Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's Daub vs Suttle!

Hal Daub pulled in 35.6% of the vote, with Jim Suttle taking 34.3% to put those two into the May General Election for Mayor of Omaha.

Jim Vokal tallied 6% behind Suttle at 28.2% to drop out.

Throughout the Primary season Daub was hitting Vokal when he went after his opponents. So it looks like he got who he wanted.

Daub took it easy on Suttle during the Primary. Now, look for the gloves to come off.

As Daub said when dropping out of the 2008 Senate race:
"I don't want to give another concession speech."

Ben Gray beats Frank Brown by 12 votes!
A General Election battle lined up!


Chris Jerram wins it in the stretch to take on Chip Maxwell!
(Crystal Rhoades a surprising 4th place, 165 votes back -- remember that Democrat mailer she didn't get on?)


To get full vote results from the Douglas County Election Commissioner site CLICK HERE.


The Man! said...

How is this possible? Didn't those Omaha voters see Jordan McGrain's polls that showed Vokal ahead of both Daub and Suttle by 2,000,000 votes?

I just don't get it. Jordan McGrain's polls are NEVER wrong.


Polls! Polls! Polls! said...


Maverick Political just commissioned another poll and it showed a 67% chance that there will be another moron stupid enough to hire Jordan McGrain to run their campaign.

Watching said...

Wow. Gracious winners.
It's a good thing Daub won't need any of the Vokal voters to beat Suttle...

Anonymous said...

Daub is toast.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, very classy. So let's begin the feeding frenzy... here comes the pile-on from all the wannabe's that wish they could do McGrain's job for a living.

I think McGrain did a great job. Solid campaign considering the attacks from the police union, and Hals' name ID and built-in support. I am surprised how close Suttle was to Daub.

Best of luck to Hal. Suttle's a cartoon. Does anyone really see Suttle tackling our city's looming financial issues?

Anonymous said...

I did not vote for Jim Vokal but I have to give him a lot of credit. Vokal stood up to the unions and had the most mud thrown at him. Thank you Jim Vokal, great effort it just didn't happen for you. Don't be discourage, Omaha can benefit from your continued involvement.

Anonymous said...

I predict that the Vokal Team will be working with the Daub Team for a better Omaha by the end of the week. Hal is about Omaha, plain and simple and so is Jim Vokal and all his people are hard working Omaha folks.

For the sake of the City, if not for the sake of our Party, Hal and Jim will pull it together because that's the kind of people they are. Liz and Mary may take a little while longer (it's harder to be the wife!), but it will happen and Jim will have his day another time.

Here's to Omaha and our very bright future!

Anonymous said...

I think Suttle has his own flaws but I have been scared of Hal Daub for a long time. Here are some things to consider;

Hal Daub does not have the temperment to be a good leader. As mayor sometimes you have to listen, build consensus, etc. Its not a dictatorship. Daub's entire political career has been polarizing and divisive. Recalls, fighting at city hall, negative ads, etc.

Hal Daub said he would not run again. I believe he said it on KKAR a long time ago when he was running against Brenda Council the second time, he said he would retire and go fishing. Can you say "Career politican"...

Hal Daub was John McCain's campaign leader in Omaha. Daub represents the past, old, wrong direction.

He brought us "Sun Dawgs"

Ask the Marvin Ammons family what they think of Hal Daub's leadership.

A police oficer wanted a restraining order against Hal Daub last time he was Mayor.

Would firefighters trust him?

Daub's campaign said it was a moral issue that Fahey did not pay his taxes on time only days later Joe Jordan found out to his amazement that Hal Daub was more guilty of not paying his taxes on time.

Hal's true desire is probably to win the US Senate seat. He tried against JJ Exon, tried last year, and would probably use his time in the mayor's office this time as a springboard to run against Ben Nelson.

Called Council Bluffs an X-rated city.

Won his last mayor's race by a razor thin margin, benefiting from an eleventh-hour "Willie Horton"-type ad (David Rice-Brenda Council) and a secret, illegal lie-detector test arranged by the Omaha World Herald.

Many still believe he lied about the police helicopter budget.

Hal Daub is incapable of being bi-partisan. His whole life as been about being a good Republican serving for Bush, RNC, McCain supporter, idolizes Reagan/Bush,etc.

Hired Scott Knudson who was not the best qualifed person to run the enterprise zone project. It was similar to Bush appointing his friend "Brownie" to run FEMA.

If you ask Hal Daub what time it is he won't tell you but he will take up 20 minutes of your time how the watch was put together. And he will be right in your face telling you about it. I seriously worry about this man's mental state.

He stormed off of the Tom Becka show a few times. Hal always keeps it classy.

He often takes sole credit for things he was involved with along with many others. He is a good politican.

He killed the idea of Renaissance 2000, just ask Fred Conley, Rev. Mennywoods, Louise Latimer, Ben Gray, etc...a project that could have benefitted north Omaha.

opposes police oversight
opposes affirmative action

He ridiculed the idea of "Community Policing", saying that police officers aren't social workers.

He sought to close the LaFern Williams Center saying there was a duplication of services with the Christie Heights only to realize later on that from a study his office commissioned, there were no duplication of services.

He was in charge of some Bush-appointed commission to solve the social security crisis and was supportive of privatizing social security I believe. Did he really do anything noteworthy on that commission?

He said something about arming the police helicopters more and declaring parts of Omaha war-zones? I remember he said it on Joe Jordan's old talk show and then Sen. Bob Kerrey said something like Hal Daub doesn't realize Omaha is not El Salvador.

Directed Community Block Grant money that was supposed to go to north and south omaha into other projects.

I could go on and on.....

IvantheBetter said...

Anon 11:38, you did "go on and on."

Anonymous said...

Stepping back and looking at the larger picture, there were roughly 21,518 votes for Republican candidates for city council and 19,035 votes for Democratic candidates for city council.

Daub received 15,516 and Suttle 14,910, while Vokal received 12,263. The difference between votes for Republican candidates for city council and Daub was 6,002. The difference between votes for Democratic candidates for city council and Suttle was 4,152. Granted the votes for city council candidates were about 3,000 less than for Mayoral candidates not counting right ins.

Meaning Vokal essentially reached across party lines to pick up votes at a 3:2 margin.

That is a pretty damn impressive chunk of the vote going both ways to Vokal given Daub's city wide name i.d. and the fact that partisan voters are more likely to show up in primary elections.

Vokal reached successfully across party lines to pick up D's and took a good percentage of hard R's given Hal's history.

Sounds like Jordan ran a damn good campaign to me.

Anonymous said...

Jim Vokal for Douglas County Treasurer!

Anonymous said...

12:03 AM:

That's a flawed way of looking at it for one reason:

In five of the seven districts, there were only Democrats or Republicans on the ballot.

Democrats in Wards 5, 6, and 7 had to vote for a Republican.

Republicans in Wards 2 and 4 had to vote for a Democrat.

And, let's be honest, Ward 1 was never in question and plenty of Republicans voted for Festersen.

So really you're only looking at Ward 3 which was a cluster of four candidates very close to one another.

Wait until you get a party breakdown before you draw those kind of conclusions.

Anonymous said...

I'm suprised there is no take on JEAN STOTHERT....JEAN, JEAN, THE BUTT-KICKING MACHINE!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're right the party breakdown is crucial to determining who underperformed worse Hal Daub or Jim Suttle.

The only clear distinction is that Jim Vokal did better than a lot of people were expecting due to a well run campaign.

Anonymous said...

If a candidate of any means appears on the ballot, they will get votes.

When you have an election where voters aren't particularly excited about a race -- with three fairly high-profile candidates -- there will likely be an even split.

Barack Obama was successful in Omaha last year because he was an exciting candidate. Jim Suttle might have a "D" after his name, but he is no Barack Obama.

Hal Daub is a known commodity and was mayor for seven years. Let's face it, anyone who is mayor will have baggage (Fahey didn't run again mainly because he "botched" the baseball stadium in the court of public opinion.)

Vokal probably benefited from the controversy with the police union (they say there is no such thing as bad publicity). But everyone knows that two Republicans facing a Democrat are long odds unless you are running for mayor of Chadron.

Since the start, everyone has assumed Daub would move on. As such, I think a number of voters tried to be "clever" and voted for #2.

That is likely where a significant portion of Vokal's support came from. You have to remember that with low turnout like this, it is "core" voters who go to the polls.

I'd imagine many core Republicans -- who have no problem with Daub -- wanted to cast a vote in the "race within a race" that was Vokal vs. Suttle for #2. As such, he was only 2,700 votes behind Suttle.

I think (and I could be wrong) that the general election will be good for Hal Daub -- by his typical slim margin.

Watch the Daub campaign target midtown and South Omaha in a big way. Both of those areas likely siphoned off potential Daub votes (that went to Vokal).

Anonymous said...

More of Jerram's very questionable record in his choice of partner, clients and cases will come to light between now and May 12th.

ptg said...

You can't tell one Anonymous from another without a program. Are you Anon cats just too lazy to fabricate a moniker or what?

Very Anonymous said...

Chip Maxwell!?! Oh dear god....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:22 said....

"Vokal probably benefited from the controversy with the police union (they say there is no such thing as bad publicity)."

Brilliant observation (insert sarcastic tone)

Vokal could sing only one song and although it may have been a catchy tune (pension spiking)..the lyrics were all wrong (beat up on the police) Omaha residents generally like their police officers and thus... Jim's plan backfired.

The controversy with the police was a big part of what sank Vokal.

Anonymous said...

This sets up well for Suttle. Daub has a "ceiling" of about 43-45% beyond which he cannot rise. This is fine in a three-way primary, but he loses when he can't find the additional 8% he'll need to get over 50% in the general.

Where will Daub find those votes? Not south Omaha (as a MECA director, he voted to kill Rosenblatt). Elkhorn? Perhaps -- those voters are conservative, but they are mighty p----d at All-Things-Omaha. And Hal is pure Omaha. As for Suttle, he has clean hands on the annexation (was not yet a councilman). Daub spoke publiclly in favor of annexation while he was mayor, so he can't say he would not have done it.

North Omaha? Doubt it. Daub's spent a lot of time on the north side since he announced, but those voters are all too familiar with the Daub schtick. Midtown? Most likely. He must make peace with Vokal so that Vokal can help him capture Vokal's midtown supporters. It will be interesting to see what deal Vokal will strike . . .

Botton line: Omaha is a Democratic city and very different politically than it was in 2001 (when Daub lost anyway). Jim Esch won the city of Omaha (though he lost Douglas County and Sarpy County).

By the way, can someone tell me why Chip Maxwell believes that he is entitled to a government job? Talk about a career politician.

Wake up, people!

/s NE Voter

Anonymous said...

No way Suttle can beat Daub. His best ideas have been a tobaggon run and getting the pope to visit. Any time anyone asks him for any of his other "visions" for the city, his answer is always, "I'll have to negotiate that in secret later." Nice.

Anonymous said...

Just six or eight weeks ago, all reported polls, including Vokal's showed Vokal a strong second several points ahead of Suttle.

If Vokal ran such a great campaign, what happened?

Vokal tried using sound bites instead of being honest with voters. The police union called him to task and the voters saw through Vokal's dishonest and divisive tactics on a serious city issue.

He ran a great campaign - NOT!

Anonymous said...

All you Vokal-haters out there - - Vokal finished a close 3rd in a 3-way race against 2 long-established Omaha politicians - - including one who had the bulk of the party $$ behind him. How about you take a second to applaud him - - any other young people in Omaha bothering to step up to run?? Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 8:29,

Actually, such comments are positive and helpful.

Such things need to be said so that future young aspiring republican politicians don't fall into the same traps and make the same mistakes.

such as:

1) Villanizing and antagonizing the police doesn't work.


2) Don't hire Jordan McGrain as your political consultant

A Sad Day In Omaha said...

In my mind this was a disappointing election because of the low turnout. My guess is more voters will show up in May, therefore it is unwise to take anything away from this primary. I can't explain the low turnout, but I believe it has something to do with the the stress people are under during these trying times. I hope people realize the priviledge of voting and turn out in May. I'll be waiting to see.

Anonymous said...

To all the Vokal apologists -

What about the internal poll Vokal's campaign was circulating last week that showed him in first place with 40% of the vote?

Anonymous said...

The greatest shame about this election is the low turnout. Ben Gray over Frank Brown by 12 votes? That's more like a high school election for student council, not City Council.

It's depressing how many critics there are out there of the people who have the courage to run for office in the face of public scrutiny and ridicule, yet so few of these same critics can take two minutes to vote and make a real difference.

Anonymous said...

One poster says congratulate Vokal? No way. Unfortunately, many people in this city will fall for the name recognition game. Vokal had six signs illegally posted in the front of the church I voted at. Within two hours someone had knocked them down. Sorry, but I despise this man and hope that he just goes away. And Vokal as treasurer? Will he manage funds as he did with the police pension giveaway? We're all screwed! Go Hal. p.s. I'm a Democrat!

Anonymous said...

Maxwell got beat in November, and will again in May.

macdaddy said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for the next mayor of Omaha, Jim Suttle!

So all you Daubians who have been whacking Vokal on this website, what is your plan to lure his voters to Daub? According to you guys, 28% of primary voters pulled the lever for an incompetent, weak, inexperienced, funny-looking doofus. Daub didn't even get in the same zip code as 50%. He needs Vokal's voters. What's your plan, oh, keepers of the flame?

Anonymous said...

Vokal just announced on kfab he'll be endorsing Daub

Jack said...

I think the more telling is story is that Suttle finished second while two prominent Republicans beat up on each other.

In theory, if Omaha has become such a strong bastion for Democrats, then Suttle should have finished first by a fairly comfortable margin.

The only reason Jim Esch won Omaha in November was because of a large voter turnout in North Omaha for Barack Obama. Those voters don't care a lick about Jim Suttle.

Unless Suttle starts giving flowery speeches on national TV, promising a refund check in every pot, and appears on the Tonight Show, he won't win.

"Not So Suttle" is not congruent with "Yes We Can."

Anonymous said...

Who is the "Driving Force in District 5???

Anonymous said...

Daub and Vokal are appearing at a joint press conference in front of the city-county building (18th & Farnam) at 2pm today.

Anonymous said...

Jerram's record gets lot of attention from district 3 voters before May 12th and he loses.

Anonymous said...

Suttle IS on record of wanting to or agreeing to the annexation of Elkhorn. It was in the Omaha World Herald.

In the know....

Anonymous said...

Please Omaha...

"Don't Settle for Suttle!"

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of courage to give up your life and run for office. All you "arm chair wannabes" can carp on Vokal all you like, but HE had the courage that you all lack. Congratulations to Vokal for taking part in the great experiment we call "our Republic."

In the know....

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be subtle - I DON'T want Suttle

In the know....

Anonymous said...

Even thought I didn't vote for Vokal he was gaining my respect until he made an outrageously stupid on KFAB this morning on the Scott Voorhees show. He said talking to the public on radio isn't important.

Anonymous said...

I didn't and wouldn't vote for Vokal. But having said that I agree. The man deserves our respect as does every man and woman who puts their hat in the ring. It takes balls, hard work, and personal sacrifice to do it. Thanks to all that ran.

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot, get your facts straight. He didn't say talking on the radio wasn't important, he said talking on the Tom Becka show wasn't important. Throw YOUR hat in the ring and then agree to go on the air with a host with a 3 hour microphone that has already stated that he supports your opponent? You wouldn't either. So what's your real beef with Vokal?

Anonymous said...

Told you the Vokal Campaign would join together with Hal for the good of Omaha. Jim and Hal may seem different, but the reality is they are just alike-they both love this City and want to see it prosper! Jim will be ready another day, right now, we need Hal!

PS: I like being Anonymous, I don't really care if you are too stupid to keep up or not!

65 - 35 said...

Watch out! Jon Blumenthal, fresh off getting boat raced 65-35 is about to go on the attack.

Problem is, the guy who was a "driving force behind Omaha's growing economy" starting back when he was at KU law school 15 years ago can't seem to get any facts straight.

Befor you try to feed a reporter a story, you'd better make sure you know what you are talking about.

Someone should tell Jon a few things.
1. You have zero cred when your first two mailers have blatant lies, exagerating your history and record.
2. The voters recognized this on April 7th and even going nuclear with misinformation and distortions will not make up the margin you lost by.
3. You might one day have a political future, but it can be guaranteed if you go nuclear after getting your tail kicked, no one will touch your with a ten foot poll.
4. The Omaha World Herald will not be your errand boy and do the dirty deed for you. They are on to you too.
5. Your law partners, already not pleased you decided to run, will not be happy with the mess a totally negative campaign out of desperation will bring.

If little or non of this makes sense right now, it will in time.

Street Cleaner said...

That was a LANDSLIDE for Jean Stothert....Don't you agree Street Sweeper?

Street Cleaner said...

Great Coverage of the campaign!!

Mirriam said...

Hey Anon 8:48 - you forgot another item on your list:

3) don't use made-up words like "villianizing" in an attempt to sound smart

One Out In The Third said...


18 percent turnout? Is that a record? All those choices and an 18 percent turnout.

Did Sam's Club double their free sample offerings Tuesday?

Street Sweeper said...

We're going to do our best to analyze these numbers, based on the 2008 cult-of-Obama inflation of voter registration.

It's certainly a good thing that people registered and voted in 2008, but my guess is these were one time -- one candidate -- voters.

While you'd think the 2009 numbers would be up in a 3 person primary, the voter numbers are very comparable to 2005 and 2001.

(But that's just a cocktail napkin analysis, so I could be totally wrong. Hope to add to it in the future.)

J. M. Davis said...

cocktail napkin??? Is Street Sweeper Scott Lautenbaugh???

Anonymous said...

Hey /s NE Voter...maybe... Omaha was a Democratic city...however, given our choices...many a Democrat will be going Republican for this election. And, as with our Presidential election...maybe
IT IS NOW time for a political party change under these difficult and trying economic times and all the other circumstances and also uncertainies... we REALLY DO NEED a leader with the known experience and a known good tract record. Now... is NOT a time for us to be stubborn and stick with the party we were with..... if it will hurt Omaha now and for a long long time to come. We just have to make the right choice now. So... for me it it doesn't matter this time if I am Dem or Rep... I have chosen to vote for Hal Daub... and I am very comfortable with my decision and in fact, proud of it !!!

Plus, if we were to have any major catastrophe's right here in Omaha, which could happen... I would feel much more secure having someone that is experienced and a quick thinker being in charge of our city. Maybe Suttle is experienced with building bridges or toboggan runs having been an engineer, maybe intelligent too but he just doesn't seem to be very quick thinking when he needs to make choices... and when he has opened up to speak... he does NOT seem to have any common sense. So again, with all that I know about these two running mates... I have to go Republican with Hal Daub... I have my family to consider before I can stick to my stubborness.

Anonymous said...

NO - 10:47 4/7 Anonymous,
I don't think that Daub is toast, but I would like to make a toast to him when he win's this race. And he will - hands down !!!

Anonymous said...

No, 11:38 PM, Anonymous, please don't go on and on - as that was boring enoungh for 1 blog. Good grief writer, are you inebriated with verbosity or what???

OR, was that ALL written by Jim Suttle ???
OR, DEB SUTTLE was that you ???
Did you help each other write that ???

Somebody - knew ALOT of names - if the facts were right or not!!!
NOT !!!!!!

Which reminds me - - - if nobody wanted her in office as a State Senator - why would anybody want her in the Mayoral office with Jim?

Afterall - 2 wrongs don't make a right !!!

Backstabbed once too often said...

Here Here on 11:38 PM. Your post reminded me of Planes, Trains and Automobiles. "Have a point. It makes it so much more interesting for the listener." Sorry, but part way through your post I woke up with my head on the keyboard.

Incidentally, people didn't want Deb Suttle as State Senator. She was appointed to her first term, after losing to the person she replaced. She did win her next term against the political powerhouse RL Kerrigan, but then lost the third term to Friend...by a sizeable amount as an incumbant. I know all too much.