Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain-Obama II

You got $.02 worth of thoughts on the Prez debate?  Slap it down here.

**Update, Wednesday morn***

Frankly we found it to be a snoozer. Neither candidate added anything new to what they've been saying they will do, what the other guy would do, what America should do.

The only interesting parts were that 1) Omahan Warren Buffett was referenced by each candidate; 2) former Omaha reporter Tom Brokaw is being roundly criticized for his poor questioning and moderating; and 3) if this race is close, Omaha could still be a factor.

(And that's really stretching "interesting" on all three points, but we were looking for something...)

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Anonymous said...

That's it. I'm voting for Ralph Nader this year. That debate was pitiful. We're in our darkest hour of our country's economic history in our lifetime, and did either of the candidates give any kind of concrete answer on how it can be fixed? Or why we got in this mess in the first place? Or what they will specifically do to address our concerns? NO.

I'm tired of all politicians.

Eric said...

Tom Brokaw is a terrible debate moderator. This wasn't a "town hall" style debate at all, and it was mostly his fault. He ignored the part of the rules where he wasn't supposed to ask his own questions and then was overly rigid, in an obnoxiously distracting way, on everything else.

And, who exactly are McCain's friends that he keeps talking about? It would be nice if he talked to the rest of us once in a while.

Anonymous said...

What does "that one" think about McCains' condesention?
Wow this election is so over.
Will the collapse of the Republican ticket take Lee Terry down with it?
Let us hope so.

Ricky from Omaha

Anonymous said...

I guess the candidates think this economic mess is so obvious that they didn't have to point out that it is, and was, and will continue to be, our Country's greed and ego that got us into this!

But, then again, maybe they understand that pointing your finger at the voter and telling them that they did this to themselves is never appropriate, nor does it usually make them want to run out and vote for you!

Anonymous said...

Let's just leave it at Tom Brokaw is terrible.

As for Lee Terry, he made toast out of Esch last night at Creighton. The only thing he forgot to mention is that wealth is usually indicated by having a Trust Fund, owning property that you don't work (but collect government income on), and not working for 3 years, but spending more than $135,000 in one year.

By the way, if Jim thinks that increasing revenue isn't the only way to pay for programs (that means raising your taxes whether he likes to admit it or not!), then he must want to cut non essential spending. EXACTLY, where would he begin AND EXACTLY how is he going to tell that Democrat Constituency that their check is going to be cut?!

The voters want answers Jimbo!

Uncle Wiggily said...

Sweet mother of pearl ... I've had more excitement watching blood clot. Anyone up for a Constitutional amendment banning presidential debates??

On the plus side, it's the best ninety minute nap I've had in quite some time.

Anonymous said...

Terry-Esch Debate: Jim couldn't give specific answers to a question to save his life. You'd think a guy who did this 2 years ago would have been more prepared. Lee Terry has a proven track record of success and Jim has NO record, he's an unknown.

Anonymous said...

"Lee Terry has a proven track record of success...."

Huh? Lee Terry's been part of the problem of where our country is today.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Lee has a proven track record of opening up his mouth and inserting his foot.

Anonymous said...

Raising revenue usually means a tax cut of some type also.

Dont forget that when Republican's have increased spending and cut taxes, revenues went up. However, not enought to pay for their programs and thus creating deficit spending.

Republican's forget to always cut spending. During Lee's time in Congress, the government has grown to the largest it has been in nearly 60 years.

Anonymous said...

EXCEPT, Esch has repeatedly said that we need to repeal the Bush tax cuts.

He also wanted to send your rebate check to the Mayor to spend. I am sure that he would hav run right out and spent your money on something for your family our home!

Let Jim Esch continue to spend his Family Trust Fund and Lee Terry will let you spend your own money.

tacotech said...

You know what, jackass: I didn't get a stimulus check. Mine went to pay my taxes for the year. Furthermore, the stimulus check did one thing for certain, it delayed the enevitable disintergration in the market and our economy. It was a short-term gain that had no lasting effect on our economy.

Lee Terry let me spend my own money, how about ensuring the government spends its money more wisely. That whole stimulus check was borrowed money that was given to the taxpayers. Furthermore, he spends money we don't have on a bailout that adds to the debt around another $1 trillion that we don't have. They had to raise the debt ceiling to pass the bailout. Real Nice, Lee. Way to waste our money on a bailout that has not done anything to shore up the markets, credit is still screwed up and the global economy is crashing.

Thanks, Lee. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

FYI, I am known as Anonymous, You, the Democrat would be known as the Jackass.