Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Early Primary Results

For those of you following along, note that the results will come the fastest directly from the Secretary of State's site.

They update every 5 minutes, so these results are already old...

Updated with the FINAL un-official numbers:

Lee Terry......................63%
Matt Sakalosky.............37%

GOP State Treasurer
Don Stenberg ... .........52%
Tony Fulton .............. 28%
Tom Nesbitt ..............20%

Note that Stenberg is pretty much kicking ass and taking names in every county...except Lancaster, which Fulton is winning.

And this complaint from Nesbitt could have been a little more...timely.

CD-1 Dems
Ivy Harper .................38%

Jessica Lynn Turek ....36%
Stanley E. Krauter  ....13%

Sherman Yates ..........13%

Rock on.


Nathan said...

Only thing I am surprised about is the CD2 GOP results. I figured Terry would win, I highly doubt Sak even gave himself a snowballs chance in hell. And while I relize most of the Sak voters will vote for Terry in the fall the fact that Terry only has 65% so far is surprising.

Anonymous said...

34% for Matt Sak? With what, $20,000 spent? Just think if there was some money behind that? Just think if they actually ran a targeted campaign (not trying to get democrats to vote for republican, knocking on doors of people who don't vote, etc., etc.)? Terry's defeat won't happen in the presidential cycle, but Lee Terry should consider making 2012 his last run for the House.

One Out In The Third said...

Will the Lincoln "bubble" due to the Arena turnout lift Fulton out of the cellar?

Bob Loblaw said...

Did you know that Jessica Lynn Turek wants to put caps on autos, produce, AND HOUSING. Wow!! This is all the dems could muster to nominate? This is gonna be hilarious to watch her in the general.

Thank you to all the dems who have such a good humor to nominate Mrs. Abbie Hoffman. Will at least bring some fun to this boring election cycle.

NE Voter said...


Sak bagged 35% of the Repub primary vote? Folks, this is a national story.

Sak only bagged 30k in contributions/went to a few Bagger rallies and gets 35%! Earthquake!

Lee Terry should be experiencing Sphincter pucker about now. If not at, least embarrassing loose stool (Try Activia!).

I can't wait to hear the spin on this outcome by the now-on-the-ropes Terry campaign!

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

NE Voter... you're a loon.

How is this a national story exactly? There are Tea Party types that actually raised money and ran winning campaigns... this isn't news, its what we all were expecting. And I don't know where this Activia stuff comes from... thats just disgusting ya weirdo.

I'll believe that Terry is on the ropes when I see new poll numbers of White within ten points. I'm not voting for either one, but I don't think Terry has anything to worry about.

Jamie said...

Well keep in mind Terry spent NO funds on attacking Sad Sak because there was no chance in Hell Mattie Boy was gonna take it. All of Sak's $20,000 were on attacking Terry, so he spent $20,000 more than Terry on the primary for only 30% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

ZOMMMGGG GEARY TOOK FIVE PERCENT UFT DA VOTE :-((((((((((((999(( heineman's over!

fyi with 90 percent in, turek's 2% behind harper.

greg said...

A few weeks ago I read a comment on this blog that Sakalosky would be lucky to get 5%.
Earlier today someone predicted "16-19%".
And now it's "this is what we were all expecting."
yeah right.
Matt Sak ran a heckuva grassroots, under-the-radar campaign. You can criticize him for not raising enough money, but you gotta give credit here it's due.
37% (as of 10:45pm) ain't half bad

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

Maybe I'm being generous for other people... Its what *I* was expecting. But then I've never liked Terry.

Bud Lite said...

I'm intrigued by Jessica Lynn Turek. She wants a $25 an hour minimum wage, money that looks beautiful and smells nice, and cash dispensers to pay people when they leave work. Folks, these are the most intriguing ideas I've heard from a Democratic candidate...well, ever.

I know, she probably looks like Elena Kagan.

Anonymous said...

Nathan--Sak and Terry agree on about 90% of the issues.

Tea Party Conservatives agree with White 0% of the time.

Who do you think they'll vote for in Nov--they will vote--and I bet they vote for Terry.

Anonymous said...

NE Voter--the cong race is a national story--just not the one you think: Alan Mollahan lost last night in W. Virginia. He's a Dem btw.

Anonymous said...

The intensity of the two party's bases is interesting:

# of Repub votes in NE2 28968

# of Dem votes in NE2 (White) 12288

Look like alot of excitement on the Dem side. lol

Nathan said...

Anonymous 11:25

I know most of them will support Terry in the fall, thats what I said in my post. Read my last sentence again, perhaps slower this time. Reading comprehension isn't a strong suit is it?

Nathan said...

Anonymous 11:29
And he lost to another democrat BTW. Just like Bob Bennett lost to a republican in Utah.

Anonymous said...

If Terry was flaming right of Sak now, he'd be unelectable in the Fall. It never was about beating Sak. It was about Terry remaining electable in Nov.

Anonymous said...

11.83 percent voter turnout in Douglas County.

Fire Dave Phipps. Or something.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:41
If you were sitting next to Phipps on a airplane in coach, would you scream ENCROACHMENT?

Anonymous said...

No, but if I were sitting with him in a meeting about running an election and how to best count votes, I would say "What the Hell are you talking about?"

Have the people I talked to had no idea it was election day, then ever single person asked me where our neighborhood voted. I even had one ask me why we can't vote at the school a few blocks away (that is a polling place by the way), but have to pass that polling place to get to the church that is almost 5 miles away.

Geesh, if you're gonna have neighborhood polling places, then let the neighbors vote at them!

NE Voter said...

Solomon, I usually eschew name-calling, but I associate the word "loon" with political neophytes who fail to recognize the significance of 1 out of every 3 GOP voters going to the polls for the sole purpose of voting against a 6 term incumbent.

That is a national story.

I've been handicapping candidates and races for a long time. A long time. Take it from me, you can do it without calling people names.

You might find that you earn more respect that way.

On other fronts -- Omaha turnout -- Ouch! Somebody previously thought that Dave Phipps should get fired. Friends, Governor Dave would probably give him a bonus if it was allowed. The dirty little secret is that NEGOP prefers low turnout. No, you say? Hmmm, did you receive a mailpiece from DCEC notifying you of the primary election and your polling place? I didn't. Heckuva job, Phippsy!

Finally, I thank Nebraska's Republican voters for giving Democrats the easiest candidate to beat in the Treasurer race -- Don Stenberg!

Aside from last night, when was the last time Stenberg won an election? 1998, I think.

Party on.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone running against Stenberg?

Street Sweeper said...

New post coming soon this morning, kids.

Anonymous said...

Seriously NE Voter, Mark Stoj, complete unknown, is going to trounce Stenberg in the General? What are you smoking?

Roger Snowden said...

I must say, the arrogance of the Lee Terry campaign was astounding. Here we witnessed a naked display of Chicago style politics-- avoid substance, keep it personal. Make no effort to hide the arrogance.

Do you suppose voters notice these things? Or, is it a case of "who cares what they think?"

Still, a grass roots campaign with almost no money, and a completely amateur and inexperienced campaign team manages to take over a third of the vote from a well-moneyed, established incumbent who had the local party and the press in his pocket.

Helluva thing.

Now we must hold our noses and vote to keep Tom White out of Congress.

We learn. We get better. We wait.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry's time in DC is almost up. He better get ready to pack up his air mattress. If not this November, then in 2010 for sure.

Anonymous said...

Sorry -- I meant "in 2012 for sure."

Anonymous said...

9:01 AM, May 12, 2010: Stoj could win. he has a facebook campaign that is growing. Stenberg dosent.

Anonymous said...

congrats to Justin Wayne and Roger Garcia on their omaha public school board wins.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what part of the NE GOP you think likes low voter turnout. I am very active in campaigns and I do not like voter turnout. I don't like it for candidates, staff and volunteers that bust their butts for elections, and I do not like it due to the results that you get in elections.

As far as the Terry/Sakalosky thing? A higher voter turnout would have helped Terry tremendously. Sakalosky turned out his new voters (people pissed off at the government). As you go to 912 Events, you see about 10% that you know and have known for many years as being active voters. The rest are all newbies. Sure they cast a ballot for most big races, but they were letting a lot of other people carry the water for conservatism for a very long time in this community and all they want to do now is fight. I'm glad they are at the table and coming to the parties. I hope they stay and become involved in campaigns that are winnable against Liberal spenders unwilling to cut budgets where they need to be cut.

If they stay home out of spite? They will deserve what they get, 2 more years of Nancy Pelosi, no ability to defund the massive Pelosi HMO and another Democrat just like Ben Nelson that will say the right thing in front of you and agree to the wrong thing behind closed doors.

We need every single budget minded voter to go to the polls-AFTER, they learn about the candidates true records.

Anonymous said...

Roger, you are such a bitter old man. Sakalosky earned the 34% of the Primary vote that he got-not you.

What he did not earn, was the respect of the press. Pull your head out and look at the Press for the last few years. At what point have they ever exhibited that they have a lovefest with Congressman Terry? I read the paper at least 4-5 times per week; watch the tele news on differring stations at least once a day-regularly; I follow local and national (and a little international) headlines 5-6 days a week and I have never seen a sustained (meaning more than one in a row)period of articles exhibiting a positive bias toward the Congressman.

It's on you to prove it and don't bring along the OWH endorsement with you as your proof. The LJS hates Terry and the television media ignores him. The OWH is obligated to report on Washington. Maybe the reason they are always reporting on positive things Terry does is because Congressman Terry is in Washington doing the right thing?!

Now, Roger, go have a sandwich and blame yourself for something instead of blaming all your failings on everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 10:05, a "facebook campaign that is growing" didn't pull it out for Fulton, who has more FB groupies than all the rest of them put together. Stenberg's name recognition probably approximates or eclipses Heineman's at this point.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

"The intensity of the two party's bases is interesting:

# of Repub votes in NE2 28968

# of Dem votes in NE2 (White) 12288

Look like alot of excitement on the Dem side. lol"

There was a contested primary on the Rep side, of course they had more votes.


@ NE Voter - I called you a loon in response to the feces references. I firmly stand by that labeling... thats just gross and weird.

And you don't get to decide whether something is national news... the national press does, and surprise of all surprises... they aren't covering it.

They're interested in White v Terry because this area swung for Obama and the national parties are putting money into it, not because of this Tea Party underdog netting 37% of the primary vote.

Have you even seen an article written outside of Nebraska that mentioned him recently?

You may be right about Stenburg though. I met Stoj, and he seems personable... and strangely like a regular person. Stenburg is more stiff than Al Gore in 2000. He's got name rec though, and Stoj seems about as green as you can get as a candidate.

If he figures out how to dig up enough money, campaigns like crazy and gets more comfortable talking to a room full of strangers... he *might* have a shot.

Those are a lot of ifs though... but if Stoj finds his legs, I could see this as repeat of Daub on a statewide level. I think its pretty safe to say that Stenburg is the big favorite right now... its his race to lose.

Roger Snowden said...


I'm not sure I ever claimed credit for Matt's accomplishment. Lots of people worked on the campaign, including myself. But those of us who did help, indeed learned much.

Nevertheless, I am far from bitter.

I do stand by my analysis however. I would think the Lee Terry campaign would be feeling a tad red in the face today.

But, "respect of the press"?? That seems an odd statement. On Sunday, WOWT managed to notice Matt once the full page ad became news.

And in their writeup, they mentioned this candidate maybe nobody had heard of. Of course, had they actually reported on Matt's campaign, instead of scrupulously avoiding mentioning his name, a few more might have heard of him.

Bias isn't just what you report, but at least as much what you refuse to report.

Respect. Right. Like the press has earned our respect.

As for doing "the right thing", if you think TARP,cash-for-clunkers, and billions in bailouts were the right things to do, then you are seriously deluded.

Anonymous said...

Roger, I didn't say you or he need to respect the Press, I said they needed to respect him-that didn't happen, and thanks for agreeing with me on that point.

Roger Snowden said...

Anonymous-- re "respect the press". Understood, but my additional point is, the press itself is not quite worthy of respect.