Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nabity out front

First, a brief Separated at Birth:

Former State Senator and new director of the new state Office of Violence Prevention, Mike Friend, and Jon Slattery of "Mad Men":

(Btw, would you believe that the OWH found four Democrats who don't like the idea of Republican Friend being appointed to this gig? Whoda thunk it?)


There is a new political TV ad out on your screens. This one comes from a group that formed a while back, known as the Nebraska Alliance (as opposed to, you know, Alliance, Nebraska) for the Private Sector.

The group has sort of a sub-group called the Omaha Alliance. The President of the group is local restaurateur (he of BK, Taco Johns and Jimmy Johns) Mike Simmonds. The Treasurer and spokesperson is former gubernatorial candidate Dave Nabity.

Nabity has been making his presence known at City Council hearings, mainly on the firetruck staffing issue. That is what the current ad is on now.

Take a look.

Nabity talked about the issue further on KPTM, as well.

(Hey, and when did Dewey from "Malcolm in the Middle" end up on KPTM?)

The gregarious Nabity is a good face for this group and they can also have a little heft in the community. He recently wrote an OpEd in the OWH on this issue as well.

Could Nabity be a guy who is interested in taking things further as well? There has been an awful lot of talk about recalling the current Mayor (whether that has any legs or not remains to be seen).

If -- IF -- Suttle was kicked out, it would be interesting to see if Nabity is someone who would be interested in picking up the reins.


And on the video front, we noticed that Omaha's KETV Channel 7 has entered the digital age and has their own YouTube channel -- which we applaud.

We happened across a couple City Council vids, and noted that Councilwoman Jean Stothert has been modeling the Michelle Obama sleeveless look.

And we'd just like to note that, no Chuck Sigerson, you can not get away with that fashion.


Open forum kids. Have at it.

**update, Wed. 8/19**
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Do the right thing! said...

Chuck Sigerson can wear whatever he wants - so long as he votes to help the City of Omaha through this budget crisis and not to protect the Fire Union demands.

Just because you took money from the Fire Union doesn't mean you have to take your cues from them. Do the right thing Chuck!

Anonymous said...

JEAN IS HOT, MICHELLE IS NOT!!! With all due respect Councilwoman Stothert.

Amused said...

Today we will see who actually runs the city - the Fire Department or the City Council. Place your bets.

From the Bleachers said...

The votes are there o repeal the ordinances. The first domino of the firefighters line falls today.

Anonymous said...

No Republican has the guts to stand up to the governor. And the OWH couldn't find a single Republican to defend Mike Friend's qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Nabity for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Here's something of interest:
A news report out of Britain says a woman had to give birth on a sidewalk--she had called the "Royal Infirmary" after she went into labor and asked for an ambulance. They told her "no" and that she had 9 months to plan getting there. She then started to walk to the Infirmary ...

Nice to see there's no rationing in a public plan.

Chief of Staff said...

I agree Anonymous at 10:50am

Anonymous said...

Friend is completely unqualified for the position. My friends over at Omahablog wrote a nice article on it. (I'm surprised no one has mentioned the new blog yet...there's a great post about Vokal currently)

Also, Fahey is holding a fundraiser for Jimmy V on Wednesday?! Haven't seen any mention of that on here either...

And I have to disagree with Anon 10:50; Michelle is a lot more professional looking (and she's the spouse, not the politician), Jean is not. It's not always easy to be a woman in politics but dress the part, Councilwoman. Enough of the low-cut tops and sundresses.

Anonymous said...

From Omaha Blog: "If you have a story idea, please contact us. Just like the Omaha World-Herald, we happily publish stories backed up by anonymous sources."

Is Omaha Blog Matt Samp???

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:13--just read your new blog--good luck! I have a hunch it will get about the same ### of comments as NE Pol Insider does (none) or dies on the vine after a few weeks like Dodge Street. Have fun though.

Amused said...

"Enough of the low-cut tops and sundresses."


Linda said...

With all due respect Jean, Kennedy's love fest for you continues.

Tired of Blogs said...

From Omaha Blog:

"This first post will be a manifesto of sorts. I will be blogging about local politics, local news, local media, American Idol (can you believe Paula isn’t coming back), and whatever else comes to mind."

Paula Abdul??? I agree with Anonymous, smells like Samp!

L Street is the Standard

Anonymous said...

Anonymous--12:38--I bet you are 100% right on that. I heard he has a gig helping Ian and Tom White too.

Anonymous said...

Another tidbit from the news:

Cindy Sheehan is going to set up a protest at Martha's Vineyard while Obama's vacationing there. I guess what comes around goes around...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you all think Samp is still involved in politics here. None of us have heard from him since he stepped down at the Mayor's office. But keep the conspiracies going...it's entertaining.

And no, as much as you want to link Ian Russell and Matt Samp, you just sound dumb doing so.

Anonymous said...

Matt Samp? Would he really be blogging about Paula Abdul? Wouldn't he more likely to blog about Zac Efron or the Jonas Brothers?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Is that a Linda Poole sighting?

First anyone has seen of her in over a decade. Is she still on the Millard School Board?

Last we heard, wasn't Linda the key endorsement for Jon Blumenthal's city ouncil campaign?

Way to show that political muscle Linda! Good to hear from you.

Mr. Blackwell said...

Last time I saw a pair of wings that meaty they were in a bucket of KFC.

City Hall said...

LOL...The Millard reference...I get it now. I'm with Kennedy then, what's not to love about a fiscal conservative doing her job against Mayor Futtle...Love you Jean

GeosUser said...

Dave Nabity is one of those great idea-generators/promoters that should never get involved in elective politics...sort of like our own local version of Newt. It would be a whole different can of worms if Nabity actually held elective office and tried to implement a lot of his great ideas unless he had overwhelming support. Plus I doubt he'd find the constant attention to detail and day-in-day-out mundane routine appealing. Since he rarely measures his words before speaking, he would certainly be entertaining.
BTW, the last time Chuck Sigerson was on KFAB he was asked about accepting campaign donations from the fire union. "I'm insulted that someone would even consider that my vote can be bought for less than 1-2% of my campaign spending" was his response...as the red robin theme was playing in the background.

Anonymous said...

Oh yippee. Dave Nabity. The nipping chahauhau of politics who got a whopping....5% was it? of the vote running for governor.
I like Chuck's outfit. Where's the red robin?

omaha guy said...

12:40 PM, another defunct blog for your list...The Right Side of Reason.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:33--and here's another one: nebr net roots...by Mike Nellis.

Street Sweeper said...

In Nellis's defense, he moved to Kansas to work for the state Dems there.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious posts over at NNN--they're attacking each other over Obama's decision to tank the public option. They're at it again w/the circular firing squad!

Anonymous said...

11:37 - why didn't the woman dial 999? Better yet, if she was only 100m away from hospital (it would take all of about 2 minutes to walk it), why didn't she go? Or why didn't any of the friends with her take her there? I've had children, my last came quickly, and I live 5 miles from a hospital. My husband took me, birth was minutes after arrival. As it is, an ambulance did come about the time she gave birth, so her story doesn't add up. Plus, it's reported by the Daily Mail - the equivelant of FOX over here - very slanted. But one thing you will notice among Brits is that they don't want to end NHS. They want more money put into it! And they are far more satisfied with their system than Americans are with theirs.

I'm sure you will be advocating for all welfare mums (like that woman - on her 4th child and unmarried with no job) to be given red carpet treatment free of charge from now on, right?

Or maybe you shouldn't speak of that which you do not understand. In America she'd be without insurance and dependent on Medicaid. A government program, last time I checked.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:40--suggest you re-read the news article.

And on the issue of medical coverage for low-income women, the program is S-CHIP--sponsored by Republicans in 1997. It generally uses private insurers and is overseen by the states.

But here's another one--don't go to Vancouver for vacation. If you fall down and break your leg, you might have a bit of a wait if surgery is required. Their health administrator is already taking the permitted number of surgeries and reducing them by 6,000 over the next year. Welcome to Canada!

omaha guy said...

Glad I made copies. That was interesting material.

Anonymous said...

That was a horrible blog Omaha Guy. Who would want copies?

Anonymous said...

The City Council woman is hot. Mike Friend is not qualified for that job, geez.

Anonymous said...

More seperated at birth;

Mike Boyle and Dr. Carhart
Heath Mello and Mario Lopez
Ernie Chambers and Fredick Douglass

Anonymous said...

Leavenworth Street will shrink in importance. Omaha blog will gain.

Anonymous said...

Think the Council can find $10 million? Better question: think they can find it without pissing off the citizens?

Anonymous said...

Why is the media always going to Pete with their mike or camera?
How does he manage to get so much face time? It's as though he is
running for something. Let's see we have Jimmy and Petey licking their chops. How quaint.

Mike said...

Sorry Omaha Guy I didn't realize the old blog was out there. I thought it expired. May it rest in peace.

Deb Suttle's wig said...

It sure is hot up here.

3rd floor watcher said...

Leave the wives and family members out of this.

Lifelong Nebraskan said...

Is Omaha Blog Ryan Seacrest?

Dr. Baden said...

Pete Festersen is the biggest poindexter I have ever seen. I think the media approaches him to make sure he's alive.

BB40 said...

DSW has every right as she was in the OWH discussing city policy. Once you enter, you are in.

Red Robin said...

Why isn't seigerson wearing a giant red bird costume?

Anonymous said...

if samp was behind that blog, then he wouldn't be sad about no paula, he would be totally jazzed about Aaron Carter-he's a little hottie, but, a bit old for Matty, I would guess!

Anonymous said...

What became of Matt Samp?

Anonymous said...

9:38 -

I don't know, but I can tell you Democratic insiders are rather amused at the constant suggestion on this blog that he and Ian Russell would ever work together.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Ian Russell?

'sker said...

Ernie Chambers' background did not qualify him for the Learning Community Council. He was an integral senator in the creation of the council...in fact it was widely known he was manipulating the legislation to provide a job for himself . Therefore, it was somewhat amusing to hear him criticize Mike Friend.

Anonymous said...

Who's Ernie Chambers?

Remember History said...

Suttle will announce the tennative fire union contrat today.

Let's see if they used the same negotitaing skills they used when they leased the SUV. Will look bright and shinny up front but will stick it to the tax payers later.

Remember, when Fahey announced the GREAT contract back in 2002(?) it looked great for the city. Pay freezes and all. Then, the off years hit and we were hosed.

Let's see if the fire union really gave up anything to help the city, or like the previous contract banke huge gains for a very short delay.

3rd floor watcher said...

Former Councilman now firefighter Paul Koneck testified about his vote when he was on the council on minimum manning and fire safety. Didn't his vote on minimum manning create a job for him???? Where is the democrat outrage.

The Budget Solution said...

The Weatherman and others have asked the city council "what is your solution?" Well this morning at 9 AM four council members (Stothert, Thompson, Sigerson and Festersen) gave their solution.

1. ALL city employees take two week furloughs. This includes civilians, all unions, mayor staff, and city council.
2. Additional $1.2 million in cuts to the Omaha Fire Department

These cuts equal $11 million, replacing the proposed entertainment tax. It keeps the libraries, pools open and the Police helicopter in the air. No more layoffs.

Now, will Suttle listen? What say you Weatherman?

Weatherman (L. Nebraskan) said...

I predict thunder and lightning coming from the Mayor's office followed by big gust of hot air from the Fire Chief's office. I recommend that the mayor's staff take immediate shelter.

Anonymous said...

Great proposal! Who can hold it up? The police and fire unions. They have to approve this as a contract negotiation.

So, will the police and fire unions be selfish, thus assuring the complete lay off of hundreds of city employees and tax increases?

That is the bottom line.

Amused said...

Well that will do wonders for employee morale and enthusiasm. But then who cares? Of course the average citizen thinks that all city employees are lazy and worthless (and in truth, some of them are) and therefore expendable. As long as the taxpayer doesn't have to pay a penny more in new taxes let heads roll. Let's be clear about this - the only heads that will roll will come from the civilian union which was already suffering a shortage of personnel before all this came about. The (additional???) suggested $1.2 million cuts to the fire department will come when hell freezes over. City employees use to be able to say "well, at least I have a job" - well not anymore. Better get use to a reduction in services because something has to give. Stay tuned - it's going to get worse

Anonymous said...


Civian employees were consulyed in creation of the council proposal. They would much rather take a two week furloug, keeping their pension and vactaion benefits active, than losing it all by being laid off.

The Budget Solution said...

The CC proposal
- Eliminate Entertainment tax (10.5 Million)

General Fund Cuts
$200,000 -Remove four finance positions created to administer new entertainment tax
$60,000 - City Council wage freeze and elimination of vacant staff position
$ 1,200,000 - Misc reductions snf 2009 Civilian Layoffs
$56,000 - eliminate purchase of two new cars
$665,000 - delay purchase of new aerial unit
$7,813,000 - Two week furlough of all city employees inc police and fire
$665,000 - 2010 Civilian wage freeze
$1,000,000 - LB775 Refunds (based on 2009 actual refund amount)
$25,000 - Target Omaha Reduction - already OKed by Chamber of Commerce

Total Cuts $11,684,000

+ $250,000 Keno contributions to non-profits
+ $269,000 to Cash Reserve Fund

Key Features:
- Restores pool hours. No additional cuts to parks or street maintenance
- Library Dept general fund increases by over $ 1 million
- Re-open Florence Branch Library
- 86 NEW police recruits in 2010 increasing overall sworn strength
- Restore helicopter and purchase 44 new cruisers
- Retain yard waste pick up
- No additional civilian lay offs
- Restores Public/Private Partnerships with Community Group
- Starts adding to Cash Reserve Fund for Bond Rating

Anonymous said...

Nabity lives in an unannexed SID in west Omaha. No city offices for him.

GeosUser said...

Mayor Moron announces tentative contract deal with the fire union and the only provision spoken about or questions answered about was a 2009-2010 wage freeze with 2011 3.5-5% wage hike. Isn't this sort of "deal" that produced pension spiking and waves of early retirements in last round of negotiations?
How about the city council taking a significant pay cut until at least 2012...on the order of 50% at minimum??? And the idea that you won't get "good candidates" for public office unless you pay them $X isn't valid when they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a part-time gig which doesn't pay much to begin with.

Amused said...

Anon: 10:22 AM

I happen to be in the civilian union and I can assure you that this was the first any of us heard about furloughs. I can also add that the first any of us in the civilian union heard about layoffs was when Mayor Suttle announced that he was implementing it. We were always considered to be the poor dumb cousins to the police/fire and these actions reflect that. That being said I agree it is much better to take a two week furlough, keep our pensions and vacation benefits active, rather than lose it all by being laid off. After all - what choice do we really have? Sad to say that many in the civilian unions may retaliate by doing just enough on their job to get by without being fired reducing efficiency. We vote today on accepting or declining the wage freeze in our new contract and if we are smart we will accept it or face more layoffs. We can expect no sympathy from the general public or city council who consider all of us expendable.

Fire and police taking furloughs? Yeah - good luck with that.

Nate E said...

The City Council proposal is a joke and pathetic

Anonymous said...

Exactly what is a joke and pathetic about it? I think it is a joke and pathetic that the mayor could not come up with some more budget cuts, before running around yelling "TAXES TAXES."

I may not agree with all of it, but it certainly is a step in the right direction and they did what the maypr asked: proposed cuts to make up for the shortfall!

Anonymous said...

Nate E...are you upset you have to takes 2 weeks off unpaid???

Anonymous said...

seperated at birth suggestion (again);

Mike Ditka and Tim Dunning

Anonymous said...

3:49 -

What's a joke and pathetic about it is that anyone with half a brain knows the police and fire unions will never agree to furloughs. And even if they did, you'd have to compensate with significant amount of overtime to make up for reduced staffing. The Council's proposal accounts for none of that, and there's no back up plan in place if the furloughs fall through. It's fuzzy math that sounds good on paper, until you look at what's really involved.

The "restored funding" for libraries, pools, the police helicopter, and the recruit class were already included in Suttle's budget. The only thing they changed was replacing the entertainment tax with cuts.

Anonymous said...

This mayor surrounds himself with wrong advisement and persists on keeping them even when they have proven to be boneheaded and negligent in their duties. Their sensitivities to the outside world don't exist. Yet, every day the drumbeat gets louder for recall and this mayor sticks with their

The laundry list is growing longer and longer. When will the mayor rid himself of the advice of people who are either incredibly
out to lunch at taxpayer expense, just plain stupid or incredibly
self serving?

And, for the record,Vokal is obvious in his intent to run again
as much as Festersen is annoyingly everywhere jockeying for position.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing. Suttle has his BIG press conference today to announce an agreement with the fire union.

What friggin' agreement? Doing what they absolutely had to do (wage freezes) and then a promise of raises in the future. Come on.

The fire union will get off not giving a single thing toward our budget problems. Wage increases are a must at this time. They should do it for the good of the city.

Just wait. They'll make out like bandits when the whole contract is done.

Amused said...

I think the timing of this announcement is interesting - being that the City Council is voting on the minimum staffing next week. I can guarentee you there will be no furloughs involving the Police and Fire Departments - it will come directly from the ranks of the civilian employees who always feel the pain when it comes to cuts. The Civilian Union voted today to take the wage freeze and now more layoffs and furloughs will be their reward. Well as long as no one has to pay one penny more in taxes and Police/Fire are not affected, who cares right? After all - we are lazy, stupid and expendable.

Nate E said...

Anon 4:22
I dont have to worry about furloughs, I work in the private sector. Its pathetic for several reasons, anon 7:06 expounded upon some of those. I think its a joke, cowardly and pathetic because the city council has not even considered new sources of funding, everyone instead is looking to make cuts which will just end up hurting all of us more.

I received a bulletin from Chuck Sigerson who was kind enough to point out that the property tax rates in Omaha are lower than those of all the other metro area cities. Why is the idea of a 2.4 cent hike off the table? This is a much more stable source of revenue than a entertainment tax. Not all city employees are as well off as Jean Stothert and this will spread the around the responsibility. I own a home here in Omaha and I am willing to pay more to make sure i continue to get quality service.

If i was cowardly enough to want someone else to go 2 weeks without pay because i didn't want to pay another 30$ a year in property taxes i wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror. I would lose all respect for myself and would expect all my friends and family to do the same.

Anonymous said...

From 7:58

Wage FREEZES are a must...not increases. DOH!

Anonymous said...

Nate E new sources of funding means taxes! You go ahead and make your donation payable to the City of Omaha.

Anonymous said...

You've captured the essence of Jean Stothert - either standing off to the side or reading from a prepared statement. Brilliant!

Go get 'em Jean!

Anonymous said...

The essence of Jean Stothert...Leadership!

Anonymous said...

What's with all the "girlie-guy talk" of essence of anything.

Let's get back to real political chat, how about that Barney Frank yelling at his constituents like he did? What a loser.

And Waxman and Stupak using their Congressional Offices to demand personal info on private insurance company execs. Don't they understand that until they take over all the private insurance companies that they have no right to run them into the ground?!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 11:26

And do any NE Dems have the guts to stand up to Nelson? When will you challenge him in a primary with a real Democrat?

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 4:37,

Barney Frank has more courage than you do. Everyone knows who he is and he still calls it as he sees it. You can't do so without hiding behind mommy Anonymouse's skirts. The woman he addressed was less intelligent than a dining room table, and he said so. I agree with him.

As for his being a loser - Barney Frank has won every election to represent Massachusetts's 4th CD since 1981. What have YOU won lately?

Anon 6:09 (4:37?),

You haven't been paying attention.

Anonymous said...


I sure hope you bring Barney to Omaha campaigning for Tom White. What a great guy he is! He'd certainly push Tommy Boy past Terry.

Bring him on!

Nate E said...

Anon 7:18
"New sources of funding mean taxes"
I know, and Im glad you were intelligent enough to figure that out. But I do not understand why you think its so amazing you figured it out that you need to let us all know like its a big revelation. Perhaps your not that bright afterall...

Anon 4:37
That woman compared giving health care to people to Hitler and the Nazis, I think Barney showed amazing restraint compared to what her question warranted.

Anonymous said...

Let mayor suttle raise property taxes and I will be campaigning in North Omaha knocking on doors, talking to all the elderly and those who have trouble buying their medicine or paying more in property taxes. This disproportionatly hurts the working poor.

Anonymous said...

Nate E, are you from the same planet as Barney Frank?

Anonymous said...

School has begun. Everyone at recess again namecalling.


Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 11:47,

Yeah! Let's get back to the serious business of making fun of people's hair, recommending separated at birth comparisons, and dragging the very long and tedious discussion about recalling Suttle into yet another thread.


Street Sweeper said...


Please note that this is an OPEN forum. You pick the topic, cowboy.

(Though I would note that this is a blog about politics and if the topic followed that line, it would be appreciated.)


Woodward and Bernstein said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Wow. StreetSweeper better make sure they don't fall into the same situation as PittGirl! Did anyone read about her on cnn.com? She was an anonymous blogger in Pennsylvania that criticized the mayor, amonst other things, and apparently after revealing her identity she got fired from her job!

Brian T. Osborn said...

OK Sweeper,

I've been carrying on a conversation with a conservative friend of mine about the 2nd amendment. He thinks Ted Nugent is the bomb, I think he's a bozo.

Ted's been spreading the propaganda about how we Dems want to take away his arsenal. Personally, I'm in the market for a Glock 31C.

It seems there is some room for discussion there.

Nate E said...

Just for curiosity sake, why the Glock 31c and not the 21c? Ive never fired the 31c but im very impressed with the 21c, plus its got the stopping power of the .45 acp on its side

Brian T. Osborn said...

The 31C penetrates armor. You just never know when you're going to run across a rabid racoon wearing a flak jacket!

Anonymous said...

Why do we pay for various Douglas County Treasurer locations? Why not just one location and doing business online?

Why is Douglas County Board approving money to go to the lame Septemberfest festival? Our tax dollars shouldn't be paying for this!

Has Jim Esch gotten a job yet?

Who is Ian Russell?

Remember when Lee Terry supported term limits?

Anonymous said...

Kim Robak = exploratory committee to run for governor.

Nate E said...

Oh I see now. Whenever I come up against a rabid racoon wearing a flak jacket my fight or flight instincts kick in and Im all flight. Now squirrels wearing flak jackets are another story entirely, I havent yet come across the squirrel that can take me and survive!

Dinner Date with the Fire Union said...

I was thinking, how might OWH editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba depict Mayor Suttle's negotiations.

At first, I pictured Suttle, pants down being bent over by the union.

But, no I thought...that's not accurate.

A true depiction would be a someone with "Omaha Citizens" written on their shirt being bent over by the Union while Suttle stands with his back turned and a tube of lube in his hand.

Two years of zero pay increase with a promise of up to an 18% increase after years three four and five. WHAT!?

Thanks for sacrificing Fire Union! While the rest of our salaries, wages, hours and jobs are being cut your sacrifice is delaying a big gauranteed pay raise. The rest of your contract isn't even out yet. Sure you'll get everything else you want. Thanks!

We don't even get dinner or a kiss with that date.

Heineman Guy said...

Kim Robak?

Yes please!

Anonymous said...

The Fire Union is running an ad based using the death od Capt. John Goesling to support minimum manning.

Problem is, Goessling's death had absolutely nothing to do with minimum manning. Goessling was on a second in unit. The first truck (#21)HAD four men in spite f the fact there was no ordinance at the time mandating this.

At the time of the roof colapse killing Goessling, there were dozens of fire fighters from several units on location. It was already a two alarm fire.

The Goessling case was a tragedy. There was no fault found in the after action report. For the Fire Union to use this emotional loss is disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Command and Communication caused Goessling's death, not minimum manning!!!!! Shame on you Omaha Fire Union. You are truly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Gee 7:ll p.m. August 21st, don't hold back with the visuals, tell us what you really feel.

Anonymous said...

This new fire union commercial is about to explode. Many people are furious over this.

Anonymous said...

Best quote I've heard so far today?

"If Nancy Pelosi is looking for a swastica, she should check her own arm first." LOL!!!

Dumbest thing I've heard today?

"The Unions would never go for it?" What, huh?! He thinks city of Omaha employees are so short sighted and greedy that they would rather see their coworkers in the unemployment line than lose 2 weeks of pay in 2010 that could probably be prorated over all 12 months?

I don't think any of the citizens of Omaha-or the rest of our state, for that matter-are that insensitive or selfish.

Suttle just doesnt like it because he didn't "thunk it up". And BTW, I thought the City Council was included in the furlough idea.

Gotta go, I have to mute another stupid Ben Nelson defense ad, it's like the 4th one I've seen already this morning-on FOX!

Anonymous said...

Please don't ever diminish Mrs. Stothert by comparing her to the below average M.Obama.

Nabity doesn't belong in this new position. He should be our govenor.

The 912 Health Care rally was a great event. Shane Osborne was inspirational. Glenn Freeman was spectacular. Mary and Chip Maxwell were Hilarious and Lee Terry was his normal boorish self.

When will we elect a congressman that excites people.

I'm not sure there's a difference between Lee Terry and Tom White. Two lawyers, neither of whom will ever support tort reform.

Maybe it's time Shane Osborn or Dan Welch get into this 2nd district race.

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Dave Nabity said he would only be willing to run for Mayor if others "showed him the money"?

I heard that he said if they showed him the money he would be willing to move into the City limits within 6 months of any proposed election for a new Mayor. In this economy, how could anyone consider a move with no guarantee of selling a current home?

As for the Tea Partiers?

-Mary Maxwell is always funny, I am glad to hear some of her levity is rubbing off on the usually very serious Chip.
-Shane is always a good speaker, he had several years of Navy training in that area.
-What degree does Glenn Freeman have to be considered a Constitutional Scholar? was it just a tutorial from his former boss?
-No need to defend Congressman Terry, we will just tell Lois Akers to go away and get a clue.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anonymous 8:56,

I don't know what to say about your "swastica" (sic) statement other than that your mother raised a fool.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but BTO, have you not heard the latest from Congressman Brian Baird's Townhall? The comment came from a former Marine with kids and he told the fine congressman to keep his hands off those kids.

This was not just some crazy person posting on a local political blog, it came from the mouth of an honorable former soldier.

Lifelong Nebrskan said...

Hey Anonymous above: don't you know that former military have a screw loose and should be on watch lists! Why should we believe soldiers when we can believe the honest and trustworthy and butch SEIU workers as well as the unshowered College Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Kim Robak for Governor!

Pat said...

Who are you calling Butch!!!

Michael said...

Dave should say he'd fill the void after Suttle has been kicked out. It would make the recall so much easier.

Love Hal, but the vote was more about him than the issues.

Anonymous said...

Dave Nabity? Oh please, don't we have enough PR problems?

Anonymous said...

8:56 -

You are unwilling to pay $52 a year more in taxes (Ben Gray's proposal) and instead have city workers take a 4% paycut and you have the audacity to call them selfish!?

Wow, that's some incredible hypocrisy right there.

Anonymous said...

Who said I was unwilling to pay my fair share? As soon as everyone is chipping in their share-including renters and all departments in City Government.

What do you think should be cut, or do you want to keep renting while all the homeowners pay for your City services/

Brian T. Osborn said...

Latest member of the Anonymous family - 1:44,

I hate to tell you this, but I would want to keep my kids away from some of the wackos I served with in the Navy.

But, really, what is your point?

Anonymous said...

And that's why I'll keep mine away from you then.

Brian T. Osborn said...

I would very much appreciate it if you would.

Anonymous said...

7:33 -

Doesn't it occur to you that most city employees are already taxpayers, and thus would already be paying their "fair share?"

As I recall, Suttle introduced a tax that would have hit renters and homeowners alike, and it was pretty well rejected by both the Council and people like you.

Seems to me you like to blame the people providing you with city services for the problems you're unwilling to pay for. And when the public servants are unwilling to take a massive hit to their own pocketbook to save you the pain of $4.25 extra per month in taxes, you call them selfish and insensitive.

That's pretty cold and indecent, if you ask me.

Nate E said...

anon 7:33
Presumably the cost of the hike in property taxes will then be passed on to the renters, or at least thats the way the free market system is supposed to work.

David Nabity said...

It's been interesting to watch the chatter on my potential run for Mayor, so I thought I'd chime in. First of all, running for Mayor was not on my radar screen. I have three more kids to go through college and I need to work.

Having said that, given all that I've seen at City Hall, it does make me wonder if a true fiscal conservative with business experience should step in and try and right the ship should a recall occur.

For me, I have a great deal to think about such as moving my family and whether there would be real support for me running both through endorsements and financial backing. I've never said to anyone "show me the money". It is far more involved than that. So, where I am right now is a wait and see position. I can tell you that I'm not aching to jump into politics again and will only do so if I feel that I'm the right guy for the time, I can make it work with my family and there is a ground swell of support.

Rather than speculate on all that, how about we all call our Councilman and persuade them to remove the minimum manning ordinance so we can begin making the changes to liberate the city from excessive government overhead?

David Nabity

Anonymous said...

I kinda like Nabity. Suttle makes me want to go take a shower.

Anonymous said...

Well stated Dave.

I was referring to the Mayor's Office and City Council budgets. I personally think that the civilian unions have given way more than any other area of government for the last several years. That tells me that they value and need their jobs more that some of the other union members think they need theirs.

I pay very much my fair share of taxes.

And BTO, I will be happy to oblige.

As far as taxes reaching the renters? There is a saturation point at which the market will not supprt higher rents and the actual property owners will be stuck with the whole tax bill thus spending less on updates and more investments.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 11:19,

Glad you're happy to oblige, but which of the 187,243 Anonymous posters are you? You guys in the Anonymous family need to at least get first names, or serial numbers ... something!

All you've gotta do is click on Name/URL and type in whatever alias you feel like going by today. It ain't rocket surgery!!

Anonymous said...

david nabity, rick bettger, mike simmons, george ventiecher and anyone else whoe supports these rich little buddies ( and their silly club,what is called the omaha alliance against public safety employees), believe me they all have more money than you and I) need to leave the operations of the fire dept to the ones that are experts in the field of firefighting and the associated sciences of fire and EMS. They are not experts. They only reason that they are bitter is because they are all associated with large properties and and not want to pay thier fare share of taxes because they would become less rich. Or are they whinning because they tried to run for elected office and failed. The commercial that the are ran is unfair and sickening. Why should the Omaha firefighters and the citizens of Omaha have to suffer because they do not know anyting about being a firfighter. I can tell you that the numbers he refers to in his little speach are not in the right context and are twisted for his point of view. It is also funny to mention that rick bettger wrote a letter to the OWH that was very similar in context and syntex to the one that nabity wrote earlier, has anyone examined these two to see who may have plagerized off of who. They continue to twist numbers to the point where they are absurd. They portray working men and women that have families, who live in your neighboorhoods in a disparaging way. The minimum staffing ordinance is not the direct cause of the 500 million shortfall. Only 8% of that is tied to overtime. Also remember that there were ploice officers that were retiring at the same time. The majority of the shortfall is due to the market. As we sit here the market is bouncing back. So I am sure that the 500 million is no longer that much. They are not an expert and need to be quiet on this issue. The top fire administrator, who works for the city, and is no longer a union member believes that this ordinance is best left intact for the safety of Omaha's firefighters and citizens. That alone should have ben reason enough to leave this ordinance alone. Has nobody taken this group to task for twisting numbers out of context. Has nobody asked why they can portray the men and women who protect and serve this community in a disparaging way.