Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cosmic Bob: still cosmic

A-member former Nebraskan, Cosmic Bob Kerrey?

He finagled a bridge over to an Iowa field from you, and now is an administrator at a college in Greenwich Village, NY.  Used to date Debra Winger when he lived in Lincoln.  Owned that Grandmother's on 90th and Dodge.

Ring a bell?

Anywho, Bob is now all about cleaning up and "fixing" Congress. You got that? Fixing it.

And before we give you his top four proposals he proposed in an article for fixing said Congress, we would just like to point out the following:

Bob is a full adult, is completely (as far as we know) in possession of all his faculties, and was, we swear to Gaia, a you-knighted-states Senatoor.  K?  K.

So, on with his proposals, or "How I'd Fix D.C. Gridlock":
1) Establish an open bipartisan national system of apportioning congressional districts. State legislatures are given this authority now. It is their gerrymandering of districts, which have contributed most to the polarized nature of congressional debates and to the sense that too few incumbents are actually at risk.
Hmm. Interesting. Take the power that Nebraska has, and give it to New York, California and Texas. Brilliant.

While we're at it, why don't we just pull one of Nebraska's Senators and a couple of its Congress-people too. Because, you know, they're so polar.  Besides, the fly-over states are over-represented anyways.
2) Set a limit of the number of terms that can be served. I’d say six in the House and two in the Senate should be enough to establish the continuity needed to maintain institutional memory.
Wow! Super awesome idea, Bob. This is Earth-shattering! You know, George Will should sit down and write an entire book about this sixteen years ago. (Wait, what?)
3) Increase the qualifications for being able to run. Why not, for example, make everyone who wants to be a candidate for Congress take the same examination we give to men and women who want to become citizens? Shouldn’t each member of Congress know at least as much as a recent immigrant?
You see, this is why we needed to point out that this was written, not by one of Kerrey's little college students, or even, as far as we know, one of his kids.

This "idea" was actually proposed by an adult, who used to serve in government.

(That whole "bridge over to the field" thing is starting to make sense, isn't it?)
4) Create national rules for all federal elections. Take the power back from the political parties and give it to citizens concerned about when and how primaries are held, how they are to be financed, and what punishments are to be meted out to those who break the law.
Again, by a guy who used to serve in Congress.

You see, what we need is a Commission. An Election Commission. But instead of by the states, a Federal one. We could call it the Commission of Federal Elections, but the name's not important. See, what they could do is be an independent regulatory agency created to administer and enforce the statute that governs the financing of federal elections.

And you could search for it using your Google machine with those exact words.

A-freaking-mazing, people.

It's no wonder why the students and faculty at Bob's school have so much confidence in him.

OK, that's all.  Back to work, peoples!


Right Wing Professor said...

Has he any idea how dumb the test we give to citizens is? I remember doing the practice test. It asked what the Emancipation Proclamation was. The 'correct answer' was "it freed the slaves". I pointed out that this wasn't strictly true; it only freed the slaves in states which were in rebellion on Jan. 1 1863. Shut up, I was told, and give them the answer they want.

We also had to read and write a sentence in English. The sentence was 'The cat sat beside the chair'. If you can read and write that, you are as fluent in English as the Federal gummint wants. And, frankly, while I yield to no one in my contempt for Congress, I'd wager even the Democrats can read and write at that level.

Anonymous said...

I can understand that Bobby from New York doesn't understand that the FEC does oversee and holds elected officials and candidates to the law.

You see, the FEC had no teeth when he was in Congress and elected officials of his era got away with whatever they wanted.

That would be like putting TW in charge of the seminar on how to treat your fellow attorneys at the State Bar Association Annual Meeting.

Anonymous said...

I think all four ideas are good ones. I hope they get implemented one day.

Street Sweeper said...

Tell ya what, for #4, try visiting FEC.gov, and your greatest desires will magically come true.

Ashamed Patriot said...

Bob Kerrey is the first of several other military veterans to be attacked by the Republicans. When he was called a war criminal was a tale of things to come, such as...

1.) Claiming that Max Clelland, who lost both legs in combat, didn't have the courage to fight terrorism.

2.) Mocking John Kerrey for not being 'properly shot' and lying about his service.

3.) Outing Valerie Plame.

4.) The failure of Walter Reed and the VA system.

5.) Republicans voting down the new G.I. Bill.

It baffles me how Republicans can have so little respect for our men and women in uniform. Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Ashamed Patriot:

1) Max Clelland did not lose his legs and arm in combat. He lost them due to an accidental grenade discharge. That is a fact that not even he denies.

2) Kerrey may not have outright lied about his service, but at best embellished. Read the report by the treating physician for his purple heart and silver star. It basicallyy said rub some dirt on it and get back in the game.

3) Plame had a desk job far removed from anything covert and her conflict of interest concerning her husband was a legitimate issue.

4) This one you are just plain wrong and you fall for the media's falsehood that the VA system is neglected. As a Veteran who is in this system, I can tell you it is a good system.

5) With this point you are just plain wrong. Check the roll call. not only did this bill pass, it has strong bi-partisan support.

As far as your assertion of Republicans having little respect for the military, I served during the Clinton years and experienced firsthand how Democrat apathy towards the military destroyed morale and drove a lot of good people away from the service. Don't try to play the Support the Troops card with Republicans, Dems will lose every time.

Street Sweeper said...

That was the dumbest set of "arguments" I've ever read related to a post.
Just so you know.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 10:28

Just to keep everybody honest here: Max Cleland lost his limbs due to action during the battle for Khe Sahn. He may not have been in a firefight with the enemy at the time of the incident, but he was definitely in a combat zone. It's not like he was back on R&R, juggling grenades in a hotel. The one that got him was dropped by another soldier and it wasn't properly secured. You make it sound like Max deserved to lose two legs and an arm.

Max Cleland was awarded both the Bronze and the Silver Star for valor. John Kerry was awarded a Silver Star. Bob Kerrey earned the Medal of Honor. What awards did you get from your years as a war hero? I guess we'll never know because you remain anonymous, probably had a cushy stateside clerk typist job, and got all your medals out of the gedunk machine.

As for outing a CIA agent and endangering all her contacts, some who may have lost their lives or their (relative) liberty due to the revelation, is that OK with you? What a freaking patriot you are!

Nathan said...

I guess we have the freedom of speech, we just dont regulate which language one is allowed to use. I suppose you could even use Irish Gaelic if you wanted :).

Street Sweeper said...

Do we need to post an Air Marshall on this comment board to prevent the hijacking of posts?

This post was about Bob Kerrey's idiotic column. See if you can keep the comments relevant.

Anonymous said...

So you knock me for disparaging Mx Clelland's service, but it is OK for you to disparge mine? Actually, I never knocked Clelland's service, I just corrected AP for saying he was wounded in combat. Would you agree he was not? That's some pretty tough talk coming from a Seaman. I'm sure you were really good at staying on your boat and watching us go into harms way.

Street Sweeper said...

There's this awesome new blog called TakeItSomewhereElse.com that discusses everything but politics. Give it a visit.

Anonymous said...

Where is my Commonwealth Money BOB??? Funny how he took 200K out the day before that bank closed in Lincoln in the early
80's. Why didn't he go to court and answer that question???? Bob Kerry is an insider trader and should be brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

So BTO, If an officer accidentally discharges his weapon in his holster while patrolling a gang riddled neighborhood, that would make him a hero in your eyes? Max Clelland has an honorable man that served his country and made a huge sacrifice, but he is not a war hero.

California Executive Life said...

Where's my money Ben Nelson?

Anonymous said...

Plame had been outed long befoer Novak wrote about her. She and her husband used to brag about it on the DC party circut. It was the worst kept secret in DC.

Libby was not convicted of divulging the identity of a covert agent.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Sweeper, I apologize if my comments here could be construed as hijacking this thread, but, as always when dealing with anonymii, you have to take it to them where you find them. If Ms. Anonymous would share her email with me, I'd take my argument home to her.

As for Anony: Unlike you, we all know who Max Cleland is, that he earned his medals PRIOR to getting his limbs ripped from his body by the mistake of a fellow combatant in a COMBAT zone. Since you remain nameless, any insults I throw your way stick only if you stand in line to be struck by them. And, to clarify the record, once again, I left the Navy as a PO2 following six years of honorable service. Look it up if you like.

BRM said...

The issue of congressional districts was aggravated by liberals looking to create garaunteed black districts so they could bolster the number of dems in congress. Thus the congressional district that stretches from eastern Savannah along the Atlanta Highway for 3 blocks on either direction till it gets to a heavily minority district. The outcome was to create racially pure districts where the representatives have no incentive to look out for every one. Letting BK have at it would just make things worse.

Term limits are largely unconstitutional. What should be done is to get rid of seniority or severely limit the number of years spent in a leadership position.

You would have to think that the Majority would treat the Minority differently and the ideologues in the Majority would treat their more moderate members differently if they knew that in two years, they would be beholden to them as they would be allowed to remain in office, but lose their leadership positions. Much more constitutional than term limits and just as effective.

Basically BK is an un reconstructed big government liberal. He has taken advantage of the system and done well with it. Most of us have not had this luck. It is easy to see why he thinks this way. Just sad that he can't step out of his comfort zone to see how this path is wrong headed.

GeosUser said...

I support term limits for all elective offices...city, county, state and federal...and that would also include judges all the way up to and including the Supreme Court. If all of these people had to leave government and go back to living under the laws they make, they might just do a better job. They also should get no retirement benefits beyond their own contributions to a 401k/403b plan. Let's have a balanced budget requirement along with the line item veto with the only "out" declaring a war, etc., with 2/3 of both houses approving. Instead of requiring a test to qualify as a candidate, how about a test before you can vote? Or how about you are only a legal resident if born here to parents who are legal residents but to become a full citizen you have to pass a meaningful citizenship test and do a minimum 2 year term of service in the military or similar? Heck, while we're at it, let's just rewrite the whole constitution and start over again.

Anonymous said...

Can you read? When did I say anything about Max Clelland's medals or disparge his service? All I said was the loss of his limbs was not combat related. Coincidentally, that is now what you are saying too. It is my understanding that he picked up an unexploded ordinance that he did not think was live and it detonated in his handed resulting in the loss of his arm and legs.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 12:06:

It happened in a COMBAT zone. Don't you get it? If you actually served, you would know that working around live ordinance is risky. Even the AOs that load the bombs on our carriers' aircraft risk their lives every day. To state that Max's injuries were something less than heroic just because he wasn't actively involved in a firefight, simply put, makes you an (expletive deleted.)

Anonymous said...

You still don't get it. When did say anything about beyond a description about how his injuries happened. As far as my service, I have served boots on the ground in a combat zone (Afghanistan). I doubt you have.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 1:24,

What the hell does THAT have to do with anything? What do you think, that Navy personnel ENJOY watching you guys float back from the beach? Was my service less valid because, at the time I served, we were neck deep in the Cold War and what I did helped to deter the nuclear annihilation of the U.S.? Get a grip! Everyone that serves does their part, but by trying to diminish what Max Cleland lost for the sake of his country simply because you don't believe it was "combat related" is pure bovine byproduct.

Anonymous said...

So then those (probably like you) who "had a cushy stateside clerk typist job, and got all your medals out of the gedunk machine...does their part?" You're such a hypoctite BTO.

Brian T. Osborn said...


I did my part. You did yours. But what you tried to do to Max Cleland STILL sucks.

Anonymous said...

Go back in read my posts. All I did was clarify that Clelland's injuries were not combat related. It was an accident. Even he would say that. This nonsense about what I "tried to do to Max Clelland" is a figment of your imagination.

Brian T. Osborn said...


"As far as my service, I have served boots on the ground in a combat zone (Afghanistan)."

Prove it.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon wrote,

"Don't try to play the Support the Troops card with Republicans, Dems will lose every time."

Pure, unadulterated hogwash! Your right to spew such drivel was bought and paid for with the blood of a good many Democrats. Republicans are NOT the only patriots on the block, and for you to infer so is, quite frankly, un-American and un-patriotic.

Because you stated THAT, I'd assume that your glorious military career is a fabrication. Anyone that really served in combat knows that it takes all kinds and that no one political party has a monopoly on patriotism.

Macdaddy said...

Bob Kerrey has gone native. He's attended too many rap sessions with his students where they, in their 18 year-old wisdom try to seem reasonable, fit in, and hopefully catch the eye of some attractive young co-ed who is impressed by such high school drivel. His ideas are the same crap that my friends and i would spout in junior high school, decades ago. You know, he kind of looks like Peter Pan, too.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone that really served in combat knows that it takes all kinds and that no one political party has a monopoly on patriotism."

Since you have never served in a combat zone, don't purport to speak for all those who have.

"Because you stated THAT, I'd assume that your glorious military career is a fabrication."

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. My DD214 speaks for itself and I could really give a rat's A$$ if you believe me or not.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Oh gee whiz anony,

I'm sorry that the Presidents I served under couldn't have provided me with a shooting war to get involved in during my time of service so that I could impress you with my bona-fides today. I know that my father, that flew off a carrier in the Pacific during WWII and my brother, a plankholder in the U.S.N. Seawolves (HAL-3), both Democrats by the way, would have something to say about your latest incompetent blather.

I'm certain that the war cemeteries scattered across this land, and overseas, are filled exclusively with Republicans.

Again, Sweeper, my apologies for hogging this thread. I'll let Ms. Rambo continue with her rant if she likes, but I'm done.

One Out In The Third said...


I went to the site you suggested and it's not there anymore???

Shoe Salesman said...


Sweeper Says: "Hmm. Interesting. Take the power that Nebraska has, and give it to New York, California and Texas. Brilliant."

But wait, wait wait....Isn't that what you and all the other frothing at the mouth radicals here DEMANDED Ben Nelson do on health care?

Yup. When Nelson got several items included (or excluded) in the health bill, people here went benutzo. When he got New York, California and Texas to pay for health care mandates in Nebraska - saving everyone a major tax hike at the state level you recoiled. "GIVE IT BACK!" "NO SPECIAL DEALS. (THAT ONE COURTESY OF GOV DAVE WHO ASKED FOR IT IN THE FIRST PLACE)". You wanted our Senator to NOT invoke his powers on behalf of the state. Now, you ridicule Bob Kerry for saying what you all wanted - you want Nebraska to be limp and powerless in DC - why else would you send someone like Lee Limp Limb Terry to Washington.

Oh - and go back and look at how many "commissions" Hagel, Berueter and the three current stooges have proposed or supported. I'd link, but alas, I can't.

Of course, none of this should get in the way of a good sarcasm spree now should it?

Shoe Salesman said...


Let me get this straight from the wingers here...

John Kerry = who volunteered to go to vietnam, volunteered for the most dangerous mission in the Navy - swiftboats on the rivers - who has many servicemen who say he saved their lives, who was wounded by enemy fire is somehow not worthy of his medals.

BUUUT, George W. Bush, who was a no show in Alabama National Guard, who sent our soldiers to war without the equipment they need - basic stuff like body armor, and who used an billion dollar aircraft carrier and 300 million dollar jet as props in delcaring the war we still fight today as "accomplished" is somewhat of a hero right?

Jeez. I have family in the military. they say that Republicans do stand behind the military. WAAAAY, WAAAY behind the military.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Shoe Salesman,

Sorry man, I can't let YOU get away with that B.S. either.

Good men and women of all political affiliations, religions, races, origins, sexual orientations, etc., sacrificed far too much for us to say that only those that agree with our particular agendas were patriotic when it was time for them to do their duty. You're right about Kerry, and you're right about Bush, but for the rest of it, you and Ms. Rambo are both wrong.

Thanks for opening the door for me to have one more fit of sarcasm.

Macdaddy said...

John Kerry threw his medals away when he got back. I guess they weren't worthy of him.

Sorry, Sweeper. I couldn't resist it. Hey, if we contribute to the main topic, do we get a free tangent post?

Ashamed Patriot said...

I loooooove to see all the Republicans belittle and patronize the service of Max Clelland, John Kerrey, Valerie Plame, and even Brian T. Osborn. They could have just as easily said "I can't be responsible for what every member of my party does or says" but instead they'll dig in and attack wounded and betrayed U.S. VETERANS. Have you no shame whatsoever? Do you think this pattern of attacking and belittling veterans will resonate with mainstream Nebraska voters?

Street Sweeper said...


People were pissed b/c EBN sold his vote. For a bill they don't want. And embarrassed the state. And enraged the nation.

Though to give him credit, he did help elect Scott Brown. So, maybe 1 out of 5 ain't bad.

But, you know, way to completely misunderstand the events of the past 3 months. You have a future in the Dem party leadership.

Nathan said...

Hats off to Chuck Sigerson. I live in his district and didn't always believe in his philosophies, but I respect the man and his service to his constituents. Im sure it was a hard decision to make for him, but if he cant represent the voters to his satisfaction he made the right decision. Thanks Chuck.

Pol Observor said...

Today's words of wisdom.

from the OWH today,

Hot sparklers cause more injuries than other fireworks, Rogert said, a comment seconded by Lincoln Sen. Amanda McGill.

“I was burned by one, so I hate those,” McGill said.

Shoe Salesman said...

Sweeper - I didn't misunderstand it. It's pretty clear to me you are setting another double standard. I get it - when democrats exercise their authority and power its bad. When they don't you attack them for that too. I get it. I realize this is as right wing an environment as there is. I am just calling bullshit on your spin. Carry on. I enjoy watching you twist reality into the GOP talking points.

Shoe Salesman said...

BTO - not sure what you are talking about but you can't say what my family says is "bullshit." They say what they say.

MacDaddy - could you be more feckless or just plain dumb?

Kerry threw those medals in protest of the war policy on behalf of a war veteran who was wounded and couldn't atend the protest.

I realize your knowledge and experience of goverment protests conssists of a bunch of radicals misrepresenting history and calling themselves "tea baggers" but come on - the fact you post here indicates you know how to use a google.

You wingers totally get off on wrapping yourselves in the military, sending them to die for lies, and then attacking them when they don't agree with you. you and yours are disgusting.

Macdaddy said...

Shoe salesman,

the term teabagger is a term that the left has used to describe the participants of the tea parties. They used it as a homophobic term to try to belittle and intimidate people. But then I guess they're only trying to raise the level of discourse, right? So on the left we have a pattern of exhibiting a high school level of understanding the world and a junior high school level of arguing.

John Kerry throwing somebody else's medals away was a bit of revisionist history on his part when he started his political career in 1984 and he thought patriotism could help him. News reports from the actual event said that he
threw his own medals away.

But if you want to keep fighting elections from 6 years ago, have at it.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Sorry Shoe, I'll amend that. Those members of your family that say that are full of B.S. Now, where do YOU stand on the issue?

Right Wing Professor said...

Actually, speaking of the Dems, the GOP and the military, a hilarious new poll was just released by the NY Times on Don't Ask Don't Tell. About 6 in 10 Americans says they support gays and lesbians being allowed to serve openly in the military. However, if you ask them if they support homosexuals being allowed to serve openly in the military, only 44% do. So about 15% of Americans are too dumb to know that gay = homosexual. Fine.

But if you ask where all teh stupid resides, it's pretty shocking, even to a Right Wing Professor. 79% of Democrats say they support gays and lesbians being allowed to serve openly, but only 43% of Dems support homosexuals being able to serve openly. So, you have to conclude, about four in every teh Dems are dumb as rocks.

Of course, some here are about to argue that's an underestimate.

Nathan said...

RWP, I bet more than 4 out of 10 dems can type 'the' and 'ten' correctly.

Nathan said...

The term 'teabagger' was originally used by members of the tea party to describe themselves. They were ignorant of the fact that it also had sexual connotations. And it is not a only a homosexual term, and male can teabag anybody, male or female.

Brian T. Osborn said...

So THAT is what Picard is always doing when he says, "Early Grey ... HOT!_

Right Wing Professor said...


Just google 'teh'. Sheesh. You'd think young folks would keep up with teh interwebz.

Nathan said...

Sometimes Im just surprised you over the hill types know (or remember) how to turn on the puters. :)

Anonymous said...

I find it disgusting that nathan is permitted to constantly correct us on what teabagging is and where it got it's start.

Nathan, why do you know so much about really disgusting things, and please ask yourself, why you are so obsessed with everyone here not using your favorite terminology incorrectly/

Too Bad said...

The Federal Election Commission's main job is to regulate campaign contributions. The whole primary process could and should be simplified on a national level. Gerrymandering is a problem. Districting could be determined by statisticians at the Census Bureau instead of state legislatures. Term limits could make for greater bipartisan cooperation, maybe.

Nathan said...

Anon 6:35a
Why do you want to know so much about my sex life? You wanting to know about it, now THAT is disgusting. And I do out of mockery of the teabaggers, because they chose that name and symbol themselves. And dont you know alot about really disgusting things if you know that teabagging is a disgusting thing? Logic and smarts aint all thatt hie wif youz peeples iz it?

By the way this symbol '/' is called a forward slash, this symbol '?' is called a question mark. You're supposed to use the 'shift key' in order to distinguish the two.

Shoe Salesman said...

BTO - thanks for proving once again that you are Nebraska's biggest Douchebag.

Fact is the Republicans sent our military to war without the equipment they needed - then they didn't provide them with adequate health care when they came back. Anyone remember they refused care for Traumatic Brain Injuries? Anyone remember the Walter Reid fiasco? and, anyone toured the NE VA facilities recently?

I will say what I think BTO - the Republicans USE the military,they don't support them. They cut their programs. They paid them squat. They let their housing cruble around them. Clinton cut wasteful weapons programs - not benefits. Bush spent on weapons not soldiers.

All they do is boost the defense budget for their contractor cronies whom make missiles and scopes with Bible versus etched in them. And their sacred Cow W was awol in Alabama, his VP got 5 deferrals, but both are war profiteers.

So yes, BTO, I'll say it again, the Republican Party stands behind the military - WAY, WAY, behind the military, especially when there is shooting going on. And please try not to misconstrue my words to be an attack on Republicans IN the military - they are true heroes. Its the party leadership that is the zeros.

- Shoey

Brian T. Osborn said...


Name calling is a sure sign that the person doing it has lost the argument. But, of all things to be called, I guess douche-bag isn't so bad. It is, after all, a very useful item for flushing out some pretty nasty stuff, and leaving behind a nice, clean ... I'm glad to be of service. God knows there is plenty of nasty stuff that needs to be flushed out of Nebraska's politics and I'm just the guy to do it.

I don't disagree with some of your argument, but to paint all Republicans with the wide swath that you have does a severe disservice to those veterans, and others, that happened to support that party. I don't see the difference in what you have stated and what the nincompoops on the other side have said about Democrats. Being wrong is just plain wrong; it doesn't matter which team you play for.

Don't ever forget that the guy who warned America against just the kind of abuses you listed here was a Republican - Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. And if you think the military-industrial complex is comprised exclusively of Republicans, you are an even bigger fool than I previously thought.

Right Wing Professor said...

Teabags, douchebags...

When I first heard to the term 'teabagging', having had a sheltered upbringing and being devoted full time to Science, I had to look up what it was in the Urban Dictionary. Now I understand 'what', but I'm totally mystified as to 'why'.

And please don't anyone explain. Some things I don't want to know.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Try it! You might like it! Maybe it would mellow you out a little bit. (Remember, it is also a HETERO activity.)