Thursday, October 30, 2008

LT-TV : The Esch Résumé

New Lee Terry ad, entitled "Checks" that is on the airwaves right now.
See it here:

We have been wondering when a spot like this was going to hit. This is one of the biggest items that voters may not know about Esch.

Not only that Esch is a trust-fund baby.
Not only that Esch receives government checks for NOT farming.

But that Esch simply has no significant employment history over the past three years.

At some point you say, "Jim Esch wants to go straight from unemployed party-boy to Congressman?  Wait a second..."

An effective spot (though we're not crazy about the overly busy graphics).


New Mike Johanns ad up as well, entitled, "Newspapers Tell The Story".
See it here:

Nice, self explanatory endorsements spot.

(We don't wanna say this ad cost nothing to put together, but it's possible the MJ camp is turning a profit on this whole thing...)


And to lighten things up, remember Halloween 2007? Maybe we'll have something similar tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Lee Terry got into public office because he has a famous daddy. Jim Esch is trying to do the same because he has a rich daddy. Don't we deserve better than this?

I'll go with the guy who hasn't spent the last 10 years in congress doing nothing except declining challenges to fist fights.

Anonymous said...

Terry got into office because: a) he had established a successful career as an attorney (in his own firm where he had to meet payroll each month) and b) after serving on the Omaha City Council, where he was ultimately elected by his peers as president of that body.

Anonymous said...

Esch has the same resume I had at 15 and what my 4 year old has now. With no criminal history. Hey more qualified here.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jim Esch---what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Jim Esch and resume in the same sides hurt from laughing. Please stop SS.

Anonymous said...

People who work usually don't have time to watch 2 C-Span channels at the same time on 2 TV's and listen to talk radio and search the internet etc etc etc......Remind me not to get a job so I can be the most qualified for public office in case I want Ben Nelson's job in 2012 or Charles Grassley's job in 2010 if he retires.
Guess which crazy deranged Flag Guy this is!

Anonymous said...

People who have a job don't usually have the time to watch 2 or 3 C-Span channels at the same time and listen to talk radio and search the web etc etc.
Remind me to never get a job so I can be very qualified if the public ever would let me be the rep. in Washington or a Senator.
Vote third party....just to screw with things.
Elect a crazy deranged insane flag guy to public office.....the only court-certified madman wanting to run for public office.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't esch ran any ads telling us how great he is? He started immediately with negative ads towards Mr. Terry. Is that because he has nothing good to say about himself????

Anonymous said...

Why is Esch so quite? He can't hide behind daddy on this one. This speaks volumes about him. What is the greatest thing is that there is no time for him to answer this truth. Frankly Esch is lucky, this should have been Lee's first argument that Esch is an empty suit!!!! Great add LEE!!!!

BYE BYE ESCH!!! This one broke his political back!

Anonymous said...

I have a very reliable source that said there is a poll that Democrats have either conducted or secretly heard it thru a source with the Esch campaign that shows Terry is ahead by 3 points which is within the margin of error. This was done Oct 27 & 28th. In order words, a pretty close race kids.

But, how do you explain the Terry negative attack ads? Does he think he's still behind? Usually you go negative when you are behind? Or are the personal attacks working and Terry is pulling away?

I heard one person say he'd not vote for Esch because of what the ads say but I heard three people say they are more determined to vote for Esch because they called the Terry ads "cheap shots", "lame", "gutter-ball politics".

Who knows???? Why isn't Joe Jordan or OWH running a poll? Can the Leavenworth Street Blog run one??

My own predictions; Obama wins but its close, Johanns by 13%, Terry by 4%, Boyle 50%-49% over McColister, Check w Chip Maxwell 51-48 over Kraft DC, Ernie Chambers 99% for LC, Affirmative Action goes bye bye, Nancy Huston & M Ellen Drickey lose their OPS seats, Judges are retained but the anti-Judges votes increase, etc...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:12
I believe you meant to say "quiet", not "quite".

Anonymous said...

This election is NOT about Jim Esch, it is about how SAD our Representation has been.

1.) Lee bitches about voting for/on an energy bill. When it comes to vote, he votes against it. HUH??

2.) Lee says he is against Social Security privitization. However, his record shows the exact opposite.

3.) Lee says he is against the bailout. Votes against it, then when sweetheart deals and pork is added, he votes for it.

4.) Lee says he is against automatic payraises for Congress. However, he takes them.

5.) Lee says is for balancing the budget. However, no balanced budget is in sight. When Republicans were in power, they broke the bank.

Seems to me Republicans forgot what we stand for. Time for Lee to go the way of the dodo.

OmaSteak said...

Esch was on KFAB this morning during the Scott Voorhees show. When asked "What's the one thing you'd like to refute in the ads running against you right now?" by Voorhes, Esch replied "The ads by the RNCCC are a little personal." Then he was asked "What's the one thing you want to accomplish if you're elected right away, the one thing you'll focus on, your priority bill?" Esch replied "I'd like to work across the aisle to govern from the middle." The OWH was being generous when they only described Esch as vague...he's apparently completely clueless.

Anonymous said...

Uh, when Scott Vorhees asked Lee Terry this morning what he would give to voters his reply was, "Candy." Then he giggled at his own joke and said he'd like to give us a "stable economy."

That's not vague? Give me a break.

Gerard Harbison said...

But, how do you explain the Terry negative attack ads?

Negative usually works, and when your opponent has a zero for a resumé and a history that includes a drunken driving conviction, negative works pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Too bad people are tired of the same old Republican playbook.

We'll see what kind of Congressman Mr Esch when he gets elected on Tuesday.

Just face it, there isn't much you can do to stop it from happening.

When are is the Terry mafia going to release their poll results???

Must be pretty sad working in that office right now. How I would hate to hear "The Wicked Witch", err I mean Robyn right now.

tacocabana said...

My own predictions:

1.) Obama by 6%
2.) Esch by 4%
3.) Johanns by 17%
4.) Amendment 1 passes by 10%
5.) Amendment 424 fails by 2%