Monday, March 09, 2009

The Field is set

The Field is set for the April 7th Omaha Mayoral primary.

Your candidates are:

Former Omaha Mayor and former 2nd District Congressman, Hal Daub.

Omaha City Councilman, Jim Suttle

Omaha City Councilman, Jim Vokal

Rickes Equipment field technician (with a degree in Evangelism), Randy Brown

And all around Omaha and Nebraska candidate, Mort Sullivan

So with the election just four weeks away, here is our re-analysis of Who Wants to Face Whom.

We gave our initial analysis back in December, but that has changed a bit now, especially looking at the actions of the candidates themselves.  So we think...

Daub: would rather face Suttle

We were skeptical of this at first, believing Daub would not want a R vs. D matchup. But the more we look at it, this may be just what Hal wants. He may figure that hard-core Democrats are going to vote against him anyway, so they may as well have Suttle to get behind. 

And intelligent observers of the race are likely to discover what we have in Councilman Kookypants' proposals. So if Daub can pull in the R's, and enough of the D's who believe he really has the best ideas, then he can pull off a win -- if not clobber Suttle.

Daub may not want to face Vokal, because he would instead have to split some of the R votes with GOPer Vokal, and then risk losing all the Dems that planned to vote against Daub anyway. While Daub may feel that he could still out-experience Vokal, the math works better for him in a Suttle matchup.

Daub's statements of late also indicate that he would rather face Suttle. He has hit Vokal on the sex-offender flap - praising Suttle's vote. He has praised Suttle's "effort" in coming up with the Papal Toboggan. And the other day, even left-handedly, he praised Suttle's Econ plan. If he has praised Vokal, we haven't seen it. But we wouldn't expect to hear Daub praising Suttle in a general election matchup.

Vokal: would rather face...Suttle

This is an iffy situation, but we are going to say Vokal would rather face Suttle. While, as mentioned above, we think Daub may feel he could have a tougher time against Vokal, that doesn't mean Daub would be easier than Suttle for Jim Vokal. 

As with Daub, Vokal could make it a straight up R vs D match with Suttle, and then hope to pull over some Ds. In a matchup with Daub, he could in theory pull in many more Ds and also his own Rs. But this could be more difficult with an opponent like Daub. But then again, we could go the other way on this as well. Toss up.

Vokal's camp seems to slam both Daub and Suttle equally, so we can't get a read from them on who they'd rather go up against. But then again, Vokal will likely have a battle in the primary, so he needs to hit them both at any chance.

Suttle: would rather face Vokal. 

Suttle and Vokal will both face name ID issues. If Suttle is up against Daub, that's one more battle he would have to face.  Suttle is better off facing a another City Councilman like himself who voters will need to get to know.

If he's facing Vokal , he can play up the Dem (i.e. Obama) thing, but still try to make himself to be the middle-of-the-road candidate -- a cool-headed Dem to those wacky GOPers. 

He could do it against Daub as well, but the road could be rockier.

Randy Brown would rather face Mort Sullivan.

Now THERE's a general election...

Mort Sullivan wants to face a flying bear, in the wild, with his bare hands

The bear wants to run home to its mommy.

OK, what's your theory, politico?


Ya we here at Leavenworth Street love us some Monday morning, LJS, Don Walton column. It's one of the few places in Nebraska main stream media to find some pure, well-informed, political commentary.

But...this morning... Don, we got it, on the fourth note. You think Ben Nelson is a moderate. Centrist. In the middle. Of it all. 

Got it...


The kids over at the NNN have got some commentary up regarding the Lincoln City Council. And we are all for more info out there for our well-educated readers. But we would just note that while we endeavor to cover local politics outside of Omaha, sometimes we are just a tad too busy.

So while there are more and more blogs out there, we would just point out that if there was a conservative blog to cover local Lincoln politics, it would certainly serve all interested individuals to have another choice for the Lincoln news. 

If it was interesting, we'd sure read it.


On that note, we will do our best to summarize the Omaha City Council races this week. 

If any of the candidates have websites for us to link to (and a photo of your candidate), an email would be much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

"He has hit Vokal on the sex-offender flap" ??

When, pray tell, did Hal 'hit' Vokal on anything?

Anonymous said...

A flying bear would be competitive in this constipated field.

OmaSteak said...

Can we all vote for "none of the above" on April 7th and start over with a new slate of better candidates??? Please!!!

Anonymous said...

Who do you think would be "better," OmaSteak?

OmaSteak said...

How about Dave Nabity for one? Someone who isn't afraid to really shake things up and really hates taxes.

Write in RJ BROWN said...

What about RJ Brown for Mayor?

He is as well liked and qualified as any of these candidates, plus he can take us all fishing on the banks of the Missouri River.

Anonymous said...

OK, jumping the gun a little and hitting city council.

Jon Blumenthal was spotted this weekend at Jean Stothert as they walked door to door on the same block. the voter at the door Blumenthal was at just looked in horror as the guy he is just meeting (Blumenthal), who is asking for his vote - went on his rant.

Seems Mr. Blumenthal wants Stothert to call him and make sure they are not in the same area or something like that.

"We can't have this! We can't have this!" Blumenthal yelled. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

From 3:17
Typo...was spotted yelling at Jean Stothert

"Jon Blumenthal was spotted this weekend YELLING at Jean Stothert"

One Out In The Third said...

For a minute I thought you were going to say Suttle would rather face Suttle.

Where's Pete Ricketts?

Anonymous said...

Vokal just had to loan his campaign $10,000!

Anonymous said...

No wonder he won't give back the $5,000 from the firefighters!!!

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper -- As a Daub supporter who has posted a number of comments pointing out when you reveal your bias for Vokal and your addiction to the access and information McGrain gives you (regardless of its quality), I want to say the last two posts have broken the mold. Are you warming up to Hal again now that it looks like the game is up* for Vokal?

*(See the two comments directly above.)

Anonymous said...

Somebody please post where I can find Suttle's vote and info on the sex-offender flap. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised john mccollister (aka the guy who ran against anne boyle last year)

and dave newell arent running for anything

they like more sullivan and chip maxwell love running for stuff.

I think jim esch should have ran for mayor of omaha.