind it. Terry doesn't have that. Yet.

Nathan said...

Its very likely some of the teabaggers wont vote for Terry. TARP anyone? These teabaggers want "ideological purity" which means no universal health care (which terry sponsored a bill for) and no TARP. These people wont vote for White, but not voting for Terry is going to hurt him too.

macdaddy said...

Yeah. You guys are absolutely right. Tom White, this is your election to lose, so go out, and get people fired up. Let people know that you'll vote to expand Obamacare, you'll vote for cap-n-trade because, dammit, clean energy is more important than jobs, that you'll proudly vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Because, dammit (again), that's what proud Americans do. They support our President no matter what idiotic road he tries to take us down. So get out there and win one for The One!

Anonymous said...

Nothan, Here's the deal:

The Healthcare Bill that Terry sponsored was not only NOT a universal program, but it also did not have one red cent of taxpayer dollars included in it. It did encourage private carriers to offer the same program to the private sector that is offered to all federal employees. The only mandate was that anyone that wanted to purchase, had to be accepted. No pricing requirement. No federal subsidies involved. In fact, the only reason that a "new" sister plan had to be created anyway is because contractually a non employee cannot have employee benefits-otherwise we would all want Omaha City Employee Union Heath Insurance plans.

I am sure that Terry is very grateful to Sakalosky and his Angel Donor Rief-Heskett for telling the conservatives that Lee supports Universal Healthcare-which was a flat out lie.

Terry will work not only with his base to turn out the vote in November, but, as he always has, he will also reach across the line and pick up quite a lot of Democrats that like his brand of politics.

It is always more satisfying to vote for someone that is well known and considered to be a nice guy like Lee Terry than someone who most people don't know and those that do, think is a jerk.

So, Nothan, good luck with your lineup this year. Anger Boy, Liar Boy, and Party Boy, you should be proud!

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry is not known as such a "nice guy" when he's crossing the streets in Washington D.C. I suspect Jesse Jackson Jr. also has a different take on the man. But, I'm sure the lobbyists who write his speeches, word-for-word, would agree completely.

Shoe Salesman said...

Sweeeper and Duchy anon who likes to call people names:

Seems like your supreme leader agrees with me:

--“Boehner: Rebellion against both parties,” by Jake Sherman: “House Minority Leader John Boehner says there’s a ‘political rebellion’ brewing in America that is touching both Democratic and Republican incumbents. Boehner offered a stern assessment of the political environment after meeting with his party behind closed doors Wednesday, saying ‘it’s politicians beware. … [Utah Republican] Senator [Robert] Bennett found out on Saturday, [West Virginia Democratic] Rep. [Alan] Mollohan found out on Tuesday night … The American people are awake … They’re more involved in their government than at any time in our history and what irritates the American people most is the arrogance of Washington.’ …

Boehner's comments illustrate what political observers and members of Congress have been saying: don't assume that Republicans will be immune to voter anger.”

Duchy anon - got any choice names to call him?

Brian T. Osborn said...

I just checked out the official "blog" of the Nebraska Democratic Party. On their home page, the fourth item down on the right hand column, there appears a link that states, "What's a Blog?" If you click on it you will find a collection of lies of the type your mother told you to never tell.

It states that it is "a communication tool of the NDP ... an interactive online journal ... and they "encourage you to join in discussions with other people." ... that it is "free and open to the public," and they go on to say that you can "add your own comment."


They say that your are "free to engage in discussion on most subjects," that your comments are "saved permanently to the site, indexed by various search engines and can be read by anyone." But you CANNOT!

What is it that the hierarchy of the Nebraska Democratic Party hates so much about the rights of their own members to participate in the political discourse that they choose to silence them? Why is it that communication is allowed to flow in one way direction ... from the top ... DOWN?

What do they fear; that the NDP actually might actually become a grassroots organization that is responsible to its members, that it might be forced to abide by the will of those thousands of Democrats in the state that they supposedly represent? Or is it that they fear the party could become something other than a mere tool to advance the the interests of a few selected candidates, particularly those of Senator Ben Nelson?

The NDP blog was once a place where actual debate took place. Now it is just a propaganda tool.

Thank you, Sweeper, for providing a truly open forum (albeit editorially conservative - but that's your prerogative) for Nebraskans to openly state their opinions. The NDP could learn a lesson from you.

Tongue Tied said...

Click on "Tongue Tied" to see what BTO is ranting about now.

Anonymous said...

Rut Row...

The Hill newspaper today has an interesting headline:

"Higher unemployment on horizon, posing huge challenge for Dems." The article states the rate is likely to hit 10% soon and stay there for a while.

Hey, Tom White--still support the "stimulus" program? lol

Anonymous said...

The only name I have for Boehner is, "Speaker". Bennett was in bed with Fannie and Freddie and Mollohan is among the most corrupt men in Congress(well, next to Charlie Rangle, that is).

Anything else Socks?

As for the cab driver and Jesse? The cab driver was trying to speed through a crosswalk of a very busy intersection on the Hill. How do you know that if Terry didn't yell that naughty word that the cabbie may have hit a pedestrian since he obviously wasn't paying attention to what he was doing.

Jesse Jackson has publicly stated that it was a stupid misunderstanding. Is it your business to challenge him?

Nathan said...

Just out of curiosity, who is Nothan?
And I dont trust the collective intelligence of teabaggers to read and understand even minor legislation, much less to know that a bill titled "H.R. 3937: Simple Universal Health care Act of 2009" actually isn't national health care. But by all means keep trusting the mental deficient right wing nut jobs.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

I'm with you BTO... the NDP "blog" is a closed and heavily moderated forum only for those who follow the party ordained lined. Just one symptom of so many problems there.