Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LT: Busted! But then what...

Let's get it out of the way: 2nd District Congressman Lee Terry got busted for inserting some verbatim copy from a lobbyist into the Congressional Record.

Yup. No way around it.

So from there, it becomes a purely political issue. How does he react? What is stated. Who "wins"?

Well, let's look at Terry's response:
“I have been a longtime supporter of the biotechnology industry, which is important to Nebraska's future economic growth. I felt the biotechnology provisions in the health care bill that were not being discussed were important to note.

In the future, our office will make sure our words are clearly our own and not the result of cutting and pasting someone else's comments.”
(Oh, and that yelping you heard is the staffer who's butt got kicked down the Rayburn HOB hallway.)

So: "Yes, I believe what was written. Shouldn't have done it that way. Won't do it again."

Decent response to a not-good situation.

OK, so let's look at the hay his opponents made. What say you Tom White?

A fundraising letter? Well...all right:
“As the fate of health care reform hung in the balance, Lee Terry wasn't speaking for Nebraska families or small businesses. He was literally speaking for a special interest puppeteer.”
Except, that who cares what Terry put into the Congressional Record (not even a floor speech). The fact is that Terry VOTED against Madame Pelosi's ObamaCare bill. White said he'd vote FOR the bill!

So White's political gain outta the whole thing? Well, putting it in the terms that White did, just about nada.

(And the kicker on the whole deal is that it was bi-partisan cutting and pasting! 22 Republicans and 20 Dems.)


So compare this to the Jim Esch "scandal" back in May of 2008.

Jim Esch's campaign got busted by Channel 7 for cutting and pasting from the Brookings Institute and putting it on his website. Here's what Esch said at the time:

Esch said his article was actually written by his policy director, Tiffany Siebert.
Esch said, “OK, I actually now know exactly what happened. This is probably my fault. She sent it over to me on e-mail and it has underneath the little asterisk, whatever, I thought it all cut and pasted on there. Clearly it did not.”
“So that was my mistake that the citation didn't make it, “ said Esch.
Throwing the staffer under the bus. Getting into goofy details. Making it personal.

Compare that response to Terry's up above.

And then there was Terry's campaign manager's line:
"If Mr. Esch was still in law school, he would have been kicked out (for plagiarism)."

Now THAT's a good line.

And that would have been a great line for Tom White to use back at Terry in this situation.

Except that he didn't use it. So...

(And note that back then Leavenworth Street also criticized Richard Carter for not getting a better political hit on Esch in that situation. Ah well.)


And just so we cover all of our bases here, kids, you do know that this happens all-the-time, right?

Here's the reality about Congress: Members of Congress and their staffs are not experts on everything. Lobbyists generally are experts in their field. So sometimes a lobbyist will ask a staffer if they'll voice support for Issue X, and insert it in the record. Staffer says, yes, this is something my boss is for (or no).

Or maybe a member will want to put something in, so staffer will call up the lobbyist and ask for the details on Issue X so that can put something in.

Now the goofy thing is that in this situation some stupid lobbyist asked over 40 different Members to insert the same thing. And then the staffers, probably working on a Saturday and figuring this wasn't a floor speech, got lazy.

But kudos to Terry for not trying to make this point. Just because it happens, doesn't help him out of the situation.

And in any case, verbatim copying like this shouldn't happen. The staffers should know better and at least re-write. One would imagine that the staffer's job would be on the line next time.

(Oh, and the next shocking revelation: Members of Congress don't sign their own letters. Yes, clean that spit-out coffee off of your screen.)


Now we can't imagine you have any opinions on all of this...
And try to focus on the political, gang. (Remember, it's in the blog title...)


Snowplow Driver said...

Great point Sweeper, but we need to keep an eye on Heath Mello. He earns the prize for Granstander of the Special Session. He even out did Conrad!!!! (that is hard to do) Now that Mello wants to spout off his progressive views and attack republicans, it's time he get a few love taps from his friends across the aisle.

macdaddy said...

I am disappointed in Lee Terry that he did this without proper attribution. I hope it wasn't done for nefarious reasons. I hope he doesn't do it again. The entire affair does not change how I'm going to vote.

Anonymous said...

That Jim Esch sure threw his staffer "under the bus" by admitting that she'd included the citation and he had not. Especially when Esch said "that was my mistake" - what a jerk!

And, you're absolutely right. Tom White totally should have responded to Terry's plagiarism by plagiarizing from that jackass David Boomer. Good call!

Anonymous said...

I love the double standard. And the attempts at half-hearted criticism with one hand, while brushing it off as nothing with the other. The fact is that each and every member of Congress that did this failed to represent the people (D & R). They represented a lobbying group. Lee Terry was one of the most blatant.

You want to blame some aide for doing this, but then Republicans then scream and cry about how they think Members of Congress never read bills - forgetting that their are aides that are responsible for reading and then providing a report to the Representative because it's just not possible to read the literally thousands of bills, amendments and resolutions being introduced.

Did an aide probably suggest this? Sure. But just like the Representative is ultimately responsible for what bills they sponsor or consponsor, they are responsible for the words they put on record. You blamed Esch for the mistake an aide made by not clearly claiming he source of 2 lines. You laughed when Esch explained the mistake. Now Terry has admitted what he did, and you ASSUME to blame the aide, and somehow its so good how Terry is standing up. Well, he should. He is responsible for the words that go to that floor and into the record, and do you REALLY believe an aide never told him about the suggested language? You're fooling yourself if you do.

Lee Terry proved what we've known. He's a hack and a mouthpiece for lobbying interests. Any time he tries to criticize White on Health Care now, White and keep pointing out the truth and the primary question: How can we trust Lee Terry on this issue when he has not problem using the words of special interests at the right price? Terry has lost all credibility.

Anonymous said...

I can see the ad now....

Who is Lee Terry representing when it comes to the healthcare debate? Is it his constituents? Nooooooooo. Lee Terry is representing the DC Lobbyists first and foremost.

Has anyone checked Lee's financial reports to see how much that industry, or specifically, that company, has donated to him?

The ads regarding this might even be better than the oil ones running right now. Those are hillarious -- the one where Lee is at some meeting leaving oily handprints and footprints all over the place. Classic.

macdaddy said...

Anon 12:09: you're comment about the Congressmen never reading the bills themselves hold true most of the time, but the current crop of Obamacares will re-order a sixth of the economy. I would think that merits that they get off their fat asses and go read 2000 pages and see what it says. That's the criticism. Some of them were proud that they hadn't read it and bragged about not going to read it. That's pretty pathetic. And if they can't take the criticism, then they can quit and go sell shoes.

As for Lee Terry's credibility, that's easy. He voted the way I wanted him to. I don't really care if he recited the phone book into the Congressional Record. He's voted against every pig that the Dems have tried to put lipstick on.

macdaddy said...

And before you guys start hammering on Lee Terry for being against cap and trade and Obamacare, you might want to check the polls, specifically the way the majority of people are opposed to Obamacare as well as the way Obama has lost independents.

Oops. Forget that last part. Just go buy more TV ads.

GeosUser said...

Let's not be naive here. Most actual legislation is written by "special interests" and/or "lobbyists" on behalf of their clients. Does anyone think most federal-level pols write their own speeches, letters, etc.? They all are in it only for their own interests. And like cops, judges and hookers, they never stay bought.

Anonymous said...

How can you defend this? Did Rep Terry tell you what to say?

GeosUser said...

Feigning outrage over a stupid mistake attributes too much importance to what all pols do in the games they play while they are really working to enslave us and stealing us blind, all so they can keep/gain power and wealth for themselves.

Brian T. Osborn said...

It is official - HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!

I agree 100% with GeosUser's post at 1:31.

West Winger said...

What does it mean? Lee Terry is lazy and has a hard time thinking for himself. Does that shock anyone?

A Mighty Wind said...

So let's bash Mello because he is asking for accountability from state government. We need more Mello's (whatever the letter after their name).

Anyone who saw Castillo's testimony in front of the Appropriations committee had to walk away angry at his arrogance and lack of accountability. As a political hack his first priority is to his client not to serving the state to solve problems - that was evident in his testimony. He should be fired from his state job and just do his private sector job of getting the Gov reelected. He obviously can't do both.

One Out In The Third said...

When did Terry get his certificate of completion from the Joe Biden School of Plagiarism?

Anonymous said...

God, I long for the days of Congressional members like Virginia Smith and Doug Bereuter!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the idiotic screwups by Terry.

Anyone remember "Come Take a Holiday" with Lee Terry and Madonna? Cancelled!

Anyone remember Lee calling a driver in DC a "bleep bleep"?? Says he didn't do it

Anyone remember him nearly coming to blows with Jesse Jackson, Jr?

Anyone remember Lee embarrassing himself when bashing Vince McMahon?

Anyone remember Lee sending out a mailer with a bogus phone number on it for information on Medicare?Editing process anyone?

Do we see a trend here??

Yep. Hotheaded, Lazy and a complete a$$.That is definition of Lee Terry.

Anonymous said...

The story this week is White's endorsement (a week after the fact) of the Pelosi health bill--the one that costs $1.1 trillion, cuts Medicare by $500 billion and contains the public option--something White said this summer he was against.

White's position is the wrong one for NE2. That's the issue.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry is a fraud.

All along he has been nothing but the waterboy for big business interests! They are the ones who brought you the Savings & Loans collapse, corruption on Wall Street, health care insurance company record profits, etc.

Lee Terry has never lifted a finger to help working people.

All he's ever done is bend over for Big Business to screw us again and again

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet White, as a trial lawyer, has used the words of others without attribution?

Sounds like a great idea for another opposition research contest for the NEGOP! Review Tom White's court filings and legal articles (if he has ever written any)and see whether he has ever plagiarized and win 2 tickets to Creighton v. Bradley.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry reminds me a lot of Jon Christensen.

Yeah, remember Christensen, the candidate who planted questions to a Westide High class. Here Johnny just call on the kids who raise their pencils.


And the NE GOP is trying to dig up dirt on Terry's opponents. Real classy.

The 2nd District deserves better than this.

rebecca mccoy dean said...

Regarding White's endorsement of the House bill--which I kindly regard as an acknowledgment that something should be done about health care in this country--being wrong for the 2nd: Does anyone know what the Medicare reimbursement rates are? Is it, like, 1 cent or less per dollar or something?

The United States has the most expensive, least efficient health care system in the world. Something's--someone's--gotta give. Terry, Fortenberry, Smith, and Johanns have brought nothing to the table.

Right Wing Professor said...

Does anyone know what the Medicare reimbursement rates are? Is it, like, 1 cent or less per dollar or something?

Medicare rates are generally below private health insurance reimbursement, but it depends on the state, and it's probably only a dozen percentage points on average. And Medicare is so large a part of the market, market rates are not independent of it.

Anonymous said...

Lefties like Heath Mello and Tom White are desperate. Just read the posts on here for evidence.

10:46 Anon said...

Lee Terry did bring something to the table for health care reform-twice. First he offered an ammendment to allow people to enroll in the insurance plan that COngress enjoys, with either tax credits or vouchers for those who cannot afford.

He also introduced a bill with the same idea.

The ammendment was voted down strictly along party lines, and I don't believe his bill was ever brought forth for a vote.

You can find the information on his website.

A Mighty Wind: I watched Castillo's testimony and he was not arrogant, Mello was! What part of "Castillo is not the HR people's supervisor" do you Mello lackeys not understand?!?!?! Mello was confrontrational at that meeting, he WANTED an argument and Castillo did not give it.

When Mello was an intern for a state government agency he always told people he wanted to run for governor someday...methinks someone is trying to grandstand to get his name in the paper!

Anonymous said...

Let's make a deal...

OK Dems, how about this--you base Tom's campaign on the CR insert. Terry will base it on the economy--and the 10.2% unemployment that the Obama/White plan has given us.

Laughing at idiots said...

A liberal like Mello will never have a higher office. Ask Ben Nelson how a democrat wins statewide! Vic Covalts pit yorkie likes to bark a lot to get press but as he spouts his progressive agenda the less relevant he becomes. Heath I would move to lincoln, at least you could become mayor one day there!!!

Quote of the day said...

“I’m disappointed that (Suttle) doesn’t understand that Nebraska is a big state and that we need to work together,” Heineman said. “It can’t just be about Omaha. It’s about the entire state. . . . (Former) Mayor (Mike) Fahey understood that, and I’m not sure Mayor Suttle has so far.”

SHoe Salesman said...

Sweeper, Sweeper, Sweeper,

Just a few days ago you chastised me for using the "someone else did it so its OK" argument and now here you are using it to defend doofus Lee.

And, could you have gone any further in trying to excuse this away - "working on a saturday"?? really? that's a legitimate excuse for plagiarism?

Lee's people set the standard when they attacked Esch. Why doesn't Lee live by the same standard? Is he a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do politician? Looks like it. Who was held accountable? if it's good enough to kick someone out of law school why isn't it good enough to cost a legislative staffer his or her job?

If Lee doesn't fire someone he accepts the responsibility himself. and as far as his statement goes he basically said it will be business as usual - the lobbyists write my stuff and my staff will just be more careful in disguising it as my own.

What an embarassment Lee Terry has become.

Ricky said...

The Staffer did it!
This is going into the file and will pop up at a later date in a White commercial for sure.
Governor Heineman praises Mr Fahey?
What planet is the Gov living on?
Speaking of that, maybe UPRR and the good Father can get the Omaha City Council to rename EARTH Fahey's Earth.

Brian T. Osborn said...

So the guy "cut and pasted" ... big freaking deal. No one needs to be fired - chewed out perhaps - but certainly not fired. With a whole cargo ship full of important stuff going on, this is all we've got to worry about?

Yeah, Lee Terry screwed up, he screwed up when he jumped down Jim Esch's throat for the same thing. And Esch screwed up when he did it too. But let's get back to the important stuff, like nitpicking over the way people wear their hair and who is having a street named after them!

Oh, and anyone who has EVER screwed up, please leave the room. Ooops. Gotta go!

One Out In The Third...or is that 4th? said...


At Biden's rate Terry will have to plagiarize another 4 or 5 times to qualify to be Vice President.

Anonymous said...

Now I really dont think Terry does anything. Guy is a class act. Get him out of there. What and the hell are we paying him to do?

Anonymous said...

Just curious, how many years has Congressman Terry supported biotechnology?

And, how come Tom White didn't tell people how he would vote on Cap and Trade and Healthcare in his fundraising emails (2 in 3 days-their really earning their paychecks now down in Lincoln!)?

Tom White: Aye on Cap and Trade
and Aye on the Pelosi Health Care Bill.

Tom White: Nay to Nebraska's economy-what's left of it anyway after Tom White's tenure in the Legislature.

Speedy said...

I think the bigger deal is that his speech was written by a lobbyist. Hardly independent thinking for Nebraska. Just give me a check and tell me what to say. I wonder if Lee charges by the word or the sentence. At least we know LT will have a nice cushy lobbyist job when he gets beat by TW.

SHoe Salesman said...

BTO - Lee Terry's office set the example. They said that plagiarism should get you thrown out of law school (thus costing you your career.). All I ask is why is Lee not living up to the standards he set for others - right - because he has no integrity or standards for himself.
This whole episode is embarrassing to NE. Just like his flip flopping on earmarks, his penchant for thuggery, his open warfare with the staff of other Members of the delegation (Hagel), his use of RNC talking points on every issue etc.
Lee is an embarrassment to NE - maybe voters in the 2nd will give someone else a chance - even a liberal like Tom White - just so they can go two years without being embarrassed by Lee Terry again.
Is Sweeper speechless after having been exposed for his double standard for the "everybody does it" excuse? Maybe she's working this Saturday and will respond then.

Anonymous said...

"Five council members contacted Wednesday all said they would support the resolution: Stothert, Franklin Thompson, Pete Festersen, Ben Gray and Garry Gernandt.

Councilman Chris Jerram could not be reached for comment."

Chris we know you have been trying to fill Chuck's seat.....GOTCHYA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does the SH in shoe stand for Senator Hagel? No wonder you're trying to sell this line of crap, you couldn't get another job after leaving the fine Senator's office, could ya'? What was it about Hagel that made so many of his capable and very hardworking staff unable to find gainful employment-unless they were willing to go to the Greenzone in Iraq? The Greenzone is a place for soldiers, true heroes to fight for the lives of their fellow Americans and Iraqi citizens hoping for a better tomorrow. It is not a place for D.C. staffers to try to find work. Please don't continue to try to peddle Chuck Hagel's integrity here. Everyone knows that he was a sellout for Nebraska. All it took was an offer from a Sunday Morning talk show and Hagel began thinking how it could further his post Senate career-AKA "I wish I could be a cabinet"-I mean, a Member of a Liberal President's Cabinet.

As for the plagiarism issue. The Campaign Manager was right, you would get thrown out of Law School for plagiarism, or the taking of another person's words without attribution-that is what Jim Esch did and then said his staffer did it, and then said "Oh, I know what happened...". What Lee Terry did was wrong, because all thought should be your own unless attributed by way of, "in agreement", type statements. What he did not do, nor did his staff, is plagiarize.

And to Speedy, what do you have against lobbyists or do you only not like the one's that don't push what you're selling?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Senator Nelson is almost Godlike in the way he protects us from ourselves and the Administration's use of Reconciliation to slap the Senate back into line! I am so glad he's there otherwise we might have to put up with days and days of Republican filibustering to stop the crap Government run healthcare with abortions paid for all from being rammed down our throats. Now we just get to swallow quick before we choke on it!

Thank you Nelson for saving Nebraska from mean old Barack Obama's Administration! That damn Rahm Emanuel.

Speedy said...

Some of my best friends are lobbyists. Nothing against them - but they don't have the best interests of Nebraska or the country in mind - they are working for a client. It's up to the elected official to sift through all of that and do what's best for Nebraska. Not take the position of whoever writes the biggest check.

Lee better understand that a lobbyist is not paid to pass good public policy. That's his job. He just got caught letting a lobbyist do what he's suppose to be doing.

Anonymous said...

Are you implying that Congressman Terry's longtime support of Biotech is disingenuous? Or, that biotech is not important to a state like Nebraska?

And, how many employers, employees, consumers and supporters of issues (ie: the American Heart Association lobbyists) do you think the average lobbyist represents?

The fact is, as was stated in the article, not every member can be an expert on every subject that comes before Congress and they must rely on outside sources for much of their information. Both sides present their position, usually, substantiated by research and data, and then an elected official needs to determine which side of an issue he is with philosophically and which side represents his or her constituents. Some elected officials have an easier time with this, they sit in voter pools with landslide numbers. Others, like the Representative of NE2, have a much more difficult time because their constituents are more diverse. I would assume that you rely on the facts and your philosophy toward life and responsibility to others a little more when you live in a more diverse area.

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk about 'embarassment' ...

Embarassing is someone running for Congress who hides from the public and press for a full week before finally saying (after repeated calls from a reporter) how he'd vote on the healthcare bill.

That's the embarassment.

Anonymous said...

Why would someone think that StreetSweeper is a woman. Where in the world would a woman find time in her day to maintain a very timely political blog?

Everyone knows that only men can ignore everything around them to scare at an electronic screen for hours at a time!LOL

Besides, if it were a woman, would she be called The Cleaning Lady, or Mom?

Anonymous said...

Tom White wasn't hiding from anyone, he was busy in Lincoln trying to fix the Budget that he screwed up in the first place!

Anonymous said...

And Tom's proposed budget solution was to propose a bill that, on its face, was not germane to the Governor's call.

Tom "Out of Order" White.

TW had no role whatsoever in the Special Session--he's not a player in Lincoln.

At least his office was finally open there...if only for a few days. lol

Anonymous said...

You people are hilarious. We've had Republican governors for the last decade - Heineman as Governor for the last 5 years - and you somehow want to blame a single State Senator (Tom White) for our state's budget problems???

By that reasoning, just how many trillions of dollars of national debt can be laid right at Lee Terry's doorstep? After all, Terry's been in Congress for more than a decade. He began with a budget surplus that was quickly squandered and pissed away - all under Terry's watch and usually while he cheered.

Anonymous said...

How's the candidate recruitment going, Vic?

Make alot of progress this week?

Still waiting for a Dem to run for Gov, LTGov, AG, Treas and Auditor...

------> 3 Stooges....Vic, Rogers & Samp

Anonymous said...

Tom's adocacy of the no-age limit to Safe Haven was really well thought out, wasn't it?

What a fool...

Anonymous said...

Hey Ian, how many times did your boss Tom White vote to override Governor Heineman's vetoes of out of control spending?

Oh, and, um, how many times has President Obama vetoed legislation that has come across his desk because it includes non germain spending?

Anonymous said...

Can't blame any D's for not wantiong to run in 2010--cause what they're gonna run into is a buzz saw of opposition to their policies.

10.2% unemployment--D's got everything they wanted in their economic program and it ain't working. Only a fool like TW thinks it is.

macdaddy said...

Anon 9:31: You make a very good point that Terry was part of the problem that squandered a surplus. I'm sure you're now appalled by the $1.4 trillion addition that Obama and the Dems added to the deficit just this year. So what are Tom White's plans for that gargantuan deficit?

Shoe Salesman said...

To anon at 754 AM

Shoe Salesman is a moniker that mocks Senator Hagel's integrity - I hated the man and he hated me. Its a reference to his galling attack on other senators who didn't support his cut and run in Iraq amendment when he said "if you cant take tough votes go sell shoes." He then himself just 48 hours later voted AGAINST his own resolution - the same one he mocked his colleagues for. Hence "Shoe Salesman" used to point out the hypocrisy of the NE republicans.

Lee Terry submitted someone else's homework. He used someone else's work product as his own. If that's not plagiarism its still dishonest. And the fact that he used a drug industry lobbyist's work product is especially putrid. He has embarrassed himself, his office, and his constituents, again.

and as for Esch v. Terry - ultimately Esch took responsibility for the gaffe. Lee is still blaming his staff - the staff he still employs and thus condones the activities of.

Anonymous said...

Are we being led to believe by the Lee Terry staff that this is the first and only time he's done something like this? Please.

If you remember a year and a half ago, he was caught plagiarizing entire talking points of the RNC on his campaign website.

This is a long-standing practice of Lee Terry. He doesn't have an independent thought in his head.

Anonymous said...

You folks think Obama and Clinton wrote their own books....Please!

Anonymous said...


Actually, Obama and Bill Clinton did write their own books. Hillary openly credited help from 3 other women in writing her book -ghostwriters, if you will.

Did Lee Terry acknowlege his source?

Anonymous said...

So it seems like the only defense the Lee Terry people have for his being caught plagiarizing is "They did it too!"

You Terry people should all be ashamed of yourselves -- and embarrassed for working for such a doofus.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there will always be some lefty-twerps like the prior post who hate Terry. That's life. Meanwhile, a solid majority of the district like the job he's done and will vote to reelect him next Nov.

Why don't the Terry haters just go play over at NNN.

Anonymous said...

Or get out in the field and recruit a candidate for Gov, LTGov, AG, Treas or Audito. lol

Anonymous said...

there are a lot more Terry haters than you think. Terry will, with out a doubt lose.

Anonymous said...

"Money can't by you love."

Anonymous said...

Tom White said he "absolutely embraces" Terry's proposal to let people buy into the health plans similar to what Member of Congress have. (LJS, Don Walton)

Nice quote from Tom--will probably work well in a Terry TV commercial...

Anonymous said...

Prior anon (Ian)-- if you are depending on the 'hate terry' people to win, you'll lose. There are many, many more voters (indies and others) who like Terry and the job he's doing.

Terry won indie voters in 08--at the same time most R candidates in Obama districts lost them 2:1. Fact.

Anonymous said...

The problem White has is he said a few months ago he was opposed to the public option . . . but then he would have voted for the House bill that contains it.

Tom "I feel strongly both ways" White is a walking contradiction.

------>TW: say anything to win votes.

Anonymous said...


(their isn't one--no action by the D's this week--what fools/losers)

Street Sweeper said...


Nope. The quote was:

"'I absolutely embrace the contrast' with White, the six-term congressman says."


Anonymous said...

The House and Senate bills are very similar:

Huge cuts ($500 bil) to Medicare

Hundreds of billions in new taxes

Public option (btw--you all reading about gov't comm. that are issuing new protocols for breast cancer? That type of decision will drive all policies on the exchange--total gov't control)

Penalties/fines if you don't get insurance.

This is a bad deal--they should scrap it and start over.

Anonymous said...

The onlt reason the Senate bill isn't $1.1 trillion is they don't have the physician fee fix in it.

Smoke and mirrors.

Net effect is $1.1 trillion in new expenses.

Just what we need right now...

Anonymous said...

If the physician fee fix is added to the cost, then the bill increases, not decreases, the deficit.

Anonymous said...

Gallup tracking poll out...

Obama's approval is now below 50%--for the first time.

Due to the economy or health care, or both?

Anonymous said...

What will Obama's approval rating be next month if the Nov. unemployment numbers are worse, say 10.4%?

Anonymous said...

With each passing month, it is clear TW made a huge blunder in suporting the 'stimulus' program--which hasn't worked. Just wonder if Tom's enthusiasm for it is starting to wane ... lol

Anonymous said...

Speaking of candidates ...another week is drawing to a close, yet the "D" party still can't find any candidates for

LT Gov

--------> D = Doofus party

Anonymous said...

So Lee Terry apologizes-himself-when someone makes an error on his behalf and Tom White throws his staffer under the bus for doing what she was told to do by Mr. White?

You all do realize that only Mr. White can authorize expenditures from his State Senate Campaign Committee, don't you?

I still want to know what event all those State Senators and City Council office holders attended at $1000 per person and how come all the State Senators didn't have to pay the same amount?