Thursday, October 23, 2008

DCCC-TV: Same song, second verse

The DCCC has a new ad out on behalf of Jim Esch, entitled, "Lee Terry: Whose Side Is He On? (NE-02)" (the campaign committees come up with catchy titles, huh?). See it here:

This is nearly the exact same ad they ran earlier regarding Terry and Social Security. 
Of course it's also funny that Camp Esch is screaming that the NRCC is going back seven years to look at Esch's DUI, but it's OK to go back four years to come up with a Terry position on Social Security?What, Terry hasn't said anything on that issue since 2004? Well, we know that he has.

The ad says that Terry "supports privatizing Social Security", which he does not.

If you want to get a bead on what Terry is proposing in the SS discussion, listen to him on Todd n' Tyler from a couple days ago by clicking here. If Tn'T can understand and agree with it, it must not be all bad, right? From "Joe The Plumber" to "Todd the DJ"...

Of course our main problem with this is just the pure un-creativity of the DCCC. Another SS ad, with the stock ticker flying by? Was one of the interns, who only has one idea, put in charge of this campaign? Come on DCCC! You can do better than that! Otherwise just throw out the old LBJ "Daisy Girl" ad and be done with it...


And hey with all the new controversy about who should take down what ad in the 2nd District, we have to comment on what the candidates are saying.

First you've got Lee Terry saying that the NRCC's ad on Esch's DUI is "not fair". Well, we are here to disagree with you Congressman. What, specifically, isn't "fair" about it? 

This was an issue that Esch hid back in 2006 and never addressed. Esch is running to be one of a select few to vote on the laws for the country. The public deserves to know his background. There are few ways, other than TV ads to do that.

But then there was Esch's response, when confronted about his ad saying Terry "voted against Veterans". Esch said that his campaign "researched it". Well, if they had actually researched it, they would have noted that on the actual bill that addressed Veterans care, Terry voted for it.

This must be the same research staff that couldn't explain to Esch the difference between a bill and a resolution. Jim may want to look into the vetting process in the HR department at Esch for Congress...

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macdaddy said...

I saw the "new" ad. Thought it was the old one. I guess even the DCCC is now too lazy to come up with new ads. Wow, that Jim Esch must be very influential!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone is getting a little nervous.

Anonymous said...

Would that be Esch that is nervous? Please tell Jimmy that he won't be homeless on November 5th. He can move out of his SlowDown Loft and into one of those nifty trailer homes that he owns down in Carter Lake.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Yup. Good old Republican hypocrisy. Rant about Esch's DUI but ignore those by Bush and Cheney. Rant about Bill Clinton's faulty zipper but ignore the fact that McCain couldn't keep his barn door shut either. Rant about how inexperienced Kleeb is but slather the hosannas on Sarah Palin - one that doesn't even understand the duties of the office she's running for.

God I wish I could wake up from this nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Why won't the Terry campaign release the results from any of their polls?

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe the RNC could spend another $150,000 dollars on Lee Terry and make him more authentic. Or is Omaha still considered a pro-America part of the country? I have such a hard time remembering which parts of the country are pro-America or anti-America according to the RNC. Could you help me reconcile these please?

Street Sweeper said...

That's the best you got?

1) Bush/Cheney are not on the ballot, but when they were, this stuff was all well vetted. Not so with Esch.

2) Not even the NYT would follow up on the McCain rumors.

3) Last time I checked Sarah P. was a) elected to the city council, b) elected Mayor, and c) elected Governor of her state. You boy Scotty doesn't come CLOSE to touching her experience.

Nice to have you back.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Good to be back Sweeper.

Oh, I have a lot more where that came from. You know me. I was just hitting some of the basic points.

GW and Darth Vater well vetted? What are you smoking and where can I get some?

As for John McCain's well noted proclivity for sexual daliances I will offer his own story concerning how he met his current wife. He happened to be married at the time and that is a fact that even you can't deny Sweeper. I will believe what my own brother, a retired U.S. Navy Commander that served in Jacksonville, FL at the same time John McCain did told me. If there was a skirt in the officers club, John McCain was after it.

There are fools on many school boards, I know we've had 'em in my town and as for our current mayor . . . well, let's just say he's not the brightest bulb in the box and Holdrege is about the size Wasilla was when Sarah was busy running that town into $20M in debt. Yup, she got elected as governor of Alaska (big on landmass, short on people.) That doesn't say much for Alaskans does it? But then, look at what Nebraskans have voted for recently.

Did you know they don't pay income tax up there? Actually, Alaskan residents get PAID to live there. I can't wait to hear the results of the investigation into how she, like Sen. Ted Stevens, had "improvements" made to her house by the same contractor that Ted used. Yup, by golly, she's a real reformer, you betcha.

Anonymous said...


No need to wake up. I understand reality is difficult for some.


Street Sweeper said...


Yeah I've read the stories about McCain's situation in life after 5 years under torture in a prison camp. Get back to me when you have DNA evidence of him nailing an intern in his official office.

Yup, all kinds get elected to office. The Majority in Congress is proof of that.

And on that note, I'll take Palin over Joe Biden and his mouth any day.

Anonymous said...

So who on Esch's staff "researched" the veterans vote? 5th graders??????????

blah blah blah said...


If repubs ran a candidate who had a DUI, was very very short on work experience, was only 32 and had a net worth of $1 million+, collected $100K on farm subsidies when he doesn't farm, and lives off of family money what would you do?

Dems would be foaming at the mouth if we ran a guy that had the same credentials as Esch. They would call him a spoiled, rich, lazy, elitist who has no idea about the middle class. And rightly so.

Jim Esch is open to attacks on many fronts. This is politics.

And if you can say to me with a straight face that you wouldn't do the exact same thing, then you should run for office, because you one hell of a good liar.

Anonymous said...

And, BTO, do you have a relevant point today?

OmaSteak said...

BTO...your dreams are nightmares. Choose a more rational philosophy and, with hard work & dedication, your new dreams can come true...whether or not the chosen on is elected.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anymouse, Blabbermouth and Omistake,

Yeah, I could adhere to your mindless philosophies and be happier. A prefrontal lobotomy would give me the same effect. I could sit behind a fake name and drool all day, all the while believing I was a contributing member of society.

And Sweeper, are you REALLY trying to tell me that having been subjected to the hardships of a POW camp justify McCain's serial dick slinging? God, you guys spew "family values" out of one side of your face then defend abhorrent behavior out of the other. At least I'm consistent. I'm a heathen all the time.

OmaSteak said...

Try this one on for size...
"I swear by my life and by my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."
John Galt, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Street Sweeper said...

It's ironic you should list Mr. Galt, b/c apparently he recently donated to the Obama campaign...

I can't begin to imagine what torture for 5 years at the Hanoi Hilton would do to a person. But I'm pretty confident in saying that it would have been much more arduous than time spent in the Arkansas Governor's mansion.

Brian T. Osborn said...


I'll agree that suffering as a registered guest of the HH was undoubtably a terrible thing. But dang! Does McCain have to flaunt his little trophy wife/financier around as though she were the ORIGINAL Mrs. McCain?

You write about how Jim Esch has to own up to whatever crap you want to dump on him, yet, were he a Republican you'd be heaping praise on him. I don't know Jim Esch but I'll say that, given the current economic crisis our nation finds itself in I would much rather have a VERY successful businessman like Jay Stoddard representing my district in Congress than a guy who's business acumen was honed by renting out a few storage sheds near Gering.

Street Sweeper said...

Here I'll pump up Esch for you: He seems to have nice hair. I'll bet he can get up in the morning and comb it just using his hands. No brush!


And is there a problem with McCain having his wife on stage? He should keep her under the stairs?

And I'm sure Mr. Stoddard has done very well for himself. That's great.

But here's the little nugget the Dems in the 3rd will be mumbling about for a year: If Kleeb had re-challenged Adrian Smith, he would be in a MUCH tighter race right now, than he is against MJ, or than Stoddard is against Adrian.

And that is going to keep Dems pissed off at Kleeb for a while...

Pipsisewah said...

Hey Brian, lets get to Walmart! The GOP is handing out $150,000 credit vouchers for clothes. Beats the hell out of the spending incentive checks they handed out during the summer.

The GOP buys Sara Palin $150,000 worth of fricking clothes for campaigning!!!

Make my check out to Scheels or Cabelas. $150,000????? She truly is a "kept" woman. What's next, jewelry, cars, or luxury apts?

Anonymous said...

Wow. According to NNN, it just came out on the AP wires today that for the first time in 14 years, we now have more Democrats registered to vote in Douglas County than Republicans.

Buh-bye Lee Terry. Don't let the door hit ya....

Street Sweeper said...

If only the 2nd District were made up of only Douglas County, huh?

Might want to re-check your math there, buddy.

("According to NNN"? Cute.)

BB said...

Anon @ 4:14:

You forget that the 2nd District encompasses more than just Douglas County and that Republicans still have an advantage over Dems here. The only place Lee Terry is going is back to Washington for another term.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Lee Terry poll results???

Anonymous said...

SS, in your “Why Lee Terry Will Win” post back on 10/15 you wrote:

“Voter registration number have been steady. Nearly the same as in 2004.”

In 2004, Republicans held a +8,148 edge in Douglas County. Now, the Republicans are at -2,647. The shift in the last four years has been 10,795 voters in favor of the Democrats in Douglas County. Of course I haven’t seen any numbers out of Sarpy (particularly any that break out the two CDs) so that’s a bit of a wildcard.

Stand by the comment?

Brian T. Osborn said...


OK. I get it. You don't like Jim Esch because he had the audacity to run as a Democrat. Otherwise he has all the prerequisites to be placed on a Republican pedestal.

Mr. McCain shouldn't hide his current wife, nor any of his children, adopted or otherwise. But his campaign has presented her as though she were the one and only, not the little home-wrecker that she really was. I just don't like her being deified as though she were June Cleaver.

Jay Stoddard has indeed done well for himself, and he has been very generous towards others. I sometimes wonder why he has been so magnanimous with the NDP given the lack of reciprocity. But, I digress, the NDP will be reborn from its ashes once Vic Covalt gets a good grasp of the reins in December.

Would I like to have seen Scott Kleeb clean Mr. Club for Growth's clock in the 3rd CD? Golly, you betcha! But we have a long history of voting against our own best interests in the 3rd CD. I have yet to wrap my mind around the cause of that, maybe its something in the water . . . or lack of it.

I won't be joining those who would hold anything against Scott Kleeb. I expect to see him in Washington as my Senator. If fortune has it differently we in the 3rd CD will always have a debt of gratitude towards Scott for revitalizing what was a moribund 3rd CD Democratic party. If nothing else, he will be remembered as the spark that ignited the prairie fire that helped to eradicate the Republican weeds out here.

That reminds me, on another topic - one involving real life concerns - there is one thing that both Republicans and Democrats should be working together on in our next Legislative session. Sen. Tom Carlson will be asking for more funding for eradicating invasive vegetation along our waterways. I encourage everyone to support his efforts.