Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bold Country Buffet

In our last post we mentioned that Jane Fleming Kleeb (of the Hastings, Scott Kleebs) is gunning for the Chairperson's seat of the Nebraska Democrat party.

We would also note that Jane is using as a vehicle for her personal brand of liberalism, the entity known as "Bold Nebraska".

We first heard of Bold Nebraska back in November of 2009 when they ran a TV ad criticizing Lee Terry, recycling the same spot used in at least five other races around the country. But we couldn't find out anything about Bold Nebraska (well... we knew they were "bold"...because it's in their name), except that they had some sort of ties to the something called "Clean Energy Works" and the Sierra Club.

Well, Bold Nebraska is out of hiding now and they are (apparently) headed by the aforementioned Mrs. Kleeb.

But there are quite a few Nebraska Democrats who either A) haven't or hadn't heard of Bold Nebraska or B) aren't really crazy about her group.

How do we know? Well because we read Facebook, of course!

Jane was up on her personal page (not to be confused with her "Jane Kleeb for School Board" Facebook page, or the "Bold Nebraska" Facebook page) touting the merits of Bold Nebraska (prior to Jane's arrival in Nebraska a few years ago, Nebraska apparently wasn't very bold).

On there, she noted that "we are starting bold nebraska". (de-emphasis, hers)

And one minute after her Facebook post, Nebraska Democrat National Committeeman Vince Powers asked, "Who's we?"

Vince never got a straight answer to his simple question.

But the back and forth was certainly interesting to us political watchers. Here's how it went:

Jane Fleming KleebJane Fleming Kleeb 95 perct of americans want more civility in of the many reasons we are starting bold nebraska

Vince Powers
Vince Powers 
Who's we?
Yesterday at 8:28pm
Jeremiah Quintin
Jeremiah Quintin 
What is bold Ne.
Yesterday at 8:30pm
Jeremiah Quintin
Jeremiah Quintin 
What is bold Ne.
Yesterday at 8:30pm
Jane Fleming Kleeb
Jane Fleming Kleeb 
We launch in july, temp website is up now...folks like rick poore, pastor McCullough are on the board...but if you're a moderate or progressive, you are part of the we
Yesterday at 8:31pm
Vince Powers
Vince Powers 
What is it, non-profit, 501 (c)3(3) or whatever? Is it political? Social. going to help elect Mark Lakers? Tom White? Janet Stewart? or is it just issues oriented like OFA?
Yesterday at 8:35pm
Jane Fleming Kleeb
Jane Fleming Kleeb 
Bold nebraska will be a hub for nebraska political news and action...investigative stories, blogs from leaders, grassroots trainings...a one stop site if you care about politics and want to see more balance in our state
Yesterday at 8:37pm
Vince Powers
Vince Powers 
the opposite of Nebraska Watchdog?
Yesterday at 8:45pm
Jane Fleming Kleeb
Jane Fleming Kleeb 
With the added grassroots action piece
Yesterday at 8:51pm
Vince Powers
Vince Powers 
the more the better
Yesterday at 8:53pm
Vince Powers
Vince Powers 
Too bad Bold Nebraska won't be focused on electing dems like, Tom White and Mark Lakers. Why not wait until December if you are focused on news, civility etc?
Yesterday at 8:58pm
Jane Fleming Kleeb
Jane Fleming Kleeb 
We are and will be helping elect moderates and progressives, we spent 170k on an ad, join us don't hate on us
Yesterday at 9:03pm
Nick Bechtel
Nick Bechtel 
I say forget the D's and R's and just elect honest people with good character that will follow the Constitution.
Yesterday at 9:03pm
Vince Powers
Vince Powers 
"Hating" Wow-
Yesterday at 9:05pm
Vince Powers
Vince Powers 
Jane, I asked a few questions about your new project you call that "hating" - you might want to reread your post about civility.
Yesterday at 9:12pm
Bryan Betzinger
Bryan Betzinger 
Will this actually be an open minded board or will it serve on side? Aren' Moderates and Progressives mor associated with the Democrats? Not that I like many of the Republicans any more! Are people of conservative beleif envited too?
Yesterday at 9:47pm
Jane Fleming Kleeb
Jane Fleming Kleeb 
I think there are conservatives who agree that the political balance in our state is out of whack...that's not saying we should have all ds in office, that's not the answer...but only idealogy that dominates our politics is not good for democracy
Yesterday at 9:54pm

Now a few things:

Hillarious that the woman who wants to lead a state political party, who protests her own meetings with Members of Congress, and whose organization's first ad was a parody hit piece, would suggest that her group is going to be more "civil".  (And where did the $170K for that ad come from, anyway?...)

And then there's the party Committeeman calling her out for not working to elect member of her own party.
Not to mention just bashing the concept from the start!

It would seem that Janie didn't vet the idea with the (Vince) Powers That Be in the state. And maybe they, and many others, aren't nuts about the Kleebs attempted takeover of the state Democrats.

But hey, we don't really have an iguana in this fight.

But we do hope there's more Facebook kvetching in the future.

Fuuuun stuff!


Oh, and when Jane and the Democrats express their yearning for more bipartisanship in government, be sure to point their noses to their Majority Leader Harry Reid -- who was behind barelling the uni-partisan health care bill through (against BI-partisan opposition).

And then here's another example: Reid moving for a cloture vote to proceed to debate on the financial regulation reform bill -- despite Republicans urging for more bipartisan negotiations.


Anonymous said...

Jane's in it for Jane. Is it me, or does she have some aversion to getting a real job? She goes out and gets people to give her money, and pays herself a salary to promote herself first, and any cause she has second.

The Nebraska Voters said...

Hey Vince, who is Mark Lakers?????

Iggy Uana said...

Just checked out the Bold Nebraska website. It says it is an organization led by "a group of volunteer community leaders who care deeply about the direction of our state." Anyone can start a website and make up claims about who is backing them, but evidently it is someone with plenty of cash. Maybe it's the same people that fund Ms. Jane's frequent trips to Washington, D.C.

So how do the Dems feel about being led from behind the Beltway? Sounds like just so much more carpetbagging, but that's better than a lizard skin bag I guess.

Anonymous said...

Living off OPM is her way of life and as far as work, look out she's been called the Black Widow, by many who have worked with her over the years, courts you in, just to choke you off if you outshine her.

BTW--community/organizers have people in their community who respect them becaue they have roots and work for the a stronger future for it's residents/party.

Followthemoney said...

Acorn closes down. Change That Works Nebraska (Jane's former gig) shuts down; no funding left. But now she morphs the Change group into the Bold group and SS is right, where the heck does a group out of nowhere that just sprang up have $170 K to blow on TV ads?? Sounds like they just keep moving the shells around and the funding may still be coming from the same source. But once one group wears out its welcome on Nebraskans they have to start up another one. Gives Jane an income without punching a time clock. Girl knows how to work it.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

Bah, you can play that silly game of where the money comes from with any group like this.

And if you don't think running a political organization is insanely more work than your typical 9-5... you've never worked on a campaign before.

Sounds like its going to be some kind of hybrid between Nebraska Watchdog, a liberal think tank and a blog like New Nebraska. We'll see.

Someone who has lived in Nebraska for more than a few years said...

Jane insists on keep referring to Nebraska on Twitter/facebook as "theneb" and saying she wants to promote "intheneb"

It's patronizing for someone that's a Florida/D.C. insider liberal to come to our state and think she can run it. SHe'll crash and burn in no time

Anonymous said...

So is Jane Kleeb an Astro Turfer?????? I think so.

Followthemoney said...

Solomon: $170K isn't typical chump change for an NE non-profit, political or not. That's some big bucks and was it one ad campaign? The point is, now Bold Nebraska springs out of absolutely nowhere and are CTW-N's astroturf supposed to be part of the new Bold Nebraska's astroturf? Assume Jane is smart enough to have the old lists follow over to the new group. And it sounds like Vinny is none too happy with her. Trouble in paradise?

KP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Iggy Uana said...

It looks like everyone that signed up to join Jane's Change That Works just got moved over to Bold Nebraska without anyone asking them if they were OK with that. If Bold Nebraska is funded by another organization, Is that legal?

Vinny said...

Who said InfoUSA had anything to do with this?

Jane Fleming Kleeb said...

ahh, my coward the sweeper. It took you snooping on my facebook to figure out i was part of Bold, you are losing your touch.

Bold Nebraska will fully launch in july...years ago you would have known that, its a little sad you are out of the loop (or at least not in the loop as much as you used to be when Chris Peterson and others were feeding you guys/girls info).

I love when you make fun of me because all it says is you care, and that makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy inside ;)

I have started and run nonprofits since I was 19 with many of them still going strong. I didnt know being an entrepreneur and serving in the community was bad. Silly me.

I also didnt know i had to inform any party of my every move. Again, silly me. Maybe that is how you guys operate on the right...

I am a proud Democrat...but everything I do is not tied to the party or vetted by the party.

I care about politics. I believe politics matter. And I think the political balance in our state is out of whack and needs to be restored.

I also think many of our politicians are wimps and its time we replace them with Bold folks from all walks of life.

Loving the neb, hating you are still a coward ;)


Iggy Uana said...

WOW Sweeper! That was some tongue lashing! Looks like you got her goat! I wonder if they have any of those in D.C.?

Bob Loblaw said...

Yes, how dare you SS. You reported on something from a public facebook page that was a conversation between the head of the NDP and a major figure in the dem party. The nerve you have.

Anonymous said...

Is all you do all day long is watch Jane Flemming Kleeb's Facebook page? Geez, I mean she is beautiful and all but you guys are creepy.

One Out In The Third said...


It is "bold" yet appropriate for you to keep Janey's going's on's in the forefront. What better example is there to tag as the perfect example of what a liberal "progressive" is in the NEDems?...and we do "need'em" as poster children for their type of ideology.

Then could fall back on Kyle or Lisa...or even Ol' Earmark himself. Model citizens all...and they ooze civility. My donkey.

Street Sweeper said...

Ah Jane, where to start...Well, let's see:

You mock ME for "snooping" on your FB page, yet the freaking Dem Nat. Committeeman didn't know about your little project, nor anything else about it? Read the post again Janie. It ain't about me. It's about you Dems and your little infighting games.

Now, Jane, let me help you out on what you are trying to make your catch phrase -- "in the neb". First, no one in the state says it, other than you. No one. Not a single person. If you state otherwise, you're either ignorant or lying, and everyone knows it. (Oh, and your family doesn't count.) Agreed? Agreed.

Now, if you want to try to start your little phrase, hey, that's fine and all that (insipid though it may be). But understand one point about what you are trying to coin: By having to say "in the neb", that implies that you are or have been SOMEWHERE ELSE. (Like, oh I don't know...Washington, DC?)

Ya see Jane, if you are in the state, you don't need to say that you are in the state. It's assumed. You wouldn't say, "I'm in the Kleeb House", you'd just say, "I'm home" (you know, when you return from DC). Oh, you could say, "I'm in the Kleeb House", but it would sound stupid. Just like "in the neb".

So, again, when you say you're "loving the neb", it's superfluous. You should just say, "I love it here". Unless you're someplace else. In which case, what are you doing there?

Thus endeth the lesson.

And thanks for reading!

Iggy Uana said...

Jane Kleeb,

Why the secrecy about Bold Nebraska? If it is something that is perfectly legitimate, why won't you answer any questions about it other than in the most general of terms? Who is backing it, Sen. Nelson? There aren't too many democrats in Nebraska with $170,000 to spare, except maybe him.
You said it was going to be like Nebraska Watchdog. It is no secret that NW is funded by Pete Ricketts. Is it because people from outside the State of Nebraska want to take over the NDP? Are the East and West coast democrats that funded your husband's congressional and senatorial campaigns still trying to sneak into Nebraska, this time through the back door? With you as chair of the NDP, it would be easy for you to get the support that he couldn't get before.
The "nebs" just aren't all that crazy about having outsiders coming in here and telling us that we can't run our own state. Nice try. Now go away.

Anonymous said...

I use to think that Scott was a dweeb.

Now I know that Miss Janie is the Kleeb Dweeb "in the neb".

How weird, I feel like I just said something stupid. I guess now Jane and I have something in common.

Followthemoney said...

Loving "the neb" and "in the neb" also sounds like a temporary status. Like maybe Jane wants to get back "in the Beltway" or whatever. Aim high with Hastings School Board and let's see where it gets you.

Anonymous said...

I heard Jane didn't even got to that event last weekend she was supposed to attend with other Democrats, and that was after the notices said she would. What's up with that?

And lovin' the hatin' language from Jane after her saying that's not what she wants to be about. Don't you have another plane to DC, and some name droppin' to do?

Anonymous said...

NEB data? "In the Neb"? Bought by Domains by Proxy so the real money can be hidden. Sounds completely like an outsider with no clue whatsover what NEBRASKA is all about. WTF?

Ricky said...

I am a facebook addict, introduced by my daughter much to her embarrassment at this point.
Jane is one of the more interesting "friends" that I got.
I was intrigued by her posting of Bold Nebraska, whatever it is.
If you want to pick out some idiotic postings on facebook, just check out Lee Terrys' page, who parrots the Republican talking points and has gone on and on about the "ObamaCare" (it's how he spells it) "bill" even after it became the law of the land.
And, when I asked Mr Terry about his debating MattSak on his Rep Terry page, he deleted the post.
You go, Jane Flemming Kleeb!

Ricky From Omaha

Bob Loblaw said...

Lots of incumbents don't debate in the primary. The incumbent has nothing to gain. Go ask Arlen Specter about it.

Anonymous said...

Boooo Carpet....baggers!!!!!!

Capt. Sully said...

Anon 11:43,

Jane is not a carpet bagger. She's a modern American woman. She does not do carpet bags. Her fast paced life style requires that she stick with carry on bags, all of them fleece lined.

Carry-On-Jane -- Fleecing Nebraska

Jamie said...

i don't think it'll work. this kind of crap worked in new york, helping people we didn't know on behalf of progressivism, but here in the neb we're different. we help our neighbors directly. this wreaks of scam as soon as you click on it!

if you were focused on helping the community and not being the pr puppet of the dnc, then why talk about healthcare among almost nothing else?

GeosUser said...

Ms. Starnes (aka Mrs. Kleeb),
Your sole aspiration in life is to become a permanent member of the political class by exploiting the ignorance of the moocher class. I see your claim to fame is, "I have started and run nonprofits since I was 19 with many of them still going strong." Like all of your fellow liberal/progressive/socialist/communists you were and continue to be unable/unwilling to do some real meaningful work in the real world of for profit capitalism. As much as you truly hate it, willing exchanges of goods/services by and between individuals for mutual benefit and profit powers freedom and those like you are all about trying to use government to get a piece of that action for yourselves without actually taking the risks and doing the hard work.

Anonymous said...

anyone still think she's just bitter about the un-elect-ability of her hubby? :D

Ripped Off said...

GeosUser, you say;

willing exchanges of goods/services by and between individuals for mutual benefit and profit powers freedom and those like you are all about trying to use government to get a piece of that action for yourselves without actually taking the risks and doing the hard work.

Were you Running down Jane there or discribing those cost plus contracts that the Republicans have always loved handing out to Haliburten, Black Water and a huge list of others?

Anonymous said...

Jane is extremely rude. I have respect for many democrats...and she is NOT one of them.

Joseph said...

Wow. This would be funny if it wasn’t so annoying. First of all, Jane has managed to put together a recipe for complete failure. And on top of it, she’s started talking like a 46-year-old soccer mom who is trying to impress her 13-year-old kids with some type of misguided slang that wouldn’t be cool if P. Diddy started using it. And second, she tries to attack Rs in this state for being organized and united? I would defend that, only I don’t have to, because there’s a reason that Rs are the ‘alpha-party’ in NEBRASKA. You would never see a public, petty argument about party structure with high-ranking Rs. And for that, I’m thankful.

curbfeeler said...

Jane Kleeb is not civil but she trumpets civility. That makes her a bold liar.

She likes nasty attack ads, she called Sweeper a coward, she accuses people of "hate" when they disagree with her. She is giving NE Democrats painful wedgies.

She seems to be using Nebraskans to advance herself in a way that grates on the Husker personality. Even partisans here hold personal qualities in high esteem. Kleeb seems to be in it for herself in a too obvious way.

If not a carpetbagger, she certainly has the feel of one.

Also, she isn't that smart. Her ego is at least one size larger than her reason, which makes her a danger to herself and others.

For example, she blogs under her own name. That is fine for a political commentator. But now she wants to run for positions, and suddenly all she says is ammo that can be used against her.

macdaddy said...

The Neb? Excuse me. the neb? You should ditch that ASAP. It's pretty lame.


Anonymous said...

Jane Kleeb is "In the Nebula".

Nick Naylor said...

Oh Jane...

Where to start... I think we will let this one marinate for a bit and let it really soak in with the folks.

You and I both know that you cannot hide the true source of this money forever.

I think everyone will be oh so excited to learn of your plans in the long run.

Either Nebraska Dems are eat the wheel or they are just to ignorant to see whats really going on in their own state.

Majority said...


This is almost to funny.

Nick Naylor said...

Asleep at the Wheel**

Jamie said...

is anyone gonna be in the iow this weekend? i'm gonna be in the ohi until saturday but if anyone was wanting to talk politics on my way back to the neb i'd love to stop by.

Oh mander said...

All this "neb" and "coward" criticism is so petty. Surely there are better ways to spend one's time.

Jane - As a fellow liberal, I beg you to take the high road on this one rather than come back with the kind of crap you posted yesterday. It certainly doesn't help you or the few liberals left in this state.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but this is Jane. You know, the one that pals around with Greta and is on a first-name basis with Sean. Oh, and there was that time they had dinner with a Clinton. Jane is SO perfect. We need her Washington-style politics and DC savoy here in the podunk "neb". Didn't you know that? What did we ever do without her? She is the savior of the liberals!

District 34 Farmer said...

We really appreciated Annette Dubas' vote to increase the fuel tax. Really made life easier when fuel prices were already sky rocketing!

I'll do anything I can to see her gone.

Anonymous said...

Hey followthemoney folks in the beltway don't want her....Please keep her, I have friends from NE out here. They don't want here coming to town and ruining the great reps of true Nebraskans!

macdaddy said...

Jamie, Imma gonna be in the heezy fo sheezy this weekend, but keep that on the down low, you dig dog?

Anonymous said...

District 34, that's weak. If you're against Dubas, then you're for Lathrop, McGill and White over that one bill. For the record, these were the votes for the bill, and against, to override the Gov's veto:

Voting in the affirmative, 34:

Adams Dierks Heidemann Louden Rogert Aguilar Dubas Hudkins McDonald Schimek Avery Engel Janssen Nantkes Stuthman Burling Fischer Johnson Nelson Synowiecki
Carlson Flood Karpisek Pankonin Wallman Christensen Hansen Kruse Pedersen Wightman Cornett Harms Langemeier Raikes

Voting in the negative, 15:

Ashford Friend Howard Lautenbaugh Pirsch Chambers Fulton Kopplin McGill Preister Erdman Gay Lathrop Pahls White

Jamie said...

i dig dog. i'm from the oma, remember?

Anonymous said...

I checked out the first link and it showed how the vote would've turned out based on 18-29 year olds. Just proves to me you get wiser in years. When I was 18-24, I was definetely more I'm extremely's amazing how the rose colored glasses fall off as get older.

Anonymous said...

As a liberal I like the idea of Bold Nebraska. As a person that knows Jane, she is not only the wrong individual to run this operation but also just a horrible human being. I hope that the Dems in "the Neb" realize who and what Jane is and keep her from the immanent power grab. ie barry rubin/jane kleeb angeling to take over the party......tbd

Former Democrat said...

People like Jane Kleeb who have helped destroy the democratic party, is the reason I became an independent. I was never involved in politics but I will stand against progressives like her. I do not want socialism like most of the current leaders in the democrat party want. It is time for the common sense democrats to say enough and just leave the party. God Bless America

Jamie said...

"If you're not a liberal by twenty, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by forty, you have no brain." - Winston Churchill.

It just hits some of us sooner. =]

Brian T. Osborn said...

Great quote from a guy that was a drunk, a womanizer, and one that pimped out his daughter-in-law to get diplomatic secrets.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

District 34 Farmer said...

Anon 1:41...
I won't be voting in those other districts. I think we have all learned you can't trust a Democrat even if they happen to get the occassional vote right.

Lee Atwater said...

Didn't realize you admired Churchill so much. :)

Brian T. Osborn said...

Churchill was a good painter.

Anonymous said...

New trending topic: #leavetheneb

Also, why isn't there a Jane Fleming kleeb Wikipedia page? Let's make this happen.

You reap what you sow said...

Jane is your run of the mill Stetson/American U liberal- D.C. Insider. She did a decent job in the political realm and even earned a job on FOX News as the punk Ann Coulter tore to shreads.

Her problem came when she married a (pseudo)Neberasakan that wanted to run for office again in Nebraska. So she packed her bags and figured that she, as a wise and accomplished beltloop gal would instantly be annointed as Queen of the savages here in Nebraska. Be it the playground or political battlefield, no one likes the one that shows up last and tries to run the show.

#intheneb is that same sort of I-know-better-than-you patronizing crap that Jane loves. We need a liberal elite to tell us how to promote our state.

She'll find a union or Soros type to throw her money. She's done some good- she brings up issues and has kept a few people a little more honest than before. But the main focus will always be promoting her #1 cause: Jane.

As far as facebook: You can't have it both ways. Don't want people quoting what you say? Make it private. Easy as that. But then you can't get the attention you so greatly crave. Also, I find it disturbing that within a few minutes she lists people she considers cowards and posts pictures of her kids. Here's some *FREE* social media advice: get yourself a public page and use that for political activism and keep your personal page for friends and family only.

Jane is a train wreck waiting to happen. NDP, buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

Political asses like Jane Kleeb think they they can lord power over other people and shove thier ideas down other's throats, and then cry foul when they are criticized. You see that in politics, but rarely so obviously.

This woman is a snotty crybaby with a mean streak, a bad temper, and a churlish lack of civility.

They're called "Cows" said...

Jane, telling everyone who will listen you're "in the neb" is like telling every person you see that you're smarter than them. The more you have to say it, the less likely it is that it's true.

Also, did anyone catch her tweets from a few months ago when she drove through Western Nebraska? She referred to cows as "moo moos" Which means she either has no grasp of agricultural issuesor is 4.

the O-C-Bee said...

Jane, I know you're a Florida/D.C. elite, so I'll help you assimilate. The title of this post is a reference to "Old Country Buffet," an affordably priced eatery common in the Midwest. It's a popular place among the commonfolk and simpletons looking to stretch their hard earned dollar while not clinging to guns and religion.

You should start a campaign to regulate the nasty preservatives they put in their food. You know what's best for us.

Anonymous said...

Nebraska needs to follow arizona's Law!!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Political Cows and such have any of you heard of the wanna be Pelosi in Bellevue?

Carol Blood!

Just as an FYI and a you heard it here first warning. This lady is a very hard working, very left of center, and full of herself.

Today she is the at large city council member and I'm sure she is eyeballing Abbie Cornett's seat in 2012. Remeber Abbie was elected as a D and crossed over, well at least in name, to the R's.

So watch out Nebraska, the woman is striving to be the next "Nancy" Pelosi of Nebraska and will make Jane K obsolete.

Anonymous said...

Why are we even talking about Barry Rubin? I thought he left the state to work for InfoUSA? Did he get canned, or somethin'?

Bud said...

Brian in Churchill's defense he was born a Lord. America does not have Lords No matter how bad many rich GOP would want that to happen. To Jamie. Arthur Krock, George Soule , and Irving Brant all said it best about the GOP and being a conservative a long time ago. I quote. "Why are Republicans (the party of Lincoln) acting like southern democrats? It was certainly not due to any new found solicitude for the rights of states like New York to conduct experments in social policy. ( they are talking about the minimun wage there) Rather it flowed from the republicans identification with captains of industry and finance, ( they love Wall street)who had come to see the doctrine of states' rights very much as Southern democracy did in the era of human bondage, and as the enforcers of Jim Crow still did: as a means to prevent the federal government from placing constraints on their power. The doctrine of States rights is a defense mechanism of great corporations and industrial fortunes against governmental control. The fourty eight (1936) states acting separately are powerless to cope with huge aggregations of wealth. If corporations escape federal control. They escape altogether." It worked in the 30's and it works today. The GOP is the party of NO, of the Rich, and they don't want to the American pie to get any bigger or to share any of it. No Change. No Deal. No Way. That is being a conservative at it's very best. If that means economic slavery for the rest so be it.

Tired of the Blame Game said...

Bud- go stuff it. You are so self serving it makes me sick. You play the blame game all to often. If you dont like Corporations then just fall of the face of the earth.

It's corporations that make your miserable life even possible. Deal with it.

Jamie said...

i love how bto happened to leave off the fact he was prime minister of the united kingdom and one of the most influential of world leaders to fight off hitler...

nah. his womanizing affected his political, views and made them obsolete.

Jamie said...

Damn it! The sarcasm tags didn't work. Damn HTML. Well, you have to take my word for it, I was not being serious, and his personal life in no way affect the validity of his political view or leadership abilities.

Bud said...

Tired of the Blame game. No I thought it was God that made my life possible. And God gve us Natural law. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not obscene profits that corporations belive in. So take your, I am better than you, attitude and put it some where else but not in the USA! .

Brian T. Osborn said...


As I said, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

I believe Winston Churchill was the right man, at the right time, for what the world needed at that time. Evidently, the British people believed that he had served his purpose and they put him out to pasture once he'd done his job. Just because he helped save democracy and the western world doesn't necessarily mean that everything he said should be taken as gospel.

General George Patton, one of my shirt-tail cousins, was a brilliant strategist and very successful warrior, but he wasn't so good with diplomacy. Evidently I share the "not so good with diplomacy" gene with him. And, I am certain, especially here on Leavenworth Street, that a lot of what I have to say is always taken with a whole sack of salt.

Each of us has our own personal weaknesses and failings. Whether they are public or not often makes the difference between whether a person goes on to be notable, or notorious.

Right Wing Professor said...

Reading a little about this, it does seem that Jane's goal is to be a new, better Kyle. And one can be a lot better with a $175,000 bankroll from a mysterious out-of-state sugar-daddy.

It's just another symptom of the Democrats' central and most debilitating malaise; the conceit that their message would be popular with the American people, if they could just figure out a way of packaging it. And they have a couple of shreds of evidence for the conceit; the transitory surges in popularity of Clinton and Obama, which were well timed enough to get them elected. Needless to say, trying to implement the message caused an electoral disaster in 1994, and it looks like it's on the way to causing a bigger disaster in 2010.

Clinton got it right after 1994; he veered sharply right, and managed to get himself re-elected. I see no evidence Obama is smart enough to do the same.

All the fancy websites in the world won't change the fact that Americans ain't buying what the Dems are selling, not even wrapped up in pink paper with flowery bows.

Right Wing Professor said...

Brian in Churchill's defense he was born a Lord.

No he wasn't. Even his father, Lord Randolph Churchill, the 3rd son of the Duke of Marlborough, only held the title 'Lord' by courtesy; he was not actually a peer of the realm. Had he been a peer, he would have been ineligible to sit in the House of Commons.

RWP. your online authority on anachronistic aristocracies.

It's different over here, where the name Kennedy is inherited even by younger scions of the Dukedom of Massachusetts.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Oh, c'mon, RWP. Wrapping dog poop in misspelled protest signs at tea parties IS appealing to the American people?

Well it is ... at least for SOME of them. There just is no accounting for personal taste. Some of us like the left. Some of you like the right. There once was a time when Americans could accept one another's differences and find the middle ground to get along. Now you're either a Communist or a Nazi ... there's nothing in between.

I have come to the realization that I have been just as responsible for promoting that kind of political dichotomy as anyone. I'm a lefty and yet many of my friends and some in my family are wingers, yet we get along. It's just here on the blogs that we eviscerate one another. I don't know if I'll change, but at least it has gotten me to thinking.

Tired of Bud..... said...

Bud- see there you go again. Ya have to take a simple comment and attach it to something you just buy into partially. You quote GOD and yet you don't seem to take all the tenents to heart. Hypocrite.

Go back to your rock......

Anonymous said...

BTO- I find most of your posts at least somewhat interesting, if not entertaining. But really, Communist to Nazi. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Can Jane help Alexi?

If Jane has financial savy, can she help the Dem. Senate candidate in Illinois--Alexi Giannoulias? Seems his family's bank (where he worked until becoming state treas.) just failed and was taken over by the FDIC.

Will this hurt, or help, his campaign.

Could be a pick up for the Repubs.

Iggy Uana said...

Jane's in Denver with the kids. Probably out there getting more dollars from Scott's old alumni to fund her latest get rich quick scheme. She doesn't seem to ever spend a lot of time in "the neb." Maybe there just aren't enough dollars here to keep up with her life style needs.

Someone over on NNN asked her for some straight answers and got nothing back but a bunch of double talk. She keeps saying "we" and "us" but so far has gone public with a only a few (two) names, one is a black Methodist minister in Omaha the other a guy in Lincoln that makes T-shirts. Neither one of them seem likely to have the kind of money laying around to fund an operation like Bold Nebraska nor to buy a $170,000 anti-Terry ad.

So Jane, some straight answers please. Who are all these mysterious backers, and why all the secrecy? So far we've seen Sen. Nelson and InfoUSA (Vin Gupta/Barry Rubin) mentioned. What would you call them, "the grr'oots?" We'll just call 'em astroturf. If all the funding is coming from Nebraska, why all your trips out of state?

Are you still running to lead Nebraska's democrats Jane? It sounds like you've been busy burning the bridges you'd need to get there. "Hating" on their National Committeeman and saying things like "siding with your party is not a sign of leadership" probably won't make you any points there.

RWP said...


in general I agree with you about civility. But I don't see what's particularly partisan about my post. Clinton post 1994 would have been an unequivocally successful President, if it hadn't been for that pesky blue dress.

Jamie said...

RWP, I have to disagree with you. Obama is from Columbia and Harvard. Ax and Rahm come from two of the best schools in Chicago. The main team knows how to twist arms and twist media to make them appeal to moderate conservatives. Then again, maybe the PR loss they've had with healthcare. I dunno. His approval ratings have stayed decent, and if there's some national emergency he handles well, I def think we can see a second term.

Iggy Uana said...

Rachel Maddow is raising hell about the corporate sponsored activist groups on the right. I wonder why she's not ranting about the corporate sponsored activist groups on the left, like Bold Nebraska? Looks like one person's bluegrass is another's crabgrass.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Sorry if that broadside seemed aimed directly at you. It wasn't. I was just waxing philosophical, or ranting incoherently, whichever you prefer, sometimes its all the same.

I agree, Pres. Clinton could have accomplished even more than his impressive record had he only kept his pony in the stable. But, then again, other Presidents have have their indiscretions and it didn't become front page fare. Had Clinton's detractors not been seeking ever more lurid details (no doubt to satisfy their own sexual obsessions) every school aged child in this nation would still be blissfully ignorant of alternate uses for tobacco products.

Bud said...

So tired of me. Thank you. I did not know only the GOP could believe in God. So that makes me a hypocrite? HA, Ha. If we had been on that old tv show, You Make Me Laugh you would now be a winner. You might go back and re read the gospel. ( I doubt if you ever have). You might read what Jesus said about both poor and rich people. RWP, I stand corrected on Churchill being born a peer. I think Churchill is a great man. He and I may not have the same opinion on National Health Insurance. but I admire Churchill very much. I still think he was the most important person of the 20the century. Now I go back to my sofa, I don't own a rock

Brian T. Osborn said...

So ... Tired of Bud,

Exactly WHICH tenants of God would you like to have us believe that YOU take to heart? Evidently your Mamma never read you any of the books from the New Testament, since the only tenanst that seem to appeal to you are those that involve smiting.

Taken any of your misbehaving brats out to have them stoned to death by the village elders lately?

Macdaddy said...

God is a landlord? Is the rent 10% of your income and is that on top of the tithe? Are utilities included?

Anonymous said...

Brian suggested as a joke, that people with whom he disagrees will stone children to death. Before that, he said we all should "accept one another's differences and find the middle ground to get along." Brian says he personally regrets that he is "just as responsible for promoting that kind of political dichotomy... I don't know if I'll change, but at least it has gotten me to thinking."

This is venting not thinking.

All these words were spewed out in same blog stream where Brian also said, "I was just waxing philosophical, or ranting incoherently, whichever you prefer, sometimes its all the same."

No, it is not all the same. And it is not up to us to determine Brian’s philosophic wisdom or his ranting incoherency. It is up to Brian who governs his own words.

Coincidentially, there is another person blogging around here who has a similar bad habit of talking about civility and then saying she hates people.

Brian O and Jane K may need therapy on a couch a bit more firm than Sweeper's. Their problem isn't being Democrat or liberal. It is their inability to not say whatever pops into their heads.

Anonymous said...


Kind of funny how all this plays through the fabric of our society. Tough to do on a consistent basis.

Brian T. Osborn said...

I didn't write this joke, somebody else did.

Deuteronomy 21:18-21

"18 If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who does not obey his father and mother and will not listen to them when they discipline him, 19 his father and mother shall take hold of him and bring him to the elders at the gate of his town. 20 They shall say to the elders, "This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a profligate and a drunkard." 21 Then all the men of his town shall stone him to death."

When in doubt, please consult my Blogger icon. I know it is hard to read: "Sarcasm is just another free service I offer." Sometimes the silly things I write are designed to help you to think. I know that is very difficult for some of you to do, but at least I keep trying.

As for all the armchair psychologists out there ... you need a license to practice that in Nebraska. If you don't have one, then I'd say your advice is at least as good as the drunk at the end of any bar in the state.

macdaddy said...

Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

From Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Brain Drain said...

What is with Nebraskans? On one hand you complain about the loss of population and the fact that young people move far away and never come back - not even for Christmas. And on the other you have someone who has moved their by choice and you reject her and ridicule her attempt to adopt Nebraska as her home.
what happened to Nebraska? when did hate and ignorance become its cash crops?

Anonymous said...

I don't think she came here (not "their") completely by choice. I am fairly certain it became a little more complicated shortly after Kleeb 1.0.

Actually, she seems to like to leave that there home town of hers more than she likes to stay in it. They must have great daycare there.

Jamie said...

We're not anti-moving-to-Nebraska, we're anti-being-hired-by-SEIU-to-move-to-Nebraska-to-spread-their-presence-to-Red-States.

IE Jane Kleeb.

Iggy Uana said...

Jamie: It is even more villainous than SEIU. It is the money that brought Scott here in 2006. The dirt goes deeper than the surface. Keep looking and you just might find it.

Jamie said...

i'd love to, but i'd love for you to spoil the fun for us. :-)
i always found it a little odd that scott thought it was a good idea to go to an ivy league school on the west coast just to come back to nebraska to become a rancher and marry a union organizer. something doesn't add up.

doesn't really matter. i don't overestimate the power of the left-wing movement here in NE.

TedK said...

Really powerful left-wing movement we have in Nebraska. Look at all the left-wing officeholders in the state. Talk about paranoia!

tea bagger recruiter said...

Anon 525:

nice. misogynism. it's been lacking here lately.

of course, Jane is a woman. she should be home, barefoot and pregnant right? Certainly she shouldn't be politically active right? This comment reminds me of that Republican mailer that promised to send a woman in Congress "back to the kitchen."

you aren't a tea bagger are ya?

macdaddy said...

Nelson is voting against cloture on the financial regulation bill because his buddy Buffett didn't get some sort of derivatives exemption. I wonder what Ms. Kleeb and the SEIU think about that.

Here's the reason why Democrats are getting no traction with any of this: everyone knows that cronyism is alive and well in Washington, D.C. The Dems are conspiring with Big Business to loot the country. Buffett is trying to get his piece of the pie. Goldman Sachs is going to make sure they get theirs. And the Dems keep trying to pretend their $hit don't stink.

One Out In The Third said...

Did you hear ol' Earmark's lame excuse for not voting to send the bill forward? He wanted time to read the bill. When has that been a requirement for EBN? You can read all you want Ben...your problem is reading comprehension Mr. Lame Duck.

Bud said...

Arizona, Arizona, Arizona,
Bad, Bad, Bad,

macdaddy said...

What's so bad about trying to get the federal government to freakin' do their jobs?

Democrats don't understand this. People want results. We are tired of the appearance of putting forth an effort. It's called being held to the same standards everyone else gets held to in this country: do your job or you're fired. But keep screeching about it. You'll have plenty of time for that from the unemployment line come Fall.

Bud said...

I am not the only one who says it is a bad law. Tom Tancredo says it is bad law. Even the Supreme Court that we have today will eventually over rule the law. It smacks of the Gestapo asking for your papers. There can, should, and eventually be a better way to take care of the immigration problem. Arresting rich CEO's who hire thse people in the first place is good start.

E. V. Debs said...

You can thank Ronald Reagan for all the illegal aliens we have around now. He helped destroy the unions in the packing plants and construction industry. Those jobs used to be good jobs for Americans. Reagan made them into bad jobs for illegals.

Right Wing Professor said...


I am an immigrant. Before I was naturalized, I was well aware of the law that said I had to carry my green card on me at all times, I complied with it, and I didn't consider it a Gestapo tactic to be asked for it. If you travel abroad, you are expected to carry a passport, and can be asked for it at any time.

Non-US-citizens are required by federal law to carry documents verifying their legal status, and in this respect we are like every other country in the world, bar none. Your Nazi comparisons are completely unfounded, Mr. History Buff.

Bud said...

E.W. Debs. You hit the nail with the hammer. In 1980 the GI packing plants were paying 10 bucks an hour. It was an union job. Now it is a non union job and it still pays ten bucks an hour. So no change. But the work force is a lot different now, That is a change. Those poor people from Mexico are not the enemy. If we were in their shoes we would do the same thing. Try to feed our family. But the CEO's who don't want to pay Americans decent wage or allow them safe working conditions they are the enemy. Ask those miners in West VA.

Bud said...

RWP. I am an American citizen too. White, blue eyes , blond hair. I would not get stopped I think. But I have friends. Who are American citizens. They are brown skinned. Brown eyes, black hair.They speak Spanish has thier native tongue. Those people should never have to carry papers around. They should never have to worry about being stopped. That is why the law is wrong. It could harm American citizens. No American law should ever harm American citizens. The law is supposed to protect you. The Gestapo is what I want to avoid happening.

Anonymous said...


You claim to be a fan of less intrusive government in our lives, yet this law increases the power of government over individual rights and the right to be left alone.

Perhaps the worst part of the Arizona law is that it prevents victims of crime who are undocumented to report the crime for fear of being arrested. Consistently, undocumented workers who are witnesses to crimes will also be less likely to come forward. As result, lawlessness will actually increase.

Immigration is definitely a problem, but a misguided response is not the solution.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Another reason we have so many illegal aliens in this country is due to the way our government subsidized the corn industry. By putting all of our corn growers on the government teat with "subsidies (welfare)" we are able to sell corn to Mexico, for example, cheaper than they can grow it themselves. That put a lot of people out of work down there. Then, the meat packers vigorously recruited those out of work farmers to come up here and do extremely dangerous work for low wages and few benefits. Being illegals, they don't complain, which the mega-corporations really like.

If we only arrested the managers of the industries that are hiring illegal aliens in this country, the problem would vanish over night. But, the issue of illegal aliens is one that, just like the question of abortion, puts wind in the sails of the Republican Party. Face it, the GOP REALLY doesn't want this problem to go away. For one thing, it would mean the businesses that control the party would have to start paying Americans to do the work, and that would mean having to pay fair wages and benefits. It would also open the door to unionization of their plants. So, no, this is going to be a perpetual problem.

As for Sen. Nelson... I've told you Republicans before - You want him? You can have him. He's not one of ours.

RWP - I lived in Italy for twelve and a half years, four and half of them as a member of NATO forces, eight as an immigrant laborer. I didn't have to carry my green card with me, nor my passport; a driver's license was sufficient. Of course, after I'd spent a lot of time on the beach in the summer, and learned to speak their language at mother tongue level, I blended in pretty well with the locals. Although I didn't look like a Sicilian, I could pass for a Lombard or a Tuscan. Let me ask you this, "How many blond-haired, blue-eyed people do you think the Arizona police will ask for their papers? How many Hispanic looking people do you think they will ask?" Keep in mind that pretty much the entire Southwest of the United States was once part of Mexico, and a lot of Native Americans reside there. (Can you imagine the irony of a Navajo being asked for his papers to prove that he belongs here?)

And, Bud, do you really call that grey fuzz on your head ... blond?

Macdaddy said...

I guess reading up on something is another job Americans won't do. You don't get asked for your papers out of the blue. It's a secondary request from when you're meeting law enforcement for other reasons. You know, like now, when you have to produce a drivers' license when you get pulled over for a traffic violation. Or when you are stumbling down the sidewalk or peeing on the side of a building.

Macdaddy said...

E.V: you are right in blaming Reagan for a lot of this, but not because of his union-busting activities. It was because he signed amnesty for illegals and now everybody is hoping it will happen again. Of course, your side should be praising Reagan on this since they all want to grant amnesty again.

BTO, you will get no argument from me when you say that illegal immigrants depress wages. But what is Obama's plan to deal with this? Amnesty and participation in subsidized healthcare plans. That'll get those wages right up.

Nebraska Company said...

Ahem. Johanns supported the Berkshire language. He actually offered an amendment on it. Even the OWH says so.

What is wrong with helping Nebraskans anyway?

Those of you who are against helping Berksire be sur to go down to theirmeeting and ask them all to leave and hold their meetings somewhere else.

Brian T. Osborn said...

MacDaddy - I'm not sure what O'Bama's plans are, I know what I would do. I'm one of those silly people that believe in the grassroots. If enough of us make our voices heard (and they speak loudest at the ballot box) we can change things. So, I keep advancing the idea that the managers of corporations must get no free passes, that since they are the ones that created the mess, they are the ones that should be fined and going to jail.

Nebraska Company - Nice to see you participating here on Leavenworth Street, Mr. Buffett.

bob said...

Regarding Jane Kleeb’s use of the entity "BOLD NEBRASKA"; Roget’s Thesaurus lists as a synonym for “Bold”, the word IMPRUDENT.

Imprudent Jane Kleeb!

Sounds accurate.

Bud said...

Oh BTO you slam my vanity calling my blonde hair grey . But I think you may be right. It is worse on my beard though. So macdaddy I am going for a walk. I fit the description of some one accused of a secondary crime. I don't have anything in my pockets no ID, no credit card, no nothing. . So I am able to prove I am not the person they think did the crime. But since I don't have no ID on me I go to jail. WOW! does that sound like America to you? Has for Native Americas Brian. We have been giving them a hose job since 1492 why stop now!

Right Wing Professor said...


Read the darn law. Nowhere does it require anyone to carry proof of citizenship.

Brian T. Osborn said...


If someone stopped you on the street - right now - could you prove that you are an American citizen?

I know I couldn't, and I was born here!

Right Wing Professor said...


Italian law requires passports to be carried by all non-nationals, except for citizens of other EU countries, who can carry a valid National EU card, along with a valid entrance stamp. If you lived there longer than three months, you also needed a Permesso di Soggiorno on you.

I can't speak to what you got away with in Italy. I do know what the law says.

Right Wing Professor said...


Neither federal law, nor the law of Arizona, requires you to prove you're a citizen. Once again, if you're going to comment on Arizona SB 1070, read it.

But FWIW, I have a voter registration card I carry in my wallet, which would do it.

Brian T. Osborn said...


It was a long time ago and laws do change. Plus, being married into the mob didn't hurt. ;-)

Just how then is this new AZ law to be enforced? It sounds like a hodge-podge of unenforceable rules that can only result in the arresting officer winding up facing charges of his/her own. What's really funny is that they wrote a clause into it that allows AZ citizens to sue their local police if they believe they aren't zealous enough in enforcing it. That is a guaranteed way to bust the bank of every community in the state. Watching what happens in Arizona over this mess will be funnier than 'I Love Lucy' reruns.

Right Wing Professor said...


WHat it looks like to me is that a police officer, if he/she has reasonable suspicion someone is an illegal alien, and if said suspect can't prove legal alien status, can (and in fact must) detain them until their status is checked with INS (or whatever it became).

The law immunizes, against most false arrest claims, arresting officers acting in good faith.

I think the law will have relatively little effect.

Macdaddy said...

Bud, you have to give a cop a reason to come talk to you before they can ask you about your immigration status. So, unless you are jay-walking or obstructing traffic, or peeing in your neighbor's bushes, you have nothing to fear during your walk. Of course, as it is right now, if you do those things and you don't have ID on you, you can be cited for vagrancy as well. You just won't get deported. In any event, it won't be like "Born in East LA."

Right Wing Professor said...

Bud, you have to give a cop a reason to come talk to you before they can ask you about your immigration status

However, an immigration officer, anywhere in the US, under long-standing federal law has the power "to interrogate, without warrant, any alien or person believed to be an alien concerning his or her right to be, or to remain, in the United States.
(Bolding mine)

And yet, despite the fact this is 60 year old law, the Gestapo have not been sighted yet, outside the rants of a few hysterical ninnies.

Brian T. Osborn said...

I have reasonable suspicion that everyone around me is an alien. And some of you just call it paranoia.

Iggy Uana said...

Seen on Facebook today: "Jane Fleming Kleeb on my way to safety, wall street reform and a little reporting..."

Jane weren't you just in D.C. a couple of weeks ago? Then you were off to Denver, and to Lincoln and Omaha nearly every other day. Do you ever stay in Hastings? Obviously "someone" that is paying for all these trips you make. Scott is just starting up a new business and we find it very difficult to believe he can afford to send you out on these trips.

Jane, can you give an honest answer to anyone? Nebraska Democratic Party National Committeeman, Vince Powers, asked you about Bold Nebraska, "Who's we?" and "What is it, non-profit, 501 (c)3(3) or whatever? Is it political? Social. going to help elect Mark Lakers? Tom White? Janet Stewart? or is it just issues oriented like OFA?"

You fed him a pile of steaming BS.

Democratic Kearny City Council candidate, Jeremiah Quintin, asked you, "What is Bold Nebraska?"

You didn't even give him the time of day.

So I'm going to ask you some very specific questions, and I do expect very specific answers, "Who do you work for? What is your current job? Who do you turn your expense reports in to? Who funds your trips?"

You are expecting to "lead" lead us all in a Bold Nebraska. Don't you believe we have the right to know who is backing you? And don't the Democrats have a right to know who the potential future Chair of the NDP works for?

Please, no more spin, no more dancing around the issue, no more hiding. Just give us some straight answers. Don't you believe we Nebraskans deserve as much?

Anonymous said...

Face it Iggy, Jane has put together the "dream job". She parlayed her exposure through a documentary and with several non-profits into a gig on FOX. After that went south, she got some sugar daddy, George Soros-type to give her unlimited gobs of money to make some tiny in-road into the reddest of red States for the "progressive" movement. "Reporting"? For whom? Just another deal Jane probably pitched and unlimited money-bags guy bought. Wonder if Scott is Mr. Mom these days or if he ever gets out of Hastings. The real snake oil salesperson in the Kleeb family has been revealed and she rarely stays in Nebraska, much less Hastings. At this rate, Bold Nebraska will quickly become Impident Nebraska.