Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dog Daze

President Obama has decided that the way to sell you on Nationalized Health Care is with a logo. So the ol' PR team put the Obama campaign logo together with the medical caduceus to form the Prez's own, personal Health Care logo:

Is this extremely narcissistic, presumptuous and weird? Yes, yes it is.

But what it does do is put the disaster that ObamaCare will be, squarely in his lap.
There will be no question on where to look when your request for kidney dialysis has been rejected because you're too old.

So on that note, we here at Leavenworth Street figured that if Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle really wants to "sell" his budget plan, he needs a good solid logo. One that lets you know that it's his plan, and what the point of the plan is.

So here is what we've come up with:

It's Candidate Suttle's logo.
It's the basis of the plan: your cash.
And then we threw in the Mayor's Durango, to give the logo a little "action", and of course to personalize it a little more.

The Mayor and his gang should feel free to use this in all future ad blitzes.

(If you really have some Mad Men-esque ads skills and can come up with a better logo, send them to us and we'll put up the best ones.)


Ah, Mid-August in the Mid-Heartland Weird Harold).
Closin' libraries and pools. Groundin' helicopters.
Drivin' away Police Chiefs. Raisin' taxes.

Remember when all this was promised by Omaha's new Mayor during the campaign?

You remember. He said he would raise your property taxes, lay off city workers, and provide much less police protection.

Ohhhhhhh yeah. He never said ANYTHING during the campaign. Right, right.
But he wasn't Hal Daub, and that was good enough for a majority of voters.

But, harking back, you will remember that candidate Jim Suttle's excuse for not providing a single detail about what he wanted to do if elected was because he wanted to hear what THE PEOPLE wanted, and then implement that plan.

So, after all the meetings the Mayor had with the citizens of Omaha, did he get any ideas from The People?
The answer by Hiz Honor, on KFAB's Scott Voorhees show...uh, no.

And, from Voorhees, has Mayor Suttle looked to any other cities for suggestions on how to deal with a budget shortfall?
Uh, no.

But the Mayor has decided that the way to shore up things in the city budget is to go with his initial plan -- raise taxes.


And the Mayor would like you to show your support for raising taxes.
How in the heck is he gonna do that??

Well, according to a recent Tweet by the Mayor:
Come support preserving City services at the public hearing on the budget, Tues. the 11th, 7 p.m., Legislative Chambers, City Hall.
So there you go.

Are you ready for the next PR blitz from Ron Penzkowski?
Well, you say you want to have your city services.
So you've confirmed you want your taxes raised.

Interesting tactic.
Passive-aggressive, but interesting.
People should be cool with that...


Hey kids, since this is an all-Omaha post, feel free to open it up in the comments section and bring up whatever political issues you like -- local, state or national.

And then have yourself a cool lemonade out on the porch.

**UPDATE 11:30am**


The Benator puts up his first ad of the campaign season -- the three year season, that is.

No sense letting that campaign War Chest go to waste!


Jason said...

Obviously, rationing already goes on, but I think I have figured out why some of it is good and some of it is bad. You'll have to let me know if I've got it right. From Salon.com:

"Long before anyone started talking about government 'death panels' or warning that Obama would have the government ration care, 17-year-old Nataline Sarkisyan, a leukemia patient from Glendale, Calif., died in December 2007, after her parents battled their insurance company, Cigna, over the surgery. Cigna initially refused to pay for it because the company's analysis showed Sarkisyan was already too sick from her leukemia; the liver transplant wouldn't have saved her life."

Government rationing is bad, but this kind of rationing is okay, because the rationing is being done by private industry and therefore there's a profit to be made. Am I right?

Fat Pat said...

Dave Heineman vs. Ben Nelson

Let's get it on in 2012!!

macdaddy said...

Jason, that kind of rationing is not good either. When the federal government makes those decisions, for you, you will have no recourse. Period. Oh, maybe if you've given enough money to your Congressman, he can slip in an earmark to let you get your transplant. But that's what you've been reduced to. Is that how you want your government to operate? Those are the kinds of ethics you want for this country? As it stands now, people can run Cigna out of business for what they did. Nataline's parents could also sue. But who's going to run the Feds out of business? How are you going to win by suing the government? Stories like Nataline's will not go away with Obamacare and in fact, they will become more common if experience in other countries is any guide. Ben Nelson wants costs under control and expanded healthcare. What? No world peace?

I think Obama's logo is perfect: are those ghosts in the background?

Hoser said...

Here's an idea for any department that is looking to keep its budget in tact...show up at the budget hearings dressed as firefighters! There is no way Suttle would cut any of your budget if you are a firefighter. Heck why don't we just make every city employee a firefighter. They seem to be running the city anyway.

Anonymous said...

At least the new Finance Director has some common sense and agreed to reduce her salary by $40,000...better than Suttle's arrogance/ignorance

Anonymous said...

His staff also is taking 8 furlough days this year...saves the city a total of $70k...whoopee.

brm said...

I am a pediatric oncologist and work with liver transplantation patients as well.

The need for a liver transplant is always weighed against the general health of the patient. If she was too sick from her leukemia for the transplant (ie: she still had leukemia or she had life threatening irreversible damage to other organs), she would not have been a good transplant candidate.

The current system has some "rationing" functions in place, but this is not the case to cite. She may well have been a "candidate" for only very risky, experimental therapy at a center that would not be recognized as a center of excellence in transplant medicine.

If you really want to cite rationing, you have to look at medicaid patients and primary care. Medicaid pays so badly, that most PCP's can't afford to take on these patients and either don't take them at all or limit the number they take each week. If you consider the length of time it takes for one of these patients to get into a PCP, that is rationing.

The difference between the current system and Obamacare, is that this kind of rationing will be applied to anyone who is not rich enough to afford private "consierge care".

Basically BHO and his family are set, you are probably about to get boned.

Street Sweeper said...

Right, that's what I meant to say.

RWP said...

Presumptuous, not presumptive.

And yes it is.

GeosUser said...

Senator Nelson will do absolutely nothing to encourage real competition in the health insurance industry. The industry is already highly regulated at both the state and federal level. "Encourage" the insurance companies to compete nationally offering 3 or 4 levels of standardized policies and watch what happens to costs. While they're at it, how about a healthy dose of tort reform to discourage the mass of ambulance chasers? Medicare should also include a means test with a sliding scale premium structure. But don't look for former health insurance regulator, industry advisor and PAC money backed Senator Nelson to lead the charge on any/all of the above. One also has to ask why our other senator isn't out front on any of the above proposals.
On the subject of Mayor Moron, did you happen to listen to the Good Morning show on KFAB today? It was interesting to hear Jim Rose speaking with authority that Mayor Moron will face a recall in early 2010.

Anonymous said...

Let's say there is a successful recall.

Who do you want to be mayor? No cute Mickey Mouse or smart ass answers, please. Who do you see as the executive leader of Omaha?
Who do you see leading us out of the current mess? Just wondering.

Hose A said...

To Anon 1:51:

Hal Daub

Anonymous said...

I agree. No question. Hal Daub. Omaha NEEDS Hal Daub.

Anonymous said...

Daub has lost twice now. His time is long over.

Does anyone think Dan Welch is interested or would be a good choice?

Anonymous said...

You just don't get it, Jason. Why didn't little Nataline just 'shop around' for a better plan?

Street Sweeper said...

Yup. Done and done.

The Pip said...

We should establish a pay-go system for health care. You want to be taken care of, pay for it up front. Either produce an insurance card, or a transfer of assets form at the clinic, hospital, or emergency room or you don't get any service. The poor and non-productive in society would die at a faster rate, and the freebies would eventually be gone. The poor and elderly, goodbye. Of course, that would be after all of their assets have been used up. Inheritance would be a thing of the past, and those selfish conservatives wouldn't be able to bitch about the dreaded inheritance tax. Without any estates to fight over, families might get along better. What greater love could a child show for their parents than pledgiing everything they have to take care of dear old Mom and Dad? The once rich, without their perpetual wealth, might find themsevelves standing outside of health care facilities with the common people.

We could eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in one swift swing of the axe. We would eliminate insurance as a benefit of any job, (especially those working for the taxpayer).

I pay for the health insurance of my employees, but who pays for mine? It may sound a little cold, but I've got a couple people working for me that are getting a little short in the tooth. If they were to get sick, and pass on, I'm sure I could hire someone a lot cheaper. If we got rid of unemployment benefits, we would find out real quick that a lot of folks filing for unemployment would find "menial" jobs rather quickly. Minimum wage would become maximum wage, I could eliminate sick pay, vacation, and paid holidays. If they want a job to pay for food and rent, I got it. Why should I pay for their happiness and health?

Pay-go health, it might catch on. That is my "Modest Proposal."

Anonymous said...

We keep acting like prices will continue to rise unabbated indefinetally unless the Government interferes; however, won't the high profits in the field of medicine encourage more young people to pursue such careers and bring the system back to balance?
If we dedide to pay for everyone's healthcare won't that just increase demand?
If the Government decides to control costs won't that limit the profits of those in the medical proffesion?
If demand increases, but profits for suppliers do not where does the incentive to supply more of the service come from?
I garuntee you it won't come from the benevolence of a people. That can only go so far.
As Adam Smith wrote in The Wealth of Nations,"But man has almost constant occasion for the help of his brethren, and it is in vain for him to expect it from their benevolence only. He is more likely to prevail if he can interest their self-love in his favor and show them that it is to their own advantage to do for him what he requires of them"
PROFIT is the means by which people motivate others in their "favor!"

Anonymous said...

FYI,, there was a massive public outcry over the teenager in CA.

To the Doc, without all the info, it is difficult to compare apples to apples on transplants. However, if insurance policies were easier to read, more people would have a better idea as to what their's covers.

What drives me crazy is that the issue is not "healthcare" availability, it is insurance affordability. As of yet, I don't see any reform for that problem.

To make a point, giving it away is not the same as making it more affordable.
The quality in America is amazing, but is about to get desimated!

One Out In The Third said...


Since the Grammar Police have already been by...and Lord knows I am on their "Ten Most-Wanted" list...it's "long in the tooth." Must have something to do with receding gum lines. I'll check with my dentist.

Pretty harsh when you have to let your sister and brother-in-law go to save money.

The Pip said...

One Out, They are short in the tooth because they have worn them down chewing on my butt all of these years. They are not family, because they work too hard. I'm glad I'm in a position where I can give them benefits, but I could do a lot of things for good old me with their retirement and insurance money. Oops, there I go thinking like a Repub, again.

Anonymous said...

I liked Obama's insurance-shipping comparison today, likening the Postal Service vs. FedEx and UPS to his proposed healthcare options. Both private shipping companies do very well vs ol' Uncle Sam thank you very much, and I like having a few options when I order stuff.

Also, Benator was on TnT and had an interesting point. He would like to give big discounts to folks that practice a healthy life-style, and make overweight smokers and others pay higher premiums.

macdaddy said...

Anon 3:16: you are correct in that if there is lots of money in healthcare, there should be more doctors, however, the supply of new doctors is limited. Besides, doctors' salaries are only a small part of health care costs. Obamacare does nothing to correct the supply of doctors but will attempt to control their salaries. What do you think will then happen to the number of doctors who will practice the same hours for less money and the same tort problems? Also, medicine follows more of the "If you build it, they will come" model. When new technologies and medicines come on-line, along with new buildings and new offices, people tend to want it. As people become more affluent, they also want better health (damn people!) and since they aren't really paying for it anyway, costs go up. Obamacare is a Trojan horse and really Obama deserves open mocking when he says that this will save money while expanding coverage and usage. (And I guess Ben Nelson is now in this group) There may be lots of inefficiency in the system, but you don't think companies have tried to squeeze it out? What makes Obama think he can do it? He has yet to prove himself on anything other than getting elected. Hell, even his stimulus bill which should be able to be tracked by steely-eyed bean counetrs with green shades will probably lose 10% at least to waste, fraud, and abuse. There are only 2 options to pay for Obamacare: raise taxes or limit care.

macdaddy said...

Pip: dump their benefits and see how long they stay with you. Even in this down economy. And unemployment reform did show us that there were an awful lot of gold-brickers collecting benefits.

Anonymous said...

Make it so:

No increase in Omaha property taxes, cuts all the way.

Pass some sort of health insurance reform that requires everyone be covered, at least for catastrophic ills over say $10,000.

One Out In The Third said...

I watched Senator Nelson's commercial on local television this evening. I listened closely to his message to glean a perspective of his intent...I heard none. Unfortunately for Nebraskans and the rest of the American public it's the same old line of political non-committal horse crap. He is definitely an expert in the field of organic fertilizer distribution.

Did you notice I did not use "liberal" or "Democrat" as an attached adjective to "non-committal horse crap?" That is because the fertilizer wagon rides both sides of the fence. Ben Nelson has to go...it is my hope and prayer that the NEGOP can find a truthful and open candidate...or an Independent with a heart for what is right to step up.

When it comes down to nuts and bolts...we are at the helm. We can go on like lemmings or we can let our voices be heard with our votes...while we still have them.

Anonymous said...

Those are definitely spirits in that obama ad. The question is, "Are they the spirits of the dead Americans that ObamaCare refused to treat because they were too sick?", or "Are they the spirits of the American souls that have turned away from the 'One'?"

Either way, they will never again vote for a poser like him.

Nate E said...

Tell you what, theoretically your now the mayor. Balance the budget, but dont cut the pool or the library or the close any golf courses and dont delay the police class (but do whatever you can to f*ck over the Firefighters). Figure out how to balance the budget and do all of the above at the same time.

P.S. BTW, you cant raise the property taxes or make a garbage fee or make a entertainment tax. And you have to do it all without making any enemies. Ready, set, go!

3rd floor watcher said...

Hey Nate E, I have an idea! How about you don't lie to the voters as you run for mayor about the state of Omaha's budget. Also do nothing to cut spending or create reserves while you are on the city council for the last 4 years. Lastly don't take $30,000 from firefighters and refuse to touch their budget!!! Ready, Set, Recall!!

Anonymous said...

More cops, less firefighters!!!!

Nate E said...

Funny i dont seem to remember Hal saying anything about a 12 million budget shortfall...

But lets all keep trying to stick it to the firefighters. Its not like we're the one putting our lives on the line. 103 firefighters died in the line of duty last year, no thats not dangerous at all!

3rd floor watcher said...

Hey Nate, Hal was not a member of the city council for the last 4 years!!!! Hal didn't know Fahey and Suttle hid the numbers from the public!!! Hal left City Hall over 8 years ago with reserves and a balanced budget. Hal didn't approve union contracts that have almost bankrupt the city. Hal didn't pay his people anywhere near Suttle's salaries. Hal put the helicopter in the air and reduced crime. AND YOUR 103 DEAD FIREFIGHTERS WERE NOT IN OMAHA YOU POMPOUS A@#!!! (that is horrible you would use those brave soles to further your agenda)

Nate E said...

Fine then, did Jim Sokal share that info while he was running? He was on the council and he didn't bring it up either. If im not mistaken no one brought it up.
When Fahey was elected in 2001 there was a budget shortfall that year.
Ive been called an a$$ many times, pompous is a new one though. BTW, your the one who wants to put them in danger by REDUCING their numbers.

The Pip said...

One Out, Either you are getting smarter, or you are finally wearing me down. Your last comment maybe the wisest thing ever said on Leavenworth. When are these folks gonna figure out they are working for the people? They are all a bunch of pussies who do what the party tells them. The only thing they worry about is getting re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Mike Friend is resigning from the Legislature to become the director of the Office of Violence Prevention. I heard Sweeper is up for appointment to his position!!

3rd floor watcher said...

Well Nate E, It seems 50 % of the Omaha firefighters put their families at risk as well because they don't live in the city. Many of them live in areas with volunteer fire departments and 3 men on a truck. I think I will call child protective services on those firefighters that do not protect their own children!!!

Anonymous said...

If the firefighters can choose to live in a city with less than 4 men on a truck, why can't the citizens of Omaha do the same???

Anonymous said...

Wow I would be embarrassed if i was an Omaha firefighter that lived in an area that had a volunteer fire department. That would make me a greedy hypocrite!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh give me a break 8:35AM. Hal didn't know what was going on at city hall? Yeh right. If, it's a big if, he didn't know I bet his minions did. Recall fever smells of Jim, I'm in Arizona, Cleary.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Let's all fear a "socialist" government bureaucrat making life and death decisions for us. He or she will be paid the same regardless of the decision and only have guidelines that everyone is equally aware of.

Let's all trust a "for-profit" health insurance bureaucrat making the same decisions. After all, he or she will be paid a bonus for denying your coverage and increasing his company's profit margin, and will have very complex guidelines, hidden in extremely fine print, to rebuke our claims.

Brian T. Osborn said...

OMG!!!! I'm finding myself in agreement with 1/3rd again!

Anonymous said...

Want to balance the budget, how about even provide tax relief for everyone in all of Douglas County?

Get rid of Roger Morrissey and elect someone who can do the job.

There are estimates that the county loses nearly $60 million a year because all properties are not equally valued. Many high dollar commercial properties haven't updated valuations in over a decade.

Not a call for higher taxes, just equally applied.

Of course you'll never hear Democrat Jim Suttle or any other Dem challenge Morrissey. Sssshhhhhh!!!

Barry O said...

Hey that frozen picture of Nelson on the video looks like Old Ben is giving the nurse a "Sarkozy"

Anonymous said...

It's a "tragedy". That is what Suttle calls Americans questioning their elected officials and speaking out agains Obamacare. As seen on KETV at 6 PM.

it's a freakin' tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Jim Vokal for Mayor
Dan Welch for Congress
Hal Daub for Douglas Co Board
Chip Maxwell for Assessor or Reg of Deeds
Brian Bruescher for Douglas CO Treasurer or Reg of Deeds

Anonymous said...

Jim Vokal for 3rd place finish!!!

One Out In The Third. said...


You guys are making me feel uneasy...besides I know you are both closet conservatives. You ain't foolin' nobody.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Good to see we're disagreeing again.

Closet Conservatvie? Moi? Fat chance of that. I'm too liberal for the Nebraska Democratic Party. Maybe it is the NDP that is a closet conservative organization?

Anonymous said...

3rd floor
Is there any proof of your wild theories or are you just talking out fo your a$$ again? You seem to do that alot.
Or maybe you stalked the entire OFD and found out where they lived and wrote it down in your little black book.

3rd floor watcher said...

It's well known in city hall what the percentage is of firefighters that live in the city limits. The problem for you anonymous is that many people are becoming aware of what has been going on with the Omaha fire department budget.

Anonymous said...

BTO: glad to see that you are admitting that some bureaucrat somewhere will be making life and death decisions for us with Obamacare. Of course, this directly contradicts the President. Whom are we to believe: Obama or BTO?

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anony 10:03,

It matters not whether it is an insurance company hack, a government bureaucrat, or your pissed off spouse - somebody else will likely decide when, how, and where you will die unless you are into hara-kiri or something like it.

My concern is that, whoever is making the decision, isn't deciding I should die just so they can get a bigger Christmas bonus for providing ever greater profits to Ben Nelson's campaign contributors.

The Pip said...

One Out, If I "come out of the closet" that would make me a ........Republican? Heh, Heh

Anonymous said...

Hey BTO, what did you write today that got Kyle upset enough to censor you over on NNN again?

One Out In The Third said...

Anon 10:03...

Right now...Even though I don't know BTO...I am leaning toward putting my trust in him. Obama can speak in all directions without moving his head. The man has more gill slits than a cow shark.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anony 11:11,

I just reminded one of Kyle's favorite bloggers that she is a hypocrite, that's all. Oh damn! There I go again with the politics of personal destruction. You'd think I would learn!


I'll be jammin' at CHEEX Thursday nights. Come on down and have a beer!

Nate E said...

So why isn't this number publicized for the masses to see and disect, not all of us are lucky enough to work around City Hall. I only know two firefighters, but they both live in the city. I know many more cops, but only one that lives outside the city.
Its funny that you make such a big deal as to where someone lives and works. Do you want to legislate where city employees are allowed to work and live? That smells suspiciously of socialsim, but anything as long as you dont pay a 10$ a month garbage fee...

3rd floor watcher said...

Sorry Nate E, the firefighters could commute from Alaska for all I care but they are hypocrites. To grandstand about 4 on a truck and how it enhances public safety and then to live in communities with 3 on a truck and have volunteer fire departments proves my point. If you believed their propaganda then scores of people would be dying in Bellevue, Blair, Fremont, Gretna and Plattsmouth and they are not!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest. Four men on a truck IS more safe. Six men would be EVEN more safe.

Fact is with proper spacing and deployment 3 on a truck is NOT unsafe.

Four on a truck in Omaha is about one thing. Increasing the number of union members and assuring overtime hours are high.

Competent managment could easily get the job done safely with three.

Nate E said...

So when are you going let us see the names and total numbers of firefighters who live outside the city? Evidently you have inside info on this, and we're all anxious to see the facts instead of your rants and raves against the OFD.

Right Wing Professor said...

I've heard the 'insurance bureaucrat versus gummint bureaucrat' argument many times, and it's bogus. First of all, the insurance company can't prevent you from getting care, it can simply decline to pay for it. In contrast, In Canada, for example, at least until recently, one was prevented from getting private health care at all (except by going overseas). Second of all, once can usually choose one's level of coverage from an insurance company, and if necessary, one can change insurers.

In the US at the moment, one can get an amazing level of medical care, if someone will pay for it. Ted Kennedy and Steve Jobs have lived far longer than any of us would, given the same malignancies -- and that's allowing for the fact the the US has the best 5 year cancer survival in the world. I presume Kennedy is largely covered by Congress's lavish insurance plan; Jobs probably paid out of pocket. But in fact, if one works hard and invests in the right insurance rather than, say, a big screen TV, one can get excellent coverage. Or one can choose to live for the moment, and take a chance. Government health care would deny us that choice, although I expect Ted and Steve will still be able to have it.

Anonymous said...

Third Floor watcher, you need to come down from your ivory tower and hang with the common man for a while. Come on down to McFly's for a beer.

Four firefighers to a truck is for the safety of the firefighters.

Perhaps you are happy with the federal government mandates on the workplace, but I personally am more comfortable with my local and state government making that decision.

Elections have results and as a result of our elections we have four men on a truck.

Go Mavs!!

Anonymous said...

"...as a result of our elections we have four men on a truck."

I guess I must have missed that issue on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

As a result of mayors being bought we have 4 men on a truck. Maybe we should have the police back the next mayor during the recall and we can get four cops in a car. At the very least, maybe two. Isn't THAT safer for them?

3rd floor watcher said...

As a result of paying campaigns like Chris Jerram's $10,000 and Jim Suttle's $30,000, we still have 4 men on a truck. Yes elections have consequences.

Lifelong Nebraskan said...

I have a question for the firefighters. What was it like during negotiations when John Fahey was your attorney on one side of the table and his brother Mike was on the other side of the bargaining table? It must have been a realy contentious negotiation.

Anonymous said...

If the firefighter can't even affoard milk for their babies why did they spend $120,000 in the last election?

Nate E said...

Some cops do ride around with two per vehicle, those are called 'Baker' units.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Did your mamma teach you to lie like a dog, or did you just come by that on your own? Get the facts, don't just repeat what Rush feeds you.

When your insurer doesn't pay for the health care that you paid for with your premiums, then you don't get treated. What you said about Canada is unadulterated cattle byproduct. And, sure, if you're a gazzillionaire you can afford better healthcare. So what else is new? You've discovered America? You found out where the sun goes at night?

Anon 10:19,

How much did you get paid for your vote?

Anonymous said...

Having 4 cops pile out of one car would be quite effective in getting people to behave themselves. And they could get a full dozen at Krispy Kreme!

macdaddy said...

BTO, RWP is correct. Show up at any emergency room and you will get treated. Doesn't matter if you have money or not. Go to any hospital in Nebraska and ask them how many patients are "self-pay," i.e., you'll never see a dime from them. There will be more than the hospital CEO would like, of course, but it's probably about 15%. Obamacare is not meant to get everyone insurance, 30 million people will still not have insurance and will elect to "pay, i.e., duck" the fine and is not meant to increase access. There's already plenty of access. It's meant for one thing: take over yet another segment of the economy. Everything else is just smoke...coming from Obama's cigarettes.

Brian T. Osborn said...


I guess it all depends on what you call "getting treated." Yeah, they'll do the minimum necessary to keep you alive and maybe dispense a few pills for your pain, but then you are shoved back out into the street and you are on your own. And, how is that a good thing for those that are there for real emergencies?

A lot of "emergency" care could probably be prevented if people had more affordable health care that concentrated on keeping them healthy rather than just putting a band-aids on dying people.

So, do you really believe that if I had, let's say a brain tumor, I could walk into any emergency room in Nebraska and expect to receive anything less than a death sentence?

Anonymous said...

Well put 10:04 a.m. August 13th. Clever in making great point.

GeosUser said...

If "health care reform" passes and includes a "public option" of some sort, here's a way to profit from it. Start packaging "treatment tours" from here to India. There already is some traffic for such and excellent care to be had for considerable less than here in the US. There are hotel/hospitals already in-place staffed with US trained MDs, RNs and all support staff along with the best equipment money can buy. These are strictly for profit organizations and from what I've read in the literature get the same/better outcomes than almost anywhere here...again at a considerable savings. Some US companies are already offering this as an option when looking at things like hip/knee replacements, etc. The incentive for the patient? If they have it done here it's 80/20 insurance/patient on costs. If they have it done there, 100% paid including airfare, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nate E...Are you driving the firetruck to Baker's to do your grocery shopping?

Anonymous said...

10 AM, you really think 4 to a truck would survive a ballot test right now?

Anonymous said...

Now that is provocative...a ballot of 4 men on a truck. We need a poll!! OWH are you listening.

Anonymous said...

We need 4 men on a truck because their hoses are too short.

macdaddy said...

BTO, I would expect that you would get anything other than a death sentence. Of course, you cannot walk into any hospital in Nebraska with a brain tumor and expect to get treated at that hospital. Many will not have the capacity to treat you there. What they will do is get you to someplace that will. You would actually have options, believe it or not. Of course, if you walk in and Obama is staffing the ER, you wouldn't even get the option of the red pill. You'd be stuck with the blue one.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Show me the facts, not the rhetoric. Show me where Obama will offer you a red or blue pill rather than sufficient health care. You guys just fill the conversation with bullshit and expect it to do the job. Sorry, I'm not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Why is Senator Nelson afraid to speak at the Health Care rally on August 22?

Brian T. Osborn said...

He's afraid somebody might actually expect answers, not B.S., from him.

Anonymous said...

A new edict came down from Dictator Suttle today.

He informed the City Council that "by law" the could not drop his proposed prperty tax. That's right Suttle is telling tha Omaha city Council that the must, by law vote to increase the property tax at the rate Suttle sees fit.

This guy is incredible!

Matty said...

And 5:05 PM, you cannot spell properly nor, write a proper sentence.

Anonymous said...

Re: Free healthcare for all.

Jeepers are you really that ignorant??

Let me spell it out in mostly words on one syllable.

If you want to you can still buy private health insurance!!!

In the UK the NHS is free for all. But if you want something a little quicker (for example non-elective surgery) you can still go private.

I really cannot see what the problem is...how on earth could free health care for all be a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

How about Tort Reform?
Malpractice Insurance Reform?
Medical School Cost Reform?
# of students allowed into Medical School reform?

These would also reduce cost faster and more effectively!

Why do you think more doctor's are specializing?? It sure as hell isn't always about pay!

Anonymous said...

It's a blog, not a friggin' English Comp exam. ;)

No...wait, is that Matty...Matty...Matty Samp???

Must be takin'time away from negotiating bad contracts and ...OK, I won't go there.

Right Wing Professor said...


You wouldn't know a fact if one mugged you on the way home from the bar. I don't listen to Limbaugh. However, I've lived in countries with single-payer systems, including the UK, and I know how they work.

Several Canadian provinces ban private health care. Whether they can legally do so has been, at least until recently, a matter before the courts. Go look it up.

And do your pugilistic hayseed act on someone else.

Nate E said...

Im not a fireman, Im a citizen who realizes that I want the best from my public services and am willing to pay for that.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:11PM,

Title II of HR 3200 addresses providing more incentives and financial assistance to those who want to go into medical school. Go to thomas.loc.gov and take a look.

As for tort reform and medical malpractice, a Bloomberg story - "Malpractice Lawsuits Are ‘Red Herring’ in Obama Plan" points out that this is a fraction of what drives up costs, amounting to 2% of the medical costs. It's defensive testing that ranges from 5-9% of costs. Adopting "best practice" guidelines are recommended to help bring those expenses down. Also, Wellpoint Inc is quoted as saying that liability wasn't driving up premiums. So the situation is much more complex than just caps.

3rd floor watcher said...

Nate E...Too bad the firefighters don't share your view, they choose to pay their taxes in Iowa, Sarpy county and Blair

Anonymous said...

3rd Floor,

Some do yes, but they all put their lives on the line every day for the citizens of Omaha. 55 Omaha fire fighters have died in the line of duty - who gives a rats ass about where they paid taxes - seriously?

Anonymous said...

Anoyn 8:49pm - HR 3200 still does nothing to lift the caps on how many students can be admitted to medical school.

The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 froze medical school residencies to 1996 levels, leaving residencies constant between 1997-2002 at about 98,000, according to the American Medical Association.

So, they can have all the cost reform they want/scholarship programs. There will still be shortages of doctors because of these caps. Furthermore, if the maximum payment is $50,000 a year and the funds would be around $79,000,000 (That is in 2019) that would only allow for 1,580 students to receive assistance at the maximum levels. Hardly a pittance when it comes to medical school bills that range from $250,000 to $1 million.

Doctor's leave the profession because it is too expensive to practice. There should be a universal cost, whether you are in Oklahoma or NYC. Why should the same specialty field have a doctor in NY pay 50,000 for the same policy that a doctor in Nebraska pays $4,000.

Rural Nebraska gets hurt in the long run because doctor's cannot afford to serve in a small population center after medical school. Ask my father-in-law (Geriatric Doctor), brother-in-law (Medical Resident) and a friend who works for the DHHS in Rural Health.

Matty said...

6:43PM: Anyone tell you that you are a "friggin" idiot? I just did. Now deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:54 -

SS doesn't like links, but this is in a report I found: "New data released last week by the Association of American Medical Colleges had their share of good and bad news. On the plus side, first-year enrollment at the nation’s medical schools in 2008 increased nearly 2% over 2007 to more than 18,000 students, the highest enrollment in history. What offsets this promising statistic is a 3% decline in the number of first-time applicants in 2008."

And I found others that talk about the fact that not enough young people are going into the medical field. One of the biggest causes is the debt. So the concern is not a "cap" in how many can go (and I can't find that anywhere), but rather the debt.

And you didn't represent all the funds in HR3200, although I actually agree education for all needs to be better funded so people don't enter work severly in debt. But it allocates the following (amt in millions over 10 years):

National Health Service Corp Program: $798

Add'l Funds authorized to cover Scholarships, the NHSC and loan repayment programs: $3,171

Promotion of Primary Care Doctors and Dentistry: $3,023

Grants for Health Care Pros, Nursing, scholarships and loan repayments: $1,450

Public Health Workforce: $582

There are other investments in training programs, but you get the idea.

Nate E said...

So again with that same rant and rave about FF living outside Omaha and working inside it. Dont you have anything good to bring up, something that can prove your point (whatever that is). Evidently not but how about a better point? That rant and rave is getting tired, old and not that effective.

Anonymous said...

Nate E maybe the point is Firefighters are hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Jim Suttle is a dictator!!! How can he think he can raise taxes without a public hearing? How did Suttle Watch beat the Herald on this story?

The weatherman said...

I predict a storm forming to the West in Elkhorn and gaining momentum as it rolls eastward towards city hall.

3rd floor watcher said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Street Sweeper said...

Thanks 3FW,

But I'm deleting, just to be consistent with the general no-link policy (basically so I don't have to go policing every link).

Even if yours was a link to a YouTube clip of a young Ronald Reagan talking about health care, that most people can find if they'd like to take a look.


3FL (the artist formerly known as 3rd floor watcher) said...

No problem Sweeper. It's your show. Love the Blog!

Anonymous said...

I am going to hijack for a minute, or maybe actually go back to the original post about healthcare.

Why in the Hell is OPS allowing athletes to opt out of PE? Isn't that like taking all the smart kids out of the class and leaving all the "not so smart" ones in with no role models or discussion starters? What happened to peer modeling and how young will they go with this? There are a lot of first graders that play multiple sports throughout the year and watch very little tv. Should they have to continue playing Red Rover and Dodge Ball or learn square dancing if they already are active outside of class?

To top it off, most of the kids in a school can't even make the team due to inability or politics with the coaches (and don't even try to debate me on my last point, you know it's true!).

How does this go along with all of the "Activate Omaha" movements? This teachers athletes nothing about being physically fit. It just teaches them, what we have always known, that if you can move a ball, then you can do whatever you want-screw everyone else!

Shame on you OPS, I wish I didn't have to share my $9600 in property taxes with you!

macdaddy said...

Obamacare should have increased the number of medical school slots but didn't. However, even if it did, and even if it got passed this year and medical schools could get ramped up to increase the number of students by a modest 10% next year, it would still be 7 years after that before the first extra doctor would roll off the assembly line, perhaps longer because the committee that controls residencies is severely curtailing resident work hours which may in turn add another year to residency. The only other option is to increase the number of foreign medical grads in residency and then you may have more doctors in only 3-4 years. Again, Obamacare does not address this. But why let a crappy bill get in the way of Obama's magnificence? Let's get this puppy passed so the lobbyists can start divvying up the carcass!

Anonymous said...

Mayor suttle throws a bone to his North O base by appointing another future failure as interim police chief. He's even less respected inside the department than Tom Warren was. Can't we get someone in here with experience in crushing gangs and can make Omaha less friendly to illegals???

Anonymous said...

Went to Jazz on the Green at Joslyn Art Museum. Most galleries were closed and I was told because there wasn't enough money to staff them. Huh? Why hold yourself out to the public as being open for their use and then pull a bait and switch? What a cheesey political ploy not to say poor fiscal planning for operating costs by Joslyn.

When I walked up there stood four men and their fire truck. I'm sure it was necessary for them to be available given the size of the crowd, but it was certainly a missed opportunity to inform the public of their reasons for four being better than three. Clearly it gave a bad impression just to be standing there with their faces hanging out chatting it up to each other.

And, while we are on the subject of fiscal responsibility and missed opportunities. Tuesday night while the villagers were down at city hall with pitchforks, tar and feathers, while Florence library sat dark, out west Saddlebrook had a heavily attended sneak peak open house for a brand new elementary school, public library and public recreation center....talk about a study in contrasts.

Anonymous said...

macdaddy, if you believe the answer is to increase the number of slots, then can you explain why even the current level is not even getting used? How would increasing the slots change that reality?

But that being said, where is this limit located in law in the first place? or is this just the beginning of a new right-wing talking point with no basis in reality?

Anonymous said...

So who wants to file a criminal complaint against Suttle and the City Attorney for the scam they're trying to pull?

Chairman Mark Fahleson said...

Now we know why Nelson ran the ads--so he would still be visible while he was off to Alaska raising money for Democrats and Democrat PACs.

omaha guy said...

7:22 AM, there is much to know about Suttle Watcher....in time, in due time.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of raising money for dumocrats.

Our esteemed former Mayor-you know, the one that landed our asses in this horrible financial mess, Mayor Fahey is raising money for the liar Tom White. I say liar because he has spent the last month telling people that he is just "testing" the fundraising waters of a run for Congress while all along he has been filed with the FEC as a candidate. I wonder how many people he told this lie to in addition to the OWH.

Maybe Fahey should have 2 fundraisers at his house 1 could be for exclusive bribing rights to a crappy state senator that made Nebraska the laughingstock of the Nation last summer with his garbage safehaven bill.

The 2nd fundraiser could be held at his new $2 million dollar house in the Ozarks and all his new neighbors in Missouri could help dig his old neighbors in Omaha out of the hole he dumped us in while he was Mayor.

I predict neither fundraiser will be very successful.

macdaddy said...

Anon 3:23: Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (hat tip to anon 10:54 pm). Residencies are funded through Medicare. Congress could fix that log jam while they're throwing around trillions of dollars. Medical schools have no need to increase their admissions if they can't get their graduates on to the next step. Obamacare does not address this. WHy? The answer is obvious. Obama wants to add 45 million more people to the group already regularly using health care. No additional doctors means that the care is automatically rationed with longer waiting times. Remember that he wants people to have more preventive care which means millions more office visits. o, as you can see, this isn't about expending access to health care or even better health care or cheaper health care. It's about control. Control of your body and your lifestyle. Conservatives have always been accused of threatening to control people's bodies. Who knew that the threat would be carried out by liberals?

Anonymous said...

Anoyn 11:21PM and 3:23PM - the caps on Medical School residents was located in the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. This current law allows around 100,000 residents per year.

Current projection for the shortage of doctors without ObamaCare place it around 189,000.

Furthermore, one can talk to a current resident student and learn about the caps on Residents. I have and I do quite a bit about my health care and what I should be doing differently. Resident=Brother-In-Law.

I'm glad that someone can talk about how the debt crushes medical school students and that is why there is a shortage of General practitioners and why so many are choosing specialties or not going in.

If you think that ObamaCare is going to help relieve them of $250,000 to $500,000 in debt, you are crazy.

Why are we "Fixing" something for 300,000,000 people when 855 are happy with their current coverage?? Why can't we fix the problem for those who can't afford insurance?? I don't want my care f-d up so everyone else can get care. Call me heartless, I don't care.

If you don't think the VA rations care and that ObamaCare won't ration care - you are an IDIOT!

The Fundraiser Crashers said...

Are we ALL invited to Fahey's fund raisers? And, will Suttle be there? We could all have a few words with that guy. lol

macdaddy said...

Anon 7:28: You have a very good point about the money. It used to be that level of debt was predictive of whether someone went into primary care or a subspecialty. Nowadays, I'm not so sure. Med schools were supposed to be recruiting for students who want to do primary care and although I don't have recent numbers, I think ,most have succeeded. But what happens is that you have a large number of people who don't want to do it full time. They want a better lifestyle and so working 100 hours a week after they've spent the previous 3 years working no more than 80 just doesn't appeal to them. Again, Obamacare doesn't address this. Instead it reads like some 25 year old congressional staffer with absolutely no clue wrote it and tossed it in a drawer 10 years ago. This is bull**** folks and everyone knows it. Obama is panicking because he never bothered to read what he was backing. What a tool.

Community Organizer said...

Sounds like ACORN, the Obama camp and Democrats organized to attend the Lee Terry coffee this morning.

Wait, isn't it un-American or as Mayor Suttle says a "tragedy" when people voice their opinions at town hall meetings?

And, a deliberate effort to organize? My goodness, how dare they circumvent the will of the people by organizing?

Democrats and Obama = Hypocrits.

A Bit of Humor said...

LOL... we should be keeping tract of all these goofy (funny, but unacceptable) things that Suttle says... and, it's continuous !!! Where did that man learn to speak? And, to imagine that he used to go around the world to represent HDR! That's funny in itself !!!

They must have had to send someone around after him, to correct what- ever he said to potential clients. LOL No wonder why, he doesn't work for HDR any longer. They must have shown him the door, and politely referred to it as "an early retirement". LOL

So, now, when he gets recalled from being mayor...Suttle can refer to his parting as... "retiring early from his mayorship" LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

To quote Suttle, one day while on the news, he said, "to save time, energy, and monies." I'm sure he must have meant to say, "to save time, energy, and money." He just doesn't know how to speak !

Anonymous said...

Rest assured there are people keeping track of every stupid thing Suttle does and or says.

The catalog is quite extensive already. he's the gift that doesn't stop giving.

Gladys said...

LOL Thank you, that relieves my mind. I was wondering how to start trying to write it all down and to keep up with it. It's daily !!!

Would like to read through that catolog...lol... it could be published into a book.

It may be an Omaha's Best Seller... and, the proceeds could go towards Omaha's 2009 Budget Shortfall. lol

Cathy said...

I wonder where ole' Jim's spreading his words of wisdom today ! lol

Hit A Sore Spot said...

To Aug 14th, @ 2:26 PM Anonymous:

The (part) you mentioned about; can't we get someone in here (as a police chief); "to make Omaha less friendly to illegals."

And, I fully do believe that the "illegals" are not ONLY costing the federal government LOTS and LOTS of money daily, BUT, they are ALSO, costing Omaha a substantial amount of money daily !!!

Yes, that would be great if we had a police chief to get all of the "illegals" out of here. And, IF, we had a mayor that would do something about them, too.

BUT, first, we would have to get Suttle out of office. Because don't forget - that Stonybrook neighborhood meeting, where Suttle was telling that group that; "it's fine if illegals are here, and that they are even WELCOME here,
"NO MATTER HOW they come across the border."

So, there it is; since Suttle encourages 'illegals' why would he have anything enforced to get rid of "illegals?"

He won't, he just wants to raise the taxes to property owners. So, then - we can ALL subsidize the "illegals." In one way, shape, or, form throughout this city !!

And, all that Suttle says or does is what he at the moment wants; then, later tries to finaggle his way out of it. And, isn't that what CON ARTIST'S do? Our mayor, the con artist !!! Cool !!! Doesn't he just make you proud ? NOT !!! RECALL PLEASE !!!

Anonymous said...

Democrats have introduced bills in the House and Senate that address how much Medicaid money is spent on residencies, and will expand it. But you have to be fair and admit there are many programs out there that only rely partially on Medicaid funds for residents, and take on more than the number for which they get funds for. But in the long run, what I hear being argued is that some of you want the uninsured and the very poor to not have access because they may actually get some help and it will take up time you would otherwise have gotten from a doctor. Maybe they should all just start crawling into corners and dying, right?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for tomorrow's OWH article on the firefighters!!!

Macdaddy said...

Yeah, Anon 7:33. That's exactly what we're arguing. Are you being purposefully obtuse?

Anonymous said...

All this talk about how over 100 firefighters die in a year is a bit misleading.

While any death is too many a number of those deaths have occured when helicopters have gone down fighting forest fires and deaths when the firetrucks have been in accidents on the way to a fire. I wonder if a firefighter died in his sleep while on duty if that would be considered a death in service?

If you figure all the paid, volunteer, and forest fire fighters
There have got to be close to a million of them. Statistically 103 deaths is not that significant.

Again not to diminish the deaths but look a little deeper into the figures.

Stay Tuned said...


That "catalog" will be coming to a TV screen near you sometime this Spring.

Stay tuned!

Suttle for Legislature (District 10) said...

It would be great if the Governor wouild do the people of Omaha a favor and appoint Jim Suttle to the Legislature.

He is a long time resident of District 10 and his wife is the former State Senator (who was beaten by Sen. Friend).

Deployed NE said...

Anon, Aug. 14 @ 5:00pm,

You are right on! Why does Tom White feel the need to lie to us? Why a candidate, who is filed with the FEC, would campaign under the vail of an exploratory committee is beyond me.

Omaha has already elected one idiot who has an ego complex (Suttle, to be clear), hopefully the populace will be smart enough to see White will be just like Suttle.

Anonymous said...

Yes, people who raise funds under an exploritory committee are idiots! I mean, come on, I can't believe Mike Johanns did the very same thing, even getting us tax payers to pay for President Bush's trip to Omaha for a private fundraiser for Mikey, all before he officially filed (that didn't happen until February 2008). So, shame on Tom White for starting up an exploritory committee and following in the footsteps of Mike Johanns!!

Anonymous said...

Amen 1:06PM.

When did Pete get to be the go to guy for the city council? He sure ponders or panders depending on the vowel.

Pete is everywhere these days and it festers on my mind that he must be prematurely positioning for.... another run at something?

Oh! What could it be?

Gladys said...

Speaking of exaggerated sense of self-importance (mayor Suttle) hit the news again this morning. It appears that he has changed his mind once again!

Thursday or Friday it was announced that mayor Suttle had consulted the City Attorney, Paul Kratz regarding the City Charter; and the legal possibility of HIS bypassing (going around) the City Council altogether to raise property taxes. According to Kratz, Suttle has the "POWER" to bypass the Councilmen as long as he uses the increased tax money to pay on the debt. The City Councilmen being THREATENED (DO or ELSE) by mayor Suttle were outraged that the mayor would take such a stance.

Over the weekend, the news swept quickly, you could almost hear the outraged "RECALL" screams of the taxpayers from every doorstep and street corner throughout the city, RECALL ! RECALL ! RECALL !

Since the weekend, it appears that mayor Jim Suttle has conveniently reconsidered. Suttle is NOW found saying; that he "HAS THE POWER" and "COULD USE HIS" unilateral leverage to go around the City Council to raise property taxes. AND NOW SAYS, that "that was NEVER his INTENT." AND NOW, claims to want to work with the City Council on this issue. What do you say, City Councilmen, do you trust him after all that he just put this whole city through over this last weekend???

Basically, mayor Suttle threatened and intimidated all of Omaha! Is he so egotistical that he's on some sort of "POWER TRIP?" What is wrong with this mayor? Some mayor we've got! RECALL

Anonymous said...

Hey Gladys, people change their minds. Calm down. Get your recall
shoes polished and do your thing.

Gladys said...

Okay, I feel a "little" calmer now!

I've got my recall shoes polished, my clothes laid-out, my clipboard & a "few" boxes of "brand new" ink pens ready. All I have left to do now, is line up some buses for the nursing homes!

Just let me know when and where to pick up the petitions !

Ester said...

Mr. Mayor, you're giving this city a heart attack !!!

Make up your mind, "you can't have it both ways!"

Anonymous said...

To 9:41 AM:
Just in case the Governor wants to appoint Suttle to the Legislature.
Here are some of his qualifications and job skills for his resume:

* arrogance
* threatening
* demanding
* intimidating
* egotistical
* pompous
* dictating
* obnoxious
* pretentious

* ability to bully
* ability to give a speech,
without saying anything
* ability to get foot in the door
* ability to con the public
* ability to sweep things under the
* ability to change mind every
other thought
* ability to finaggle and weasle
way out of situations
* ability to read contracts before
* ability to negotiate leasing
* ability to nod, smile, and ignore
* ability to push weight around
* ability to see another's point of

Please Note: This is just a small list of some of his qualifications and job skills. lol

Deployed NE said...

Anon 1:06,

There is no problem with White forming an exploratory committee and raising funds (many people do this). The problem arises when he has ALREADY FILED for official candidacy but continues to tell his constituents he is just "testing the waters."

Gladys said...

*** Cold Winters
*** Hot Summers
*** High Taxes


"Well, we can't do anthing about the first two"

/Lee Terry and Hal Daub

Anonymous said...

Deployed, you don't know FEC rules, obviously. First, there has been no formal filing. If so, where is it on the FEC website? Second, you're just trying to find something to complain about. I'm sure you were all upset when Terry was once again failing to file his statement of candidicy (and it was ironic it got filed 2 days after it was brought up on Leavenworth, after Boomer was trying to claim Tom White was fundraising illegally - he wasn't). Seriously, people, find something legitimate. Otherwise you look like idiots, flaying around.

If you want to get after Tom for doing this, then get after Johanns, Fortenberry, Nelson, et.al. who form the own PACS to raise yet more money that is used to basically move money around to themselves and others.

Anonymous said...

Have you forgotten, that Nebraska, by our "FOREFATHERS" was built on being a REPUBLICAN STATE ???

UNTIL... things went BAD with the Democratic Party CONTROLLING EVERYTHING WE DO NOW !!!

Let's insure the future...
Let's go back !!!

Anonymous said...

Captains on Ambulances!!! More fire union padding. Next we will need an admiral on an ariel truck.

Anonymous said...

To be clear, you have to file your statement of candidacy once you begin to obtain substantial funds toward a specific race. It seems that if you have debt to repay, then you are not raising money for a race, but rather paying back monies owed to a previous race. I bet if you do the math, or look at the report, the loan was repayed, some money was raised, and he filed his paperwork, like he should. If the person that posted on L St wants to take credit for telling him to, I am sure he doesn't really care, but would be courteous and say "thank you".

As for White, and it is you, that can't possibly know FEC law if you can't even find a simple filing on their website, he has filed his candidate committee and he did not file it as an exploratory. I believe, if my memory is close to correct, he signed it on 7/2/09, mailed it on 7/14/09 and the FEC posted it on 7/22/09.

White wants it both ways, he is telling the OWH, and anyone else that he can force to listen, that he is "just testing the waters" (this is actually legal terminology for an Exploratory Committee), when what he is actually doing is hiding his fundraising numbers from any potential opponents. This is in violation of the spirit of the FEC laws and insulting to the people of the 2nd District.

There are only 2 reasons why White would continue to deceive Congressman Terry's constituents:

1) He sucks at fundraising and that is why he had to have the County Party force our old Mayor "I never saw a tax dollar I didn't want to spend" Fahey, to have a picnic at his house for "at least $1000" donation per person to Tom White for Congress. (Note, not the Tom White for Congress Exploratory Committee-there is a difference in the eyes of the law, as Tom White the civil rights lawyer would know.)
2) He sucks at fundraising because Ol' Mary Barrett isn't strong arming any of the donors in this District for him like she did for Esch because she is too busy sneaking into Chris Jerram's City Council office, sitting at his desk and conducting the business of a City Council person because Chris Jerram can only be bothered to be at City Hall for City Council business from 2pm to 6pm on tuesdays. (true story, he should be recalled for giving his campaign manager private access to a City Councilman's office.) BTW, she was asked to leave and not return.

3) He promised his donors he would keep their names undisclosed until after January 1st. If he doesn't file in the next quarterly report, he and his Treasurer should go to jail.

Anonymous said...

A PAC is not an Exploratory or a Candidate Committee. Let us know when any one of the people you mentioned violates the law by using their PAC Funds in an illegal way.

The law is the law, it doesn't always agree with you, but you do have to abide by it.

BTW, the FEC laws are in place because we went through DECADES of, essentially, bribing elected officials with no oversight. This may not be a perfect system, but it is better than it ever was before, especially, with 48 hour reporting for 2 weeks before any Federal Election.

Anonymous said...

That Salosky guy should be thanking Congressman Terry for supporting the computerization of medical information. Without that support, his business, of selling software to hospitals to better manage their data, would have no income-the hospitals weren't doing it on their own and the financial incentives they are receiving to do it is the money paying this guys mortgage.

I laugh everytime I hear a comment about someone not being fiscally conservative enough. It is great to cut spending everywhere you can-including the hard places, but "don't cut where my bacon comes from" seems to be the most likely suggestion.

Deployed NE said...


I acutally know the FEC laws very well.-Unlike candidate, Tom White.

Once a candidate forms an exploratory cmte and either raises or spends $5,000 they are required by FEC law to register with the FEC.

No, I'm not just trying to find something to complain about. I want ALL candidates to abide by the same laws and regulations.

To be clear, I am not a die-hard Terry supporter. I think NE2 has far better potential candidates. However, when presented with the choice of Terry or White, the choice is clear.

Anonymous said...

As long as Ian Russell is running Tom White's office you can expect everything that is done there to be questionable.

Anonymous said...

And then they have to file at the next regular reporting period. That will be a 9/30 deadline and a 10/15 report.

What will be fun on 10/16 is reading the list of names that will still show respect to Mayor Spend A Lot Fahey by giving money to his pony White after Fahey dumped us in a financial hole and endorsed the Jackass Mayor that we have now.

I wouldn't attend that lunch at Fahey's residence with a ten foot pole-as a donor anyway. Picketing the Spend A Lot's house, well, maybe.

Anonymous said...

White's FEC filing is on the FEC website: http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00464206

As you can see, he did exactly what Johanns, Bruning, and many other federal candidates did: he seems to be "exploring" with a candidate committee in order to be able to use those dollars later if he goes forward with the race. Exactly what Johanns did when Bush came to town to raise money for him.

Anonymous said...

The intern who was supposed to call the FEC and confirm whether White's paperwork had been filed prior to Fahleson and the NEGOP attacking him in the press must feel really stupid.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly. First off, the filing procedures for Senate Campaigns are very different than those for the House. Second, if you look at Bruning's reports, he documented that he was an Exploratory, in writing, on his candidate filing, as well as a cover letter.

His Committee was called Friends for Jon Bruning-thus satisfying the "non campaigning" component of the FEC law surrounding exploratories.

So, AGAIN, is White an Exploratory or an Active Candidate Committee? Bruning was an Exploratory and continues to be an Exploratory per Law and in good standing according to the FEC site.

You're either in or you're out, you can't take advantage of the Law to suit the day of the week you are experiencing. White should abide by the law, he is an attorney, after all-even if the industry doesn't have a lot of respect for him.

I guess White is not man enough to answer the tough questions that come up in a Congressional race so we will all just have to wait until October 15th to find out whether he intends to abide by the Federal Laws of Campaigns, or if he is just going to challenge those laws in court.

As for the "intern" at the State Party? Ian, you really shouldn't cast stones at volunteers when you couldn't even read the FEC files yourself, and you get paid to do it.

Anonymous said...

Don't inflate Ian's ego by singling him out and giving him more notoriety.

It boggles my mind that some are still talking about this FEC issue. The forms are on the site. End of story.

GeosUser said...

Good article about Matt Sakalosky running against Lee Terry in the republican primary in today's OWH. I see SEIU was well represented at Lee's weekend coffee event. Mrs. Kleeb even managed a little TV facetime...although she was only identified as wife of former senatorial candidate Kleeb, not a paid shill for SEIU/ACORN.

Anonymous said...

So that's who that woman was that cut to the front of the line after over 100 people got to that coffee shop early to stand in line and wait their turn. What a B****.

I am glad that Mr. Terry did a second session for all the people that were waiting outside to talk to him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17, don't let a little thing like the law get in the way of political ambition.

Anonymous said...

I just read the OWH article about Sakalosky, looks like Sakalosky is taking off the gloves early. Interesting as every time i have heard him speak he talks about running a positive campaign! Guess he is a politician after all.

Anonymous said...

You can take off the gloves, but if nobody knows who you are what difference does it make where they land?

Please stop whining about the party supporting the incumbent. Suck it up and challenge him.

Anonymous said...

Where will Sigerson and Festersen be tomorrow on the minimum manning vote?

Anonymous said...

6:43 -

Since tomorrow is only the public hearing and not the vote, I don't think they'll be anywhere.

Anonymous said...

All Sakalosky has to say is, "I will never be voted as one of the House democrats top ten favorite republicans." and he has my vote.

Nate E said...

Macdaddy Aug 14 5:56

"It's about control. Control of your body and your lifestyle. Conservatives have always been accused of threatening to control people's bodies. Who knew that the threat would be carried out by liberals"

Macdaddy you are literally too stupid to insult. Good God man trust your ability to think logically and not get swept up in hysteria and recycled talking points. Your argument is literally that Obama wants to control peoples lives. Thats your perspective of Universal Healthcare. YOU ARE AMAZINGLY DUMB. Why is it so hard for people to believe that just maybe the goal is to get people Medical Insurance, to get people medicine, to get and keep people HEALTHY. Is it so hard to believe that maybe the goal of this IS TO GET THOSE PEOPLE WHO NEED MEDICAL CARE THE MEDCICAL CARE THEY NEED!
Does it really have to be a conspiracy theory, where did you hear this Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity? Ive been a reader here for awhile and posted under sveral names, you have proven yourself to be (slightly) more intelligent than that. What the hell happened to you?

Anonymous said...

anony 5:55am, did sakalosky have you at hello...

One Out In The Third said...

161 posts...several days without an update...Is the babysitter sleeping?

Street Sweeper said...

Just hold your pants on.
Coming very soon.

Anonymous said...

first PJ Morgan, now we need Hal Daub to run for County Board

maybe Mike Fahey too, oh wait, I heard he was out of town...

Anonymous said...

so, Anon 555 am, if he just runs an ad that says, "If you vote for me i will act like a stupid pr*ck that forgot everything I learned in kindergarten and church.", then you will vote for him? Wow, he must make really good margaritas at his pool parties and you must be a real ass when you start drinking them.