Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Omaha Mayoral Brackets

First Mayoral "debates" tonight and tomorrow-- though there have been various canidate forums before tonight.  Here are the details:

Young Professionals Mayoral Debate -Networking Event
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Join young professionals 40 and under from across the city for the Young Professionals Mayoral Debate. This is an opportunity to meet with and get to know candidates while learning about their positions on community issues.

The evening will include a meet and greet prior to the debate and then a reception following where you will be able to network and visit with the candidates.

There is no cost to attend this event. Free garage parking is available across the street from the tower.

This event is hosted by All About Omaha, Next Generation Omaha, Omaha Jaycees, Urban League Young | Professionals, Young Jewish Omaha and the Greater Omaha Chamber's Young Professionals Council.

The event is sponsored by Cox, Omaha World-Herald, Q3 Systems and Union Bank & Trust Company.

Location Information
UNMC Durham Research Center
45th and Emile streets
Omaha, NE 68131
(Scott Education Center - main level)

Mayoral Forums at the Omaha Press Club
Thursday, March 19, Noon
Thursday April 16, Noon

The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha and the Omaha Press Club have scheduled a forum for mayoral candidates on March 19, 2009. The forum will be held at The Press Club over the noon hour.

Announced candidates Hal Daub, Jim Suttle, and Jim Vokal have already been invited. Reservations can be made by calling the Omaha Press Club at 345-8008. Additionally, a debate between the two winners of the primary election is scheduled for April 16th. We hope to see you at both events! The events will be open to the public to attend.

The OWH did a summary of each of the Mayoral candidates' positions on fighting crime in Omaha.

Hal Daub has an expansive plan that includes using Federal RICO statutes to get tougher on criminals, filling some police positions with civilian roles to allow other officers to concentrate on more important jobs, and supporting programs to get teens involved in other activities.

Jim Vokal's plan includes adding 50 to 150 more police officers by cutting other areas to make up the funding, addressing the pension problem to keep officers on longer, and working together with community groups.

Jim Suttle? Well, as he has noted before, he has planned to run for Mayor since the first day he was elected to the City Council in 2005. And his plan to fight crime in Omaha? More jobs. And how does Suttle plan to get more jobs in Omaha? Well, that would be his plan to build a bridge to a field in Iowa and have some companies in Council Bluffs.

That's it. That's his plan.

Oh he also mentions that the Mayor could talk up education, and that there are already things in place to address the crime problem. With his career on the Council and the entire campaign season to think about it, that's what he came up with.

Got it.


For the hyper-vigilant supporters and detractors of the District 5 Council race between Jean Stothert and Jon Blumenthal, you can get your JeanJon fix by watching their responses at a recent UNO College Republicans candidate forum

The forum is broken down by question and it was uploaded to YouTube by the Blumenthal campaign (though unless we missed something, there doesn't seem to be an bias in the filming -- though we're sure you'll tell us if there is). Click here to view.

Apparently the candidates received the prepared questions ahead of time -- which is why sometimes a candidate seems to be reading the response. What's interesting about this race is that, separate from one candidate's ability to run a better campaign or GOTV (which always interests us), there isn't much of a difference between these two candidates on the issues.

When it comes down to it, if the candidates want voters to pick them, they'll need to pick out one or two issues where they're different, and hedge the whole thing on that. This will particularly be the case for Blumenthal, where he has never been elected before -- with Stothert on the Millard School board and having just run a Legislature campaign. So while she has a built a campaign constituency, Blumenthal is really going to have to battle to separate himself.

But we're sure no one here has an opinion on this race...


Go Jays!!!


New Jim Suttle ad up entitled, "Yard Signs".  See it here:

Interesting spot and all, but frankly, it makes us kind of dizzy.  (A shot of a bouncing brick house as he walks by a brick house...)  All in all, another introductory ad that doesn't say too much, and may be a distracting use of the visuals.

And then there's the shot of Suttle getting pounded in the head with a himself.

Might that be the real theme of his campaign?  You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Is Stothert reading her answers? At a debate??

Anonymous said...

Is Blumenthal reading his answers? At a debate???

Anonymous said...

None of the mayoral candidates have a really good solution to the problem.

Sure, more police may help. But if adding 150 cops is good than 300 is better. When do we hit the law of diminishing returns. I think we've already hit that point so it's time to look at other solutions.

RICO statues? Do you think doubling the sentence is really going to stop violence? Do you think the gang member in North O thinks to himself 'man, I really want to shoot this guy but Hal Daub is going to use RICO statues to prosecute me so I better not do this'.

We should be discussing crime prevention not punishment. If we are at the punishment stage, then we've lost the war on crime.

Look SS I Have a Name said...

Hey SS, I found something rather interesting....yesterday in a e-mail I received from the Vokal camp the following information was included for tonight's debate. It caught my eye when I read it because the word "street" was spelled with a lower case letter. (Granted this shows how picky I can be.) Here is what was sent:

UNMC Durham Research Center - All volunteers will meet at the front doors of the Center

45th and Emile streets

Omaha, NE 68131 (Scott Education Center - main level)

Today I see in your posting that you have the same gramatical challenge. You also spelled "street" with a lower case letter. Here is what came off of your site:

Location Information
UNMC Durham Research Center
45th and Emile streets
Omaha, NE 68131
(Scott Education Center - main level)

Now, I suppose you might say that you just copied the information when you were putting your posting together. But where did you get it? Are you on Vokal's invitation list? Why didn't you cut and paste the information from the Daub website?

This will not help you with all the conspiracy theorist that think you are a pro-Vokal site. But, at the very least, if you are going to plagiarize, please do it from a site that has better gramatical standards.

Anonymous said...

What budget cuts are you going to make Jim Vokal??? "Where's the BEEF?"

Street Sweeper said...

Jim Croce,

Interesting conspiracy theory, but if you click the "Young Professionals Mayoral Debate -Networking Event" link, you'll notice that I cut and pasted the info from there.


Anonymous said...

Hey 11:27, try looking on this site for your answer. Not too hard:

Really? said...

Sounds like Blumenthal should be running for some Sarpy County position. He says he has been pushing business there for years. Wonder if the Royals will be part of his portfolio.

Not sure I like the prospects of losing $45 million dollars by selling the Hilton. (We're on the hook for 103 million in bonds, it's tax value is $58 million. Kudos for Stothert actually knowing the facts.

He had no clue school districts were forced by state law to levy a minimum amount, but tried to attack Stothert anyway.

Tries to say he never sought the police and fire endorsements, but went through the entire process. Then AFTER he heard he wouldn't be endorsed he announced he wouldn't take their money. Huh???

Just another politician who will say anything that sounds good, but not have sound facts behind his statements.

He sent a mailer yesterday saying "For more than 15 years, Jon Blumenthal has been a driving force behind Omaha's economic growth." Should be a household name, but most of the people really behind Omaha's economic successes have never heard of the guy.


macdaddy said...

Suttle should have just reshot the other commercial but without his big puffy jacket. The first ad was much more interesting and clever. This was a pitiful re-run.

Interesting though that he brought up the sewer issue. Have Vokal or Daub brought that up? Isn't it supposed to cost a billion dollars and tear up most of Omaha? So wouldn't the candidates want to weigh in on that?

Anonymous said...

"there isn't much of a difference between these two candidates on the issues."?!?!

How about the sanctity of life?

Eric said...

Hey Jim,

You use a lower case letter for "streets" when you're talking about more than one street (i.e. 45th and Emile). If you're going to be picky, you should at least be right.

Street Sweeper, Young Pros, and Vokal: You are all correct. Carry on.

Street Sweeper said...

...we'll do that...

Anonymous said...

I address this to all Leavenworth street bloggers;

This is one of the few places where you can gather important info and have a way to view your views on local politics. I like the humor and its non-traditional style but I think its taking a turn for the worse.

The Leavenwrth St Blog's summary of Jim Suttle's crime plan was embarrassing. It was a hacket job.

We should demand better than that. That's just so blantant bias against Suttle and pro-Daub/Vokal its not even funny.

I ask: do you want this site to have some balance, sure a conservative or Republican-slant is OK, an overall level playing field OR do you want this site to be just another obvious, partisan, slanted, unfair site?

We already have a million partisan Republican voices - Rush, Hannity, Voorhees, Sandlemeyer, Laura Ingrahm (babe), etc and we have on the other side - hardball, K. Oberman, Rachel Maddow, Air America, CNN, etc....

Street Sweeper said...

A) It's either a "hatchet" job or a "hack" job. Unless, you meant it was a "Buddy Hackett" job, in which case I don't know what you mean.

2) Suttle's plan has, according to the OWH story, 3 components: 1) Jobs -- and we've already reviewed his Iowa Jobs Plan; 2) Lower truancy -- though Suttle admits that the Mayor can't really affect that; 3) Continue a number of programs already in place -- which makes those elements someone else's plan.

That's a FAIR summary of the article. If Suttle has more detail to his plan, he is welcome to send it to us, and we'll post it, as we have those of other candidates.

So while we joke and have fun and all that, we've also presented a legitimate critique of his "plan" -- or lack there of.

III) It's "Saddlemeyer", "Olbermann", and "Ingraham" (where I chuckle at your ID of her as a a "babe").

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Here's a plan for reducing violent crime in Omaha: (1) hire more police officers; (2) do not hire a policd auditor and/or hometown security director; (3) coordinate with ICE and focus on reducing hispanic gangs run by illegals; (4) stop supporting poverty (food stamps, welfare, Section 8 housing, ADC) thereby encouraging the permanent poor to relocate; and (5) arrest OPS Board members for their failure to enforce truancy laws. How's that for a start???

aligner said...

The simplistic answer for crime prevention is to look to government to fix the problem. The three candidates want to get elected so they are coming up with their "plans" to address the average person's concerns and fears, just as every politician has for the past 50 years. Government's job is to arrest criminals. Stopping the cycle of poverty, bad parenting and poor education, which are the roots of crime, is the work of initiatives like Building Brighter Futures and the many good non-profits in Omaha. They deserve our attention and support. Expecting the government to fix it is equivalent to sticking one's head in the sand.

Ricky said...

Question: Why do those billboards up around town cut off the top of Jim Suttle's head?
Any photographer knows you are not supposed to cut off the top of a subjects head.
We all know Mr Suttle is bald, but so is Jimmy V, by choice (not a good look).
At least all three realize a key problem is the gun violence in Omaha.

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

The Leavenworth Street blogger SS proved the earlier point that his site is becoming more partisan by mischaracterizing Suttle's crime plan.

examples: You reduced Suttle's jobs plan as a "Iowa jobs plan". Come on - the OWH article said he hopes that it would create jobs on both sides of the river and particularly help north Omaha (something no mayor has done yet with a real jobs creation plan!) To simply call it a Iowa jobs plan is very dishonest. This idea could spark new developement. He also is the only one psuhing "green jobs". He also said he'd take Obama's stimulus money to help with sewers but you didn't mention that.

2. Suttle didn't say the mayor couldn't affect truancy and overall education. He said the mayor didn't have the instistutional authority to say set OPS policy but of course, the mayor can be a major player in shaping policy. I'm sure OPS would listen to a mayor if he called or spoke out on an issue.

3. He didn't say he likes every program that is in existence. Again, come on, you need to be fair to your readers. In today's OWH he said he wants to get more cops on the street away from civilan desk jobs (others have said the same), he would coordinate with Safe Neighborhood projects, etc. He supports ideas like Bright Futures (Daub is trying to take credit for that).

I could go on.

Street Sweeper said...

Sorry cowboy: we provided cogent analysis on Suttle's non-plan.

Sorry you didn't like the results.

Anonymous said...

Daub won the debate tonight -- hands down. Vokal sounded well rehearsed but was a little light on substance.

Anonymous said...

Sure is a lot of talk about Suttle's lack of substance and message around lately.

What were all those expenditures for Clear Comm again?

With all those appearances on his campaign finance reports, you should at least give em a plug for coming up short.

Anonymous said...

Daub should have asked Vokal, "Where's the Beef" about his plans during the debate!!!

Anonymous said...

When your an empty suit like Vokal, there is no Beef.

youngprofessional said...

Suttle had no meat for any of his posititons. HIs plans are simplistic minded and he was absymal in his performance last night.

Vokal only talked about Downtown, North and South Omaha. Did he forget that Omaha extends past 72nd Street?? As a West Omaha Young Professional he has not discussed what he would do for me. Im throughly offended and will not be supporting him this election.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jim Vokal will still take free donuts to neighborhood organizations' functions if he loses this election. I wonder if Jim Vokal will continue to kiss Frank Brown's a** if he loses this election. Will we see the two faces of Jimmy if he loses this election?

Anonymous said...

the recent front page picture in the owh of the 3 candidates can be summed up easy:

bald- daub
balder- suttle
baldest- vokal

Anonymous said...

jim vokal wont just suck up to brown if he loses, he probably will suck up to john mccollister and chip maxwell, 2 other republicans with questionable conservative cred.

why anyone sucks up to Frank Brown, when he is just a stooge for Ernie Chambers