Friday, August 22, 2008

Terry vs Esch - Round 1

In the tradition of's Bill Simmons, following you'll find a running diary of the KFAB debate between Congressman Lee Terry and Jim Esch this morning. So away we go...

10:00 OK, it's Street Sweeper, sitting here LIVE in the Leavenworth Street Bunker. I'm on my second cup of coffee. I'm hunched over my keyboard. And I have KFAB and The Scott Vorhees Show fired up. LET'S DO THIS THING!

10:01 First, the news. Apparently Barack Obama is going to send out word of his veep pick via text message. You know because press releases are so easy to read on your phone. Or will it just be "my kewl vp piks JB - TTYL!"

10:03 There's a 2nd van to clean up Omaha graffiti. Is it like a Hinda Odyssey, or is it one of those with shag carpeting and wizard painted on the side? I need more info.

10:06 Was that a Helen Ready tune? Turns out it was a Guardian Generator ad. Who's the target market with that music?

10:07 OK, finally! Here's Scott. Stevie Wonder -- "All Right" intro. That's gotta fire everyone up. Stevie's the balls.

10:08 Esch wins the toss, and defers. (Terry will receive the kick?) Therefore Esch gets the last word. (Did they use a quarter, or like a Commemorative Debate Coin, like they have at the Super Bowl. Peter Hoagland's picture on one side and Jon Christensen's on the other.

10:08 The issues: Energy, Economy, War (which, btw, was never gotten to), 2nd Dist.

10:08 To start things light, Scott asks about how many houses the candidates own. Lee Terry says he owns one house. Esch says he owns no houses. (Wait, doesn't Jim own a condo above the Slowdown? Or is he renting? And what happened to that house he was going to build after the election? Oh well...)

10:09 Terry's opening statement: Gives his thoughts and appreciation to injured Officer Paul Latchar. Then says that his goal is for the US to be "energy independent" and that "everything has to be on the table" -- hey wait a minute! That's Esch's line! Jim has to be scrambling for a new slogan now...

10:11 Esch -- Comes out angry. No hello. No acknowledging the host, the wounded cop, the opponent or anything else. Obviously nervous and a little over-prepared.

Jim begins with an attack on Terry saying he's glad Lee signed-on to some congressional energy plan. Says it's too bad that everyone (meaning Terry) only thinks about their next election, instead of being bipartisan. Jim then pulls out a 2000 OWH OpEd piece by Terry where Terry said the US needs 1) new drilling, 2) sell US oil in US, 3) Clinton admin should use common sense. I'm not sure why Jim thinks this "nails" Lee with this.

10:13 Jim says that last year he worked to build windmills in Colorado, but there's no infrastructure to transfer the energy.

So here's what I don't get about all that: Esch keeps talking about his work and investments in "wind energy", but then says if elected he'll work to help the wind farmers and give them tax credits and all that. So, how is that different than an oil-man saying he wants to go to Congress to give tax breaks to build oil-wells? How is that not just a self-interest? And a little outrageous? Has anyone else asked that?

10:16 As expected, Terry thanks Esch for quoting his 2000 OpEd and then goes into the bipartisan bills he has worked on and passed. Hill-Terry was bipartisan. Worked with Dems, Hill and Dingle. He worked to set the future for hydrogen in the '05 energy bill. Kind of hits the bipartisan issue out of the park. Or at least a ground-rule double.

10:18 Break #1 - LeafGuard Gutters. Does anyone have these things? Are they worth it? They sure spend a lot on radio ads.

10:23 And we're back. From Vorhees to Lee: when will results on energy issues start to happen? Lee says that 13 new pilot pads for other cellulosic fuels sources will go into effect next year, which were originally from the '05 Energy Bill.

And here's where Terry has a huge advantage over Esch. He can rattle off info on stuff he's worked on, because that's been his job and is his main concentration. Esch has lots of statistics memorized, but he hasn't been living it. That's one of the real incumbent advantages.

10:26 Esch asks Lee, that if he's trying to be bipartisan, why is he taunting the Dems with gas receipts and the shadow Congressional session?

I know this is all just rhetoric, but does Jim think that politicians hold hands with the other party member all the time? I don't think he does. And while the shadow session was a stunt, it was an EFFECTIVE stunt, that got Pelosi to change her mind on drilling. Anywho...

10:27 Our first dustup! Jim says Lee didn't do anything for eight years and (says with a snide tone in his voice) that the Hill-Terry Bill wasn't even a bill!
Terry: Yes it was
Esch: No it wasn't
Terry: I'm sorry you don't understand the process, but yes it was. It was a standalone bill incorporated into the energy bill.

All I know is that the Demcratic Chairman of the Energy Committee calls it a "bill".

10:30 Terry says that 70% of Floridians used to not be in favor of drilling offshore, but that now they are in favor of it. $4/gallon will do that.

10:31 Esch says there's no leadership to stop people from driving and saving gas. And then he says that we didn't sacrifice anything after 9/11.

I've heard this before, but my question is: so what did YOU do after 911, Jim? How did you sacrifice, and what should the government made us do to sacrifice? I'm sure he can come up with an answer to this, but it's a legitimate question. And just what would he have proposed then, that couldn't be proposed now?

10:33 And another break. (So the sessions last ten minutes...)

10:37 A parody song, "Traffic Sucks" to "Love Hurts". Nice ad there KFAB. And we're back.

10:37 Lee talks about tax credits for home buyers and then says, "That's what I was harping on during the break." Hey! Were we gypped out of the discussion? Can Scott give us a summary, or something? Anyway, Lee wants to make the Bush tax breaks permanent, unlike Esch

10:40 Jim says that Congress needs to focus on middle class, but that they haven't been doing that. He says that people know that when they look at their paycheck. (Uh, how would you know about looking at a paycheck Jim? Just a question.)

10:41 Esch wants more windmill tax credits. (See note above.) Says that we need to have system in place to allow the next Microsoft and Google to rise up. Uh, but didn't Microsoft and Google do that on their own? Isn't that why it's the "private sector"?

10:47 The second dustup. Jim and Lee get into it about what changes to "the AMT" did. Lee talks about the cut and patch and that Jim knows what it did. Esch says that it was all for "big oil", or somesuch. Frankly, while I think they're talking about the Alternative Minimum Tax, I really have no idea what the gist was. And I gotta think the average Joe (who probably isn't listening anyway) doesn't know either...

10:47 Vorhees to Esch: Does govt need to be involved in health care? Esch: yes.
10:48 Terry says he is opposed to nationalization of health care.

10:49 Last break.

10:52 HEY! The OWH already has a story up about the debate, and it's not even over yet! Geez Joe, ya have a tee-time ya gotta get to? Tell us who wins.

10:53 In Terry's close, he rattles of about a dozen items he says he helped get funding for in the district -- sewers, Dodge Street, Offutt, the VA. Asks you to vote for him.

10:55 Esch's close: are you better off than you were 10 years ago?

(That's sort of a funny question, but, personally, yes Jim, I am better off. I'm not sure I attribute that to anyone in Congress though...)

Finishes off saying that we're going to have to come together and make sacrifices. Just what sort of "sacrifices" Jim would have in store for us, he doesn't say. And while I'm not really interested in hearing what Congress is going to GIVE me, I am curious just what Jim plans on TAKING AWAY from me for a "sacrifice".

But maybe that's for the next debate.

10:58 Rush Limbaugh is next...


Eric said...

Leaf guard gutters "work" in that they keep leaves out of your gutters. However, in addition to keeping this stuff out, they also keeps water out of your gutters which is really not very helpful. The leaves just sit on top of your gutters giving all the water a nice little ramp off of your house so it can go straight into your basement. Scott apparently like them though.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about leaf guard gutters, but I sure know that Lee Terry sounded mighty defensive during the debate this morning.

It seemed to me that Esch had Lee scrambling trying to explain why he hasn't done much the last 10 years. It also was clear that anything Lee HAS done is just to win the next election.

It sure is hard to run on your "expertise" on energy issues, when after 10 years of Lee's "leadership" on this issue, we're in this horrible state of energy problems.

Winner = Jim Esch
Weiner = Lee Terry

Anonymous said...

Hey the KFAB poll that is asking everyone who won the debate has Jim Esch up 51% - Lee Terry's 48%.

Anonymous said...

I find that replacing the gutters when you have to replace the roof after it gets ripped off in a windstorm is a pretty good way to go. That and not having any trees in your yard.

Unfortunately, my job kept me from the radio during the debate, so can only comment on gutter maintenance. I will have to say "Amen" to SS's comments about sacrifices.

Right Wing Professor said...

I'm with eric on leaf guard gutters. If cleaning out the gutters once a year is too much for you...why, you might be a Democrat!

Yeah, that's it! We need a gummint program to ensure the American Middle Class has leaf-free gutters!

You should count yourself lucky to be in the 2nd District. Here in Lincoln, they introduced David Kramer on KLIN yesterday by saying that the NCRI ballot initiative might be the only thing on the November ballot worth getting excited over. Evidently poor Max Yeshirin and Scott Kleeb are on the trashheap of Nebraska electoral history already.

OmaSteak said...

I listened to the "debate" and Esch sounded like the inexperienced spoiled unemployed rich kid that he is while trying to parrot the "hope and change" mantra of his holiness...barak obama. Terry makes watching paint dry exciting but he does have command of the facts and his record. If this is the best Esch can do, he's toast. If he's counting on barry having some coattails in the second district, he's toast. BTW, what kind of moron would develop a wind turbine project and not have a connection/market for the power prior to development??? If that's how Esch manages capital projects, he's way too stupid to let loose on the nation's budget.

Anonymous said...

{Chirp, chirp, chirp}

Terry people licking their wounds? Lee sure bungled that one!

macdaddy said...

That kind of moron would be called T. Boone Pickens. Of course, it brightens your prospects considerably when the Speaker of the House owns several thousand shares of your stock. I doubt Esch had that prospect.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty clear-cut: Terry won.

He outlined what's he's been working on and his proposals for energy and tax cuts.

The best part? When Esch said "Hill-Terry" wasn't a bill! Jim obviously doesn't know much about the process. (He should have taken an internship while at Creighton.)

Also, let's hear it for Jim's position on taxes: "We need to raise your taxes to pay for your tax cuts." Wierd.

Anonymous said...

Where Jim totally blanked out was at the end. Voorhees asked them both about what they'd do on 2nd district projects, specifically.

Terry outlined the projects he's been working on (sewer money, STRATCOM, Children's Med Center). Esch? Nothing about the 2nd district priorities.

Terry=1 Esch=0

Anonymous said...

I think Lee Terry's campaign should post a link to the Voorhees webpage and then send out a mass email telling everyone to go to the site and vote for him-whether they listened to the debate, or not. Heck, they should go vote whether they understood the debate, or not.

Would all of that effort be kind of like getting your "push poll" leaked to the Press and then trying to explain how it wasn't a push poll, but refusing to release the poll?

What was up with Joe Morton "covering" the Debate this morning? I thought some local guy wrote the last couple 2nd District stories?

I feel like sending that Chris Somebody from the, ooh so scary, "Dtrip"(which sounds like not so good a "trip" if you ask me!) an email link to the FEC and Leavenworth Street. Then he could read about what a batch of Doofuses the Dems nominated in this state. Maybe then he wouldn't feel compelled to violate the Dem Platform of "Be Green at all Expense-Especially Donor Expense" to fly to Nebraska and see how uncoordinated the Dum effort is here.

Have a great weekend, see you at the Rally-Oh wait, I bet none of Camp Snoopy, I mean Esch, was invited. I guess I'll just see you at the Parades and Festivals then.


Anonymous said...

I demand a recount! The Voorhees contest of "Which Candidate has the most computers?" is neck-and-neck!

Anonymous said...

"I think Lee Terry's campaign should post a link to the Voorhees webpage and then send out a mass email telling everyone to go to the site and vote for him-whether they listened to the debate, or not."

Um, you don't think they did that the SECOND the debate was over?? Who is "dum"b now?

Anonymous said...

Sweeper--on the great debate over Hill-Terry (the bill that Jim says is not a bill), here's what the AP story on the KFAB debate says:

"The original bill was rolled into a larger energy bill enacted last year."

Jim's response?

Anonymous said...




The sound now coming from the 'Jay . . .

Street Sweeper said...

I believe Jim's official response is either:
"Oh yeah????!!"


"No, YOU are!"

But we haven't seen the release yet...

Anonymous said...

Esch doesn't know what a bill is, simply unbelievable.... How about raising taxes and getting rid of the child tax credit that is included in the Bush tax plan.

Thats right Jim, take away money from the middle and lower class families that need the tax credit!!!

Anonymous said...

Esch... Can we get off the talking points and get into specifics?

Learning now that you don't know what a bill is or the process on how a bill becomes law it would seem specific are out of reach..... And Congress is WAY OUT OF REACH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like Terry NEVER uses talking points. Ever. Right? Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

If you listen to the debate you would have heard fact after fact from CONGRESSMAN Lee Terry and all vague speech from esch...... No plan all talking points. Esch has no plan that is his plan.... Lets support small business I mean.. that umm Warren Buffet said.... I agree with that....

That was one of his answers, seriously!!!! What kind of answer is that????

right wing rant said...

I'm better off than I was 10 years ago -- back when I was living off Mom & Dad.

Hey, Jim, you still know what that's like...

Anonymous said...

In true Saturday Night Live fashion, one word from each to sum up their positions:

Esch: "Windmills"
Terry: (With a stern look at Esch) "Neophyte"

Yes, I am better off than I was 10 years ago. I earned it the old-fashioned way, I worked my tail off.

mccainesch said...

Lee said, "we get 14 barrels of oil from the Middle East."

Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Listening to the Esch answers one would have to ask if he can speak in complete sentences...... Just listen to his economic answer. I can count 5 complete sentences and the rest were all word fragments.

Now listening to him it is clear that he needed to plagiarize!!!! Not only can't he complete his thoughts but he is not smarter than a 5th grader!!! What is the difference between a Bill and a Resolution within the U.S. HOuse of Representatives? That question should be on that game show!!! Don't worry Esch you can use a cheat... go ahead Peak! You already used your copy. What are you going to do when you run out of your help lines!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Say it Jim, My name in Jim Esch and I am not smarter than a fith grader.

also, Anyone else see how Esch looked like a school kid waiting for daddy to come help? Check out KPTM news video. Lee tried to give a civics lesson and Esch almost look to take notes!!! GO get em' Lee, Take off the gloves!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard Terry spinning, lying and claiming other people's work for his own, but no actual facts. Republicans like to lie. It's what they're good at.

Anonymous said...

And what part of, "I did not have sex with that woman.", was the truth coming out of your Democrat President's mouth. You'll have to get a little more specific to try and dump my Congressman into your President's Club of Liars.

In the meantime, tell Jim Esch to peddle "Hope, Change!" some place where the voters are uneducated and have lost faith in their Congressman. Nebraska's 2nd still trusts Lee Terry and he will give them no reason to doubt their faith.

Lee Terry offers faith and future, Jim Esch offers uh, er, um, nothing!

big jim said...

I'll admit: Esch is a better speaker that the dolt the Dems have running as their presidential nominee. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

You guys can just keep spouting your hatred all you want. The truth is is that Jim Esch sounded very polished, informed, and more congressional than Lee Terry did.

Lee Terry sounded defensive, childish, and so arrogant. Seriously. Why does Lee have such a sense of entitlement over this seat? He has to EARN it.

I never heard Jim Esch speak in 2006, so yesterday was basically the first I had heard from him personally. From what I had read about him (mainly from you guys here on this blog) I wasn't expecting very much. Boy, was I surprised. He's very articulate....much more so than Lee Terry.

interested said...

Are you better off Jim than you were 10 years ago??? Let's see 10 years ago you didn't work, you kept late hours, you were not a lawyer, and hung out with your buddies at the Bluejay drinking nothing has changed

macdaddy said...

Since Esch basically parrotted a lot of what was on Leavenworth Street, I think we can say with some confidence that a lot of these Anon postings are actually Jim Esch.

Anonymous said...

Esch sounded very polished like cheap brass.

arborist said...

So do I have this right? Jim Esch makes his income from a farm he owns in Colorado, but doesn't own a home in the district in which he is running for federal office?

Does he pay any real estate taxes in Nebraska? Because that might be a real way to connect with this over-burdened taxpayer.

And I love my gutter guards. I've scores of trees, and not a bit of trouble since I put them on two years ago. Nothing like a free flowing economy, and a free flowing gutter system to give a fella a smile.

Anonymous said...

Jim Esch was polished??? He didn't say anything!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the number of people on this post who actually think this country is better off than it was 10 years ago. Do you honestly believe that? No wonder the Republicans are losing so badly in the polls! How out of touch can you get! If this is the way that Lee Terry's minions feel, then it must be what they are hearing from Lee himself. Do we really want a congressman who just turns a blind eye to all of our country's problems?

In the debate yesterday he said something about his 30-year energy plan, before he was saying his 10-year energy plan. What's next? We need to keep him in office so he can solve problems 50 years from now?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:12: Wow! Where to start? Phil Gramm was right.

Anonymous said...

Are you better off today than you were 2 years ago? 4 years ago? 6 years ago?

Lets see Gas Prices today - $3.59
Gas Prices 2 years ago - $2.95
Gas Prices 4 years ago - $1.70
Gas Prices 6 years ago - $1.20

2% Milk Prices today - $3.58
2% Milk Prices 3 years ago - $2.36

Egg Prices today - $2.17
Egg Prices 6 years ago - $1.08

Bread Prices today - $3.99
Bread Prices 4 years ago - $1.50

So, I ask are you better off today than you were 2,4 or 6 years ago??

Anonymous said...

Right. And our war bill, our national deficit, social security, etc., etc.

Lee kept mentioning yesterday that now maybe he could accomplish something because just NOW he has "the will of the people." Shouldn't it have been his job as our congressman for the past ten years to have some foresight and wisdom on what would be good for our country. He just NOW knows what should be done because he has read a few opinion polls??

He also went on and on about how bipartisan he is and he's the "go-to guy" on the Republican side by Democrats. Just how bipartisan was he before the Dems took over in 2006? How cozy was he with the Democrats from 1999-2005?

Anonymous said...

Right. What the heck was with that "go to guy" comment from Lee? I've worked in Congress before and I DEFINITELY never heard that about him or felt that he had that reputation. Funny. I think he's delusional.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an extra copy of the "How a bill Becomes Law" pamphlet?

Please send to Jim Esch ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Nice mention of Terry's TV ad in Friday's New York Times!

The ad is great.

Anonymous said...

You know, I remember when Lee was first elected and came to DC in 1999. There are PLENTY of stories out there of everything Lee didn't know when he was first elected. You might not want to go there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:57: I have to say I am worse off today than I was 2 years ago when the Dems took over Congress. You should have used those stats in your debate with Terry.

lnk said...

Anonymous 2:26--I don't know if you are delusional. But, I can tell you don't appear to deal at all with anyone on Capitol Hill.

If you did, you would know Terry is well regarded on issues like E-85, fuel calls and CAFE standards. There are many members--R and D alike--who would tell you Terry is the "go to guy" on those kinds of issues.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I bit. I just had to read the NYT article. Uh, yeah. They mention Terry's ad and then go on to say that voters feel like politicians are just saying "what we want to hear", the politicians are "pandering," and leave the voters feeling "confused" over the politician's simplistic answers.

Did you even read the story?

Anonymous said...

It's been mentioned here numerous times all the Democrats that just seem to luuuuuve Lee so much. If that's the case, which ones are coming to campaign for him this Fall?

macdaddy said...

I have made this statement before, but Jim Esch has to come up with a better reason to get people to vote against the incumbent. Nebraskans are sophisticated enough to know that a single Congressman does not run this country. (I think School House Rock dealt with this along with the How A Bill Becomes a Law). A single Congressman has to ally himself with other Congressmen to get things done. This is how Congress works. (Just FYI, there are 435 people in the House of Representatives, 100 in the Senate. And one President and Vice President. There are 3 branches of government.) They are also of the mind frame that all good things come from God and our own hard work, not the government. Lee Terry has not embarrassed Nebraska. He is not corrupt. He has gotten some things done. And he has 10 years more experience in Congress than Esch. Sure, it sucks to be the challenger, but bitchin' and moanin' doesn't get you elected. Maybe Esch should take up jujitsu and learn how to take out a bigger opponent rather than doing who-knows-what all day. Go talk to some other campaigns. Take a meeting with Bob Shrum or James Carville. Even if they charge 10 grand an hour, you can afford it to go pick their brains, but good grief, quit acting like this is amateur hour. Let me put it in terms you can understand: quit acting like you're all that and a bag of chips.

Anonymous said...

So, Macdaddy, let me get this straight. We should keep electing Lee Terry because he hasn't embarrassed Nebraska and he hasn't been caught in any corruption scandals?

1) I think it is definitely debatable whether or not he has embarrassed us. I, for one of many, think he has embarrassed Nebraska....numerous times.
2) Someone is not entitled to hold a public office just because they've been there for awhile. Why, even Lee himself thought when he was first running for Congress that someone shouldn't hold the seat for more than 2-3 terms. That's why he signed the pledge. Which he broke. He promised his constituents he wouldn't be there for more than 6 years. He's now been there 10. What changed his mind?
3) If there was anyone in that debate yesterday who thought he was "all that and a bag of chips," it was Lee Terry. He was arrogant, rude and kept interrupting Esch when it was Esch's turn to talk. Not good decorum in a debate.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ink, you're probably right that I don't run around in the same circles that you do on Capitol Hill, but I can assure you that amongst the people I do converse with, Lee Terry is quite the joke.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:53, I can assure you that amongst the people I converse with, Jim Esch is the biggest joke. It's kind of hard to lead when you can't hold down a job.

Anonymous said...

Ink, by whom is Terry regarded on these issues?

And you can't say Joe Barton, Baron Hill and John Dingell.

Furthermore, where was Terry on CAFE Standards when Republicans were in control of the House? Probably behind Barton and Tauzin blocking the bill from coming to the floor of the House.

macdaddy said...

Anon 3:47. Well, maybe you can get the Esch campaign to run some ads highlighting when you were embarrassed by Terry. But I'd get a second opinion before you ran with them to see if they'd embarrass other Nebraskans. If you want to make an ad about his breaking his term limit pledge, that'd be great, but despite everyone being for term limits, I don't think you can find a single example of breaking that pledge being a liability. In addition, that ship sailed in the 90s. Again, none of this is a mystery. The pertinent strategies are out there. Jim Esch's situation is not unique. Even Barack Obama fell for trying to unseat an incumbent, but what he didn't do is fall for it twice. Esch has one month to get this done because here come the Huskers. Actually, his only real chance is if the Huskers lose to Va Tech and Missouri. But if we don't see much change in the way he conducts his campaign, I think we can safely say that this was just a ploy to pay back his loans from last time.

macdaddy said...

Anon 5:08 See, I think the CAFE standards are a liability for Terry, but not for the reasons you'd think. Conservatives hate the CAFE standards because they are socialistic government meddling and they kill people. But Esch can't attack Terry from the right on that. Maybe you'd like to get a 527 together to attack Terry from the right. I know that sounds like work, but does Esch want this job or not?

Anonymous said...


I can point out several instances where I have been embarrassed by Lee.

1.) When he told Senior Citizens in a mailer to call a phone number that ended up being a porn line.

2.) Him attempting to hold a fundraiser and making people think Madonna was endorsing him at a fundraiser in DC while she was in concert at the Verizon Center. FAMILY VALUES?

3.) Wanting to fight with Jesse Jackson, Jr.

4.) Verbally smacking down Vince McMahon during a committee hearing.

Embarrassing, most definately.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper. This was a painful post to read for 2 reasons:
1. Unfunny. You're trying to hard to be witty.
2. This seemed awfully catty. Almost as if Terry is related to you and you'll go to any length, no matter how ridiculous, to defend him.

I wonder...did you ever used to work for Lee?

red headed prophet said...

Off the subject, but the OWH's picture of Kleeb shaking hands with Larrick's is priceless!. Notice the look on Johann's face...."don't forget me guys, I'm down here." By the way , just how tall is Mike, 4'8"?...such stature!!!

asecurityguard said...

Lee Terry is so pathetic,
How about because the CAFE standards are a liability because they are pathetic??? I can see the attack ad now "In 12 years the new Fuel Standards pushed by Lee Terry will take affect, thanks to Lee Terry in 12 years we will only be 20 yrs behind the Chinese. Thank you Lee Terry for you leadership on this issue" Sometimes i wish i had the time to dedicate to a campaign or maybe write campaign commercials.

Anonymous said...

ASG, your revelation that you are too important, I mean busy, to devote time to a campaign, but you have endless amounts of time to sit on this blog and degrade an elected official that is well liked in his community and in Washington tells me that you must work in front of a computer.

I have to ask, does your boss know that you spend so much time making personal attacks on blogs or do you even care?

And the poster child that works in Congress and intimately knows the thoughts of Congressman Terry's fellow Congressmen is now posting on little old LS? Note to you, if you work "in" Congress, then you are an elected Member of Congress. Everyone else, works for Congress. Wanna be's, don't count.

On a happier note, it looks like Jim Esch blew off another parade today. Out of town, again. Does that really important guy from the "Dtrip" know that you are blowing off voters again Jim? Does he even care?

lnk said...

Esch's signature issue has been the claim that Terry only authored one bill in ten years that passed. He had the perfect opportunity to tee that up on Friday, but didn't. Why didn't he?

The reason is, I believe, he didn't have the guts to do it w/Terry sitting a few feet away. He knew Terry would respond and he didn't want to risk that.

Instead, Esch used his fall-back strategy: that Hill-Terry was "a resolution" but not "a bill". That's also false, as all of the press stories of the debate made clear.

Here's the bottom line: the major basis of Esch's campaign has been destroyed. And, he did it to himself.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that a guy who doesn't know the difference between a "bill" and a "resolution" (such as proclaiming October "national pumpkin month")is prepared to serve in Congress.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure Lee was prepared to serve in Congress 8 years ago.

I've heard he has no room to talk on that subject.

asecurityguard said...

Anon 1042,
As a matter of fact i am to busy to volunteer for everything i want to. Working two jobs (55 hrs a week), taking online classes, taking care of my house, taking care of my parents is more than a little tiresome at times. Maybe if Pell grants were funded to the levels they once were i wouldn't have to work the extra job, maybe i would do it anyway. Lee Terry is well respected in the community? If barely a majority (%55) voted for him last time you cant say he is well respected. Whats his effectiveness rank in Congress? Not well respected there either. The sad fact of the matter is we in CD2 are represented by a sub-par congressman. The fact that he is still in office is bewildering to more than a few people here. Many repubs i know, and some on this blog say that.
If Lee Terry didn't have an 'R' next to his name on the ballot box he wouldn't be representing this district. BTW, my boss doesn't know i read political blogs and he doesn't care. I do more than my fair share and havent gotten any complaints about my work, at either job.

lnk said...

Anonymous 12:46--my point is, Esch has largely built his campaign on the "one bill" issue. Given that fact, you'd think he'd get it straight.

To say that the Hill-Terry law was not a bill just made him look foolish.

Doesn't he research anything?

And don't cry for me Argentina, Esch brought this on himself.

Anonymous said...

ASG, the other day when the Police Officer was shot in the line of duty you indicated (rather snidely)that you coworker was going to be okay.

Does the Mayor's office know that police officers are making subpar wages, have to work 2 jobs and must take classes online to be able to better themselves. Perhaps, you should have taken the Fahey Retirement Plan while he was still authorized to offer it.

Or, maybe, you are not an OPD Officer and just like to play one in your spare time?

Anonymous said...

In reality the final version of Hill-Terry was technically not a bill. It was a section of a much larger piece of legislation.

It was never voted on as a stand-alone bill and pieced into a much larger bill. It was a part of the Energy Bill of 2007.

Would this bill have passed as stand-alone? Probably not.

How many Republicans would have supported this bill on its own merit? Not many.

asecurityguard said...

Go back and read it again you retard, i said "my friend". I never have claimed to be a cop, myself and BB have gone a few rounds about this, look at some old posts. The cops i know make a nice living, most of them work a second job doing some sort of security. And why not? Some people pay $30 hour for armed security for special events. But back to you being a retard and/or unintelligent. The post says "my friend", if you can find anywhere on this blog where i have claimed to be a cop go right ahead and egg on my face. But the fact is you clearly lack even basic intelligence and debating skills. Are you always forgetful? Are you always in a rush to play 'gotcha'? Has dementia taken ahold of you? Your command of short term memory is feeble at best. Double check your sources and facts, then come back and we can do this again. Until then, on behalf of all humanity, please refrain from procreation. This world could use a few less people like you.

asecurityguard said...

But you apparently dont disagree with anything I have said. You are attacking me, not what I am saying. Is this because secretly you know i am right? That you cannot win this discussion based on facts alone? I called Lee Terry pathetic, i stand by it, and i also pointed out legislation, HIS OWN LEGISLATION, that backed up my claim. Come back with facts, knowledge and be prepared. BTW, if you dont understand this post or the previous one, read them again slowly. If you are still haveing trouble, go to a grade school and have a third grader read it to you.

Anonymous said...

ASG, my apologies on your lack of a career, but do yu make $30 an hour working security or do you just like the title because you don't have one? You are correct about your claim of not being a coworker of the Officer that was almost murdered by a thug.

As for your 55% question, that would seem to be a Party Line vote in this District. Does that perhaps mean that with all of the Democrats thumping that they want to be bipartisan, that they really don't want to be? And does that also mean that Jim doesn't have a snowball's chance to win in this District if Congressman Terry holds a 55% in opinion rating that increases if you actually tell the potential voter everything he has accomplished. You know what happens when you tell the potential voter everything that Jim Esch has accomplished? Jim Esch goes down. When they find out that he and his family have been taking subsidies from the Federal Government for several years, he nose dives.

Tell your candidate to clean up his act. Get a real job. Earn a living and contribute to the tax base in this fine District and maybe he could come back in a couple of years and run for something. Until then, I will encourage everyone I speak to that they should look at the 2 candidates side by side with a resume by each and vote on the one that has worked the hardest for this community, not the one that has taken the most from this community.

It will always be a vote for Lee Terry.

asecurityguard said...

You should have gone to a grade school and sought out a third grader