Friday, January 22, 2010

Nelson and the Democrats hiding from the press

Nebraska Democrats won't call Omaha KMTV Ch3's Dave Roberts back. Nor will Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson.

That's what we learned in a recent story on Channel 3.

See it here (if vid doesn't load for you, here's the link):

Roberts did a story on the new Ben Nelson TV ads, and continually searched for local Democrats, such as Nebraska Democrat Party Executive Director Jim Rogers, as well as Nelson's press secretary to comment on the spots.

But they were nowhere to be found.

Here's the funny thing. The, "Hey I didn't get your call!" used to work in 1977.

But in the era of home phones with answering machines, work phones with voice mail, call waiting, visual voice mail, e-mail, instant messaging (instant!), and cell phone belt clips, if you're not talking to the press you are making an active effort to avoid them.

So why would the Dems, and Nelson, avoid KMTV?

Heck, Nelson is running ads trying to spin his story. You would think they would be calling up the press trying to give interviews left and right -- you know, like Nelson did just after his "Yea" vote on the Health Care Re-form bill in December.

Now? Not so much.

Could it be that Nelson is trying to convince you that he didn't really vote for the bill that Democrats are only now realizing that a majority dislikes?

Well, maybe they were all in a meeting tyring to find some Dems to run statewide. Sometimes when your phone is on vibrate, you can't feel it buzzing.  Same thing when you are in denial.


And hey, Dave Roberts! Look, we've all watched enough TV sitcoms to know that 555 is NOT a real phone number!

Why bother!??


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Nathan said...

IMO firefox is best.

BTW, cell has two L's.

Nelson is taking a beating on this and he knows it. He probably just wants to lay low until it blows over.

macdaddy said...

Not that I have any sympathy for him, but Nelson is between a rock and a hard place. The ads were stupider than stupid and the very definition of throwing good money after bad. He just spent party money on ads that were inoperable as of Tuesday. I'm sure that he and his advisors don't know which way is up and once they figure that out, they'll get back to the rest of us. Staying out of sight might just be the smartest strategy.

Street Sweeper said...

Spelling corrected...

bob said...

Rational people are wondering why Ben Nelson isn’t letting Nebraskans forget his unpopular vote for Obamacare. It doesn't occur to them that Nelson is insane.

Nelson has a pathologically obsessive personality that has in the past caused him to personally telephone every individual who criticized him in any public forum. He used his position of power to personally contact individuals to sway, intimidate and silence them. He called them right from his office and his home. Most politicians would find this insane. It is at least neurotic. The man isn't mentally stable.

Nelson cannot endure the idea of Nebraskans today not bolstering his delusion that his vote for Obamacare with a good thing. As Nelson continues to be nationally ridiculed as the posterboy for slimeball politics and the fattiest of porkbarrel Washington crooks, who has managed to make all Nebraskans look bad, Nelson is twitching in horror.

Nelson cannot stand people not loving him as much as he loves himself. He keeps on running ads to make Nebraskans love him.

This is one creepy dude in need of really deep psychiatric care.

The Pip said...

The urban Democrats have Don Walton and the LJS. The Republicans have KMTV and almost every other newspaper in the state.

"Fair and unbiased?"

Tesla said...

Maybe if Roberts dialed a real number he might reach a real person?