Friday, October 03, 2008

Nebraska Senate: Safe Republican

Rasmussen poll out yesterday for the U.S. Senate race in Nebraska.

The numbers:
Mike Johanns: 52%
Scott Kleeb: 38%

Rasmussen calls that, "Safe Republican".

And the Dems are filled with glee because Kleeb is no longer getting blown out by 25%.
Now, it's only by 14%.

As Johanns noted, just about any Senate candidate in the country would be more than pleased with those sort of polling numbers a month away from Election Day.

Though don't expect the Johanns camp to let up. As a matter of fact, their ad campaign should begin to burn up the airwaves. We would also point out that Johanns hasn't had a single comparative or "negative" ad out. He has taken it relatively easy on Kleeb as far as defining his true liberalism.

But one thing we found interesting was in Rasmussen's Presidential polling numbers for Nebraska. Those showed:

John McCain: 56%
Barack Obama: 37%

So here is our question: Who are these McCain-Kleeb voters? Now there's an anomaly for ya. We will be interested to see if Kleeb endorses McCain as Election Day gets closer.

And as the Kleebians get more excited, we noted one commenter stating, "Hey, Chuck Hagel was 14 points back a month out in his first race!"

And just so we are square -- Dems are comparing a candidate who was a 50 year old war veteran, who served in the Reagan administration and was a successful businessman ... to a 32 year old Democrat who has held his first full time job as a history teacher this past year. Got it.


Governor Sarah Palin's performance in the Vice Presidential debate last night should bring new energy into the McCain campaign.

Unfortunately, we still don't know what the latest numbers are for the McCain-Obama race in the 2nd District, as the recent Rasmussen poll did not break it down by CD. At this point, we think it's safe to assume that that race will be relatively close, though we see McCain with a win.

In any case, we doubt Obama will be pouring many more resources into Omaha. It is more likely that other swing states will prove more crucial and resources will be shifted.

And yes, that means he is unlikely to have the coat tails that a certain Congressional candidate is hoping to ride...


Senator Chuck Hagel, who was referenced by Joe Biden in last night's veep debate, gave his closing floor speech in the Senate yesterday, where he of course referenced Barack Obama.

You can read the speech in its entirety via this OWH link.

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Anonymous said...

Of course, you ignore the part of the poll where it showed that unaffiliated voters went from 47-30 for Johanns to 43-35 Kleeb. That's a huge swing. Plus Johanns positives dropped, while his negatives went up. Kleebs did the opposite. And Johanns doesn't do negative the traditional way. He does it with lies and a smile.

Street Sweeper said...

I ignored nothing. Unless the new Constitution allows only I's to vote, that poll shows Johanns up by 14%.

If and when Johanns does start pointing out Kleeb's actual positions, on TV, look for Kleeb's numbers to plummet...

Anonymous said...

Kleeb's positions are more in line with Nebraskan's than Johanns', who parrots talking points that people are tired of hearing. By the way, how was Mikey's big New Jersey fundraiser with the Pro-Israel PAC?

Street Sweeper said...

(Here, I'll use a little Joe Biden...)

And as far as funders go, is Scott anti-Israel?

But do tell how Scott's cash begging trip to DC went. And to Chicago. And to New York City. And to San Francisco.

To hear Kleeb tell it, you'd think he's been hitchhiking between Scottsbluff and Omaha for the past month.

Anonymous said...

So....just getting a chance to scan through the paper during lunch. Lee Terry's top contributors are lawyers and law firms? Boy does that explain a lot!

On the other hand, the paper reports that Jim Esch's top contributors are retirees. Guess who's mad right now about losing their retirement accounts in this economic mess? Oh yeah, retirees and soon-to-be retirees. Hope this makes them run to the polls!

j said...

"In any case, we doubt Obama will be pouring many more resources into Omaha."

better double-check that one.

OmaSteak said...

So the Esch campaign is bragging about ripping off elderly retirees just so he can repay himself past loans??? BTW, Lee Terry just cost himself 1 vote by voting for the "bailout bill" today...mine. It will be interesting to see how many Republican votes are cast in CD2 total and how many of those Lee doesn't get by people like me just skipping over that box on the ballot.

Street Sweeper said...

Clicking on those links, it looks to me like they are circling back on the same article that refers to the original Obama office off Dodge.
Welcome to look at any correction to that.

Anonymous said...

Johanns isn't going to "let up?" Near as I can tell, there is no "up" to "let." Those babes are lost in the wilderness over there, but they will win the race in spite of themselves.

Pipsisewah said...

Sweeper, are you saying Amnesty Mike has NEVER ran a negative ad, or just hasn't this cycle? If the numbers get any closer, Mike will be screaming "Mr. Wizard!!", and some little, obscure GOP PAC will throw everything at Kleeb they can. Of course, Pontiuos Pilate Johanns will wash his hands of the sin by telling everybody his campaign never authorized it.

He is a puppet of the GOP, and an extension of Mr. Shrubs policies. He will be more than happy to let the GOP fight his fight. And he will be more than happy to repay his debt. He needs to change his slogan, "Me, The GOP, and Thee"

Street Sweeper said...

Following up from above, the Obama camp IS opening another office in Omaha -- on Ames Ave:

Does this mean they think the Election will come down to ONE electoral vote?

Street Sweeper said...


Obviously I'm talking about this cycle. But only you Kleebians could get that worked up about being down 14%.

Oh wait, I forgot that Kleeb "nearly won" in 2006, when he lost by 10%...

Marilyn Walker said...

Thanks for your coverage of this race. I'd like you and your readers to know about a voter education initiative I'm involved in, Your Candidates-Your Health, which asks presidential and congressional candidates for their views on health care, medical research and other related issues.

Both McCain and Obama have responded to our survey at, and we have invited congressional candidates from your state. So far, only one of the 10 candidates running from Nebraska have responded.

Hope this information and site can be of use to you and your readers. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Regarding your comparison between Chuck Hagel and Scott Kleeb...let us not forget that not only was Chuck a 50 year old veteran, he also had the company that counted the votes.
I refuse to acknowledge any positives in Hagel's role in Congress because he possibly undermined the foundation of free elections in order to get there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:27 You shouldn't have posted that. If you happen to see some black!

Anonymous said...

So Sweeper, it's okay for Mikey to campaign outside Nebraska, but not Kleeb? You see the point was made because you make such a big deal about it. Mikey had actually campaign and fundraised several times out of state, including in New York, California and DC. What's the difference? Oh, that's right. Ones a Democrats, ones a Republican.

And if those numbers keep moving (and with this economic downturn, the fact that Kleeb is actually neck and neck in the 3rd with Johanns and national sources pouring into the 2nd) there is a very real chance that people will see Johanns for the worthless, do nothing, puppet he really is. You know, it's also something to consider that Nebraska has mirrored the nation in that people have registered to vote in record numbers and OVERWHELMINGLY as Democrats.

So keep watching. Things are getting interesting!!

Anonymous said...

Any polls yet on the Esch/Terry race?

asecurityguard said...

Nice flip flop by Lee Terry on the bailout legislation. Clearly there wasn't enough pork in it last time...

Gerard Harbison said...


Esch would have lost another vote with his bailout vote, but I live in the 1st, and Fortenberry earned my lasting support by voting twice against this 'crap sandwich' (to quote Boehner and Michelle Malkin).

Fortenberry has negligible opposition this year, and so could vote his conscience. It appears to be the conscience of a conservative.

Right Wing Professor said...

Did I write Esch? Aaargh! I meant Terry

We luv you Suzie said...

It's Anazing how Susie Buffet and main line Dems are out in force registering Felons and those who are against the Connerly Amendment in North Omaha. Please come to mid and west Omaha to show the true nature of the Democratic Party.

madconservative said...

Let's see, little piggies come to the trough:

1.) Exemption from excise tax for certain wooden arrows designed for use by children. $2 million

2.) Sec. 317. Seven-year cost recovery period for motorsports racing track facility. $100 million

3.) Sec. 308. Increase in limit on cover over of rum excise tax to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. $192 million

4.) Sec. 301. Extension and modification of research credit. 2 year extension, $19 billion

5.) Sec. 504. Income averaging for amounts received in connection with the Exxon Valdez litigation. $49 Million

6.) Sec. 601. Secure rural schools and community self-determination program. $3.3 billion

7.) Sec 502. Provisions related to film and television productions. $478 million over 10 years

8.) Sec. 325. Extension and modification of duty suspension on wool products; wool research fund; wool duty refunds. It extends current law provisions until 12/31/14, and in some cases to12/31/15. The 2010 to 2015 cost is estimated to be $148 million.

9.) Sec. 309. Extension of economic development credit for American Samoa. $33 million

10.) Sec. 211. Transportation fringe benefit to bicycle commuters. $10 million, Glad that new pork bridge will be put to use.

What a joke. This bill was so bad and full of special interest provisions. It was even worse than the original Paulson plan.

Congressman Terry cannot say that he takes on the special interests because this bill was a special interest extravaganza and he votes YES.

Terry is not a fiscal conservative and this bill proves his hypocrisy. He receives over 3,500 emails, 60% against. 2/3 of all phone calls to the district office were against this special interest extravaganza. And he votes Yes for this bailout that doesn't help Main Street.

It shows he does not listen to his constituents.

At least the other 2 congressional districts have Congressmen who listen to the majority of their constituents. This bill was even worse than the original.

Terry needs to go as he has lost touch with the voters.

He no longer will receive my vote.

j said...

But don't fret, I'm sure the McCain camp is spending time in Nebr. b/c they feel like they can now that they've pretty much sowed things up elsewhere around the country.

Anonymous said...

Per the local newspaper, Lee Terry did a little more research (you should all try that sometime) and talked with many business owners and Warren Buffet (I think he's just a tad smarter than any of you on money matters!!) and was told some things that would likely happen if the bill wasn't passed.

I think you all need to worry about your own finances and stop living beyond your means. Cutting up your 10 credit cards and getting rid of your cable TV would be a good start, not to mention trying not to eat out every night.

Voting no was the easy vote!!

asecurityguard said...

Funny, i figured passing the 700B on to the future generations was the easy vote. Thats all that has been happening for awhile

pipsisewah said...

I was wrong. I said an obsure GOP PAC would come in an fight for Iron Mike. Its Sarah Palin!!!! The numbers started getting close, and Adriana brought in President Shrub. Kleeb shows a good move, and Sarah is brought in to bring enthusiasm back to Amnesty Mike. Why don't you bring back your buddy, mentor, and boss, The Shrub?

Have any of you purveyors of pachedermal providence found the word Republican, or Bush on Johanns website yet? One would think he would be proud enough of his party to toot their horn.

I can't wait for the ads showing Bush and Johanns with their arms around each other coming off planes together, or all of their great comments of all the support and respect they have for each other. That increase in the poll is due to people finally realizing Johanns is nothing but a Bush puppet, and will continue to be one. When the flood of pictures and ads in the papers hit, Iron Mikes quote will be this, "Well. you know, we all have had to work for bosses we never liked and disagreed with, and I needed the job because I just bought a house in Virginia, and I really needed the health insurance, and...."

Anonymous said...

There's another section of the bailout bill worth noting. It lets the IRS give information from individual tax returns to any federal law enforcement agency investigating suspected
"terrorist" activity, which can, in turn, share it with local and state police. Intelligence agencies such as the CIA and the National Security Agency can also receive that information.

The information that can be shared includes "a taxpayer's identity, the nature, source, or amount of his income, payments, receipts, deductions, exemptions, credits, assets, liabilities, net worth, tax liability, tax withheld, deficiencies, overassessments, or tax payments, whether the taxpayer's return was, is being, or will be examined or subject to other investigation or processing, or any other data received by, recorded by, prepared by, furnished to, or collected by the Secretary with respect to a return."
That provision had already existed in federal law and automatically expired on January 1, 2008.

What's a little odd is that there's been little to no discussion of the IRS sections of the bailout bill, even though they raise privacy concerns. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said this week: "I will continue to work with congressional leaders to find a way forward to pass a comprehensive plan to stabilize our financial system and protect the American people by limiting the prospects of further deterioration in our economy." He never mentioned the necessity of additional IRS undercover operations.