Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ben Nelson's Triple Lindy

So Ben Nelson's latest super-double-flip-flop -- screw it, let's just call it the Triple Lindy -- comes on the topic of reconciliation.

Now outside of the Catholic Church, the term was probably never used beyond of the Beltway.

But as we all understand now, it's the term used when legislation can pass in the Senate without being subject to filibuster. In other words, it only takes 51 votes for such a bill to pass.

Now with new GOP Senator Scott Brown preventing the Democrat super-majority of 60 votes, reconciliation is one of the best ways for the Dems to pass their Health Care Re-form bill. And Ben Nelson says he's ALL FOR THE MANEUVER OF RECONCILIATION.

What's that you say? "You can't mean Nebraska's Ben Nelson! Why he has said time and again that he is against the use of reconciliation for the health care bill!"

Oh really? You mean like:
“Nelson also suggested that he ultimately decided to support the Health Care bill, in part, to prevent Democratic leaders from using the budget reconciliation process — which only requires 51 votes for passage — to push a health care bill past the finish line.”
(“Nelson Blames Republican Governor For Health Care Compromise,” Roll Call, 12/20/09)
“Sen. Ben Nelson, a Democrat, said Sunday that he would vote against using a tactic called reconciliation to push through a Health Care bill.”
(“Nelson: Bipartisanship A Must,” Omaha World Herald,9/28/09)
Sen. Ben Nelson: “If i might add one thing about that 50 votes, that reconciliation process, people in Nebraska are already concerned that we've been rushing things through, and if we went to some sort of a parliamentary shortcut, I think they would be even more alarmed than they are right now. That's what I heard during the town hall meetings.
(CNN’s “State Of The Union,” 9/6/09)
Sen. Ben Nelson: “That’s a deal-breaker. I don’t think it’s appropriate to determine the health-care delivery system, the changes that will be there, through the reconciliation process.
(“Obama Budget Set for Debate Next Week in U.S. House and Senate,” Bloomberg, 03/27/09)
Sen. Ben Nelson on reconciliation: “Using this procedure would circumvent normal Senate practice and would be inconsistent with the administration’s stated goals of bipartisanship, cooperation, and openness.”
(Letter to Sens. Conrad and Gregg, 3/12/09)
Was that loud and clear enough for you?

Yet now Nelson has POOF! changed his mind.  Surprise! Hee hee hee.

From the wavering and dickering on the fence.
To last minute change on abortion language.
To the Cornhusker Kickback.
To the Double-Agent play.
And now, to the Triple-Lindy on reconciliation.

Thorton Mellon's flip-flops have nothing on Ben Nelson.

If you read this in a novel, you would laugh it off as too unrealistic.
This. Is. A. Joke.

As a local politico wrote to us after the SotU, "I know its only 2010, but there is NO coming back from this."


A bill has been proposed in the Tennessee Legislature:
"Ben Nelson Act to Ensure Political Integrity."
It would,

...redefine the state’s definition of bribery to include circumstances in which elected officials agree to vote for or against legislation in exchange for special consideration for their districts.

You can't make this stuff up.


Soud O said...

His toes are hangling over the edge of the 10 meter platform. He's has covinced himself the pool is full of water. Oh I forgot. add 5 meters to this self distruction, remember no water.
Somebody, anybody, put a jacket on this guy! I can't watch! :-(

Anonymous said...

Ben = prevaricator. Little did anyone know his campaign mantra of calling himself an "independent voice" would ultimately mean he would take positions which run counter to what the overwhelming majority of Nebraskans want.

macdaddy said...

And he looks just as good as Rodney Dangerfield in a bathing suit. Is there no one close to this guy who can talk any sense into him? He surely doesn't listen to me. I wrote specifically pointing out the possibility of reconciliation and that if he were to vote yes, that's exactly what would happen. Oh, wait, according to Benny boy, he did listen to me. I guess he must have liked the possibility.

One Out In The Third said...

Has Benito developed Alzheimer's? He oozes so much slickness that he could perform a Triple Lindy and finish with every hair still in place.

GeosUser said...

It's the long term over exposure to hairspray in the 70s, 80s, and 90s that has finally produced inevitable permanent brain damage in EBN. Plus the fact that he knows he has no political future left in NE.

Uncle Wiggily said...

Argh! The unkindest cut of all for Bennie the Jet - Jay Nordlinger of NRO has publicly called Ben out for the atrocity of his rug. OMG - the humanity! - accusing our senior shyster of being a touper. Nordlinger says:

"And Nelson’s rug is atrocious. Does it have to be so big? It’s, like, as big as Nebraska."

Guess it really is all over for Ben.

Anonymous said...

Does Tom White still 'proudly stand' with EBN on this issue?

If so, he's toast.

Street Sweeper said...

Kids, be sure to check the update at the end of this post.

You couldn't make this stuff up...


Anonymous said...

word on the street is NEGOP is still without an Executive Director....

What wrong repubs? Falling asleep at the wheel?

Anonymous said...

Anony 7:38 is incorrect - Perre Neilan is still the NE GOP ED. Until Monday, anyway.

Blah Blah Blah said...

Breaking News....
Per the world-herald EBN plans to seek re-election in 2012.

SS, your right can't make this stuff up.

In the Know said...
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Anonymous said...

What does Ben Nelson know that the voters don't know about 2012?

macdaddy said...

Ben Nelson knows that 2012 is a long way off and that people will forget. Well, that's what he keeps telling himself.

Nathan said...

Totally off topic...
But Jean Stothert is a twit.

Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson HAS to say he's running or he'd be completely and totally irrelevant both here and in DC.

There is no way this guy is running again.

macdaddy said...

I think Ben Nelson believes that he has an excellent chance in 2012. I mean, why not? Scott Brown's election caught Obama completely by surprise and he has absolutely no idea how to interpret those results. The 2 of them are stuck in some pre-blog mindset where they think we're a bunch of sheople to be led around by the MSM. They cannot fathom that people will not do as they are told and be content with empty platitudes but instead expect results. It's a fascinating case study. Obama and Nelson are 2 peas in a pod. They're riding a bicycle while everyone else is zipping around in Ferraris.

Anonymous said...

How about this for a contortion...

Tom White says he is pro-life.

But, on the eve of the Walk for Life, he brings in U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen--one of the most liberal, pro-abortion members of the House.

Pretty bad.

prairie wind said...

he would take positions which run counter to what the overwhelming majority of Nebraskans want.

I'm really not crazy about this argument and I think conservatives should avoid using it. At some point, if we hold the minority--but still right-- position, do we want our Senators and Congressmen to vote with the majority? EVEN IF most Nebraskans supported the healthcare bill, Nelson should vote against it...because it is a bad bill.

Use good arguments, not convenient arguments.

(Jean Stothert is no twit.)

Politico said...
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Street Sweeper said...

This is a comment section. Not a place to repost articles.

If you have a comment, please make it. Better yet, if it is your own.



politico said...

Sweeper deleted a blog post about those dumbasses in TN by Glenn Thrush at

Sweeper, my comment is this: a blog post is a comment not an article. You get to repost lies like the lienews one the other day why can't I share a real commentary on those doofuses in TN.

Everyone should go read it at the title is:

"Dumbest. Bill. Ever."

Anonymous said...

why are they dumba**es just because they want integrity in their elected officials and want to be completely clear of what an example of lack of integrity in public service looks like?

Also, how many people showed up at the Bisson house tonight that actually payed to be there? Nobody seemed to know about it until monday afternoon.

Tom White should be more excited to show off Nancy Pelosi's henchman.

Anonymous said...

Hey, W. Don Nelson, er. "Prairie Wind."

When you are talking about ONE-SIXTH of our national economy, me thinks it's kind of important to listen to what the overwhelming majority of your constituents want. Ben failed.

Moreover, I'm glad we can agree that Nelson is an prevaricator.