Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nelson on the air

We finally got our hands on the latest "that Ben Nelson sure is awesome" spot.

See it here:

(If anyone has a better version of this, please send it along.)

In any case, first you'll note that this ad, like the Holiday Bowl spot, was paid for by the Nebraska Democratic Party. Recall that back when Nelson was first touting himself on health care re-form, he paid for the ads from his own campaign coffers.

As others have noted, you have to wonder about how Nebraska Democratic candidates up THIS year (we're sure there are a few) feel about the (potential) 2012 candidate getting all the cash thrown at him.

In any case, Nelson probably just pulled his reviewers off the street and threw them in a spot. No?

Well then, let's examine:
  • David Hallberg - Prime Biosolutions/Renewable Fuels, over $2,800 in Obama donations
  • Dr. Jessica Meeske -- took part in the Obama "here's your white coat" doctor health care event
  • Senator Ben Nelson - remember the "Cornhusker Kickback"? That guy.
  • Fr. Jack McCaslin - multiple peace activist arrests
  • Carol Yoakum - a 2000 Democrat Presidential elector
  • Kate Herres - a 27 year old health care worker (we'll leave her alone)
  • Ben Nelson - CK
In any case, depending on where the Health Care bill goes from here, apparently you'll be seeing many, many more ads from Nelson and "regular Joes" who differ from the majority of Nebraskans who don't approve of the job Nelson is doing.

Maybe during the Spring Game?


This from Roll Call (subscription):
“Several high-profile Democrats, including North Dakota Rep. Earl Pomeroy and former Sen. Bob Kerrey (Neb.), are said to be in the running to fill former Oklahoma Republican Gov. Frank Keating’s post as CEO and president of the American Council of Life Insurers.”
And we hear of one more high-profile Dem's name being mentioned. One who has first hand insurance industry experience:

Earl Benjamin Nelson (referenced by Kerrey?).

Oh, and the Dems don't have need of his 60th vote anymore...


One Out In The Third said...

This keeps up and Ol' Earmark will soon be starting his own cable network.

The man is in denial...I think he needs professional help...he is obviously suffering from Beltway Anxiety Syndrome. I hope he has good insurance.

We are tired of you Benito...tired to the max.

Right Wing Professor said...

IIRC, Jack McCaslin was also one of the 'religious leaders' who said the day before Ben's cloture vote that Ben's abortion provision was just hunky dory.

There's a reason Jesuits have the reputation they have.

I'm majorly amused that they're still paying for and running ads thanking Ben for helping pass a health care bill that the smart money now says is dead in the water.

Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson still doesn't get it.

jane fleming kleeb said...

Dr. Meeske is a Republican, she wants reform because she treats kids everyday who don't have adequate insurance.

Where are the ads of people defending Johanns?

Anonymous said...

That's a new ad? I hadn't noticed. It's a reflex now: Ben's face pops up on tv, and I mute the SOB.

Pol Observer said...

Sweeper, please let me take this one.

My dear sweet Jane, your remarks require a rebuttal. First I don't care if white coat lady is a republican. There will be a few misinformed republicans that will support the health plan. I would submit that 25% of Massachusetts Democrats voted for Brown and against Democratic Health reform.

Second. Why is Mike Johanns not running ads? Well Mike Johanns has a 65% approval rating and is not up for election for 4 more years. Mike Johanns doesn't support a bill that has 24% of Nebraskans support. Mike Johanns didn't get run out of a pizza joint by his own constituents.

That is all, now go lick some envelopes with the ladies of the SEIU.

Uncle Wiggily said...

A fool by any other name is still a fool, Ms. Kleeb. Republican, Democrat, or Reformed Rosicrucian.

Jeeeeeezus - are you people ever going to get over substituting robot-like partisanship for thinking ability?

Have you learned nothing over the last year?

Six(now Eight) Dollar Parker said...

Right Wing Professor must not be Catholic or teach at Creighton or he would know That Father Jack is retired diocesan priest. The slap against the Jesuits was unwarrented. I would still rather learn my theology from Father Jack than Pat Robertson.

Anonymous said...

Hallberg is also close to former (stress "former") Majority Leader Tom Daschle. It was meant to be.

Anonymous said...

If Dr. Meeske is a doctor who treats kids everyday who dont have enough insurance maybe she can treat them and not charge so much?

Nathan said...

And whats wrong with Jesuits?

Street Sweeper said...


This from Roll Call (subscription):

“Several high-profile Democrats, including North Dakota Rep. Earl Pomeroy and former Sen. Bob Kerrey (Neb.), are said to be in the running to fill former Oklahoma Republican Gov. Frank Keating’s post as CEO and president of the American Council of Life Insurers.”

And we hear of one more high-profile Dem's name being mentioned. Who has first hand insurance industry experience:

Earl Benjamin Nelson.

Oh, and the Dems don't have need of his 60th vote anymore...

Anonymous said...

And Keating pulls down $1.5 million plus per year (Source: Wshingtonian magazine). Nice gig for Ben if he gets it.

Anonymous said...

When did Bob Kerrey gain recognition in 2010 as a "high profile" Democrat? He's been out to pasture for several years now.

Jeff Kanger said...

Shame on Fr. McCaslin!

Right Wing Professor said...

My mistake. There were a couple of other SJ signatories on the letter; I confused them with McCaslin.

Wisecracks about Jesuits are a set piece of Catholic humor. Given I was raised Catholic, I get to make them; it's a small reparation. If you don't understand humor, you'll find more congenial company at the New Nebraska Network.

Right Wing Professor said...

I have liberal friends who are registered as Republicans, because they see no point in registering as Democrat and helping to select which of two candidates will run and lose.

And that's assuming the Dems run anyone.

Nathan said...

I was raised Catholic too, and went to Catholic schools all my life, but now Im an atheist. But I've always had great respect for the Jesuits, them above any other religious order actually. Their focus on education of poor children is especially commendable.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered that Ben Nelson has made contributions to the NDP in order for them to pay for the ads? Will be interested to see the NADC forms for the NDP. It would be easy to hide. For example EBJ could have bought 100 tables to the Truman dinner last week. Its at least worth checking out.

Uncle Wiggily said...

Woo-hoo ... Bennie the Jet has made the big-time. Check the front page of National Review Online.

He's beginning to look like he's played goalie for a dart team.

Anonymous said...

The question is, is Nelson the most embarrassing politician in Nebraska history or just the worst politician in Nebraska history?

Anonymous said...

I would like to congratulate whoever bought ad time yesterday for placing one of those hidious ads during the Hanity shoe, Fox News on Cox Cable.

It was really nice that this ad appeared when everyone knew (but before the race was called) Scott Brown was going to win...handily.

They had everyone watching wishing we could have voted Ben out yesterday too.

RWP; Joseph again said...

OK Right Wing Professor, I was not 100% in my assessment a few weeks back about Walton. He has been, even in his column, a bit left leaning. Although I enjoy reading him and think he is for the most part reasonable, he is a bit left leaning.

Blah Blah Blah said...

The Jesuits do lots of good. Especially on Indian reservations in Nebraska & S. Dakota. Thats why I can't understand why a Jesuit would support Obamacare. If you want to see what a failure our healthcare system, & society in general will be, go look at your closest Indian Reservation. We have a 120 year pilot program for the failed policies of government run health care & economic policies. I would rather go to a vet clinic for treatment than any IHS hospital.

That is what all of America will look like if Pelosi & Obama have their way. Everyone will be forced to depend on the government for their needs.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper, I believe if you look through Scooter Kleeb's campaign donations, you'll find that Dr. Meeske's husband, Todd Pankratz, donated the maximum amount possible. Guess things are a little cozy with the Meeske-Pankratz and Fleming-Kleeb families in Hastings.

Catholic Reader said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Street Sweeper said...

Please clean up the previous statement.

Anonymous said...

I like how Nelson is trying to spin the Cornhusker Kickback as something he was/is trying to get for all states. Even his fellow Democrats (Joe Sestak on Fox News just now) says it was a special deal Nelson carved out in exchange for his vote, and the disgust that followed aided Brown' victory. Ben needs to understand that his impressive spin machine isn't going to work on this one.

GeosUser said...

Wow! Senator Nelson is really tap dancing trying to put some positive spin on the MA election results and getting another chance to "fix the bill". He really is in a world all his own. BTW, when did EBN graduate from medical school and become a radiologist, since his lame TV spots always start with him studying an X-ray. Where's the X-ray of his empty head on that light wall?

Anonymous said...

And, I sure hope that was his xray otherwise that fine doctor just violated HIPA.

Right Wing Professor said...

Pelosi just cited the Kornhustler Kickback as the principal reason she can't pass the Senate health care bill in the House.

So Benedict took the bribe, then offered the bribe back, then had to keep the bribe, and now doesn't get the bribe because the bill won't pass the House with the bribe in!

Got all that? There will be a test.

Anonymous said...

Superb last comment.

Shoe Salesman said...

I don't get it. Nelson takes out a Dem in MA and the Republicans here are incensed?SHouldn't you be thanking him?

Someone should ask Julie Schmidt Albin what the Brown win actually means for her belovedanti-choice provisions in the health bill.

BRM said...

We should get rid of EBN by recall.

This is what will (and has already started) happen:

1. We will get to see Nebraska used as the butt of jokes and slams.
2. We will get used as a political excuse by scared Democrats who, relieved of their lock on power, now must deal with a PO'd electorate.
3. We will be seen by the rest of the country as people trying to scam them.
4. This will fuel efforts to get rid of ag subsidies and other things we actually get some benefit from.
5. We will have all of this badness happen and yet, Nebraska will not get a dime out of this Cornhusker Kickback, but you can bet the farm that Jane's SEIU and ACORN will scam this for every dime they can (and they will get it).

Anonymous said...

Will the Mass. results have an effect on the NE Dems getting a candidate for Gov?

Another week is coming to a close... are they going to show any cards tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard that Tom White really let Vic Covalt have it over the NDP paying for Nelson's ad? What if this leads to a cash crunch for them later...

Anonymous said...

Why is a Catholic priest in a partisan political ad supporting a health care bill that funds abortion? Hello, Archbishop Lucas, are you there?

Right Wing Professor said...

Someone should ask Julie Schmidt Albin what the Brown win actually means for her beloved anti-choice provisions in the health bill.

Earth to Shoe Salesman. There is no health bill. There were once several health bills, but they all died as lonely starving orphans because their Dem. parents were too busy fighting among themselves to keep them alive.

Check back when the Democrats have stopped running around like headless chickens. No doubt we will be given a few more health bills, all with dim prospects.

Anonymous said...

Look at BTO's diary post at NNN.

He calls Kyle a 'bitter, little man'. Vile Kyle retorts BTO is a 'liar and fool.'

Nice aftermath from Mass! Maybe a case where both are right.

Scammed American said...

Hey BRM - got news for ya:

NE is already a laughingstock. Hello? Chuck Hagel and the war; Lee Terry and earmarks, Siegerson's bewildering bird fetish; Johanns' misuse of taxpayer funds at USDA, the Bob Kerrey footbridge etc.

And you already are seen by the rest of the country as people who are tying to scam them. the Ag subsides that go to NE and other states are a farce and a tremendous waste of money. We pay you to grow stuff, we pay you to pipe in water, we pay you not to grow stuff and we pay you when it doesn't rain. We pay you when corn is above $2 and we pay you when corn is below $2. We even pay for you to grow corn to burn. That's why farmer's caps are shaped like mailboxes - from always peeking in to find a federal check.

It is ironic when Nebraskans complain about the federal budget deficit. They don't want to pay for health care for their neighbors but that want to get paid per acre that's for sure. It's disgusting. And un-christian. Hopefully Congress WILL go after ag subsidies. After all, it is rural Americans that believe in the free market system. So why don't we let farmers sink or swim. Fewer farmers would drive up prices for farmers who can actually grow something without the big government assistance.

As for the so called Cornhusker kickback: it was designed in fact to give ONLY Nebraska money. You can't complain about it NOT giving Nebraska money. And that makes my point - Nebraskans only have a handout for the feds - not a hand up for poor people.

As for the labor folks - they have negotiated contracts. Why would you be for the feds nullifying those fairly negotiated contracts? You'd be up in arms, I guess, if they undid contracts for corporations. Why do you hate working people so much? What did they ever do to you except give you your weekends off?

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Priests are a Joke! Really from the first day I started Catholic School, 22 years ago. The first thing I learned about the Catholic Church was the stand on Abortion. Abortion is wrong and in no circustances does the Catholic Church Support it. Respect life above all else! Now, a liberal Priest goes on TV and supports public funded abortioins? So Sad! These are the same catholics that fired a teacher last year for having a baby out of wedlock........The Catholic Church is becoming a joke. No wonder so many of use have switched. The new ad for "CATHOLICS COME HOME" and Father Jack go hand in hand. Wake up Cathoics, your leaders support a double standard. I am now part of Church that has one stance on abortion........SUPPORT LIFE.

Anonymous said...

If no one else will say it, I will. "Scammed" is an idiot. SPELLCHECK you fool, FACT CHECK you fool.

Who would be able to afford the food that your Libertarian Farmer would grow?

BTW, do any of the people that b*tch about earmarks even know what one is? Instead of b*tching about earmarks, they should be arguing for reduced spending across the board. I don't mind earmarks if they are done in the committees and sunshined on the MOC's own website. I would rather have an elected politician determine where my tax dollars are going than an unelected bureaucrat that has civil service protection.

Earmarks are not pork. The refusal to cut spending is where the fat piggies reside.