Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Who does Fahey hate less?

Jim Vokal endorsed Hal Daub this afternoon. 
(Photo from KFAB's site.)

And Joe Jordan says he thinks Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey will endorse Suttle.


We don't think so.

We think there was a decent chance that Fahey would have endorsed Vokal, with whom he has a decent relationship, had Vokal made it through yesterday.

But with Daub and Suttle pulling through, it's a harder question.

Mike Fahey is not buds with Daub, whom he beat in 2001.  Nor is he BFFs with Suttle, who has been a thorn in the side of Fahey at times over the past four years.

So does Fahey dislike Suttle enough to endorse Daub?
Yikes.  Hmm.  Not likely.

But does Fahey dislike Daub enough to endorse fellow-Democrat Suttle?
Boy, ya gotta think that would take some convincing.

From Ben Nelson?  Bob Kerrey?  (Rahm Emanuel?)

It will be interesting to see what it takes for Fahey to hold his nose with one hand and shake Suttle's hand with the other.

But we have a feeling it won't happen.


On a semi-related note, is Suttle sporting a urban-camouflage suit in this OWH photo?  

If he stands in front of the First National building he would appear to be just a floating head...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like a man who blends well with the city and yet always keeps his head clear.

Anonymous said...

It is very important to remember that Daub lost by a slim margin with 46% turnout in 2001.

Yes, Daub does have a ceiling on support as do all politicians, but that ceiling rises pretty quickly as turnout drops below 46%.

And given Suttle's poor showing yesterday, there is no hope of cracking anywhere near 46% turnout this year.

If turnout doesn't top 40%, Daub wins in a rout.

Unfortunately for Fahey, he has to consider endorsing Suttle just in case Uncle Ben doesn't run in 2012.

If that isn't on the table though, look for Fahey to stay neutral.

Anonymous said...

Suttle sure blends with the buildings, but the head clear part....don't think so.

Ricky said...

Either way, Daub or Suttle, both got ten grand from David Sokol.
He'll call the shots.
MECA will go on running downtown and the city.
With no accountability.
Daub was the father of MECA by the way.

ricky from omaha

Anonymous said...

...sorry... You must mean MECA, the Qwest Center, the riverfront redevelopment, NoDo, the First National Tower, and the UP building, the Holiday Lights Festival, etc., etc... (and I'm limiting myself to downtown)

Anonymous said...

Ricky... did you even vote?

Ricky said...

Of course I voted and here is a tidbit of information for you;
When I went into my polling place I wore my Obama t-shirt my daughter bought for me last year.
The polling workers there told me I could not wear it into the area where we voted; they gave me a white t-shirt the guy pulled out of a new package of t-shirts held for the occasion.
I said why do I have to wear this thing over my cool Obama shirt; Barack is our nations President and this is a city election that is non-partisan.
But they insisted I cover up the Obama t-shirt. So I did and voted. I asked if I could keep the plain white t and they said no.
I got the feeling that if it were a Ronald Reagan or a G W Bush t shirt the people out in the District 66 region would have been fine with it.
So I called the Douglas County Election Commissioners office today and left an angry message.
Some nice lady called me back and apologized and said the polling workers were wrong and it was not their policy.
What is wrong with this District 6 where the Republicans run rampant?
I am ready to move downtown to a condo.
Maybe it will be next to the condo David Sokol calls home even though I think he really lives in Wyoming.

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Ricky, keep fighting the good fight!

Brian T. Osborn said...


Stay right where you are. We Democrats need to fight for what is right even if we are outnumbered.

I met Jim Suttle last year at the Morrison-Exon dinner. I liked him. I found him to be a highly intelligent, very personable guy. He'll make a fine mayor for Omaha.

Although I am from a small town in south-central Nebraska, out in the 3rd CD, I understand the importance of having a Democrat as the mayor of Nebraska's largest city; so, I am going to do all I can to help Jim Suttle get elected. I will be trying my darndest to convince my fellow Democrats here in the 3rd CD to go help with Mr. Suttle's election.

Hey Sweeper, long time no see!

Street Sweeper said...


Brian T. Osborn said...

Yeah Sweep, it's me.

Hey, I still owe you a 6-pack. I've been trying to earn enough to get you that $1,000,000 a bottle stuff, but c'mon, I'm a member of the proletariat. Won't you give me some slack? After all, I have to help pay for the bonuses of all those Wall St. gazillionaires.

I've been laying kinda low lately. Maybe I'm burnt around the edges, or maybe those few months I spent up in Minneapolis spoiled me, but I just haven't been my snarky old self lately. What the hell? I guess not having anything exciting happening out here in the 3rd CD has let my batteries wear down. You guys in the big cities have all the fun!

Jeez, I've had no one to pick on other than my fellow Democrats lately. Adrian Smith is just too easy a target for my intellect and wit. Mom always told me not to pick on the intellectually challenged, so what else can I do/

Brian T. Osborn said...

Oh, Sweep,

Did you hear that Republican veteran kick Flush Limpblow's butt the other day? Ol' Huffenpuff had to cut his callers audio and go on a real tear trying to diss the guy. But how in the hell do you argue about military matters with a guy that served in both the U.S.M.C AND the Army? Limpblow ranted about the guy not being a REAL Republican, as if HE would know!

Anonymous said...

I met Jim Suttle and he is very arrogant!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor Jon Blumenthal is pulling out of the race. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor Jon Blumenthal is pulling out of the race. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

At about 8pm last night this comment section took a turn for the retarded.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anony 8:14 am,

Don't forget the trouble O'bama got into for his Special Olympics wisecracks.

Street Sweeper said...

Agreed. Let's try to watch our language usage there.

But BTO, I like how you turned "Obama" into "O'bama".

I imagine that's how Bear Bryant would've referred to his school...

Anonymous said...

Jim Suttle says in the morning Weird that he wants to wait until he hears from the taxpayers before he formulates his policies. He's been campaigning for mayor for how long and hasn't heard from the taxpayers yet? He must be deaf.

Street Sweeper said...

As we've noted before, Suttle says he's been planning to run for Mayor since the day he was elected to the Council in 2005.

And his solution to the pension problem is he hopes that Fahey fixes it...

Anonymous said...

Fahey endorses Suttle after he fails to get assurances from Daub that there will be no investigations of his administration.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get fired after the city council results were in?

Anonymous said...

Suttle will listen and then lead.
Daub will talk and run over anybody that gets in his way.

"If I've got all the answers, then there is no room for anybody else's thoughts or ideas. That's not how I work," said Suttle. "Hal says, 'Check out my Web site.' Go get on his Web site. You'll see everything is detailed from here to China. What I'm working to portray, I'm working on the process. The process includes the shareholders of the city, that's the taxpayers, and I want to hear from them."

3rd floor watcher said...

Suttle Listen, Suttle He is so arrogant. The guy has no ideas whatsoever.

Paul M. said...

BTO: How's Sen. Kleeb and Rep. Esch doing these days?

Man, we've missed you around here. It's just not the same without your spot-on, totally rational, and completely sensible political predictions.

Interested said...

Who got canned as campaign manager???

Anonymous said...

Mort Sullivan fired himself!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Rod Edwards was fired by Jean Stothert. You know how those school board members are about running up the score on the other team!!!!

65 - 35 said...

Now that's some funny stuff!! Edwards fired for running the score up!

Robo Liz said...

We all know that Rod Edwards is a crafty politician

Brian T. Osborn said...

Paul M,

I haven't a clue how Scott and Jim are doing. They don't keep me in the loop. We do have a young lady from Alliance that has thrown her hat in the ring for CD3 Congress already.

Judging by how all the other prognosticators around here did, my wild ass guesses were about as good as anyones. How were yours?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rod was not fired- thats crazy talk- jean loves him!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard that Chris Pierce got fired from the Peffer Campaign.

I guess coming close doesn't cut it for Walt.

Robo Liz said...

We all know Street Sweeper is a crafty blogger.

Nothing New... said...

Getting behind Hal is very important at this point. This city cannot afford to be run by an incompetent, arrogant goofball like Suttle.

This Vokal guy is 100% Hal now.

KP said...

I just received a few phone calls about my termination as Walt Peffer's campaign guy.

Just to make sure, I called my client and asked if there was anything that I should know and thankfully there was no news.

Walt is not the Blogger type (as neither am I) and I told him that my understanding is that Leavenworth Street is a predominantly Republican Blog about Nebraskan (Omaha) politics.

He wanted me to share this with you all...

"Kris is a great Republican and he isn't going anywhere."

While I am sure you all know that I am not a Republican, I do work for good people and Walt is definitely a good man and will make a great Omaha City Councilman.

So for all you "Anonymous(es) out there...I am still here and battling for my guy Walt.

If you want to be a "Peffer" too, visit his website:

Thanks gang.


Street Sweeper said...

Thanks Kris (we'll assume it's really you for now).

Note that all conjecture is coming from commenters -- of whom we get GOPers, Dems, Libertarians, Socialists, Maoists and a few Nihilists -- and not from L. St. itself.

All we here on L. St. are wondering is, If Walt is a good Republican, why the scoffing at Republican Franklin Thompson in your mailers?

Just a little hard to follow...

Anonymous said...

Re: Hal's track record

"I don't want to give another concession speech." When you consider that Hal's lost as many elections as he's won, I don't blame him:

1976 Lost to John Cavanaugh in Congressional race

1988 Lost to David Karnes in Senate primary

1990 Lost to J.J. Exon in Senate race

2001 Lost to Mike Fahey in mayoral re-election bid


A string of soul-destroying losses stretching nearly four decades!

Wake up, people!

/s NE Voter

Street Sweeper said...

Or you know, maybe he just prefers winning.
1980: Elected to Congress
1982: Re-elected to Congress
1984: Re-elected to Congress
1986: Re-elected to Congress
1995: Elected Mayor
1997: Re-elected Mayor

Of course, I'm sure Omaha would look just the same today if Brenda Council had been elected Mayor. Mmmhmm. Yeah.

Wake up NE Voter.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Wake Up Voter should go post at NNN. There are 40 comments on this article at LS, but not a single comment on Kyle's 'analysis' of the results over at NNN. Why are people so disinterested in what Kyle has to say?

KP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I stand corrected, Sweeper. You are right: Hal Daub has lost ALMOST as many elections as he has won.

Wake up, people!

/s NE Voter

Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson was never fired but he was passed on for promotion

RWP said...

What is it with Democrats and bad suits, anyway? The single worst suit I've seen in my life was worn by Don Wesely, former Lincoln Dem. mayor, who showed up at a retirement party for a colleague of mine, presumably to try to gather a couple of stray votes. The suit was a fecal color of brown, and very very shiny; clearly, a couple of polyesters had gone to their deaths during the tailoring process. It was also about 3 sizes too small. My guess is he picked it up for $10 at a yard sale. He paid too much.

Suttle's suit at least seems to fit, but that pattern?!

Anyway, I have nothing intelligent to say about the Omaha Mayor's race, except that since I found Jim is married to Deb Suttle, who introduced the law that imposed hiring quotas on U Nebraska, I'm sending Hal a cheque.

Anonymous said...

The number of wins and losses only matter if your name's Pellini or Solich. Give Hal credit for hanging in there and trying again. He truly cares about Omaha -- even the boobs who can't stand him.

Anonymous said...

If you do the math, you quickly see that Hal Daub's paychecks have been paid by the taxpayers for 14 YEARS.

Chip Maxwell obviously has learned this trick from Hal. When was the last time that Maxwell received a paycheck that was NOT funded by the taxpayers?

Not bad for government work.


/s NE Voter

Anonymous said...

NE Voter - this posting the same things on two different blogs needs to stop. Its annoying to the see the same posts twice, especially as moronic as yours are

Anonymous said...

So sorry, Anonymous. A shame to spoil your wingnut echo chamber with actual debate.

I'd be delighted to debate you here and stay off Dodge Street (keep working on that walking-and-chewing-gum thing). Are you ready, or will you just flame like the dopes on and

I don't have all the time in the world and, accordingly, I am a relatively infrequent poster here. But if I see signs of life from you, we may have an interesting conversation. Otherwise, don't bother.

Either way, please choose a name or at least sign your posts like I do. I won't waste time responding to every Anonymous on this site.

Wake up, people!

/s NE Voter

One Out In The Third said...

C'mon BTO...

Young Ms. Davis hasn't a frogs chance in a firestorm against the seasoned and now grizzled Mr. Smith...especially since your Dem buddies have gone on their spending spree. 2010 is going to be a bloodbath. She's just another sacrificial lamb for the NDP.

The Pip from Aurora put his money on the Kleebster when I predicted an 18 percent margin and he crashed and burned...(sorry Pip...the devil made me do it again...besides I think Uncle tagged you as a closet conservative.) I will go a minimum of 20 percent if she does decide to run and then you too can help some more of Kearney's needy after the next you so bold. Heck...I will even sing Anchors Aweigh in your front lawn should she win...and you know what punishment that would be for an old Marine.

If Smith was such easy picking's Kleeb would be running again. Last anyone heard ol' Speed Racer was massaging bulls out west after the donor that paid his wages at Hastings College pulled the funds.

Mr. Smith will more than likely go down in history as the last Third CD House Representative from Nebraska.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, and since this is what blogs are all about. I do believe Mike Fahey has been put in a terrible position. Fahey would be silly and would even have to swollow his pride to even ever consider endorsing Suttle... after all that Suttle has done..time and again...Suttle's sneakiness (he's a weasle) by going to Capital Hill w/o Fahey even knowing about it... and that's pretty arrogant in and of itself (going behind Fahey's back), and all the PUBLIC back stabbing that Suttle has done to him besides.

Suttle has got his nerve, but what do pompous arrogant people do... or, is he just quite not dealing with a full deck... afterall, he does come up with some pretty corny ideas...and with whose money, I know it won't be his... he's obviously a spend thrift as well... he needs $$$ to shop all the time to buy his corny suits...

And you know, I wouldn't even put it past Suttle that he didn't have something to do with trying to get Fahey kicked out of office when all those the petitions were out.

Suttle has already showed his true character to all of us, and I am not fool enough to trust a worm like him. Who can trust a lying back stabber??? That's even more important than that rediculous looking plaid suit that Suttle is wearing in the pic with his head in the clouds.

And, to NE voter... if you don't know what pompous or arrogant means you may borrow my dictionary And get your head out of the clouds and WAKE UP !!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I'm laughing so hard that I can't type. Anonymous said, "I like a man who blends well with the city and yet always keeps his head clear."

Wrong, Suttle's suit blends with the building's, but the only way that man blends with our city and our tall buildings it that he is very cold; ONLY a SOCIAL CLIMBER.

And, as far as a clear head, how can that be - he's still waiting to hear what the taxpayers want - well, shouldn't that be obvious. He maybe just doesn't know what his policies will be yet. He's too busy thinking up goofy ideas like us having to have a permit to change our light switches, and toboggan runs, and bridges to nowhere, and who knows whatelse if he gets the power that WE the taxpayers will be paying him a big salary, plus to spend ALOT of our other taxpayer money for these nonsensible ideas.

And, as the other Anonymous said, is he still 'waiting to hear what the taxpayers want before he'll start to formulate his policies'. So maybe, his head ISN'T too clear Or, is he just waiting SO HE CAN SAY WHAT HE THINKS 'the people' WANT TO HEAR??? I bet he'd do anything for a vote !!! He was even over dabbling in Vokal's district. If he was trying to steal votes - then what does that make him? You really can tell ALOT about a man's character to see what he would do IF he didn't think he would get caught.

Anonymous said...

To NE Voter. C'mon, Jordan. We know it's you. Now SOBER UP and go get a real job.

Your arguments make no sense at all. You expect someone to work as a public servant in government and NOT get paid?

Brian T. Osborn said...


I like to spell our Prez's name, O'bama, to reflect our shared Irish heritage. Don't forget, his momma was a lass from Kansas.


The 2010 campaign has barely begun and Ms. Davis' chapeau might not be the only one tossed into the Democratic ring. As for me, I'd love to see three or four candidates in the primaries from both of our parties.Make sure you know all the verses to Mr. Zimmerman's tune.

A "grizzled" Mr. Smith? I'm sorry, but Mr. Smith is going to have to do something more noteworthy than rubber stamping Club For Growth agendas and having his staffers write his news releases for him before he ever comes close to being "grizzled." He, in his own words, is just in it for the pension. If you're really worried about what our government spends, you could save us all that expense by helping elect someone else to be the 3rd CD's last House Representative. Do you mean to tell me that Adrian is the BEST that you guys have to offer?

I cannot get over how blind some of you Republicans are to the sins of the past administration. They let the foundation of our home crumble, the roof leak, and the furnace blow up, yet you pile all the blame on the new landlord.


Jordan McGrain said...

To Anonymous at 9:43,

I've never had any problem attaching my name to any comments here. I have no idea who NE Voter is nor do I subscribe to the content of his/her comments.

I have given my full support to the Daub Campaign and I will spend the weeks to come working to see that Hal is elected mayor. Both Jim Vokal and I have offered our unconditional help to Hal and Brinker and they have graciously accepted.

So, while I appreciate your incredibly witty attempt to question my sobriety - I am, after all, a scotch man - it seems that you are the one who has imbibed your way out of coherence.

Nevertheless, please continue your cowardly anonymous postings at my expense. I feel proud to count you among my legion of rabid fans.

You take care now.

Anonymous said...

You stay classy JM. Now who's race are you going to lose next?

Anonymous said...

oops, I meant whose

Anonymous said...

Chip Maxwell is employed by the Center for Ethical Research and has been for some time. On the other hand, Jerram has been making a living defending pornography, third district bars that bring nothing but violence and should lose their licenses just to mention already public information on his legal career.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Chip. I know that with your council race you have to maintain a low profile on your old blog. I like your new L St name: anonymous. Very clever. Now you should stay that way and stop vying for taxpayer funded jobs.

Character Test said...

Look deep insode yourself and tell me that you really get so much pleasure from someone going through rough times.

That's pretty freakin' pathetic if you ask me.

You should be able to do battle, yet have some compassion. If you don't, I hope that someone is there to kick you in the gnad when you get knocked on your A@#.

No, this isn't from Jordan. Actually a competitor.

Anonymous said...

Most of us consider voting a civic responsibility. A few candidates have blamed their lack of success on low voter turnout. So, it might be interesting to look at voting records for the remaining city council candidates going back through the 2000 cycle.

Pete Festeresen has a perfect voting record.
Sharon Chvala missed only the 2008 Primary.
Ben Gray missed 2006 Primary, all of the 2005 City Elections and the 2002 Primary
Frank Brown has a perfect voting record.
Both Chip Maxwell and Chris Jerram have perfect voting records
Garry Gernandt has a perfect voting record.
Joseph Velasquez missed the 2000, 2002 and 2008 Primaries but was perfect in city elections
Jean Stothert has a perfect voting record
Jon Blumenthal missed the 2008 Primary, all of the 2005 City elections, all of the 2002 elections, the 2001 city primary.
Both Franklin Thompson and Walt Peffer have perfect voting records.
Chuck Sigerson has a perfect voting record.

So, although a "Driving force behind Omaha's growing economy for 15 years" Jon Blumenthal couldn't find a way to drive himself to the polls 6 times in the last 9 years and only voted in once out of four city elections. We should also note Jon wasn't even registered to vote 15 years ago.

3rd floor watcher said...

I agree the Jordan Crap concerning Vokal needs to end. Is he still associated with Blumenthal?

Amazed said...

So I take it Jon Blumenthal wasn't there for the Republicans that needed his vote in all those elections he missed. Nice Job Jon!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Give the man a break. We're part of the same team now.

Robo Liz said...

We're on the same team now!!! We all know that Jim Suttle is a very crafty politician"

Anonymous said...

Best part of the Vokal-Daub union:

Street Sweeper defending Daub.

Awesome to see. Finally.

Street Sweeper said...

"Finally"? Gimme a freaking break. It's cute how that myth has been perpetuated.

Or one could simply read what we've been writing over the past three years and see that we've been at least always fair and usually supremely complimentary.

Did we pick sides in the Mayoral primary? No we did not. And that seemingly perturbed some of you. Feel free to get over it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it "Whom does Fahey..."?

JV supporter said...

There are a handful of Daubies who were shameful during the campaign and just pathetic now. Quit embarrassing your candidate and go out and do some work to get him elected. Your snide comments and ungraciousness isn't going to beat Suttle. We all have to help Hal win.

Anonymous said...

I see in today's OWH where McGrain is the "analyst"

Loose a couple of races and clients and become an analyst.


Anonymous said...

Beside pornographers and owners of "fight club" bars and bodaga-style liquor joings, just who will Chris Jerram be representing in the third district? My guess is the same type of clients and their interests that he represents now.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 3:01 pm:

How did you get the voting records for the candidates? Is this public information? If so where do you get it from? I found out the hard way that there is too much personal information available to the public. I feel America has become a nation where privacy no longer exists. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Voting records are public information.

Jonny B said...

Those voting records can be altered.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of you should actually try to do Jordan's job before you criticize his every action.

Anonymous said...

Give the man a break. He and Vokal are both honorable in defeat and should be commended for bringing the party back together.

We are on the same team.

Longtime anonymous Daub supporter said...

I posted a number of times during the primary complaining of McGrain's and Vokal's negativity towards Daub.

Since then I have been really pleasantly surprised and impressed by Vokal's and McGrain's team spirit. It's not easy to do when you've just lost an election -- all you want to do is lick your wounds -- trust me.

We are all working together now, Vokalites and Daubbies, to get the best of the two men standing elected mayor, and to keep a boob from running our city.

Quit kicking a man who has already gone down honorably, and join us... we've got four weeks.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with having a boob in charge of our city? We already have a boob in charge of our country.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Fahey has called a press conference at Suttle's campaign HQ tomorrow at 9:30am concerning the mayor's race. Hm, I wonder what that means....

Anonymous said...

It means that Sweeper was wrong twice: About Vokal making it though the primary and about Fahey endorsing (unless of course he comes out for none of the above). I would guess that whoever the source of info was about Vokal's chances and about how the mayor feels about Suttle is either taking Sweeper for a ride, or not as informed as they made them self out to be.

Anonymous said...

Jonny B

Those records are kept by the Secretary of State and the County Election Commissioners.

Feel free to verify them for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:25


a Daubette said...

To: 4:49 PM Blogger

Exactly... Very well put !!!