Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Parading (part 3)

Our next 4th of July Parade award is for Largest Float Presence (and by "float" we mean the parade entry).

We have a number of group shots to choose from:

Scott Kleeb for Senate in Seward

Mike Johanns for Senate in Ralston

Mike McGowan for MUD Board in Ralston

Lee Terry for Congress at JE George in Omaha

But the largest group of the day, that we have, has to be the Jim Esch for Congress gang in Ralston

The pic here has somewhere around 65 peeps in it.
Nice turnout and good entry.

Next up in an hour, Most Grueling Schedule.


pol observer said...

The Red Star on KIeeb banner is very telling. Right Commrade!!!

Anonymous said...

I see Mike in all of these parades, but did he finish all of them or leave early to move onto another "dream" parade?

Optometrist said...

Pol observer,

You'd better get your eyes checked. The star is white, same color as the ones on the U.S. flag. Do you see communists there too?