Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sigerson resignation letter

Omaha City Councilman Chuck Sigerson's resignation letter:
Dear Chief of Staff Weaver and Council President Gernandt:

Liz and I want to thank you for your prayers and consideration over the last several months of my illness. I am well on my way to recovery and I expect to fully recover from all affects of my stroke and heart attack. Liz and I and my family have been overwhelmed by the cards, phone calls and other acts of caring from so many of you and by the assistance of the council staff.

It has been my hope and intention throughout the last several months to return to the Omaha City Council by March such that I could continue to represent my constituents in District 7. While my speech ability continues to improve, it has not come back as quickly as my other motor skills. This sometimes makes it difficult for me to fully discuss and articulate my thoughts which I believe that I must be able to clearly do in order to effectively represent my constituents. Because this process has not progressed as rapidly as I had honestly anticipated, it is now clear to me that it is appropriate that I tender my resignation from the City Council effective March 1, 2010.

I have been honored and privileged to serve Omaha and my constituents since 2001. I love this city and hope to continue to contribute in many ways in the future as I fully recover from my illness.

Again, Liz and I and my family want to extend our heartfelt thanks to you and the citizens of Omaha for your understanding and kindness over these last several months.

Charles W. Sigerson


Scott Berryman said...

Thank you, Chuck, for your years of contributions to making Omaha and Nebraska a better place.

Your efforts are appreciated.

Best Wishes.

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

I thank Chuck Sigerson for his years of public service and for his steadfast commitment to promoting pro-life principles within the GOP. Best wishes to Chuck, Liz and family.

NE Voter said...

I wish Chuck good health and long life. Over the years, he evolved into an effective and productive Council member.

Early on, Chuck embraced the spirit of civility that Mike Fahey brought to City government.

I can only hope that a certain newly-elected Council member will also embrace that example, and push back against the outside special interests that are using divisive and destructive tactics to influence City government.

All the best to you, Chuck!

Anonymous said...

Chuck has a history of making tough decisions and this is just another of those. It is too bad that the City of Omaha will lose Chuck on the Council. The behavior in the last 6 months of our CC is a good example of the void left when Chuck fell ill.

The "leadership" on the CC would do wise to select someone that has the ability to be relected when the term comes due. I recall that when they went totally partisan to replace Councilman Terry when he was elected to Congress, they chose someone with absolutely no ability to be reelected. If I remember correctly, Monaghan was not even able to survive his Primary.

Think twice Gary, a mandate is not what the people of this City (or Country) want.

I urge you to find the best candidate for a heavily Republican, pro business, family centered CC District.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Jim Vokal will go away too?

Scott Lautenbaugh said...

This is a heart-breaking development, and a huge loss for our city. Thank you for your service to our city and state, Chuck, and may your recovery continue.

To: Anon 10:05-- simply despicable, if you're really taking this as an opportunity for a political shot.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Red Robin!

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott Lautenbaugh,

That was by no means a political shot. Oh, maybe it was. It was a shot at Vokal not Sigerson.

Jim Vokal was pushing his agenda and the Republican agenda in the article today in the World-Herald. Here's the quote...

- Jim Vokal, a Republican and former council member, said he hopes the council chooses someone like Sigerson who supported businesses and “held the line” on taxes. -

Are you going to criticize Jim Vokal for his political opportunism? We need to mourn Sigerson not talk about his replacement. No, you won't criticize Vokal, he's a Republican.

I actually have no problem with Vokal pushing that agenda because I expect that from him. But, I really wouldn't have a problem if that was done by someone else either. Yes, Sigerson's health situation is unfortunate, but it's time to move on because the people in his district have been without representation for almost six months - a rather important six months. I hope they pick a replacement quickly for the sake of Sigerson's constituents.

My problem with Vokal is the reality of Sigerson's health situation never matched Vokal's words.

Rod Edwards said...

Here's to Chuck's continued recovery and to enjoying many great years with Liz and family.

Chuck served us well in many capacities. I think we all learned a lot from Chuck that will help us move forward.

Thank you Chuck Sigerson!


Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous Idiot that went after Senator Scott: I don't think Vokal is wrong in asking for a person that is for low taxes and pro business to represent Dist 7. Pete Festersen is a democrat that believes in the same philosophy as Chuck. I would be afraid of a Jerram clone that wants to tax everything in site and payoff his union budies with the city coffers.

3rd D guy said...

Anon 1:10

is that you Bob Sivick? still angry Vokal whipped you?

Councilman Chris said...

Please don't make Red Robin jokes. I love to chow down on a couple double cheeseburgers and a large fry and shake there at lease 3 times a week.

Anonymous said...

Come on...that was a low blow to Jerram. He's too busy jogging through Chuck's district, looking at all of those satellite dishes and trying to find a replacement who'll help him tax 'em.

GeosUser said...

Dave Friend would make an excellent replacement for Chuck Sigerson. He's retired Omaha police captain, current MUD Board member, head of security for Metro Community College, still keeps his police skills sharp as a part-time police officer in Bennington and a long time district 7 resident. He has invaluable experience on gangs/crime and on the $3 billion dollar sewer separation project, just to name of couple of critical areas. Plus he's no puppet for the fire union.

Anonymous said...

But, is he willing to stand up to the Police Union? While the Fire Dept is taking all the heat right now(no pun intended), the Police Union contract has been just as problematic.

In all other areas Friend is abundantly qualified. I am afraid the simple fact of having run as a Republican for Mayor might make the Dems in control not want to pick him.

NE Voter said...

I suppose Dave Friend is a good guy, and all, but anyone associated with the Police and Fire unions will be a non-starter.

Friend was on the force during the fattest years of the Police contract. He receives a pension from us taxpayers.

Where's Dave Nabity? He and his shadowy Omaha Alliance for the Top 5% assert that anyone associated with the prior negotiations/regimes should not be involved in the process.

If Nabity will not publicly oppose Dave Friend's application (if he applies) for the post, his Omaha Alliance loses all credibility.

Nathan said...

No way is Dave Friend going to get it so we might as well quit talking about it. I could see Dave running for it come election time, and probably getting it too.

GeosUser said...

For the record, Dave Friend retired from the Omaha Police Department before the current "spiking" fire/police contracts were negotiated by Mayor Fahey and approved by the then city council that included now Mayor Suttle. As a member of the MUD Board, Dave Friend now has experience and knowledge dealing with union contracts from the executive management prospective.

Anonymous said...

For the record, the current Police contract was negotiated in 2004 and approved by the then city council that DID NOT include now Mayor Suttle (who was elected in 2005).

Anonymous said...

I didn't know MUD was a union shop. That explains why it costs $25 to get $4 worth of water.

Big Red Bird said...

Fast Food Mascots are now safe!